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First Time Stories

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Sexual Education

 — Nurses know it all. by shambles04/27/074.46

Sexual Encounters Ch. 01

 — Indian man discover the pleasures of sex. by mukutbihari09/01/054.05

Sexual History of a Man Pt. 01

 — First sexual experience of two virgins. by oldlover4011/28/094.24

Sexy Librarian

 — She had brought them this far. The next move was his. by theoncomingstorm11/02/134.09

Sexy Stepmom

 — Losing virginity to my sexy stepmom. by nobigwillie12/14/124.00

Shahari's First Time

 — Virgin trapped in a world outside time becomes a woman. by vixxxx08/09/09HOT

Shall We Dance?

 — An older woman teaches him new moves by ELLERODERICK08/10/084.20

Shannon Becomes a Woman

 — Ex-teacher takes Shannon across the threshold of womanhood. by Lanham2207/10/064.69HOT

Sharing After The Library

 — Ryan has been set up and action follows. by Hopperdoggy02/05/044.28

Sharing in the Library

 — Virgin student learns the joys of sex from the library. by Hopperdoggy06/22/034.30

Shaving Rupert

 — Coed teaches grown-up friend to shave, and fuck. by neonlyte10/24/044.41

She Doesn't Pt. 01

 — Why will she make love but won't remove her blouse? by barnabus11/13/024.05

She Doesn't Pt. 02

 — Why will she make love but won't remove her blouse? by barnabus11/25/024.46

She Doesn't Pt. 03

 — Discovery. by barnabus11/26/024.13

She Doesn't Pt. 04

 — At the cabin. by barnabus11/27/024.37

She Doesn't Pt. 05

 — Champange and laughter. by barnabus11/28/024.41

She Doesn't Pt. 06

 — An interlude and confessions. by barnabus11/29/024.27

She Doesn't Pt. 07

 — She tells a story. by barnabus11/30/024.22

She Doesn't Pt. 08

 — The blouse. by barnabus12/01/024.49

She Has An Asian Fetish (AM/WF)

 — An Asian man's true encounter with a beautiful White woman by AMWFlovefetish09/29/144.39

She Held On So Long

 — Her first time "making love." by Mandoria07/28/033.75

She is a Virgin No More

 — Guys finds more than sex at friend's party. by Sexuallyshady01/27/054.45

She Knew I Was Watching

 — Her daughter was hot, but mommy was hotter! by Alpha2Bravo06/20/10

She Lived Next Door

 — Sometimes dreams do come true. by dawoolef11/17/104.33

She Loved Paris

 — She was a virgin on the way to Paris, but not on the way home. by CharlieL10/25/104.24

She Screams for Me

 — A freshman at college has his first experience with sex. by TheUrbanCowboy03/19/074.05

She Smiled at Me

 — Bar maid introduces a sailor to oral. by Daqusa11/27/044.53HOT

She Taught Me Well

 — Woman steps outside her boundaries. by geronimo_appleby01/21/054.61HOT

She Wants Rid

 — I took her virginity. But now she wants me to take it proper. by stevetruestories10/16/124.63HOT

She Was Not My Niece

 — Preoccupation of parents deflowerd her. by Kathy Doll12/22/023.73

She Was Ready

 — He meets a girl who asked for a date then gave more. by Jam5808/11/023.33

She Was Worth Waiting For

 — She gives me a gift that is priceless! by abledisabled03/05/094.07

She Works Hard for the Money

 — Moonlighting can lead to much more. by man_next_door07/28/074.42

She's Got Bette Davis Eyes

 — He's 21 and never been blown. by mick60a02/22/093.84

She's Naked

 — A young virgin is seduced. by Ashson08/22/144.35

Sheila Bred

 — Anr Irish lass is seduced and taken. by arlene54807/05/073.58

Shelby and Johnny Ch. 02

 — His girl's first time. by discutingperv101/07/084.41

Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 01

 — A lonely college guy has an interesting study date. by hacker83112/31/114.31

Sherry Baby, Will You Cum Tonight

 — High school senior finally busts his cherry. by walterio09/19/114.20


 — 18-year-old couple live in island paradise. by Joseki Ko03/26/043.86

Short Shorts Ch. 02

 — Lindsey wears her shorts to the dry cleaners. by Selena_Kitt12/15/064.57HOT

Shot of Jack?

