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Interracial Love Stories

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Hot Tub Stress Relief

 — She gets more relaxation than she bargains for. by Pinekone08/18/074.25

Hot Wives of Maple St. Ch. 01

 — The debauchery of white wives in a neighborhood. by Karenkay11/17/144.06

Hotel Room Service

 — Two dommes having some fun in a hotel room. by filtheemind11/02/113.48

Hottest, Nude,Couple Competition 2004

 — They enter the nude contest. by MR. Gibson06/21/043.80

House Guest

 — White wife invites black former co-worker to stay at her house. by chasseur1112/25/104.21

House Guest

 — A kind man comes to stay. by Shadowforce103/17/153.76

House Guest from Heaven

 — Ebony beauty moves in. by GuyJD10/10/004.32

House Hunting

 — Voluptuous real estate agent meets her sexual match. by Ksee197107/22/014.12

House Hunting Ch. 2

 — Layla Blake makes her move for revenge. by Ksee197107/25/014.32

House of Fantasy - Amy's Story

 — She goes for a giant cock and gets what she needs. by Goldeniangel06/14/124.35

House Servant

 — She gives her wealthy Black friend a new lifestyle. by Phoenix Arrow11/19/023.52

Housebuying Boogie

 — Black estate agent shows the lady his hot property. by geronimo_appleby08/16/054.38

Household Sluts Ch. 02

 — A less lusty follow up to Chapter 1. by JordonLynn02/03/054.56HOT


 — What to do with a big-ass house and a horny-ass friend. by Violette08/25/034.20

Housewife Fantasy

 — She has a secret date with black lover. by NaughtyWhiteWife04/12/074.19

Housewife Porn Star

 — White wife does a porn movie and ends up blackmailed. by Karenkay06/15/064.40

Housewife Porn Star Ch. 02

 — Wife agrees to make an adult movie for a little extra cash. by Karenkay07/04/064.48

Housewife Porn Star Ch. 03

 — Housewife working as porn actress. by Karenkay10/29/064.19

Housewife Transformation

 — Husband has to find a date for a black business client. by Karenkay05/22/114.25

How A Pen Wrote Me Off For Good!

 — Her first black sexing. by ClarissaS11/16/034.36

How Angie Remained "Faithful"

 — How Angie enjoyed a black lover for 30 years. by gurlfromdixie04/21/093.67

How Can I Trust Him

 — White girl wins black man's heart but then loses trust. by JimandGarysgirl05/18/132.54

How Cara Learned to Stop Worrying

 — Bored 30-something meets a seductive stranger. by phlight10/10/124.31

How Cara Learned to Stop Worrying Ch. 02

 —  Cara and Keiji meet again (in his car). by phlight10/12/124.43

How Cara Learned to Stop Worrying Ch. 03

 — Cara visits her lover’s loft. by phlight10/14/124.79HOT

How Cara Learned to Stop Worrying Ch. 04

 — Telling the truth; Cara and Keiji get handsy on a train. by phlight10/18/124.64HOT

How Cara Learned to Stop Worrying Ch. 05

 — In Keiji's room; love and choice. by phlight10/22/124.71HOT

How Cara Learned to Stop Worrying Ch. 06

 — Cara and Keiji are settling down, but still heating up. by phlight10/29/124.77HOT

How Carol Got Her Groove Back Ch. 02

 — Son watches as mom entertains new black lover. by chaospez01/28/124.22

How Could I Be So Cruel

 — White woman flaunts black man in front of white suitor. by JimandGarysgirl03/13/132.32

How Deep Is Your Love For Me

 — They want each other exactly like they used to. by lovewords10/17/114.62HOT

How Did I Start This Lifestyle?

