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First Time Stories

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Growing Together... Pt. 03

 — Liz confides in Laura. by englander196111/03/044.56HOT

Growing Together... Pt. 05

 — Jenny remembers - Carl is called on for help. by englander196104/13/074.56HOT

Growing Up

 — A nerd becomes a man... really. by LitRiter11/08/034.33

Growing Up College Ch. 1

 — Liz & Jessica discover the meaning of 'experimentation'. by FreshPeach07/03/024.42

Guess What?

 — Her boyfriend had some startling news. by Ashson01/19/143.96

Guess Who

 — A virgin gets an early morning surprise. by SissyPantySlut09/21/123.91

Guidance Counseling

 — Getting a little guidance leads to more. by oddsandends06/25/144.30

Gumbuya Park

 — Young woman makes a friend at the park. by Ashson03/28/144.16

Guys Make Good Pets

 — Young Amber meets older guy at mall. by satyr_13200307/28/044.61HOT

Hadley's Cherry

 — Teenage gymnast offers her virginity to her Dad's boss. by TotalKnockout03/02/144.54HOT


 — His hidden asset is exposed. by belab08/29/023.96


 — Haircut leads to first time sex. by cincy2904/04/034.05

Hairelding a New Don Ch. 6

 — Silvia raises a new Dawn. by belab10/11/024.18


 — A pair of unlikely lovers meet for a night of steamy sex. by Khira07/18/074.08

Halloween Ch. 02

 — Lily loses herself in sexual fantasy. by Khira08/10/073.94

Halloween Fun

 — Two teens fool around. by andros1410/19/023.64

Halloween Fun 2

 — Two teens fool around and have sex on Halloween.... by andros1401/09/034.06

Halloween Night

 — She finally had the Halloween of her dreams, or nightmare? by Someonesfreak10/05/063.88

Halloween Party

 — College boy loses his virginity while in costume. by mnshyguy11/01/054.56HOT

Halloween Party Sleepover

 — First time for both of us. by profdoc08/16/114.03

Halloween Treat

 — A twisted view of a Halloween Party. by need2havelessons11/07/033.49

Halloween Witch

 — A virgin helps Civil War soldiers lift a curse. by Pandora3310310/13/124.23

Hand Job Honeymoon

 — It was an arranged marriage between virgins. by normadel03/24/044.09

Hand Job Honeymoon Ch. 02

 — She needed more than just hand jobs. by normadel05/04/044.29


 — After accident holds him back 2 years, then he meets Karen. by Paris Waterman08/20/124.35

Handsome Ch. 05

 — Some baseball; and meeting a trio of pretty girls. by Paris Waterman09/22/124.54HOT

Handsome Ch. 06

 — Handsome deflowers three virgins in one afternoon. by Paris Waterman09/23/124.57HOT

Handsome Ch. 09

 — Two girls scheme to seduce Handsome as their boyfriend. by Paris Waterman10/20/124.58HOT

Handsome Ch. 13

 — Handsome seduces Lynn, a virgin, mostly by talking. by Paris Waterman11/06/124.61HOT

Handsome Ch. 25

 — First time for the Twins, June and January. by Paris Waterman03/07/134.37


 — Hannah discovers Pinkerton's mighty prong. by abroadsword05/02/123.92

Hannah's Helping Hands

 — My brother's girlfriend teaches me what to do. by Belgarion1003/14/144.41

Happy 18th Birthday

 — Riley gets a big surprise from her coach. by unique_symohony1407/07/143.91

Happy 18th Birthday, Baby!

 — The proper send-off into womanhood. by rapman10/29/052.49

Happy 18th Birthday, Linda

 — Linda makes a special birthday request. by Merob12/03/024.18

Happy Birthday Sis!

 — Jane's 18th Birthday comes with a hot surprise. by AbsoluteXTC10/14/034.12

Happy Birthday!

