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Interracial Love Stories

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I Know Melanie Ch. 03

 — Melanie shares her man. by chasingDan01/27/084.71HOT

I Know Melanie Ch. 04

 — A new man, a new problem. by chasingDan07/10/084.29

I Lead Two Lives

 — Married to white man having an affair with a black man. by JimandGarysgirl06/17/133.29

I Like Rice

 — Sista has the Asian persuasion. by badasschick04/13/024.32

I Love Black

 — After 3 years marriage I let loose. by mstrb7703/21/104.05

I Love Black Ch. 02

 — Both men were eying my open blouse. by mstrb7704/21/104.32

I Love Black Ch. 03

 — Discovered that hubby was pimping me. by mstrb7708/07/104.03

I Love Black Ch. 04

 — How I got pregnant. by mstrb7705/24/113.90

I Love Black Ch. 05

 — Nurse's job. by mstrb7707/19/114.12

I Love Black Ch. 06

 — Finally found place with black men. by mstrb7708/11/114.32

I Love Black Ch. 07

 — Black men club. by mstrb7711/08/114.05

I Love Black Ch. 07a

 — Addition to Number 7. by mstrb7712/11/113.59

I Love Black Ch. 08

 — Christmas Gift by mstrb7701/08/124.02

I Love Black Guys!

 — A night off work turns out to be a wonderful blind date. by cheercutie198406/30/084.13

I Love Black Guys! Ch. 02

 — After the bar we go back to my place for the real fun. by cheercutie198407/01/084.18

I Love Black Men In Pain!

 — Black wife watches white husband fuck black man. by Samuelx12/15/112.90

I Love Black Men In Pain!!!

 — Black wife watches White man fuck Black husband. by Samuelx12/21/113.76

I Love Black Women

 — A confession about my love for black women. by mgwauthor06/22/11

I Love My Black Baby

 — White wife cheats with black man and has his baby. by JimandGarysgirl12/16/113.15

I Love Old Black Cock

 — Old fat black man enjoys BBW piggy. by NYCbbwSUB11/02/113.88

I Love The Way You Touch Me

 — An innocent talk turns into a hot, erotic encounter. by Syana03/17/123.86

I Love To Jerk Off At Work

 — A lawyer loves jerking off with two nubian honeys. by EroticFic87608/03/064.16

I Love You Ch. 06

 — The lies continue. by redwitch11/28/084.79HOT

I Love You, Honey

 — Stepmom's daughter is a Halfrican-American and all knockout. by PositiveThinker12/02/093.76

I May Need To Get Another Job

 — Hot passion in a stairwell... by AJQuick07/26/134.26

I May Need To Get Another Job Ch. 02

 — Jaime and Jamal go back into the stairwell. by AJQuick08/11/133.98

I May Need To Get Another Job Ch. 03

 — Jaime and Jamal have an intense few minutes together. by AJQuick10/02/144.23

I Meet My Black Stud Alone

 — She leaves hubby at home and meet her lover. by gandj13001/28/044.40

I Need Another Lover Ch. 01

 — A MILF competing for her lover with her slutty daughter. by dsoul05/19/113.88

I Need Another Lover Ch. 02

 — More Mother and Daughter drama unfolds... by dsoul06/18/11

I Never Expected This

 — Happiness and Love with my black boss. by JimandGarysgirl03/25/144.06

I Never Meant To Fall In Love

 — Forced to take a vacation. by vickivale11/14/124.41

I Never Meant To Fall In Love Ch. 02

 — Something is developing Between Esau and Lauren. by vickivale12/01/124.53HOT

I Never Meant To Fall In Love Ch. 03

 — Meet Molly the vacation begins. by vickivale01/03/134.26

I Never Meant To Fall In Love Ch. 04

 — It's getting interesting by vickivale08/20/134.22

I Never Would Have Guessed

 — A guy hooking up with someone unexpected. by RuffRidingHood11/23/144.22

I Only Have Eyes For You

 — He finds his black lover in Fifties-era suburbia. by miserybusiness12/09/094.49

