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First Time Stories

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Who Is This Girl? Ch. 04

 — The radio clicked on. by jallen94407/03/044.11

Who Is This Girl? Ch. 05

 — Dorothy reached for his belt buckle. by jallen94408/07/044.40

Who Was She?

 — Guess who she could be? by Kathy Doll12/28/023.58

Who's The Boss? Ch. 02

 — Two bi-curious guys and a woman get together. by Mortuis10/20/104.57HOT

Why Brad Loves the Mall

 — 18-year-old has amazing experience. by Sleepy01/17/043.21

Why Did She Wait?

 — 18-year-old girl loses her virginity in a drunken romp. by bigcanuck02/01/083.84

Why I'm Such A Bad Girl Ch. 01

 — Her sexual journey begins. by Happily Tied Up02/13/044.31

Wicked Game Ch. 14

 — Task Number Twelve. by velvetpie06/12/044.67HOT

Wife's First Swallow

 — She stays out of trouble by using her mouth. by luckyhusband508/06/064.01

Wild Child Ch. 01

 — Rita gets to try her wings. by TxRad10/24/094.56HOT

Wild Child Ch. 02

 — Rita screws up and almost gets her wings clipped. by TxRad10/25/094.59HOT

Wild Child Ch. 03

 — Rita gets to take a ride nude and learns about oral sex. by TxRad10/26/094.66HOT

Wild Child Ch. 04

 — Rita's friend Mary joins the fun. by TxRad10/27/094.73HOT

Wild Child Ch. 05

 — Mary returns and we all go on a trip to the country. by TxRad10/28/094.66HOT

Wild Child Ch. 06

 — The exploration continues at a cabin on the river. by TxRad10/29/094.56HOT

Wild Child Ch. 07

 — Skinny dipping at the river. by TxRad10/30/094.51HOT

Wild Child Ch. 08

 — Mary gets a spanking. Rita gets in a few licks of her own. by TxRad10/31/094.68HOT

Wild Child Ch. 09

 — Rita gets in some licks, so does Mary and Uncle Rick by TxRad11/01/094.60HOT

Wild Child Ch. 10

 — Rita gets breakfast and all hell breaks loose on the river. by TxRad11/02/094.72HOT

Wild Child Ch. 11

 — Everything must end but everyone is smiling when it does. by TxRad11/03/094.73HOT

Wild Flowers

 — They learn about making love. by Paul4408/04/044.30

Wild Waterpark Fieldtrip

 — Things get wild with a teacher and her students. by BetweenDuskandDawn12/04/124.25

Will & Gracie

 — A virgin finds love. by Southernfire06/17/024.01

Will and Rene's First Time

 — 18 year old's first encounter with an experienced man. by Will and Rene01/04/034.17

Will Has His Way

 — Young man tends to older woman. by petemgurk11/10/074.63HOT

Will I Regret It?

 — My first time. by TooTiredToCare01/05/123.40


 — 21-year-old guy finds the perfect girl. by Nemasis Enforcer05/08/044.55HOT

Wind Ch. 01

 — Older man deflowers & trains his 18 year old employee. by JenniferGreen11/13/084.01

Window 7

 — An exchange student decides to lose her virginity. by Reefkeeper10/09/114.42

Window Encounter

 — She finally lost it to her long time crush. by whit3lily10/14/034.28

Windy View Introduction

 — 18-year-olds explore their sexuality. by Tender8604/05/073.71

Winter Solstice Night

 — A young woman plans for her first sexual experience. by MidwestSiren12/16/023.82

Winter Turns to Spring Ch. 01

 — Older guy finds his new sex partner right under his nose. by JohnnyRD06/23/134.16

Winter Turns to Spring Ch. 02

 — A middle aged man finds his new young lover under his nose. by JohnnyRD07/17/133.97

Winter Wonderland

 — Julie & Corey make thier own Winter Wonderland! by sexy_mama_0904/26/113.88

Winterthur Love

 — A sexual picnic. by zoelikesjam07/09/134.03


 — A clit as tempting as a rosebud begging to be plucked. by DiaperedSiouxsie12/07/024.07

Wish Upon A Star

 — Unexpected wish comes true. by Lynne8405/23/044.72HOT


 — First time for a shy nerd. by robertreams09/10/134.47

With a Working Man

 — Librarian seduced by the laborer working nearby. by nytewulf09/06/084.35

With Best Friends Like This....