 — A tale of runken debauchery. by JimAfflictioN04/12/083.38

Show Me Pt. 01

 — They were good church going kids until that night. by cyberlookur07/11/144.28

Shower at the Cabin Ch. 01

 — Getting caught masturbating in the shower leads to more. by leospark07/08/074.45


 — Angel-tits Shula decides to lose her virginity. by johnniedee00408/04/043.12


 — Shy man meets a special young woman. by tarkatony10/13/054.41

Shy Girl

 — Man meets a shy girl at a house party. by Ashson01/28/154.30

Shy Knight Tempting Fate Pt. 01

 — Seven-century-old prophecy fulfilled by 21st century virgin love. by dbp428111/16/144.51HOT

Shy Man Finds Love

 — Coed takes guy's virginity on a dare. by Bakeboss10/29/094.03

Shy's First loving

 — The way virginty loss should be. by Soundman_Greg05/07/064.10


 — Seeing my best friend with new eyes. by deannathegeek12/03/094.08


 — You try to help me out, but I become a distraction. by lonelyislandveins05/17/133.47


 — A first time romance for Christmas. by neonlyte12/03/05HOT

Silk and Angels Ch. 01

 — Cathy makes the best choice of her life. by Jellybabygirl11/09/092.88

Silky Adventures #03

 — Silky loses her cherry. by OneSilky09/04/104.45

Silky Friction

 — Innocent young couple takes each other over the edge. by Alex_Erotic01/14/144.13

Simon and Becky Ch. 01

 — Virginity reluctantly lost on the way home. by Otazel03/06/074.57HOT

Simon Pendleton Ch. 02

 — House warming party, Simon and Jodi alone for first time. by zef460011/22/094.64HOT

Simon Pendleton Ch. 03

 — Together . . . for now. by zef460001/10/104.81HOT

Simon Pendleton Ch. 04

 — A little of everything for Thanksgiving. by zef460002/07/104.69HOT

Simon Pendleton Ch. 05

 — Winter's warm embrace. by zef460003/14/104.65HOT

Simple Simon

 — Sweet story of a geek finding his dream girl. by TheDarkestPlace03/31/104.52HOT

Sinnndy's First Time

 — She's eager to lose her cherry. by sinnndy03/15/014.08

Siobhan's Awakening

 — Siobhan experiences love. by madam_vel08/20/064.31

Sir Cums-a-Lot

 — A power-packed first time experience for a geeky guy. by Bryce Schafft104/11/063.76

Sister Inlaw / Outlaw Ch. 2

 — Joe educates her virgin daughter. by oliver02/09/014.43

Sister Mary

 — A naive nun. by StoryTeller0712/02/124.25

Sister to Sister

 — I only want one, but why not another? by Kufan96911/25/144.02

Sisterly Love

 — How he consoled his upset sister in law. by deeps06/29/024.35

Sitter's College Fund

 — College freshman gets a ride home which leads to a tip. by coupletahoe08/02/124.07

Six Month Anniversary Present

 — Six months of happiness leads to a memorable night by tigresa02/16/074.00

Six Years of Waiting

 — When an online relationship really isn't too good to be true. by Ophelyra06/10/084.30

Size Matters Ch. 02

 — When you piss off a BBW? She takes your man's virginity by mondotoken08/26/144.38

Ski Encounter

 — Two friends introduce a younger girl to her other side. by Miss Julia01/12/054.63HOT

Skiing Ch. 01

 — Day on slopes leads to a night of desire. by UTOutdoorGirl04/10/044.62HOT

Skinny Dipper

 — Holidaying in the country, she decided to go swimming. by Ashson04/09/143.92

Skirmish in the Sexual Revolution

 — We knew what was right, and we did it together. by Boxlicker10108/11/074.66HOT


 — Young virgin has fun at the rink. by hockeychick08/14/044.12

Slave to My Virginity

 — Young lad learns just how far he'll go to get laid. by Bakeboss11/11/103.90

Slaving Away Ch. 3

 — Ryan gets a sex slave for a night. by brgs08/08/023.51

Sleep Well, My Soldier

 — A soldier and a hot 18-year-old virgin seduce each other by CarrieJames03/16/114.39

Sleeping Beauty

 — Wife pays babysitter to do more than just sit. by Slickman06/09/054.76HOT

Sleeping Over

 — Young woman starts sleepwalking by Ashson02/25/144.34

Sleeping Over

 — Snuggling with his little sister's friend changes everything. by Wilfu104/26/144.57HOT

Sleepover With A Twist Or Two

 — Hot college chicks, a virgin and loads of sex. by rick20012/06/073.63


 — Does what you do in your sleep count? by Ashson09/09/134.29

Slightly, Once Ch. 01

 — Shy Dave is smitten with Kim by Balrog07/29/114.77HOT

Slightly, Once Ch. 02

 — Dave and Kim practice one-on-one. by Balrog07/30/114.73HOT

Slightly, Once Ch. 03

 — Dave finds the words. by Balrog07/31/114.74HOT

Slightly, Once Ch. 04

 — Dave deals with leg warmers and passivity. by Balrog08/01/114.76HOT

Slightly, Once Ch. 05

 — Dave and Kim work up appetites before breakfast. by Balrog08/02/114.73HOT

Slightly, Once Ch. 06

 — Dave and Kim keep the universe in balance. by Balrog08/03/114.67HOT

Slightly, Once Ch. 07

 — Dave is saved by the Belle, barely. by Balrog08/08/114.63HOT

Slightly, Once Ch. 08

 — Dave's roomie saves the day, maybe. by Balrog08/09/114.72HOT

Slightly, Once Ch. 09

 — Kim wins, and is the Belle of the Ball. by Balrog08/13/114.69HOT

Slightly, Once Ch. 10

 — Will Dave and Kim have a happy ending? by Balrog08/14/114.73HOT

Slip to Pleasure

 — Fall brings girl to first orgasm. by peterdee03/31/094.29

Slippery Situation

 — Neither of them expected it, neither of them could resist it. by anoni03/22/124.01