I Only Have Eyes For You Ch. 02

 — What happens to Brendan after he and Tiffany are exposed? by miserybusiness12/19/094.37

I Only Have Eyes For You Ch. 03

 — Brendan and Tiffany's shocking tryst. by miserybusiness06/30/114.33

I Only Have Eyes For You Ch. 04

 — Brendan wrestles with doubt. by miserybusiness07/09/114.51HOT

I Only Wanted It This One Time

 — I needed it more and did it as often as I could. by JimandGarysgirl08/22/123.36

I Pretend It Isn't Happening

 — The story of a slut wife for black guys. by regularguy3861010/22/133.32

I Promise...

 — Michelle's wedding night. by No Panty Girl01/14/064.25

I Promise... Ch. 02

 — Pregnant! by No Panty Girl03/13/064.26

I Remember Bethany Ch. 01

 — Memoir of an old piano man. by rondori05/06/084.45

I Remember Bethany Ch. 02

 — Memories of an interracial love affair. by rondori06/02/084.30

I Remember Bethany Ch. 03

 — The continuing interracial seduction. by rondori06/30/084.50HOT

I Remember Bethany Ch. 04

 — Continuing transformation from a repressed schoolteacher. by rondori10/19/084.30

I Rub Down Lumikko

 — He massages a lovely Asian woman. by Boxlicker10109/04/034.24

I Saw It All

 — Wife gets a little help from her friend. by voyuerman03/21/114.29

I Seduced My Black Next Door Neighbor

 — She seduces her young black friend. by floridaguy200101/12/034.51HOT

I Take Aki Diving

 — Our first fuck together on a diving weekend in Malaysia. by Labial08/02/124.17

I Thought My Wife Was Perfect

 — My wife submits to a black man in front of me. by cheekybrit12/21/093.96

I Venture To The Club Alone

 — She goes to a swingers club without her husband. by gandj13011/20/054.37

I Waited Twenty Years Ch. 08

 — That’s the horniest white woman I ever fucked. by LynnGKS11/18/114.45

I Want Some…

 — Sister-in-law peeked in on her sister and BIL fucking. by earlkrementz05/17/133.95

I Want You

 — If it's really love... by lovewords02/28/144.17

I Want Your Love

 — Wanting what you can't have. by beautyzdizaster08/17/114.50HOT

I Was 18 Yesterday

 — Black cock sex. by mightymaul03/05/094.30

I Was A Porn Star And Didn't Know

 — Black lover posts his sexcapades with white girl. by JimandGarysgirl02/07/133.70

I was a Slut until I met Jim

 — Changed my ways after meeting a black man. by JimandGarysgirl03/01/133.87

I Was Caught A Second Time

 — White wife cheats a second time with black lover. by JimandGarysgirl01/29/132.19

I Wasn't Looking

 — A friend now a lover. by JimandGarysgirl11/21/113.44

I WILL Have You Ch. 01

 — Black woman runs from Italian god. by lilbe004/01/104.42

I WILL Have You Ch. 02

 — Black woman gives in to Italian God. by lilbe008/26/104.37

I WILL Have You Ch. 03

 — Someone is in trouble.... by lilbe011/04/124.35

I WILL Have You Ch. 04

 — What's next?? by lilbe011/15/124.60HOT

I WILL Have You Ch. 05

 — He can't resist anymore. by lilbe011/25/124.62HOT

I WILL Have You Ch. 06

 — Drama by lilbe012/06/124.63HOT

I WILL Have You Ch. 07

 — Good news...or Bad?? by lilbe012/30/124.63HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 01

 — The war is over, a new one begins. by kalamazoo70702/27/124.85HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 02

 — Friendships form. by kalamazoo70703/21/124.85HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 03

 — A time of calmness. by kalamazoo70703/31/124.87HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 04

 — Adjustments, Niko changes his name. by kalamazoo70704/10/124.83HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 05

 — Joel makes a stand. by kalamazoo70704/19/124.86HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 06

 — Changes at the prison. by kalamazoo70704/29/124.83HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 07

 — Changes for everyone. by kalamazoo70705/08/124.83HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 08

