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Wildlife Ch. 2

 — Liz's brother finds himself lost and seduced. by ladyphoenix06/13/014.12

Will Work for Panties Ch. 01

 — Vincent's fetish grows under his Aunt's guidance. by Vincent E09/13/024.31

Will Work for Panties Ch. 02

 — The fetish grows under further guidance. by Vincent E10/02/024.33

Will Work for Panties Ch. 03

 — Aunt Sherrie makes a confession and Vincent gets excited. by Vincent E11/04/024.17

Will Work for Panties Ch. 04

 — Vincent's mind runs amok. by Vincent E11/12/024.56HOT

Will Work for Panties Ch. 05

 — Vincent is exposed to a new fetish. by Vincent E04/02/034.62HOT

Will Work for Panties Ch. 06

 — Vincent learns a lesson in love. by Vincent E09/13/044.73HOT

Will Work For Shoes

 — Sidonie explains how she got bargain on her Manolos. by SlickTony01/08/034.41

Will You Watch?

 — A journey of submission as he marks me. by HisDirtyLittleSlut10/04/144.22

Willingly Cuckolded for Love

 — A happily married couple both submit to her Dom ex-lover. by silkstockingslover08/16/124.43

Wimpass Sub Ch. 07

 — Things get worse for Steve before they get better. by RipRespon03/19/153.19

Win or Lose Ch. 01

 — The loser swallows, but is that really a bad thing? by BillyBobJoeEd03/03/044.56HOT

Win Win Win Situation

 — Roommate's girlfriend shares her panties. by pantysniff11110/23/144.40


 — Tables are turned on him...with a vengeance. by margo_x_x06/16/024.33

Window Shopping

 — Crossdresser's boyfriend brings over buddies. by Ian H.11/01/004.23


 — First gasp. by WFEATHER03/07/083.78

Winning a Massage

 — He wins a massage and gets more than he had hoped. by Lazarus06/09/074.35

Winning Incentive

 — A planned celebration takes an unexpected turn. by kinkyrncr02/08/123.83


 — A journey into an erotic surrender in fur. by furlickle04/13/074.26

Winter's Day

 — What Mainers go through. by Fordgirl199411/09/122.78

Winter's Tail

 — Horny Harmony in the winter woods. by naughtychanteusez09/27/073.13

Wishes Do Come True

 — You fulfill his kinky birthday wish: pegging. by Wil6801/06/134.31

Witches Brew

 — A young dominatrix relieves herself. by legsnfeet02/24/093.83

With Joan at the Hotel

 — Finally being helpless at Joan's feet. by stfstfs03/03/154.14

With My Best Friend's Mom

 — Frustration, lust, passion, and nylons. by nylondad04/14/064.35

With My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 02

 — MILF & 19-year-old lover share unbridled passion. by nylondad04/22/064.54HOT

With My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 03

 — A garage voyeur meets the baby maker. by nylondad05/22/064.53HOT

With My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 04

 — Reunification and a new field to plow. by nylondad06/09/064.60HOT

Woman Finds Stepson With Her Panties

 — He has a fetish. by Nuna2010/06/034.62HOT

Woman in Red Ch. 01

 — A small town girl's story of 'puppyhood'. by davesslave_900003/28/073.37

Women Enjoying Naked Men Ch. 02

 — Taryn discovers a new fantasy about naked men. by escriterra02/27/144.41

Women Enjoying Naked Men Ch. 03

 — Taryn finds a mentor who provides advice and an offer. by escriterra02/28/144.41

Women in Charge

 — A Femdom party in the Poconos. by mikey2much05/30/074.34

Women Who Naughtily Pee at Work

 — Tales of many naughty women. by leaky_one10/31/073.89

Women's Sexual Confessions: Amanda

 — Women talk candidly about their secret sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/24/093.45

