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Interracial Love Stories

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"Do You Believe Me Now?"

 — Friend's big titted, bimbo Sri Lankan girlfriend is seduced. by pkumar28204/12/133.95

"Uncle" Harry

 — Older black man treats best friend's niece as play toy. by brookemarie3401/13/123.71

#1 Draft Pick

 — A young freshman finds herself interviewing the #1 draft pick. by cunninlinquist11/13/074.44

(5) Superheroes for Hire

 — These sexy Superheroes battle super villains. by BBC08/16/033.96

(H)Air Force Ch. 2

 — The French Resistance ends with Big Samuel. by belab08/08/023.59

1. Racing From Love Ch. 01-03

 — Forbidden love blossoms. by inspirixis103/25/134.53HOT

1. Racing From Love Ch. 04-06

 — Sam fights his feelings. by inspirixis103/27/134.59HOT

1. Racing From Love Ch. 07-09

 — Emma has an accident. by inspirixis103/28/134.72HOT

1. Racing From Love Ch. 10-12

 — They finally get together. by inspirixis103/29/134.78HOT

1. Racing From Love Ch. 13-15

 — Caught. by inspirixis103/30/134.75HOT

1. Racing From Love Ch. 16-18

 — A surprise. by inspirixis103/31/134.81HOT

1. Racing From Love Ch. 19-21

 — The resolution. by inspirixis104/01/134.81HOT

10 Inches Of Black Man Power

 — Black college sportsman works in porn movie. by Samuelx11/24/083.41

10+ Inch Strapon And My Girlfriend

 — Her need for black cock is awakened. by ssdylan03/04/073.64

19 Year Old Girlfriend Cuckolded Me

 — She cuckolds him with a 53-year old black man. by iwallbt10/01/084.17

1st BBC (MFM)

 — My first encounter with Big Black Cock. by TeX_T_C05/20/114.04

29th Birthday Surprise

 — Getting what I couldn't ask for never felt so good. by lovewords03/04/144.60HOT

2nd Affair

 — Jason's black friend Mike shares Erin. by X-Factor02/02/024.37

2nd Affair (Conclusion)

 — Mike forces Erin to break her promise, using his cock. by X-Factor02/07/024.32

2nd BBC

 — Some alone time with my BBC lover. by TeX_T_C05/23/114.24

3 AM Booty Call

 — Who feels it, knows it - a side chic's tale. by fantasylover2509/28/144.40

34 Minutes Ch. 01

 — What happens when your boyfriend neglects you? by fcknfresh01/20/103.90

34 Minutes Ch. 02

 — Possibility? by fcknfresh01/24/104.52HOT

34 Minutes Ch. 03

 — And it's on. by fcknfresh09/26/104.51HOT

34 Minutes Ch. 04

 — It's on... for real this time. by fcknfresh05/28/134.74HOT

34 Minutes Ch. 05

 — No one really knows how to feel. by fcknfresh05/29/134.59HOT

4 Corners: Dance with Me

 — Dancer gets a new black partner. by TrueNorth196902/28/094.59HOT

4 Nights Of Threesomes Ch. 01

 — White couple invites black neighbors to fulfill a fantasy. by DrHuge01/18/124.26

6:30 Is the Time

 — A visit to the West Indies changes his sex life. by KhrayziSkitz02/04/144.28

7:17 pm Ch. 2

 — Bess keeps us up. by Rocket08/30/02

A 40th Christmas Surprise

 — A birthday/Christmas celebration never to be forgotten. by emesangels12/12/023.44

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 05

 — Lynn see more than hay in hayloft. by Wm_Sexspear10/08/024.17

A Bar On The Wrong Side Of Town

 — Wife gets slutty in sleazy bar. by Catesby10/01/024.42

A BBC Personal Ad No. 01

 — A BBC personal ad online seeks to meet WMW. by 4u2Enjoy04/17/123.79

A BBC Personal Ad No. 02

 — A BBC online personal ad seeks WMW. by 4u2Enjoy11/18/124.09

A Beautiful Distraction

 — How Olivia met Francis. by tens03/25/134.16

A Beautiful Thing

 — New neighbor, new thinking. by knight1310/24/024.55HOT

A Beautiful Thing Ch. 02

 — The other neighbors get into it. by knight1312/27/023.91

A Beautiful Thing Ch. 03

 — Angie and Cal meet again, is it lust or love? by knight1307/07/044.55HOT

A Beautiful Thing Ch. 04

 — What happens when lovers leave their lives and swing? by knight1307/28/044.60HOT

A Best Friend's Wish

 — Best friends make a deal and keep to it. by PeepShow08/03/013.87

A Better Life for Lauren

 — HS grad leaves abusive family for a better life. by BlewWater6910/25/064.55HOT

A Big Decision for Tammy

 — Tammy goes walking on the wild side. by auntirotickle08/04/114.20

A Big Surprise

 — Her date was more than she bargained for. by writer864808/06/05

A Billiard's Ball

 — He watches his brother, and two strange black men take wife. by Dirt Man12/30/024.33

A Birthday to Remember

 — White wife's unforgettable birthday with a black man. by jtinman10/06/084.35

A Bisexual Ethiopian Stud

 — Hispanic woman meets Ethiopian stud in Boston. by Samuelx11/28/122.21

A Bisexual Haitian Gigolo

 — Rich lady pays for Black hunk's services. by Samuelx03/27/063.77

A Bisexual Haitian In America

 — A man's own story. by Samuelx03/22/063.20

A Bisexual Somalian Stud

 — Somali stud and redneck woman bond in Calgary, Alberta. by Samuelx11/28/122.09

A Bisexual Thanksgiving in Ottawa

 — Asian dominatrix entertains Haitian college student. by Samuelx10/19/131.40

A Bittersweet Love Story?