 — The peace is broken and a line is crossed. by kalamazoo70706/05/124.81HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 09

 — What to do about Andrew, Lawrence. by kalamazoo70707/06/124.86HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 10

 — Decisions are made. by kalamazoo70708/12/124.82HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 11

 — Kenji goes back to school. by kalamazoo70709/21/124.86HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 13

 — Is it really over? by kalamazoo70711/09/124.85HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 14

 — After Andrew. by kalamazoo70712/21/124.85HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 15

 — Christmas. by kalamazoo70701/04/134.82HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 16

 — A milestone reached. by kalamazoo70702/08/134.87HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 17

 — More adjustments. by kalamazoo70702/28/134.87HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 18

 — Mai's issues. by kalamazoo70703/18/134.85HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 19

 — A change of plans. by kalamazoo70704/13/134.85HOT

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 20

 — Decisions and consequences. by kalamazoo70705/26/134.85HOT

I Wish

 — An ebony doctor finds she has time for a blonde guy. by Hypnotic_2210/06/094.11

I'll Fuck That White Bitch Ch. 01

 — Trenton talks about servicing white girls. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash10/04/133.73

I'll Have a Black Christmas

 — Woman betrayed on Christmas eve seeks solace and revenge. by robertreams12/04/134.33

I'll Have Cream With That

 — Black man finds perfect White lover at ghetto poetry reading. by BadKittiy08/16/014.27

I'll Have Some Wine With That

 — You take your white lover. by devil_in_white_dress03/03/034.26

I'm Addicted

 — White girl is hooked. by Amy_8212/09/074.44

I'm in Heaven

 — A husband discovers his wife with a man. by wynona_tv04/30/103.74

I'm Not Going

 — Ebony Mercedes makes her case to white Zack. by JonB196903/04/134.36

I'm Not Going Ch. 02

 — Mercedes has some news for Zach. by JonB196905/28/134.55HOT

I'm Not Going Ch. 03

 — Zach meets the family. by JonB196907/19/134.49

I'm Not Going Ch. 04

 — Zach and Mercedes face their first real test. by JonB196909/28/134.58HOT

I'm Not Going Ch. 05

 — Zach and Mercedes try Anal. by JonB196911/12/144.38

I've Got Issues

 — Young black woman makes love for first time. by rocketgirl201107/19/114.35

I've Got Issues Ch. 02

 — Peter hadn't called in three days. by rocketgirl201107/20/114.63HOT

I've Got Issues Ch. 03

 — Ali learns Pete's got issues, too. by rocketgirl201110/11/114.67HOT

Ian's Trap

 — A offer that cannot be refused. by LadyReedzAlot05/30/124.50HOT

Ian's Trap Ch. 01

 — Ian's gives Olivia the rules of the pre-game. by LadyReedzAlot02/07/134.61HOT

Ian's Trap Ch. 02

 — Ian's time to talk. by LadyReedzAlot06/26/134.50HOT

Ian, Tamara and I

 — Ian holds me whilst Tamara pleasures me. by lady moneypenny02/03/084.18

ICCL Ch. 01

 — Interracial cuckold couple adventures on the high seas. by hubbyhw12/01/134.04

ICCL Ch. 02

 — Interracial cuckold couple adventures on the high seas. by hubbyhw12/13/134.03

ICCL Ch. 03

 — Interracial cuckold couple adventures on the high seas by hubbyhw01/22/144.09

If Life Was Easy

 — Two people with an not so easy past. by MzMagicBeauty03/05/124.34

If Life Was Easy Ch. 02

 — A bad day. by MzMagicBeauty05/07/124.45

Imperial Beach

 — Young woman discovers interracial lust on San Diego beach. by luvz2x11/24/084.64HOT

Impregnation in 2 Parts

 — A case of mistaken Identity. by voyuerman11/11/104.33

Impregnation in 2 Parts Pt. 02

 — The title says it all - took 2 parts to get her pregnant. by voyuerman12/06/134.35

In Vegas Always Bet on the Black (Man)

