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Phoenix Delight

 — Lovely girl friend takes his virginity by Meticulies10/20/003.77

Phone Fun Ch. 01

 — Virgin Leslie decides to have phone sex. by dramaqueen4710/06/053.94

Phone Fun Ch. 02

 — Virgin Leslie is dominated over the phone. by dramaqueen4710/09/054.19

Photo Shoot

 — Cheerleader photo shoot gets wild. by jgrdnrls2402/27/054.28

Physical Checkup

 — Jake learns new things at the doctor's. by throwaway_198602/03/094.48

Physical Therapy

 — Injury proves to be fortuitous. by The_Tin_Man03/15/094.42

Picnic at the Beach

 — Like food at a picnic, losing her cherry is better outside. by SweetPrettyAss08/30/144.46

Pictures from an Exhibition: Elaine

 — Like a Red, Red Rose. by SimonBrooke01/31/073.93

Pictures from the Edge

 — Nick discovers his wife was a college slut and gets revenge. by Erlikkhan03/01/084.47

Piercing For National Nude Day Ch. 03

 — She is a virgin! by Gussie07/12/034.62HOT

Pilot Cove

 — Two friends take a summer trip and find more than the road. by Bob Clark Jr.02/24/034.47

Pimping Angel

 — Couple playing pimp 'n ho give young man his first experience. by Angelscuck09/22/093.93

Pink Panties in the Library

 — Two college virgins explore each other over Christmas break. by JRLover11/26/104.35

PITrified Ch. 1

 — Hirsute honey learns about oral sex. by belab08/22/023.65

Pizza Delivery

 — Martin gets an extra special tip. by walkstar03/27/044.37

Pizza Man Got A Piece of Him

 — First time male to male experience. by DdysAngelFace09/15/024.15

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 04

 — Jim's friend is de-virginized by Jane. by maxicue05/10/034.42

Plane Flight

 — Some sexual firsts at 30,000 feet. by football_stud05/26/083.89


 — A virgin breaks him out of his stiff as plastic life. by maxicue05/02/144.46

Play Time

 — Jason entertains dad's girlfriend while dad's at work. by unlucky26602/08/063.82

Play with Fire

 — The Agency has a new recruit. by stickivicki06/29/114.10

Playing Doctor

 — Dr. Erikson finally seduces Dr. Scott. by Rscott052906/16/144.00

Playing Doctor

 — A walk in the woods leads to exploring each other. by ShareTheLove03/26/144.30

Playing Doctor with Sandy

 — Bob gives Sandy exam on kitchen table. by Grey Beard12/18/024.14

Playing Games - Fun In The Bedroom

 — Dungeons & Dragons leads to her first time. by CorsetCutie6910/18/103.85

Playing in the Woods

 — She loses her virginity to her two best friends. by treegirl9206/22/114.21

Playing Possum

 — A house-sitter gets a visitor and decides to have some fun. by LadyLane02/14/124.11

Playing Terminator

 — Jeannie is interrupted from her computer game. by starova04/03/114.10

Please Pop My Cherry

 — Snow white and a black african. by bijoukitty01/22/063.83


 — Trying to please everyone will make you end up on your knees. by norstorm08/30/144.07

Pledging Virginity

 — The joys of sex -- with no fucking allowed. by Carol197301/30/104.28

Plump and Plain

 — Losing her virginity takes awhile - & an audience. by tarkatony01/19/064.49

Poker Night

 — A game of poker leads her to lose her virginity. by Macadamian09/17/083.95

Poker was the Start

 — Strip poker was the spark for virgins. by Bigchicklover02/08/103.60

Pool Day

 — College freshman home for the summer nails lonely wife. by naughtynurse1804/12/074.69HOT

Pool Hall Foreplay

 — Bobby doesn't want her, but apparently Dominic does. by DreamPisces02/15/114.41