 — There's not always a happy ending. by DragonSlayer_OK04/03/124.30

A Black and White Affair

 — White woman and black man have hotel fun. by bigbootywhitegurl06/01/114.10

A Black And White Christmas

 — Bisexual Haitian meets sexy Cuban BBW in Ottawa. by Samuelx12/23/122.55

A Black Baby

 — David shares Mona with her black lover. by English Bob11/16/014.04

A Black Baby, Maybe?

 — White wife is talked into sex with a Black friend. by Deena47207/19/074.04

A Black Change

 — Rich Asian wife lured to crave black homeless men. by ps3lite11/01/113.84

A Black Cuckold Anthology

 — White man fucks Somali woman in front of hubby. by Samuelx07/25/123.78

A Black Girl's History Project

 — A black girl wants to relive slavery. by americandemon03/23/03

A Black Janitor, White Women!

 — Denny was lots of things. by qualitywheat10/17/134.42

A Black Knight Ch. 01

 — Allan of Gale left the kingdom to make his own legend. by knight1308/24/014.38

A Black Knight Ch. 02

 — The new revelations have gotten to the princess. by knight1311/24/014.30

A Black Knight Ch. 03

 — The final chapter. by knight1305/23/024.42

A Black Lebanese Superstar

 — Biracial stud seduces older white woman in Ontario. by Samuelx04/17/123.21

A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples

 — Successful athlete enjoys young married wives. by husband10101/15/134.28

A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples Ch. 02

 — Garrett Jackson explores more white couples. by husband10102/01/134.48

A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples Ch. 03

 — New BBC Bull Joins. by husband10102/18/134.36

A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples Ch. 04

 — Monica and Tyler are Surprised by New Bulls. by husband10103/11/134.32

A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples Ch. 05

 — More adventures in black cock cuckolding. by husband10104/03/134.44

A Black Man's Secret Desires

 — Big Black man rides short white woman's strapon. by Samuelx01/15/123.06

A Black Night for My Angel and Me

 — Girlfriend beds Jatobá. by grandlover09/01/004.11

A Black Night in New York

 — A white woman enjoys a black man. by mandywilluk200012/23/044.56HOT

A Black Prince in England

 — Born of Africa and Arabia, he falls for white woman. by Samuelx11/02/122.47

A Black Roundabout

 — The circle doesnt have an end, does it? by qualitywheat10/07/134.17

A Black Safari for Sophie

 — Mother and daughter are "blacked " on an African safari. by JonathanT01/07/104.25

A Black Safari for Sophie Ch. 02

 — Both mother and daughter subjected to African lust. by JonathanT03/24/104.35

A Black Safari for Sophie Ch. 03

 — The white mother and daughter continue being blacked. by JonathanT05/18/104.31

A Black Stud & My Future Wife

 — He watches another man use his fiancée. by English Bob01/24/013.75

A Black Teacher

 — College sophomore has a tutor. by Jack22rabbit06/13/094.38

A Blind Man Sees... Ch. 01

 — Black Internet friend helps him to see. by TBG200408/29/044.53HOT

A Blind Man Sees... Ch. 02

 — She gives him special sight. by TBG200409/10/044.49

A Blind Man Sees... Ch. 03

 — Blind man gets more than he bargained for. by TBG200406/02/084.42

A Blond In Trouble

 — Pretty blond traveler gets into trouble in Africa. by rufun200108/09/023.43

A Blood Donation

 — A blood donation appointment fulfills a fantasy. by jthserra09/28/044.32

A Booty Call From Stacy

 — Ebony and Ivory spanking. by jimbo1101/10/034.18

A Born Slut

 — Newly wed wife complies with voyuer husband's wishes. by Dirty Slut08/07/034.40