 — A wife takes a gamble on interraical sex. by dr13bone06/01/104.27

In Black & White

 — My first year at college, a guy I sort of liked was a so-called party promoter. by VoluptuousCara01/09/153.20

In Free-Fall

 — The Green Beret and The Fat-Ass Little Ho'. by teddy2horse01/05/104.76HOT

In Jessica's Dorm Room Ch. 01

 — Conservative Asian girl isn't so conservative anymore, by lifesabeach8408/14/083.78

In Jessica's Dorm Room Ch. 02

 — Another night in her dorm room doesn't goes as planned. by lifesabeach8408/19/083.93

In Jessica's Dorm Room Ch. 03

 — Jessica & Stephanie have a little surprise for me. by lifesabeach8408/30/084.13

In Love And Defense of Christianity

 — African-American meets Japanese Christian lady. by Samuelx09/20/121.81

In Love With An Exotic Dancer

 — Black lady wonders if there is such a thing as true love. by Quagmire402/14/104.45

In Love With An Exotic Dancer Ch. 02

 — Malik meets Salina. by Quagmire409/22/104.64HOT

In May Came Summer Ch. 01

 — A widowed woman takes in a tenant and falls in love again. by dsoul06/09/11

In May Came Summer Ch. 02

 — Love and Lust become one. by dsoul06/18/11

In May Came Summer Ch. 03

 — A dilemma comes about. by dsoul06/22/114.52HOT

In More Ways Than One

 — He finds himself attracted to a beautiful woman. by lovewords02/15/114.33

In More Ways Than One Ch. 02

 — When love isn't what it should be does she have a choice? by lovewords03/08/114.40

In More Ways Than One Ch. 03

 — Does she truly know love? by lovewords04/17/114.61HOT

In More Ways Than One Ch. 04

 — Knowledge is power. by lovewords05/10/114.58HOT

In Over His Head

 — Her love of BBC didn't stop him from worshipping her. by Bakeboss05/02/103.62

In Paradise Ch. 01

 — A Chance meeting. by Ashes199003/30/114.51HOT

In Paradise Ch. 02

 — Reality or Fantasy, Raspberries or Cologne? by Ashes199004/03/114.50HOT

In Paradise Ch. 03

 — Allyn questions her childhood friendship with Antonio. by Ashes199010/23/114.41

In Paradise Ch. 04

 — Rude awakenings in store for Allyn at a resort's nightclub. by Ashes199010/28/114.07

In Praise of Big Black Women

 — Thick black woman is slim white guy's sex goddess. by Bruson02/06/104.03

In Praise of Black Men

 — Jewish BBW discovers why Black men are special. by Samuelx09/09/093.11

In Search of Tamar Ch. 5

 — The fastest woman in Israel has a dark secret. by miskeivitch11/25/024.61HOT

In Search of Tamar Ch. 6

 — Miriam cuts it short when Chris explores the African bush. by miskeivitch10/21/034.32

In Submission to... Ch. 01

 — Sean and Kylani share passions despite their differences. by MzSapphiria05/11/114.32

In Submission to... Ch. 02

 — Sean and Kylani get more aquainted. by MzSapphiria05/11/114.34

In Submission to... Ch. 03

 — Kylani shows a new side to Sean. by MzSapphiria05/15/114.50HOT

In Submission to... Ch. 04

 — Kylani gets in trouble. by MzSapphiria05/16/114.38

In Submission to... Ch. 05

 — Kylani's new life with Sean. by MzSapphiria05/17/114.28

In Submission to... Ch. 06

 — Sean and Kylani have an understanding. by MzSapphiria05/26/114.05

In the Locker Room

 — College athletes lust for each other in locker room. by dmccollum703/07/074.26

In the Name of the Father... Ch. 01

 — Two men have their way with mother, daughter, and two nuns. by SusanJillParker06/20/133.52

In the Name of the Father... Ch. 02

 — Giving two nuns a ride to Hell instead of the gas station. by SusanJillParker06/21/134.03

In the Name of the Father... Ch. 03

 — Jules & Tyrone have their way with Sisters Mary & Katherine. by SusanJillParker06/30/13HOT

