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Interracial Love Stories

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Brown Honey

 — Two strangers meet in a blizzard. by Softly01/31/014.28

Brown Is Beautiful

 — Doctor injures a biker. by Grey Eagle 28611/15/054.67HOT

Brown Sugar

 — Husband enjoys an evening with mahogany-skinned neighbor. by John P.08/17/004.40

Brown Sugar

 — How'd you like this brown sugar, honey? by jthserra08/07/043.74

Brown Sugar

 — Andy gets a taste of brown sugar & falls in love. by Bernie-G01/31/033.79

Brown Sugar Dreams

 — White guy seduces an ebony beauty. by sonnet_lyric06/17/013.92

Brown Sugar Dreams Ch. 2

 — He lays in bed waiting for his ebony lover. by sonnet_lyric06/19/014.11


 — Celeste can't control herself around her black bodyguard. by PrincessErin05/13/094.27

Brunch on the Deck

 — She's hungry, but not for food. by ~Kir@~02/12/013.65

Bryan Meets Jen

 — Black man meets white woman in bar. by Poeticwriter06/28/023.57

BtB: Full House

 — The final hand. by Edge2301/09/064.01

Budunkadunk: A Meet and Greet

 — Online dating turns real and sweaty with a big shelf! by Bruson02/11/103.94

Bulge Watchers Ch. 01

 — Missy struggles to resist Fred's sizeable erection. by TooBigToFit02/21/123.86

Bull Rock Ch. 01

 — White wife cuckolds with a big black cock. by Cock2710705/20/104.03

Bull Rock Ch. 02

 — White wife cuckolds with a big black cock. by Cock2710705/21/103.96

Bull Rock Ch. 03

 — White wife cuckolds with a big black cock. by Cock2710705/26/103.97

Bull Rock Ch. 04

 — White wife cuckolds with a big black cock. by Cock2710706/04/104.19

Bull Rock Ch. 05

 — White wife cuckolds with big black cock. by Cock2710710/17/103.85

Bus Stop

 — Hot black stud scores big with his white neighbors. by Dakota_North11/23/024.60HOT

Bus Stop

 — An almost true fantasy about foriegn relations. by Scaramouche12304/19/113.61

Bus Tramp

 — White girl gets pregnant on a bus trip. by fantasex1310/15/053.87

Bush Bashing

 — Bush bashing wife gets a bashed bush from secret service man by Stormbringer01/15/134.37

Business & Pleasure

 — White wife and black stud discover one another. by giffmatt09/17/034.65HOT

Business & Pleasure

 — Caught red handed on a business trip. by dragonfire606/04/104.04

Business & Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Julie wrestles with her conscience and loses. by giffmatt10/01/034.69HOT

Business & Pleasure Ch. 03

 — Jason knows he has Julie hooked on him. by giffmatt10/20/034.58HOT

Business & Pleasure Ch. 04

 — Julie's hubby discovers her with her black lover. by giffmatt10/27/034.44

Business & Pleasure Ch. 05

 — Julie pays a steep price for infidelity. by giffmatt10/09/044.21

Business Proposal

 — Black man takes white woman on compensated date. by clarkroberts07/09/134.47

Business Trip

 — A business trip with a few recreational days turns out fine! by 1970man07/14/144.30

Business Trip Ch. 01

 — White businesswoman gives Asian bellboy a surprise. by jsr1461401/18/054.47

Business Trip Ch. 01: The Teacher

 — At a business class having to share rooms with a teacher. by quincyhart01/06/154.03

Business Trip Ch. 02

 — White business woman becomes a slut. by jsr1461402/03/084.19

Business Trip Ch. 02: The Professor

 — At a business class runs into a professor. by quincyhart01/08/154.22

Business Trip Ch. 03

 — Fresh from his nigh with Susan, Ho meets another girl. by jsr1461410/08/124.25

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 04

 — Brittany & her busty friends on the town. by kimberlykitten07/11/044.54HOT

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 10

 — Busty Brittany gets a workout from parents' personal trainer. by kimberlykitten11/08/044.47

But Mom, He's Black! Pt. 01

 — Two friends, their two hot moms, a black cock, & sexy Maddie. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash11/23/124.12

Butch Lesbian Atheist Goes Muslim

 — Butch white lesbian atheist soldier converts to Islam. by Samuelx11/22/131.55

Butter on Cream

 — An AM/WF erotic short story. by OnnaDare08/15/104.66HOT

Button Down Dress

 — He hates her housedresses till he figures out the code. by Bayjaytay01/02/134.45