 — An innocent girl gives her boyfriend a surprise present. by deathscythe42504/04/143.99

Happy Birthday, Baby New Year

 — Student and teacher wait until she's 18 to consummate affair. by Irin04/20/084.17

Happy Ending

 — First time reluctance turns into full time mania. by bassbelly02/15/093.95

Hard Day's Night

 — First time is with his best friend's mom. by fuzzguy7102/01/044.09

Hard Lessons Learned

 — A trip to the lawyers office turns sexual. by sexygirl7608/08/124.04

Hard Way

 — Our first night of many to come. by Merlinslair07/10/103.87

Harri: Face the Slut Within Ch. 05

 — With Jess gone, what does the slut within want from Matt? by thenry12/07/094.53HOT

Harry's Island Initiation

 — Young man reluctantly on holiday finds unexpected joy. by Rex Siter08/19/114.74HOT

Hart's Desire

 — A first-time erotic story about best friends. by MatthewK11/27/034.74HOT

Hawaii Exchange

 — Local girl swaps lovers with Japanese couple. by eagelwolf10/23/134.54HOT

Hawaiian Holiday

 — A young coed loses her viginity on Christmas Eve. by soverysexxx01/22/083.72

Hayli's "Sliding Door" Ch. 01

 — Virgins Hayli's college education may become varied. by Menderman12/15/064.04


 — First time encounters between new couple. by SpikesNaughtyGirl02/11/054.19

He Arrested My Heart

 — She shoplifted and he took advantage. by sexygirl7611/08/114.13

He Came, He Saw Ch. 05

 — Young couple lose their virginities in more ways than one. by cumallday08/09/064.51HOT

He Completed Her

 — Indian couple takes their relationship to the next level. by DevilsAngel36904/27/064.43

He Never Knew She Was A Virgin

 — Anna loses it big time. by curlyandcurvy06/09/023.70

He Was A Friend of Mine

 — She helps dying friend fulfill his last wish. by madhatter-o-bowater12/17/024.64HOT

He Was My Birthday Present

 — Her parents gave her a very nice gift. by sexygirl7606/01/084.34

He Was My Birthday Present Ch. 02

 — First time was it's about love. by sexygirl7602/20/154.25

He Wasn't What She Seemed

 — He wasn't what she seemed. by eroticbi01/22/153.67

He's Mine!

 — Susan steals David back from a rival. by Couture03/03/054.23

Head Cheerleader

 — A cheerleader gets something to really cheer about. by LustScribe10/25/113.93

Health 101 -- Introduction

 — Introduction to the serial story "Health 101". by jacktar4801/07/084.39


 — Young lovers discover the joy of sex. by bassbelly05/22/093.74

Heartbreak Hotel

 — Virgin's first time breaks his heart. by ElRitmoTropical12/10/054.05

Heather Ch. 01

 — Gentle Nostalgia. by maudecardy12/11/084.52HOT

Heather's Desire

 — A mother arranges her son's deflowering. by HeathersDesire05/20/084.36

Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 01

 — An innocent bride awakens. by HamSwift12/05/064.39


 — A good son gets his first blowjob. by John_Henry9906/03/114.13

Heavenly Night Ch. 01

 — A different version of the Christmas story. by SEVERUSMAX12/29/044.43


 — She experiences bisexual passion for the first time. by Rose P05/27/054.19

Helen's Billy

 — Contiuation of the story, "Billy." A strange day! by cheto106/17/064.16


 — Woman posing as boy hides identity from lusty master. by copperkitty06/24/024.41

Helene's First Time

 — A girl loses her virginity on her own terms. by eatoure07/02/104.15

Help Thy Neighbor (and She'll Help)

 — She liked introducing young men to sex. by once upon a time03/01/084.18

Helpful Hand Ch. 02

 — The very first time for Holly. by mfz83407/31/143.78

Helping Helen

 — I help my girlfriend's sister to her first orgasm. by bluelamp12/14/07

Helping Mr. K

 — Mr. K is worried about me, and wants to help calm me down. by addieQ07/06/094.59HOT

Her 29th Year

 — She loses her virginity at 29. by HotSissie12/12/074.20

Her and I

 — His friend takes care of his virginity. by Rockman868602/06/063.07

Her Best Friend's Dad

 — She sells her virginity on the internet to a surpising buyer. by Goldeniangel05/27/134.60HOT

Her Cherry

 — Three friends bet for Michelle's cherry. by JesterHaT08/29/073.33

Her Daughter's Debut

 — Mom always wanted her daughter to make it big! by wifelvrman10/31/094.22

Her Desires

 — She shares her remembrances of her first time. by Resee32105/13/014.00

Her First Orgasm

 — Decades in the takes the right man. by mysecretwithu07/12/104.52HOT

Her First Seduction

 — Young girl tries her wings as a seductress. by nitegazer03/22/034.56HOT

Her First Time

 — Brianne finds a female lover. by beccaexposed11/13/023.75

Her First Time

 — A holiday romance that led to bigger things. by cbrmale11/05/033.74

Her First Time

 — How she wishes her first time had been. by ATwistedMind03/06/044.04

Her First Time

 — Her sex life gets off to a kinky start. by chvygrl75902/09/053.66

Her First Time

 — Old Friends, make new encounters. by boundandgagged07/09/103.79

Her First Time

 — this is a story about how I fucked my girlfriend's daughter. by lovebobby06/18/124.30