In the Name of the Father... Ch. 04

 — Jules & Tyrone have their wicked way with mother & daughter. by SusanJillParker07/07/134.27

In The Office Ch. 03

 — Adrian hooks up with black colleague. by Rieper40010/04/094.37

In Town for a Night Out

 — I get back into town and pick you up for a night out. by BassMasterG09/19/123.85

In Your Wildest Dreams

 — Restless nights. by LilMami0712/13/094.49

In Your Wildest Dreams Ch. 02

 — Sweet dreams are made of this. by LilMami0707/07/104.64HOT

In Your Wildest Dreams Ch. 03

 — Or so she thought. by LilMami0709/27/114.54HOT

Incendiary Circumstances Ch. 07

 — Marie gives Blaine a handjob, humiliates herself. by younghungblack11/02/10

Incendiary Circumstances Ch. 09

 — Blaine showers and Marie steams. by younghungblack11/12/10

Incendiary Circumstances Ch. 10

 — Proper, mature, teacher Marie yearns to be Blaine's slut. by younghungblack11/15/10

Incendiary Circumstances Ch. 11

 — Marie begs to fellate Blaine. by younghungblack11/17/10

Incense of Incest Ch. 00-01

 — She finds a potion that will make her brother love her. by robotnikspunk03/09/093.76

Incident at the Mall

 — Black gigolo scores with mature white wife. by 99_percent_oral06/06/094.11

Indian Dominatrix For Black Men

 — Indian female student meets Haitian guy in Calgary. by Samuelx12/25/131.43

Indian Education

 — Indian wife in America lusts for boy next door. by Deeply11/20/003.46

Indian Fantasy

 — It comes true at last. by friedbread10/17/054.09

Indian Illusion

 — Hot evening with Indian woman in Jersey. by jackal108/02/034.31

Indian Married Slut

 — She's married. She's a slut. by pooja04/16/034.45

Indian Princess

 — His lust for Indian women is satisfied on a business trip. by Irish Moss09/30/044.33

Indian Woman Black Driver

 — Indian wife gets pounded by her black driver. by lucky-harish06/25/034.52HOT

Indonesian Princess For Black Stud

 — Indonesian Muslim woman and black Texan in Toronto. by Samuelx09/23/132.06


 — He was running. But, what the hell from? by azulesdragon09/03/134.00

Infara Ch. 02

 — Lukas watched the clock in his 6th period class. by azulesdragon09/27/134.43


 — It's a game two can play. by sgrspc69er05/13/054.12

Initiation Night Ch. 01

 — Follow two housewives at a private interracial club party. by Karenkay11/21/114.00

Innocence Lost

 — A pretty white wife is always the attention of black men. by jmcox26109/22/074.15

Innocent Abroad

 — His mentor provides impeccable hospitality. by baron_holmes04/18/014.15

Innocent Night at the Casino?

 — Asian wife succumbs to passion with older Black friend. by cassandrapa97908/29/084.28

Insatiable Chronicles, Poker Face

 — Seeing a gorgeous black man tempts my inner slut. by LucyJuicy04/22/133.39


 — Is knocking up white girls a fetish? by Bakeboss02/09/103.73

Insert Black Cocks Here Ch. 02

 — Engaged couple try to get that videotape destroyed. by NickR05/02/034.51HOT

Insert Black Cocks Here!

 — Girl Nick picks up prefers Black cock to his. by NickR04/18/034.38

Inside the Office

 — He takes a beautiful, black co-worker on her desk by X-Factor11/08/024.56HOT

Inside The Prison Walls

 — Sarah & her inmate clerk have a forbidden moment. by SexySecretary09/16/014.04


 — White girl loses virginity to black boy. by elparedon06/05/083.89


 — Turkish girl, Two German guys, and questions of culture. by Scheherazade8802/17/143.57