Woodland Landing on a Short Cock

 — A newcomer in a community of secrets by Royal_Prince01/05/073.54

Woodland Landing on a Short Cock Ch. 02

 — The twenty five year old virgin. by Royal_Prince01/06/074.04

Woodland Landing on a Short Cock Ch. 03

 — Short cock meets with water sports guy & tranny. by Royal_Prince02/26/074.23

Work to Fun

 — Wife takes a part time job and get full time fucking. by newstylewife12/01/113.39

Worker Incentive Plan Ch. 02

 — The girls give a product demonstration. by litfan1005/12/104.44

Workin' It

 — A frenzied sixty-nine. by thick907/26/034.06

Working for Alex

 — Young woman conquers man. by colleenslittletoy09/03/114.31

Working Late

 — A man needs to keep his priorities straight. by bjoeplayer03/03/134.00

Working Relationship

 — How well do we know those we work with? by Jonnyflies06/11/133.95

Working Relationship Ch. 02

 — The morning after. Sarah faces her boss. by Jonnyflies06/13/134.41

Working Relationship Ch. 03

 — She begins to understand and the relationship progresses. by Jonnyflies06/24/134.62HOT

Working Relationship Ch. 04

 — Sarah decides to force the issue. by Jonnyflies07/25/134.45

Working Relationship Ch. 05

 — Sarah confronts Mick. by Jonnyflies07/26/134.33

Working Relationship Ch. 06

 — John admits his desires. by Jonnyflies08/09/134.40

Working Relationship Ch. 07

 — Sarah updates David. by Jonnyflies09/04/134.43

Working Relationship Ch. 08

 — First dinner together is a success. by Jonnyflies09/06/134.28

Working Relationship Ch. 09

 — The ride home. by Jonnyflies10/06/134.04

Working Relationship Ch. 10

 — Home again. She wants answers. by Jonnyflies10/14/134.61HOT

Working Relationship Ch. 11

 — Truth will out. by Jonnyflies12/23/134.41

Working Up a Sweat

 — A woman obsesses with the bodily fluids of a female fighter. by tgirl_Mary05/12/134.10

Working [Him] Overtime

 — His first foot job is given during a late night at work. by Justaja07/10/124.44

Workplace Fantasy

 — The perks of serving the public. by The Mutt08/21/043.35

Workshop for Women

 — An education in cockplay. by Bruno102707/02/054.46

Workshop for Women: First Response

 — Participant tries all she learned. by Bruno102707/03/054.61HOT

Workshop for Women: Milking Him

 — The technique is used to drain her man. by Bruno102708/15/054.57HOT

World Rocked

 — An interesting twist on an earlier story. by catchercradle04/09/073.36

Worship Puddle

 — What happens when a condom does not fit you? Find out here by uppishcarrot08/15/103.73

Worship the God

 — A lady worships her god. by Heatlessfever07/15/094.34

Worshipping Joan

 — Young man's descent into oral servitude. by realbigsid6904/14/084.40

Worshipping Joan Ch. 02

 — Read Worshipping Joan first. by realbigsid6902/05/134.30

Worshipping My Wife's Feet

 — A husband show you how much he loves you. by lipao6902/24/033.94

Worth It

 — The nurse said 'let me shave it all off...' by CND03/25/024.43

Worth the Wait

 — A boy finally gets what he wants from his mother. by hiddenthinker12/27/064.06

Would You Shave Me?

 — He wants her to shave him. by harley2307/04/043.51

Wrestling Couple - Dani and Jay Ch. 01

 — Drake leaned back in his high back black leather chair... by danicanuck01/10/134.24

Wrestling Couple - Dani and Jay Ch. 02

 — Nearly four stressful weeks had passed... by danicanuck03/03/134.71HOT

Wrestling Couple - Dani and Jay Ch. 03

 — Third match for Dani and Jay. by danicanuck07/16/134.55HOT

Wrong Choice

 — He's fleeing the country. Is it the right train? by oggbashan08/28/053.14

Wrong Number

 — A phone call, a group of girls, and one embarrassed mother. by Phoenix Arrow02/27/034.29