Her First Time

 — Tonight's the night! by Nita910911/01/093.73

Her First Time

 — Online date losing her virginity. by bbwluverks02/12/144.24

Her First Time - With a Teacher

 — She can't wait until after class. by Chibiwolf04/10/062.85

Her First Time at a Glory Hole

 — 18-year-old girl experiencing new sexual things. by gamemanx02/01/144.44

Her First Time For Cock

 — You set your lesbian lover up for her first cock. by coupletoplay0701/14/094.07

Her First Time with Another Man

 — Story of how my wife went out and got fucked by another man. by Carole4406/29/123.94

Her Hidden Self

 — She experiences sex for the first time. by WL Chastain05/14/053.49

Her Irish Neighbor

 — She asks her Irish neighbor for an unusual birthday present. by EnvywithJadee05/22/134.48

Her Irish Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Sean gets caught with another, will she take him back? by EnvywithJadee05/30/134.52HOT

Her Irish Neighbor Ch. 03

 — Wedding, honeymoon, and children, the final chapter. by EnvywithJadee09/08/134.54HOT

Her Mom's Hot Friend

 — Mom's longtime close friend becomes daughter's first lover. by bbw4youngercocks106/26/124.15

Her Name Was Shirley

 — The first black woman I ever kissed. by marine55rick12/14/084.18

Her New Bra

 — Kimberly gets the ride of her life at a bra shop. by evil_in_the_flesh10/21/053.91

Her Night with Him

 — Lesbian sailor suddenly falls for a shy young (male) marine by theisland2601/27/124.21

Her Obsession

 — She finds her real true love. by eyelevel12309/15/033.59

Her Unexpected fFrst Time

 — The taking of an Asian Cherry. by harryr4u07/31/083.34

Her Wedding Surprise

 — She gets the surprise of her life on her wedding night. by anon_ymous108/03/113.75


 — A love story. by Spykke02/02/054.76HOT

Here's To You Mrs. Andrews

 — An older woman takes care of a young man. by espeteroh10/02/054.41

Herman: Tomboys Grow Up

 — Tomboy to the bone--but eventually... by caprine10/26/094.50HOT

Hide and Watch Ch. 02

 — Donna sucks her first cock. by snaillover6911/23/143.93

Hide and Watch Ch. 03

 — Donna loses her virginity. by snaillover6912/09/143.77

High School Crush

 — Gloria is reunited with Mrs. Graham. by GloriaWill11/04/094.07

High School GF in the Library

 — How I lost my virginity to my high school sweetheart. by CDarwin5703/28/154.29NEW

High School Love

 — This is what happens when you're stoned. by MorbidAngelRen07/25/043.72

High School Love

 — Ali finds love in Joey's arms. by Hobbitman45605/18/083.54

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 00

 — Prologue: an 18-year-old begins his journey into manhood. by yoursilentknight08/10/124.63HOT

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 03

 — Steve's eyes are beginning to open to a wider world. by yoursilentknight08/31/124.71HOT

Higher Learning

 — Professor taught him more than academics. by Riggs07/20/024.22

Highschool Sucks, Hard

 — She gives her first blowjob. by citizenseventeen05/11/064.34

Highschool Sucks, Hard Ch. 02

 — She takes things a little further. by citizenseventeen08/08/064.48

Hill Country Initiation Ch. 01

 — Two girls seduce a college boy. by Sandman831409/02/144.37

Hill Country Initiation Ch. 02

 — Two girls still seducing the college boy. by Sandman831409/04/144.50HOT

Him Inside of Me

 — They have the night to themselves. by leucite04/16/074.23

Hina My Love

 — Paki guy falls for desi baba. by none71006/23/023.77

His & Hers

 — Isaac and Maria share their first night together. by atrocious_city12/02/144.20

His Awakening

 — He's in the loving hands of an older woman. by every_horizon05/08/054.39

His Best Friend's Mother

 — She has the hots for him, and they do something about it. by Boxlicker10106/20/094.46

His Daddy's Boy

 — Short story. by VoluptuousCara01/05/153.71

His Daughter's Friend

 — Dad seduces daughter's friend, or is it other way around? by CourtStJester10/21/034.41

His Favorite Class

 — Staring in History leads to a little Sex Ed. in the lab. by JayTinMan07/30/104.28

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