Inter-Generational Affair

 — 40-year-old married man meets 20-year-old woman. by cali_indian_6508/01/074.21

Interlude: Dannie by Night

 — Two roommates are drawn to each other. by James Cody09/26/104.51HOT


 — Young lawyer's job depends on pretty blonde wife. by hammertime03/24/084.33

Intern for Black Master & Thai Wife

 — Black African Professor enlists colleague to prep Thai wife. by StarfireMayo02/03/133.89

Intern Turns Up The Heat

 — New Intern leads to new opportunity for executive. by jaysandman4408/03/114.58HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 01

 — Cathy O'Malley is third generation law enforcement. by wolverine700909/04/114.10

Internal Affairs Ch. 02

 — Cathy O'Malley & Cedric Johnson. by wolverine700911/06/114.00

Internal Affairs Ch. 03

 — The meeting (Amber and Cedric). by wolverine700911/11/114.41

International Haitian Erotica Deux

 — Quebec BBW strapons Haitian stud. by Samuelx02/26/111.43

Internet Interracial Love

 — Can age and race differences keep them apart? by Alphonso1202/22/064.52HOT

Internet Lover

 — There's a first time for everything. by emmie1803/15/044.02

Internet Meetup

 — You meet the perfect asian man from the internet chatrooms. by sunneh09/25/123.65


 — Black man meets blonde at the gym. by Endowed4u12/13/004.03

Interracial Analingus

 — Interracial porn producers throw a party. by Nudemodel05/10/022.86

Interracial Anilingus Ch. 2

 — The party continues. by Nudemodel07/20/013.79

Interracial Chatroom Surprise Ch. 01

 — Girl makes a date with friend from a chatroom. by Nicole9908/07/054.42

Interracial Chatroom Surprise Ch. 02

 — Becky takes her black lover home to bigot mom. by Nicole9908/29/054.50HOT

Interracial Chatroom Surprise Ch. 03

 — A surprise-filled sexathon. by Nicole9912/20/064.44

Interracial Cuckold With A Twist

 — White man butt-fucks Black man's BBW wife. by Samuelx03/17/113.36

Interracial Encounter

 — Black man has his first White girl. by eroticriter03/23/023.23

Interracial Female Wrestling

 — Black girl faces off against White woman on the mat. by Samuelx06/17/103.71

Interracial Female Wrestling Ch. 02

 — Adventures of young female wrestlers on the mat. by Samuelx06/18/103.65

Interracial Female Wrestling Club

 — White BBW wrestles Black Amazon on the mat. by Samuelx06/18/104.03

Interracial Frat Party

 — Fraternity party degenerates into gangbang. by tiffanylowe05/17/044.03

Interracial Fuck!!!

 — A story with a kick to it. by bandk09/03/073.76

Interracial Hotel Lovin'

 — A white 18 yr. old loses his virginity to an ebony goddess. by iggyspear09/20/144.42

Interracial In-Laws

 — White man's sister-in-law & black boyfriend seduce his wife. by scatwoman01/08/133.84

Interracial Love

 — Thongs or Panties? by jb709512/01/013.96

Interracial Love in Hawaii Ch. 01

 — Navy wife tries a Black lover. by navywife_3007/28/084.28

Interracial Love in Hawaii Ch. 02

 — A Navy wife's first black cock. by navywife_3008/23/084.33

Interracial Love is Real Love

 — Black man who loves black women tries a white lady. by Samuelx09/06/103.96

Interracial Love On The High Seas

 — I didn't want to go on this cruise but so glad I did. by JimandGarysgirl12/14/113.49

Interracial Night of Passion

 — A small town girl introduced to her fantasy. by CMRsBabyDoll02/26/144.01

Interracial Night of Passion Ch. 02

 — Small town southern girl craving it after first intro. by CMRsBabyDoll03/11/144.06

Interracial Night of Passion Ch. 03

 — Last night with her black stud for a while by CMRsBabyDoll03/26/144.28

Interracial Pegging

 — White woman from Australian strapons Haitian guy. by Samuelx03/31/111.92

Interracial Pegging : Amen!