By the Bay Ch. 01

 — The beginning. by KillerRomance09/13/094.60HOT

By the Bay Ch. 02

 — His captivation. by KillerRomance09/20/094.62HOT

By the Bay Ch. 03

 — What does she want? by KillerRomance09/26/094.76HOT

By the Bay Ch. 04

 — Conditional, yet unconditional. by KillerRomance10/13/094.68HOT

By the Bay Ch. 05

 — Meera learns that grey areas do exist. by KillerRomance11/03/094.66HOT

By the Bay Ch. 06

 — The beginning of something wonderful. by KillerRomance05/06/104.63HOT

By the Bay Ch. 07

 — It fells the best of us. by KillerRomance05/15/104.76HOT

By the Bay Ch. 08

 — It catches up with her. by KillerRomance05/20/104.85HOT

By the Bay Ch. 09

 — Troubles only make them stronger. by KillerRomance05/26/104.80HOT

By the Bay Ch. 10

 — A big step. by KillerRomance06/22/104.78HOT

By the Bay Ch. 11

 — When guilt takes over. by KillerRomance08/05/104.79HOT

By the Bay Ch. 12

 — Leaving home. by KillerRomance10/21/114.77HOT

By the Bay Ch. 13

 — One step forward and another step back. by KillerRomance08/06/124.82HOT

By the Bay Ch. 14

 — There's a storm brewing. by KillerRomance08/13/124.94HOT

By the Horns

 — Every tale starts somewhere... by creepyrj10/21/124.52HOT

By the Horns Ch. 02

 — All tales continue. by creepyrj11/01/124.63HOT

By the Horns Ch. 03

 — Many truths come to light. by creepyrj11/29/124.59HOT

By the Horns Ch. 04

 — The day Nadine's life changed for good. by creepyrj01/29/134.71HOT

By the Horns Ch. 05

 — When her life became what she wanted. by creepyrj01/13/144.69HOT

Cabin Romance Ch. 01

 — Charisse and Jonathan reconnect in a mountain cabin. by CocoaSmoothie05/27/064.30

Cabin Romance Ch. 02

 — Charisse and Jonathan reconnect in a mountain cabin. by CocoaSmoothie05/28/064.52HOT

Cabin Romance Ch. 03

 — Charisse and Jonathan reconnect in a mountain cabin. by CocoaSmoothie05/29/064.56HOT

Caged Heart

 — A caged fighter finds love. by Soft101708/06/14HOT

Caitlyn's Treatment Ch.13

 — Caitlyn has trouble the following morning. by chloejacobs8305/18/144.00

Caitlyn's Treatment Ch.14

 — Making up with Barney and a lunch date by chloejacobs8305/18/143.96

Caitlyn's Treatment Ch.15

 — Barney fucks Caitlyn and then a visit. by chloejacobs8305/24/144.00

Caleb's Story Ch. 01

 — Caleb's wife pregnant by her boss. by MormonChicks03/15/124.22

Caleb's Story Ch. 02

 — With wife pregnant by boss, wife goes black. by MormonChicks03/27/124.26

California Dreamin'

 — Hot white woman meets sexy black lawyer while speed dating. by amazingrace6910/25/144.34

California Dreamin' Pt. 02

 — Hot white woman and sexy black lawyer have some fun in Italy. by amazingrace6911/28/144.35

California Love

 — The only thing stronger than desire is desire unfulfilled. by jadesugar02/15/084.26

California Love Ch. 01

 — She meets her dream man. by chocolateprincess06/17/133.53

California Love Ch. 02

 — Apologies. by chocolateprincess06/24/133.57

Call Me

 — From their intense hatred, they found something more. by jthserra10/27/044.19

Call Me Ch. 02

 — Ain’t it amazing what a little touch of color will do? by jthserra11/22/044.44

Call Me Roxanne

 — Young African-American man seeks mature white woman for sex. by JustLikeEwe02/23/114.49


 — White, soon-to-be priest & young black girl share their love. by notnorthern09/07/054.58HOT


 — My first time with a sexy black woman. by sexytime_friend09/03/103.74

Camilla Ch. 011

 — Camilla flashes before a classmate, then before her doctor. by MawrGorshin08/18/114.32

Camilla Ch. 012

 — Camilla and Dr. Singh have dinner and sex. by MawrGorshin08/20/114.14

Camilla Ch. 050

 — Many Luvlee's strippers are invited to a special party. by MawrGorshin01/09/124.56HOT

Camping on the Darkside Ch. 01

 — He watches as his wife & daughter become addicted to BBC. by nurseshark05/24/094.36

Camping on the Darkside Ch. 02

 — The truth comes out, but the girls continue. by nurseshark05/31/094.47

Camping Trip August, 1993

 — College guy camps with Taiwanese beauty. by Matt N.08/17/002.16

Can It Get Any Better?