Wrong Place to Pull Over

 — Police play with small penis. by runtz410/26/144.09

Xanadu Stories - Ritual

 — The Xandu celebrates the pleasures of the flesh. by trobson80808/14/104.00

Xanadu Stories Ch. 01

 — A young woman is pleasured by anonymous strangers. by trobson80804/17/104.42

Xanadu Stories Ch. 02

 — Peter gets Kate ready for her anonymous erotic encounter. by trobson80808/17/103.86

Xanadu Stories Ch. 03

 — Jamie pleasures an anonymous stranger. by trobson80808/16/104.36

Xander Cums Again

 — A man should have to clean up his own mess, right? by MsGenevieve08/23/144.15

Xi Ch. 01

 — Xi finds mysterious chastity belt while cleaning attic. by nerbus09/20/034.42

Xi Ch. 02

 — Facets of Xi's chastity belt compel long-term analysis. by nerbus10/05/034.53HOT

Xi Ch. 03

 — Xi's sex is locked in the belt's frustrating erotic grasp. by nerbus10/12/034.58HOT

Xi Ch. 04

 — Xi must conceal her chastity belt from a visiting friend. by nerbus10/21/034.53HOT

Xi Ch. 05

 — Xi seeks relief at her cottage. by nerbus11/06/034.53HOT

Xi Ch. 06

 — Of Xi's growing passion & other concerns. by nerbus02/12/044.51HOT

Xi Ch. 07

 — New friends measure Xi for a new belt. by nerbus03/24/044.53HOT

Xiao's Little Picture Fetish

 — Xiao wants to take a few kinky pictures. by lifesabeach8411/07/083.75

XXX-Women Ch. 06

 — "Toilette": How Ilsa's slave got her name. by scatwoman06/27/044.16

Yearly Physical

 — A physical exam I will never forget. by Epididymis08/26/143.89

Yellow and Brown

 — I pay to be a toilet. by hylyfe10/01/124.41

Yellow Sea

 — A Man becomes a Human Urinal in His first porn flick. by rikkitampa201411/11/143.44

Yellow Slave Confession

 — Journey of perversion discovery. by yellowbreeze02/04/153.67

Yes Ma'am

 — He is spanked for looking up her skirt. by Paul4401/21/093.93

Yes Miss Murphy Ch. 06

 — A short drive down Pantana Blvd. is the end of a long road. by PeterOmez08/23/143.88

Yes Mistress Ch. 01

 — I become my wife's slave for a day. by nighttimestories01/15/114.34

Yes, Mistress

 — Wife surprises him by making his fantasy come true. by klimt1308/06/094.25

Yes, Mistress

 — Submissive husband loves humiliation. by molly z12/02/103.26

Yes, Mommy Ch. 02

 — Wife plays with her submissive husband/sissy. by searic05/05/064.05

Yesterday Afternoon As Usual...

 — Boyfriend's facesitting dream comes true. by lookingformistress03/23/153.52NEW

Yet Another Boring Day at Work

 — Melinda continues her teasing domination of Sam. by MagicaPractica12/07/074.44


 — It's going to expire. We've got to do something with it. by nothingisalways07/13/124.24

You Always Wear Seamed Stockings?

 — Angela's life depended on her sales technique. by Jack Gates02/04/054.37

You Be The Judge

 — Boss spanks his wayward employee. by suburbanperv06/14/124.31

You Belong To Me

 — A girl has trouble with her current boyfriend. by Knasen_me01/19/102.38

You Can Always Say No Ch. 01

 — A man who won't sit still for a perfectly good argument.. by AngelCherysse12/18/064.45

You Can't Make Me

 — She fantazised about being made fat and lazy. by Badhansel07/02/133.84

You Drive Me Crazy

 — Middle aged farmer is smitten with black teen. by Madabouthair09/24/144.10

You Got DIRTY E-Mail!