 — Ever have your friend stab ya in the back? by bac51210/19/143.69

With Best Friends Like This.... Pt. 02

 — Payback's a bitch. by bac51210/23/143.87

With Laila

 — Two friends spend the night talking, and getting closer. by salimak07/22/134.72HOT

With Mrs. Cannon's Help

 — Mrs Cannon is a good teacher. by Fun_gent07/24/104.20

With My Sister's Help

 — His sister sets him up with a cheerleader. by Jumpinjetta12/06/074.38

With Sergeant Samantha

 — After the party with the sergeant. by guyloveshotstories03/11/124.37

With Strings Attached Ch. 07

 — Nicole takes Alice's virginity. by maxout0912/17/104.56HOT

Within Arm's Reach

 — Two young lovers make a good first impression. by iceblue_ize02/27/074.21

Woman Enough

 — She trusts him and she's ready... by AuburnErotica09/15/134.31

Woodstock Ticket

 — Losing the first woman I ever loved in 1969. by radk05/16/123.69

Word of Mouth

 — Not the usual, run-of-the-mill first-time story. by lgreenwood11/01/134.88HOTContest Winner

Words I Shall Never Forget

 — Encounter with a stay at home mom. by JimAfflictioN04/12/083.49

Work Experience

 — Teaching the boss’s niece brings real job satisfaction. by Pencil_sharpene08/17/113.83

Working At The Car Wash

 — The cheerleading squad was looking to raise money. by Starbug36002/17/133.95

Working Hard

 — A new employee conquers an inexperienced intern. by robthecradle12/24/14

Working Overtime

 — They work and play late in the theater. by JayTinMan12/31/094.70HOT

Working Overtime Ch. 02

 — They meet again for a hot fuck in her apartment. by JayTinMan05/22/114.46

Worship: But Not The Planned One

 — They meet at the temple and she initiates him to pleasure. by misterwho11/09/134.62HOT

Worth the Wait

 — A woman loses her virginity to her true love. by bustybibbwbabe04/11/084.11

Would You?

 — No virgin should move like that. by ArtemisLover08/22/123.62

Writer's Block

 — Remember her first time solves her writer's block. by BuckyDuckman10/14/144.05

Writer's Reward

 — A writer's fan give herself to him. by mindvomit02/12/153.80

Wrong Locker Room

 — Coed Jessica enjoys the view in the boys' locker room. by Philcollins8712/07/084.26

Wrong Moment; Wrong Guy

 — The prelude to "First Taste of Love". by cuddlycarol11/13/043.48

Xiaowei Gets It Pt. 01

 — Asian girl gets it first time. by LukeCoolhand02/11/094.30

Xmas, First Time I Went All The Way

 — Susan loses her virginity to her boyfriend, Andy, on Xmas. by andtheend12/02/103.10

Yashi's Cousin

 — Lust for a young woman, and caught in the act by Tunak Mizaz09/04/033.81

Yes Mr. Officer?

 — A horny virgin finds what she needs. by NymphoVirgin11/18/114.32


 — An offer he just could not refuse. by regnglad12/18/094.01

Yolanda goes to Jiffy Lube

 — After fixing her car, she takes his virginity. by kholoblicin01/29/144.45

You Haven't Fucked Me Yet

 — A girl teaches a boy and makes him get a perfect fuck. by AstroFlame10/30/113.99

You Never Know

 — A young woman's journey to the big city. by gingerstarr03/07/103.88

You Only Love Once

 — Death's door pushed this scandalous couple together by TheyCallMeDelly11/07/124.29

You're Such a Pig!

 — He wants in sister's hot friend's thong. by satyr_13200307/24/064.56HOT

You've Been Chumderstruck

 — Finding love in the most unexpected places... by bigguyforyou08/08/142.45

Young Claudia and The Prophet

 — An ordinary girl becomes a very important muse. by oldyoung06/12/143.76

Young Innkeeper

 — Paula talks a young innkeeper through his first time. by neutrona10/18/094.35

Young James is Seduced

 — Older woman gives lessons to an English teenager. by FitJim09/17/074.39

Young Love

 — They just couldn't wait. by bassbelly04/23/093.87

Young Love

 — High school couple discover sex. by ainu202/15/094.36

Young Love

 — She watches her brother turn her best friend into a sex toy. by NoontimeGhost01/23/133.66

Young Lovers Embrace

 — Teenage lovers slip away for a moment of romance. by HeavenlyCurves08/15/144.20

Young Lust in the Evening

 — Guy learns confidence from hot older woman. by sweetjulia10/04/033.73

Young Mary Ch. 6

 — Bridgitte gives her virginity to Ted. by Red Hugh08/30/023.98

Young Sex

 — A young man loses his virginity to his summer tutor. by Asianlove09/07/024.60HOT

Young Tommy

 — A working class boy finds action at a mansion. by mangrove jack08/11/044.49

Young Tommy Ch. 02

 — Mrs, Moore can't get enough of 18-year-old Tommy. by mangrove jack09/07/054.55HOT

Young Woman's First Experience

 — Dance like no one can see you, but be sure you are alone. by Captainwood12/09/103.77

Younger Man

 — Coed finds love for the first time. by sexgodess011402/27/043.75

Your First

 — We've all had one. by Riven___Caulfield05/19/02

Your Roommate Can Finish Me Off

 — A College girl uses her boyfriends Roommate for his body by lefthandfantasy10/24/134.29

Your Turn

 — Anna's First. by PaulSandarac10/25/134.42

Yuka's Confession

 — Japanese girl's curiosity turns into reality. by gorgeousmika07/11/034.39

Yuletide Cheer

 — Thoughtful boyfriend gets the gift he seeks. by dejectedgeek01/03/044.44

Zara's First Time

 — 18-year-old has her first sexual experiance. by Webrosc01/11/074.05

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