A Boss's Liking

 — So engrossed was he in his work he barely realised... by dsoul01/03/123.94

A Broken Shell

 — Shy Black girl breaks from her shell. by virgoreader02/24/104.39

A Chance Meeting

 — Hitchhiker meets man of her dreams. by Kifarupembe07/10/054.32

A Change for the Better Ch. 1

 — She meets someone who changes her life. by VanillaXtasy07/31/023.93

A Change for the Better Ch. 2

 — Her life is changing for the better. by VanillaXtasy09/01/024.33

A Change for the Better Ch. 3

 — She continues relationship with Terrance. by VanillaXtasy09/17/024.28

A Change for the Better Ch. 4

 — A change leaves her craving more. by VanillaXtasy09/18/024.32

A Change in Surroundings

 — Pretty boy meets the new girl. by Deity03/27/063.36

A Change Is Complete

 — College is lots of fun. by VanillaXtasy10/28/024.26

A Change of Luck

 — Once you go black... by No Panty Girl04/03/064.31

A Change of Luck Ch. 01

 — Bored housewife adds spark to her life. by whbonney02/26/044.11

A Change of Luck Ch. 02

 — The adventure continues. by whbonney02/27/044.34

A Change of Luck Ch. 03

 — Cinnamon becomes a plaything for the evening. by whbonney03/02/044.49

A Changing Anniversary

 — From conservative wife to hotwife/cuckold husband. by esknr04/24/084.13

A Changing Anniversary Ch. 02

 — Hotwife starts an interracial affair with hubby's blessing. by esknr06/14/084.42

A Changing Anniversary Ch. 03

 — Wife & hubby phone sex, threesomes, more with black lover. by esknr06/20/084.52HOT

A Changing Anniversary Ch. 04

 — Wife adds another black lover and more. by esknr07/21/084.39

A Cheating Husband's Revenge

 — Wife takes comfort with black boss. by Karenkay10/12/044.40

A Cheating Husband's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Husband plans revenge, but gets a surprise. by Karenkay10/13/044.14

A Chicago Love Story: Impressions

 — She reminds him of someone. by rightcurve11/16/124.33

A Chicago Love Story: Revelations

 — She takes solace in him amidst her pain. by rightcurve12/24/124.67HOT

A Chicago Love Story: The Meeting

 — Heartbreak turns to love in the second city. by rightcurve11/07/124.00

A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

 — White, Dark, and Milk Chocolate sure tastes good. by AfroerotiK11/19/06

A Chocolate Treat

 — She gets you out by the pool. by devil_in_white_dress03/11/034.21

A Chocolate Weekend

 — Sex with a beautiful black married man. by Pinktacokitty01/18/124.32

A Christmas Party

 — Before the party. by lannasage12/28/124.10

A Christmas Party Ch. 02

 — The meeting. by lannasage12/29/124.48

A Christmas Party Ch. 03

 — New Discoveries. by lannasage01/03/134.55HOT

A Christmas Party Ch. 04

 — He can't get her off his mind. by lannasage01/07/134.50HOT

A Christmas Party Ch. 05

 — Donny's side. by lannasage01/16/134.53HOT

A Christmas Party Ch. 06

 — First date. by lannasage01/26/134.62HOT

A Christmas Party Ch. 07

 — Confession. Confrontation. Consummation. Conspiracy. by lannasage03/03/134.76HOT

A Christmas Party Ch. 08

 — What if? by lannasage04/06/134.63HOT

A Christmas Party Ch. 09

 — Understanding. by lannasage05/08/134.57HOT

A Christmas Party Ch. 10

 — Emd of one story...beginning of another by lannasage08/23/134.53HOT

A City Tale

 — Lena's life in San Francisco. by phoenix_ray8608/01/124.42

A Cocoa Puff Then A Saltine

 — Laundry room sex. by Bruson05/29/103.60

A Common Kind of Love

 — White American male falls for a black island princess. by liljean03/25/094.18

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 02

 — Oktoberfest continues as Naomi and Doug get familiar. by liljean04/06/094.54HOT

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 03

 — Doug and Naomi spend the day together. by liljean04/16/094.53HOT

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 04

 — Doug and Naomi spend the night together. by liljean04/23/094.69HOT

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 05

 — What's going to happen after the night of desire? by liljean05/06/094.65HOT

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 06

 — It all comes out in the end and badly. by liljean06/21/094.72HOT

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 07

 — Consequences and heartache follow Naomi and Doug. by liljean07/21/094.72HOT

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 08

 — Can Doug get over the deceit? by liljean12/16/094.77HOT

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 09

 — Are they going to find the happy ending? by liljean12/31/094.77HOT

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 10

 — Doug and Naomi find their happy ending. by liljean01/20/104.77HOT

A Confusing Love

 — An Ebony heiress and Mafia Boss work on their love. by feelinglove06/01/11

A Confusing Love Ch. 01

 — She will not make the same mistake again. by feelinglove06/11/11

A Conspiracy of Sluts Ch. 03

 — Our heroine seeks answers, gets a big black cock instead. by fastandsloppy01/18/134.25

A Crime Saga - Prologue

 — Background on characters... by BBC12/08/024.17

A Crime Saga Ch. 01

 — Sniper sets off saga of sex, crime, & politics. by BBC08/28/023.96

A Crime Saga Ch. 02

 — Brock is impatient and Club Deep gets hot. by BBC09/07/024.37

A Crime Saga Ch. 03

 — Stacy meets Brock & the Gang. by BBC10/25/024.40

A Crime Saga Ch. 04

 — Gang warfare lead to shootout in Club Deep by BBC01/11/034.29

A Crime Saga Ch. 05

 — Unexpected twists in the plot unfold... by BBC02/16/034.31

A Crime Saga Ch. 06

 — Jennifer gets into a heap of trouble. by BBC03/12/034.49

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