 — It started as regular email, then things got really dirty. by theprince11/20/064.45

You Greet Me

 — A tale of light bondage & pleasure. by NavalWriter04/05/023.97

You Have Amazing Armpits

 — My frankness is responsible for a great marriage. by Madabouthair01/13/104.49

You Have the Right to Blow

 — Stopped by a cop with a balloon blowing fetish. by blowhyoooge01/17/154.11

You Just Never Know

 — They find something wet to spice things up. by drsalt06/04/064.14

You Know What I Want?

 — Enjoying her every way inside her corseted waist. by Learningfast10/22/124.34

You Love Her Feet

 — She catches you admiring her sexy feet. by FootLover8204/06/113.96

You Never Know

 — Steven becomes the property of his neighbor. by lipsticked08/31/054.20

You Show Me How It's Done

 — He's sissified & forced to serve his dominant wife. by InYo07/18/013.86

Young Ballerina Girls Dirty Dancing

 — Lesbian ballerinas try a threesome, with tickling. by fanofpantyhose07/23/124.68HOT

Young Bride in Tights

 — Bride with white tights has close encounter in photo studio. by fanofpantyhose11/06/094.34

Young Bride in Tights Ch. 02

 — Eric attends Courtney’s wedding, and meets her sister. by fanofpantyhose10/25/124.55HOT

Young Bride in Tights Ch. 03

 — Eric has fun with the bridesmaids and Courtney the bride. by fanofpantyhose11/01/124.58HOT

Young, Free and Kinky

 — Kinky experiments with a friend after school. by starbelliedboy05/05/093.62

Your Anniversary Present, From Him

 — I help your husband make your fantasy come true. by thulot11/14/094.17

Your Choice

 — Tonight he becomes a cuckold. It is his choice. In a way. by marc_aurelius208/30/134.03

Your Corset

 — Vivian takes control. by vivandjack04/28/074.26

Your Damn Kid

 — Neighbour discusses discipline with a single mother. by Ashson03/23/134.35

Your First Massage with Him Ch. 01

 — A sub in training goes for her first massage with Him. by sousman06/17/143.00

Your Girl's Night Out

 — You're locked up while your girlfriend is let loose. by aweatherly02/07/144.06

Your Night Is Mine

 — A female consultant gives a thief a night to remember. by bluestbell07/21/144.52HOT

Your Place, or Mine?

 — Friends take turns using each other for pleasure. by porn_bot_300001/19/064.47

Your Story

 — Online friends enjoy roleplay on a kinky picnic. by Dragonman_6901/14/062.29

Your Story Ch. 02

 — An imaginary liaison between two internet friends. by Dragonman_6901/24/064.80

Your Story Ch. 03

 — An imaginary liaison between two internet friends. by Dragonman_6902/04/063.86

Your Tattoo Ch. 01

 — Sex with a stranger leads to fisting and more. by WickedVanessaSue01/06/064.33

Yours to Hold, Fuck, and Fill

 — Playing with dominance and water sports. by song_bird04/13/084.25


 — she is spanked for breaking the rules. by mia20001/25/14

Youthful Control

 — A young lady explores her desire and finds power at its core. by amy_lynn11/19/114.35

Youthful Endowments Beauty Spa Ch. 01

 — Carina is invited by a friend to an unusual private spa. by Anarch_Angel12/31/093.49

Zebra Centaurs

 — How do we test the third candidate for a polygamy? by theilluminaughty06/14/143.64

Ziggy The Slut

 — The Preacher's Daughter--A True Slut. by MrDeviant02/03/104.30

Zippers, Hooks, and Bones

 — She is clothed for his pleasure. by Learningfast01/22/114.33

Ziva Waterpantied Me!

 — Ziva of NCIS forces Tony to drink her piss. by Richard96305/16/093.90

Zoe Ch. 01

 — He didn't expect it to go like this. by Elliot_J02/10/153.92

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