 — She got into black men. by submarie02/24/034.00

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 02

 — Marie gets her Black introduction. by submarie02/25/034.49

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 03

 — Marie continues Black experience. by submarie03/01/034.55HOT

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 04

 — Marie contiues her journey into the world of Black men. by submarie03/06/034.56HOT

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 05

 — Maria continues to submit. by submarie03/12/034.61HOT

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 06

 — Jon's standpoint. by submarie03/14/034.52HOT

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 07

 — Micheal takes her deeper into submission. by submarie05/06/034.44

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 08

 — Marie continues. by submarie07/11/034.58HOT

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 09

 — Marie has a decsion made for her. by submarie11/23/034.54HOT

How Did I Start This Lifestyle? Ch. 10

 — Marie's life continues. by submarie03/31/044.61HOT

How I Became a Black Cock Whore Ch. 01

 — Fall of a white woman. by lisajohns06/13/073.52

How I Became a Black Cock Whore Ch. 02

 — She sates her cravings. by lisajohns08/15/074.10

How I Became a Black Cock Whore Ch. 03

 — A white lady learning her new life. by lisajohns12/21/114.04

How I Became a Slut Ch. 05

 — Sophie meets Abhay and becomes his white slut. by sophiewilliams09/21/104.21

How I Became a Whore For BBC

 — Interracial non-consent. by ohiobigirl11/21/114.04

How I Got My First BBC

 — I got my first BBC while babysitting. by gracesnowpaw05/19/144.30

How I Got My Wife To Try Black

 — She's seduced into taking pics with Black man. by floridaguy200101/02/034.41

How I Met Your Father

 — Black security guard falls for white female mental patient. by Samuelx10/15/114.00

How I Took a Japanese Mistress

 — My wife plans to have me impregnate the help. by swollenbell09/06/144.30

How I Took a Japanese Wife

 — Happily trapped by bareback sex. by swollenbell09/05/144.24

How it all Began

 — Nikolaus and Lauren meet and fall in love. by Cinner08/04/124.47

How It Began For Kathy And Me

 — How it bHow it all started. by DukeDakota09/08/044.15

How It Started

 — Husband is relentless in seeing his wife with another. by skimpypanty12/06/114.19

How Life Changes So Swiftly

 — Falling in love can alter you. by qualitywheat09/09/134.02

How Lisa & I Saved Our Marriage Ch. 04

 — Cuckold couple continue to search for the ultimate cock. by jealouscuck02/14/144.15

How Much?

 — Young woman falls in lust. by chocovixen9002/12/124.11

How Much? Ch. 02

 — Revelations... three is company. by chocovixen9002/17/124.23

How My Husband Had Me Bred

 — He wanted her to have a black baby. by sgrspc69er05/30/054.25

How to Dump Your Wife

 — Shedemands that he be black. by Dirt Man04/21/034.02

How to Make Up

 — After a fight, a couple finds a way to make up. by Bayjaytay03/18/134.39

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 09

 — Mandy - Monday, the 11th. by Jim McKay07/27/044.50HOT

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 15

 — Sherry - Saturday, the 16th. by Jim McKay08/04/044.26

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 18

 — Renee' - Tuesday, the 19th. by Jim McKay08/07/044.30

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 22

 — Vera - Saturday, the 23rd. by Jim McKay08/12/044.00

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 25

 — Betty - Tuesday, the 26th. by Jim McKay08/15/044.23

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 26

 — Gloria - Wednesday, the 27th by Jim McKay08/17/043.93

How to Survive a Breakup

 — I was only trying to console her. by Irish Moss05/12/064.61HOT

How We Fell Into The Life

 — Old lover takes new bride first. by User102/04/024.12

How Wife Became a Black Cock Slut

 — He discover's his wife's secret craving. by sweetbabyjames02/25/054.41


 — Chiara and Rualraidh get to know one other. by DiMSuMoRe02/28/094.53HOT

Howl Ch. 02

 — They get to know each other intimately. by DiMSuMoRe03/05/094.72HOT

Howl Ch. 03

 — Chiara faces reality and her crazy cousin. by DiMSuMoRe04/27/094.67HOT

HS Senior and Black Principal

 — Cheerleader fucks huge cocked black Principal. by shoguy05/31/114.33

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 02

 — Cheerleader fucks huge cocked black Principal. by shoguy06/01/114.35

HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 03

 — Father is cuckolded. by shoguy08/19/124.27

Hubby's Quirks

 — Young couple go on vacation. by 09cutter10/23/134.26

Huge Boobs with Bad Attitude Ch. 02

 — Giselle's mother brings home a shocking late night guest. by TLMorgan12/27/124.25

Huge Boobs with Bad Attitude Ch. 03

 — Giselle has an unforgettable altercation with Mr. Alderman. by TLMorgan01/10/134.48