Pool Reversal Pt. 01

 — Who takes charge at the party? by GemimaCav07/02/144.20

Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 2

 — Angie's incredible seduction. by LeoDavis09/03/034.65HOT

Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 3

 — Angie's first time. by LeoDavis09/04/034.59HOT

Poolside Ride

 — First time, anal, inter-racial asian, voyerism. by ardenlowe11/05/034.25

Poor Kaity

 — The world's most awkward girl. by NiceDayReboot12/02/144.42


 — Spilled popcorn leads to a young couple's first time. by ThatStudJD02/18/153.24

Popping Cherries

 — Student asks former teacher to pop ALL her cherries. by Goldeniangel02/18/054.64HOT

Popping Her Cherry

 — Son's girlfriend asks Pops to go first. by sirhugs12/06/084.16

Popping Ronnie's Cherry

 — Bob's old girl friend asks him for a Doctor's Appointment. by Grey Beard01/31/034.21

Popsicle Girl

 — Sarah's virgin heat turns ice cold. by bultacorider10/14/073.94

Porn Virgin

 — Kendra wants what Drake wants. by TraceTheMaid10/12/143.50


 — She's attracting the wrong kind of attention. by honey2810/01/114.30


 — Kenny knew of the pain, of the lonely. by jthserra08/11/043.90

Pound Yon Virgin

 — Naive virgin is seduced by mall Santa. by sarahhh12/07/054.49

Pounding the Maid

 — Role-playing for her first time. by mscheergrl04/28/074.36

Pow, Right in the Kisser!

 — She gives her first blowjob. by skirtnpantyhose06/22/084.49

Prelude to a Nap

 — Diane experiences afternoon delight. by MathGirl08/19/024.40

Prenuptial Doctor Visit Pt. 02

 — Virgin's visit holds surprises for everyone. by mlyn08/03/044.57HOT

Preparing for a Shoot

 — Dave and Lynn get hot preparing her for a lingerie shoot. by catchercradle01/14/074.22

Prickly Hedges

 — His first blow job comes from hirsute neighbor. by belab08/07/023.57

Prim & Proper

 — Young woman loses her guilt and finally lets go. by Sensuous Storyteller07/02/054.47

Princess Betty

 — She was born to care for her subjects. by Reefkeeper03/10/123.68

Prisoner Of Love

 — Sometimes love doesn't die. by ejls05/12/114.60HOT

Private Tutoring

 — Professor teaches a young virgin. by sxylilslut10/04/054.29

Problem Student Ch. 01

 — Phys-Ed Teacher helps new student with BIG problem. by spamwich02/02/094.08

Problem Student Ch. 02

 — She goes to great lengths to help her special student. by spamwich02/05/094.31

Problem Student Ch. 03

 — The teacher gives him more special help. by spamwich03/06/094.38

Professor for Hire

 — Two co-eds get spanked and fucked by their professor. by EvilPinkSocks12/10/094.21

Professor Lumpkin

 — College teacher takes advantage of a bright student. by stoneypoint08/23/063.26

Prom Night

 — Two finally become one. by Master_Vassago08/29/034.16

Prom Night Ch. 1

 — Good things cum to those who wait. by latent sexuality07/07/024.12

Providing A Service

 — I help young men overcome their sexual shyness. by WayneGibbous12/02/124.19

Psych Credit

 — One student's quest for marks. by tarkatony11/07/044.04

Psychology 1 - Virginity 0

 — An ugly duckling learns how to become a swan. by adam applebiter06/07/064.62HOT

Public Peep (Trainstation Bathroom)

 — A young man discovers a peep hole that leads to much more. by fourseasonfuck08/01/103.39

Public Spirited

 — A couple offer a unique service to the young. by Red Hugh09/30/024.34

Punk Rock Princess

 — A young Punk loses his virginity to the woman of his dreams. by Draga2102/14/084.20

Pure Bliss

 — A woman's first time. by True North04/16/054.60HOT

Pure Bliss

 — A beautiful woman loses her virginity. by Clive Cromwell03/26/034.50HOT

Push It Hard

 — Sometimes a push is needed to get things going. by on_the_quiet11/06/134.04

Pussycat Becomes a Woman!