Slippery When Wet Ch. 1

 — Man has first time same sex experience. by Dan3606/11/024.28

Slumber Party Fun Ch. 01

 — His teenage sister has a party. by unscented06/19/033.99

Slutty Ondra's Sex Log Ch. 05

 — Why I'm such a nympho. by PossibleSlut08/23/124.47

Small Town Secrets Ch. 02

 — Some secrets are shocking...and some are sweet. by Tara_Neale10/01/144.56HOT

Smart People Ch. 01

 — Colin and his group of friends. by Storydwarf04/27/132.79

Smart People Ch. 02

 — Ella's printer and the new girl. by Storydwarf04/27/133.03

Smart People Ch. 03

 — Ella's Halloween party! by Storydwarf07/01/132.75


 — It was better than I imagined it! by tjendol03/19/124.13

Snobby Surma Ch. 01

 — Could Rakesh seduce this beautiful, rich, snooty girl? by uncannybal04/06/124.28

Snobby Surma Ch. 02

 — Surma goes from shy and haughty to wild and horny. by uncannybal04/12/124.04

Snobby Surma Ch. 03

 — Surma's best friend, the beautiful Deotima, insults Rakesh. by uncannybal05/06/124.82HOT

Snobby Surma Ch. 04

 — After the girls left him, Rakesh was down &out until... by uncannybal10/31/124.19

Snow Day

 — Classes were cancelled, so she signed up for Sex Lessons. by theo_minor01/11/124.46

Snow Storm Fun

 — A straight guy gives his first blow job. by van53210/25/054.19


 — First time sex in a crashed, overturned bus. by slinc02/01/124.52HOT

Snowdrop Wyatt

 — An Adult Fairy Story. by RomanCEisdead203/15/074.59HOTEditor's Pick

Snowed In

 — She brings him in from the cold. by rush4torque02/02/124.26


 — His fears are finally overcome by an older woman. by rosegardener03/18/084.62HOT

So I Was At One of Those Parties

 — A hapless lesbian at a HS dance gets her world rocked. by Legsbian06/27/114.31

Soaring Chapter 1

 — An Asian girl gets a mindblowing orgasm. by HarryT9303/01/133.47

Social Sex Ed

 — College couple helps a virgin neighbor get comfortable. by dark_entries08/02/144.52HOT

Sofia's Choice

 — A tourist in the Island of Crete meets a pious Greek woman. by yonekhadvash07/28/083.81

Soft Touches

 — Sweet dream of an unexpected touch. by Kelly Louise05/07/044.34


 — He just might go all the way. by juanwildone12/10/024.59HOT

Solitary Passion

 — The woman deep within her awakens. by Sera Shine06/09/023.66

Solomon and I

 — Solomon makes love with two sisters. by tjewing01/13/082.92

Solstices Obscurity "Dusk" Ch. 02

 — The rude beginning of the man called the Bastard. by Unrequited_Evil01/24/153.60

Some Day Soon

 — A young women finally loses her virginity. by clsc69vette09/26/023.61

Some Guys Need Help

 — Innocent college girl guides guy in sex. by ainu02/06/054.40

Some Sex in the Woods

 — On the AT, Bridger turns Mich into Michelle. by Pornguin11/23/084.26

Someday, I'll Be Saturday Night

 — She receives her fondest wish at prom. by velvetpie03/27/054.10

Something About Her

 — He has first experience with girl next door. by meesterp03/15/023.94

Something About The Way He Moved

 — Could her teacher keep his hands off? by starfromheaven01/12/044.20

Something About Veronia

 — Man takes the virginity of the woman he secretly pines for by leftist10/20/134.10

Something Borrowed

 — Father-in-law borrows his daughter-in-law's virgin pussy. by IceBluePhoenix07/07/084.43

Something Borrowed Something Blue

 — Two people meet for the first time. by WyKkEdAnGeL11/26/034.29

Something is Going On

 — Virgin falls to an ex-gigolo. by Rockwell10/21/044.15

Something More

 — While waiting, she recalls losing her virginity. by jthserra11/10/044.30

Something More Vol. 01

 — They had always been "just friends" until that night. by Darkwr1t3r09/17/084.15

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