Humbling Ch. 09

 — Mistress and her lover at the endgame. by pacifist91w05/03/144.64HOT

Humilation at the Power Exchange Ch. 02

 — Elsie and Ramsy go back to her apartment for more fun. by chainedkitten1109/17/094.04

Humiliate Her

 — A hot and spicy love story. by Samuelx03/07/073.14

Hung Black Guy: A Life

 — Incidents from a varied and exciting life. by bigdelbert07/31/064.00

Hung Like a Horse

 — Older woman takes on a Black man. by babswalker02/09/064.40

Hunted or Hunting

 — A new reason for deer season. by urbabe09/23/074.50HOT

Hunters and Predators Pt. 01

 — Rise, fall and rebirth. by The Avenger06/15/073.62

Hunters and Predators Pt. 02

 — The Hunt begins. by The Avenger06/16/073.14

Hunters and Predators Pt. 03

 — The Hunt proceeds. by The Avenger06/17/073.04

Hunters and Predators Pt. 04

 — The last hunt. by The Avenger06/18/073.03

Hurrah for the Pirate King

 — Following doctor's orders can lead you to surprising places. by Sir Galahad01/04/064.83HOT

Hurricane Ch. 01

 — The destruction. by c8er2u07/05/104.83HOT

Hurricane Ch. 02

 — The aftermath. by c8er2u08/26/124.84HOT

Husband and Lover

 — She can't decide. by GotBacon11/05/143.93

Husband's Co-Worker: Basement BBC

 — Following his orders. by gi_janet11/22/133.68

Husband's Co-Worker: Contrasts

 — I needed more. by gi_janet11/07/134.05

Husband’s Co-Worker: Making Amends

 — Fun with my husband's co-worker. by gi_janet10/30/134.06

Hymens Ch. 09

 — Juan & Margret watch the video together. by jthserra08/20/044.07


 — Boobs. by BeastLover1809/16/113.64

Hypnotized Into Adultery Ch. 01-03

 — Happily married white couple are hypnotized by a black man. by Karenkay07/15/064.17

I <3 Japan

 — A tale of Asian erotic adventure. by Heavy Hands02/01/063.80

I Adore You

 — Lexi visits my office. by AlexandraRasputinES11/12/093.66

I ain't the Elevator Man, Bitch

 — Woman panics when she gets stuck alone in an elevator with young black thug. by ChokoLitStixxx33211/06/143.41

I ain't the Elevator Man, Bitch Ch. 02

 — Black fireman deepthroated in a public elevator. by ChokoLitStixxx33211/09/143.96

I ain't the Elevator Man, Bitch Ch. 03: Restored to Service

 — PattySue sees the elevator, put back in service by black fireman and young thug. by ChokoLitStixxx33211/12/144.15

I Always Wanted To Do That

 — Sista turns white boys' heads at class reunion. by badasschick04/09/024.60HOT

I Am a Racist Lesbian

 — She overcomes her prejudice through sex. by dusty12/18/002.08

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs

 — Mr. Tibbs' keeping white couple occupied. by dsoul08/07/11

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 02

 — Story isn't over yet, folks. by dsoul08/11/11

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 03

 — Setting a wife up for a sting. by dsoul08/27/114.08

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 04

 — Here comes the neighbours. by dsoul09/02/114.26

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 05

 — The makings of a cuckold... Another wife joins the harem. by dsoul09/12/114.24

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 06

 — A neighbour next door drops by for a visit. by dsoul09/13/114.07

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 07

 — Finale... by dsoul09/18/113.91

I Call On Jenny

 — Hot sex with a beautiful Chinese woman. by Boxlicker10111/01/034.43

I Call on Kimiko

 — Japanese woman loves having her pussy eaten. by Boxlicker10105/07/034.17

I Call on Lotchie

 — He makes love with a bossy lady. by Boxlicker10108/07/034.09

I Came Out The Winner

 — White girl beats black girl for black man's affections. by JimandGarysgirl01/06/123.42

I Can Be A Freak

 — The Turning Point. by JAMMANN07/21/114.61HOT

I Can't Believe He Did This To Me

 — Liar and cheater number two made Joan not trust men. by JimandGarysgirl10/31/123.21

I Can't Choose

 — White girl can't choose between two black men. by JimandGarysgirl02/09/122.71

I Can't Choose Ch. 02

 — I made a unusual decision. by JimandGarysgirl02/28/123.33

I Couldn't Say No

 — White girl lets black man have his way with her. by JimandGarysgirl01/19/122.46