 — It's her 21st Birthday, and she finally becomes a woman. by alittlecloser6906/27/093.97

Put It In Me Coach Ch. 01

 — Cheerleader wants you to "Coach" her. by Mermaid01/27/054.30

Put It In Me Coach Ch. 02

 — You deflower your cheerleader. by Mermaid01/31/054.42

Putty In Their Hands

 — He is young and inexperienced. They are older and bolder. by holden_200504/17/114.54HOT

Pyjama Party

 — All those girls, just wearing PJs. by Ashson11/16/134.16


 — Man savors his first woman. by AngelicAssassin01/14/03

Quality Time with Gramma

 — An older lady helps a young girl find love. by luv2taste08/03/114.59HOT

Quebec Women Are Super

 — White woman seduces nerdy Black male student. by Samuelx01/06/113.00

Queen Eleanor Ch. 03

 — Eleanor becomes Duchess and marries the Frankish Prince. by Pampinea10/02/124.12

Queen Of The Bus

 — The long ride home gets interesting for the birthday boy. by GreenLover05/20/034.09

Quel age as-tu?

 — His first love…his first time. by Dinsmore02/20/074.74HOT

Quest For a Big Prize

 — Catholic girl sets out for a lot more love. by erotic_dick03/27/073.80

Quiet Girls are Always Easier

 — 19 year-old virgin lets go in moment of passion. by los0704/26/053.93

Quinceanera y Tres

 — Juan remembers Maria's Quinceanera just three years ago. by Middleagepoet11/11/093.72

Quit Stalling

 — An afternoon stop in the country. by meloout03/06/153.86


 — Beautiful college student gives into lust for a professor. by Daveindenver02/08/094.15

Rachel's Prince Charming

 — Rachel is rescued and falls in love. by Southernbelle8804/01/094.51HOT

Rachel's World

 — 18 year old loses her virginity. by rachel_6905/25/023.92

Rain and Heat

 — An encounter in the rain gets sexy for two neighbours. by ReefBeach01/23/134.36

Rain and Heat Ch. 02

 — More firsts as evening turns to night. by ReefBeach09/30/134.51HOT

Rainforest Encounter

 — She finds her first lover in a special "rainforest ". by glynndah04/03/074.55HOT

Rainy Day Girl

 — Being locked out on a rainy day leads to a hot first time. by Mr. Chuckles05/11/034.05

Rainy Day Girl Ch. 02

 — He & Rachel get together again. by Mr. Chuckles07/13/034.19

Rainy Day Girl Ch. 03

 — Rachel learns to like video games. by Mr. Chuckles09/04/034.38

Rainy Day Girl Ch. 04

 — Fun in a matress store. by Mr. Chuckles03/31/044.47

Rainy Night in the Car

 — A coed's first time is in the car. by David32010/14/053.23

Raking the Leaves

 — Coed loses her virginity. by Iconbuster5703/27/09

Ramya's Journey Pt. 05

 — First time for Adarsh and Ramya, Kajal tells of hers too. by indianeros12/25/144.40

Ranch Girl

 — Jenny's first time. by Jenny696908/24/074.45

Random Wanderers Ch. 02

 — Grant & Amanda give their virginity to each other. by Gonekrazed03/07/034.13

Rare Opportunity

 — Call girl devirginizes a young woman. by Gladiatorlady03/06/054.74HOT

Ravenloft: Midnight Lies

 — The many cons of baronial house calls. by The_Chromatic_One04/14/083.36

Ravishing Miss Price

 — I thought her demure but beneath she was a rampant strumpet. by abroadsword08/11/114.26

Raw Pleasure

 — Steve and Jacqui's first encounter. by rigs0304/24/054.16

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