 — Couple takes a well-endowed Caribbean lover. by NiceEyes04/12/014.46

Can We Get a Ride?

 — White guy helps two Black ladies with car trouble. by sonnet_lyric03/29/014.12

Can't Stay Mad For Long

 — Latino man silences black woman's babbling. by Fr3akiCh1ck12/31/114.36

Cancer Cure

 — Two dozen naked Asian women help steal cure for cancer. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/27/07HOT

Candice & Rob: The First Night

 — Husband finally gets to watch his wife fuck a black man. by Karenkay03/18/124.26

Candy Ch. 01

 — A gorgeous wife tries to learn about her husbands fetish. by Karenkay08/28/133.91

Capital University Romance

 — Canadian lady meets African-American student in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/01/133.67


 — Wife and husbands friend spend a night together. by hammertime06/12/104.48

Car Club

 — Releasing my repressed lust. by all_pink_S03/23/084.41

Car Ride with Friends

 — MWF shared wife, black guy, & friend. by sexontheside8210/09/093.98

Car Shopping

 — What would he do to sell this car? by MsSandra10/15/124.45

Car Trouble

 — Wife stranded for a night with ethnic lovers. by No Panty Girl09/19/054.18

Car Troubles at Adult Theater

 — Couple accidentally become swingers. by Djones100103/13/134.16

Cara Finally Feels

 — When Cara encounters an NBA star, she learns about desire. by Lovely_Emma_2101/02/134.17

Cara Finally Feels Ch. 02

 — Though she fights it, Cara wants James. by Lovely_Emma_2101/02/134.47

Cara Finally Feels Ch. 03

 — What happens after Cara gives into her attraction? by Lovely_Emma_2101/07/134.36

Cara Finally Feels Ch. 04

 — Conclusion to Cara's story. by Lovely_Emma_2101/13/134.42

Caramel On Vanilla

 — Hispanic model finds ecstasy with mature couple. by Mystery_Meat07/03/064.75HOT

Careful When Pushing For IR

 — Wife and daughter interracial. by DadnhubbyforIR12/16/143.40

Caribbean Confessions

 — A temporary assignment leads to unexpected affair. by Dark Thoughts07/25/074.32

Caribbean Confessions Ch. 02

 — They meet again, and the passion increases. by Dark Thoughts07/31/074.30

Caribbean Confessions Ch. 03

 — For her pleasure. by Dark Thoughts08/01/074.12

Caribbean Cute

 — Violet enjoys a black man while on vacation. by PrincessErin11/29/124.26

Caribbean Queen

 — Nice hispanic guy meets beautiful Jamaican girl. by aifihtan06/07/074.11

Caribbean Tales: A Determined American Temptress

 — A young lady from the US won't take no for an answer. by AlwaysHungry08/23/134.49

Caribbean Tales: Jamaican Wild Life

 — Emma's broadening horizons. by AlwaysHungry04/13/134.17

Caribbean Tales: Spy on Me

 — Espionage in a naked setting. by AlwaysHungry06/20/114.41

Carla and Sheri

 — Fun on the last day of the cruise. by BlackDixson09/25/104.36

Carlito's Way

 — The best way to repay a good samaritan. by aifihtan11/24/104.13

Carnal Cruise Ch. 2

 — Trip to Grand Cayman proves arousing to Chloe. by Ksee197102/24/024.07

Carnal Secrets Ch. 01

 — Blonde Betty meets the black reverend. by Jim Roe10/19/034.21

Carol Becomes a Pony Girl

 — Proper British mum's black cock submission continues. by younghungblack05/09/10

Carol Goes to a Hen Party

 — Proper British mum becomes part of the act & is humiliated. by younghungblack12/06/09

Carol Goes to the West Indies

 — She takes her black cock obsession to another hemisphere. by younghungblack05/31/10

Carol's Contract

 — Wife seduces client to seal the deal. by Ulyssa03/12/014.21

Carol's Hotel Experience

 — Racist's wife gets a taste of Black. by eeric05/05/024.23

Carol's Story Ch. 01

 — Her first step into black cock obsession. by younghungblack11/13/09

Carol's Story Ch. 02

 — She admits an oral obsession with big, black cock. by younghungblack11/19/09

Carol's Story Ch. 03

 — Her next step: black cum slut. by younghungblack11/23/09

Carol's Story Ch. 04

 — Her first trip to a glory hole. by younghungblack11/27/09

Carol's Story Ch. 05

 — Her first black cock gangbang. by younghungblack12/02/09

Carol's Very First Spanking

 — Interracial spanking. by Machu_Gamesmas06/05/144.36

Carol: A Final Anthology

 — Scraps and stories not previously submitted. by younghungblack06/27/10

Caroline Ended Up No Lady

 — A black cock slut like never before. by qualitywheat01/19/134.43

Caroline Ended Up No Lady Ch. 01

 — A black cock slut like never before. by qualitywheat02/20/134.39

Carolyn and John Ch. 01

 — There you are, minding your own business and suddenly... by JohnFranks08/21/064.44