I Didn't Deserve This

 — Black man cheats on his lover. by JimandGarysgirl03/28/122.92

I Didn't Deserve This Ch. 02

 — White girl decides if she wants to go back to black lover. by JimandGarysgirl02/07/132.69

I Didn't Know How To Tell Him

 — White girl admits attraction to black co-worker. by JimandGarysgirl01/25/123.47

I Don't Date Black Women

 — A smart black man's explanations. by Samuelx01/06/112.42

I Don't Like You

 — Lifelong friends become lovers at last. by Bayjaytay01/15/134.66HOT

I Enjoy Dominating Big Women

 — Black Dom Master dominates White BBW. by Samuelx08/30/082.72

I Fell Fast and I Fell Hard

 — White girl falls for black man almost instantly. by JimandGarysgirl12/26/113.32

I Found My Wife a BBC Lover

 — Surprise Creampie sex for my white wife with me watching. by wife4blk08/05/144.16

I Fuck My Black GF's Best Black GF

 — Over 50 white has a quikie w/ over 50 black woman at a party. by Bruson03/19/104.23

I Fuck The Kitchen Floor Man

 — More fun with her younger Black lover. by gandj13005/24/074.14

I Gambled And Won In Atlantic City

 — White woman and black co-worker come out winners. by JimandGarysgirl07/08/123.48

I Get to Join

 — I catch my wife again, but this time get to join. by davidsj4901/04/124.19

I Got Burned

 — Black man leaves white woman alone and broke. by JimandGarysgirl01/15/123.46

I Got Needs

 — A teacher is blackmailed by her principal. by darthytse03/30/13

I Got Needs Ch. 02

 — Suzanne finds herself deeper in trouble. by darthytse01/04/07

I Got Needs Ch. 03

 — Suzanne is faced with additional blackmail. by darthytse01/24/07

I Got Needs Ch. 04

 — Conclusion: teacher finally gets out of blackmail situation. by darthytse03/17/07

I Guest I Am Not An Innocent Wife!

 — black tenant rapes seduces and impregnates white wife. by geminigurl12/18/124.11

I Had A Dream Cum True

 — There was this particular older but sweet brunette... by letterman12/31/144.22

I Had No Clue

 — The things you find at Home Depot. by earl kider12/20/024.50HOT

I Had No Clue Ch. 02

 — Steven & Carrie grow closer. by earl kider12/26/024.66HOT

I Had No Clue Sequel

 — We go public. by earlkrementz06/14/124.26

I Hate Fat Chicks with Attitudes

 — A man's stance on BBWs changes after encounter. by Samuelx09/28/112.00

I Hate Goodbye Ch. 01

 — Ten years of waiting for love. by earlkrementz02/08/134.69HOT

I Hate Goodbye Ch. 02

 — Reunited. by earlkrementz02/15/134.69HOT

I Hate Goodbye Ch. 03

 — Things change quickly. by earlkrementz03/02/134.50HOT

I Hate My Boss, or Do I?

 — Sometimes love disguishes itself. by Iread2relax07/24/124.54HOT

I Have Him Wrapped Around My Finger

 — Next step I want a ring around my other finger. by JimandGarysgirl02/18/142.58

I Helped A Friend And Was Rewarded

 — White girl helps out black friend and wins his heart. by JimandGarysgirl02/27/133.86

I Just Had to Know

 — MILF wants to experience BBC but uses Kelly to find out. by c7racer02/04/124.26

I Keep Giving Him Everything

 — Is that what keeps him coming back to me? by JimandGarysgirl08/18/143.03

I Keep Giving Him Everything Pt. 02

 — I made a decision. by JimandGarysgirl08/20/143.31

I Knew She Had Tthought About It

 — And why not? by writehard01/03/034.44

I Knew What I Wanted

 — I saw and I conquered the black man of my dreams. by JimandGarysgirl09/01/123.81

I Know How To Play

 — White girl plays the black man into her hands. by JimandGarysgirl04/28/133.51

I Know Melanie

 — Their second date. by chasingDan08/11/074.07

I Know Melanie Ch. 02

 — She falls for him. by chasingDan10/09/074.43

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