Carolyn and John Ch. 02

 — Afternoon delight outside. by JohnFranks08/22/064.61HOT

Carolyn and John Ch. 03

 — The two meet again; romance rears its head. by JohnFranks08/30/064.58HOT

Carolyn and John Ch. 04

 — On a sunny day, storm clouds gather. by JohnFranks09/08/064.27

Carolyn and John Ch. 05

 — The couple finally find a kind of peace. by JohnFranks09/30/064.47

Carrie & Parker: Amazing

 — Parker gets jealous and Carrie makes it up to him. by rocketgirl201103/05/064.38

Carrie & Rob Ch. 01

 — Excursion about black man's body. by PoppingTom01/24/103.10

Carrie & Rob Ch. 02

 — Doin' the Officer. by PoppingTom01/28/103.60

Carrie & Rob Ch. 03

 — Epic Domina Fail. by PoppingTom02/02/102.33

Carrie & Rob Ch. 04

 — Black 007. by PoppingTom02/17/102.33

Carrie's First Spanking

 — Black girl gets a spanking from her white boyfriend. by rocketgirl201101/16/064.56HOT

Case of the Black Badge Ch. 03

 — White man and beautiful black woman hook up. by WifeWatchman05/24/144.67HOT

Casey Needs It... That Way.

 — She keeps her cherry the old fashioned way. by Kday03/09/054.43

Cassie -n- Jack

 — A buisnessman hires a hooker for the night. by SPUNKYCHICKK04/28/104.68HOT

Cassie and Mark

 — They make a deal. by theDuskyGirl06/20/074.49

Cassie Caught Shoplifting

 — Gets caught and pays with her body. by danicanuck01/13/134.30

Cassie Needs the Money

 — Wife turns to porn in order to pay the bills. by interqueen07/22/144.40

Cassie Needs the Money Ch. 02

 — Wife turns up the heat on her porn career. by interqueen07/23/144.40

Cassie Needs the Money Ch. 03

 — Cassie and Jane turn up at the new studio. by interqueen08/03/144.47

Cassie Needs the Money Ch. 04

 — Girls become lovers, Cassie has eight men. by interqueen08/06/144.50HOT

Cassie Needs the Money Ch. 05

 — Cassie finally comes clean with Tom. by interqueen08/20/144.15

Cassie Needs the Money Ch. 06

 — Jane takes four cocks, Cassie gets a few surprises. by interqueen02/11/154.16

Cassie the Slave Girl

 — Ebony Cassie grows up with two white brothers. by Animal04/10/014.35

Castaway Ch. 01

 — Black med student gets shipwrecked. by jaz47906/11/133.84

Castaway Ch. 02

 — Waking up on the deserted island. by jaz47906/17/134.17

Castaway Ch. 03

 — Trouble in paradise? by jaz47906/20/134.34

Castaway Ch. 04

 — Four makes a party. by jaz47907/02/134.43

Castaway Ch. 05

 — The nights get hotter. by jaz47907/10/134.53HOT

Castaway Ch. 06

 — inside the island we go! by jaz47908/19/134.59HOT

Castaway Ch. 07

 — Where is Bianca? by jaz47901/12/144.48

Casual Carpool Cravings Ch. 01

 — Blonde fashionista offers black exec a ride/gets ridden. by BlkRainbow08/06/134.20

Casual Carpool Cravings Ch. 02

 — Fashionista shifts into aggressive gear. by BlkRainbow09/16/134.16

Casualty of Chance Ch. 01

 — Loyal, loving wife runs into unexpected temptation. by Stardog Champion05/24/084.33

Casualty of Chance Ch. 02

 — Kelli showers with her new friends. by Stardog Champion05/25/084.45

Casualty of Chance Ch. 03

 — The men give Kelli a surprise grooming. by Stardog Champion05/26/084.35

Casualty of Chance Ch. 04

 — The threesome has a visitor. by Stardog Champion05/27/084.50HOT

Casualty of Chance Ch. 05

 — The foursome's lust comes to a torrid climax. by Stardog Champion05/28/084.53HOT

Catching the Wife Vol. 01

 — Husband catches redheaded wife with black neighbor. by chasseur1110/18/084.07

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