 — French Canadian woman strapons Haitian guy. by Samuelx04/09/112.22

Interracial Pegging Deux

 — Mature White BBW strapons married Black man. by Samuelx04/04/112.08

Interracial Pegging Trois

 — White plantation mistress strapons Black slave. by Samuelx04/04/112.87

Interracial Pegging: Female Giant

 — White woman with gigantism strapons black guy. by Samuelx04/12/112.90

Interracial Pegging: Revenge

 — White woman strapons cocky Black guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/22/113.23

Interracial Relations Ch. 01

 — Bre & Avery have after hours sex. by SxySonghai03/20/044.51HOT

Interracial Swing

 — One husband's fantasy ends with a surprise twist. by bobbiecox209/23/094.25

Interracial Wife Swap

 — Black and white friends swap wives. by KYauthor12/03/054.47

Interracial Wife Swap Ch. 02

 — Their first hot meeting continues. by KYauthor12/12/054.52HOT

Interracial Wife Swap Ch. 3

 — Jake finds a new way to please Susan. by KYauthor01/22/064.17


 — She's anti-social, but one kiss may just change that. by curiouslyamused10/15/084.41

Into My Life and Into My Bed

 — White woman lets Black man in and shares a bed with him. by JimandGarysgirl12/10/113.58

Into the Garden Ch. 01-03

 — A Southern belle falls for her family's black gardener. by carlieplum12/30/114.18

Into the Garden Ch. 04-06

 — Things heat up with the debutante and the help. by carlieplum12/31/114.37

Into the Garden Ch. 07-09

 — Sex heats up the mansion as the gardener plows the deb. by carlieplum01/01/124.29

Into the Garden Ch. 10-12

 — Love blooms in secret for Sam and Belinda. by carlieplum01/02/124.35

Into the Garden Ch. 13-15

 — Sam and Belinda get away for a weekend. by carlieplum01/05/124.35

Into the Garden Ch. 16-18

 — One decision can change lives forever... by carlieplum01/10/124.49

Into the Garden Ch. 19-21

 — Not everyone approves of love in black and white. by carlieplum01/16/124.29

Into the Garden Ch. 22-24

 — Even happy couples have bumps in the road. by carlieplum02/07/12HOT

Into the Garden Ch. 25-27

 — Endings and a new beginning the final chapters... by carlieplum03/09/12HOT

Into the Heart of Darkness

 — Iraqi women, American soldiers and Operation Iraqi freedom. by Scheherazade8803/07/143.97

Introducing a New Wife

 — Wife is introduced into interracial swinging. by Karenkay09/24/054.03

Introducing Thaddeus Black Ch. 01

 — A neo-noir Private Eye. by dsoul08/31/11

Introducing Thaddeus Black Ch. 02

 — Thaddeus boarded the limo once again. by dsoul09/14/114.24

Introducing Thaddeus Black Ch. 03

 — A ransom is demanded. by dsoul09/21/114.00

Introducing Thaddeus Black Ch. 04

 — Things start to get serious ... as the plot thickens further. by dsoul09/27/113.92

Introducing Thaddeus Black Ch. 05

 — A fulfilling Night between detective and client. by dsoul09/28/114.38

Introducing Thaddeus Black Ch. 06

 — More to what meets the eye... by dsoul10/04/114.00

Introducing Thaddeus Black Ch. 07

 — Club Eros De Venus ... And Further Revelations. by dsoul10/05/114.22

Introducing Thaddeus Black Ch. 08

 — The Devil wears high heels ... The End. by dsoul10/08/114.39

Introducing: Black Master Olu Ch. 02

 — The Black Master continues his dominance. by dsoul07/04/104.31

Introducing: Black Master Olu Ch. 03

 — Shango continues to live up to his name. by dsoul07/13/104.45

Introducing: Black Master Olu Ch. 04

 — Enter Nneka, the black master's second wife. by dsoul07/24/104.69HOT

Introducing: Black Master Olu Ch. 05

 — The Black Master meets seduces another couple. by dsoul08/03/104.50HOT

Introducing: Black Master Olu Ch. 06

 — The Black Master makes a third wife. by dsoul08/04/104.35

Introducing: Black Master Olu Ch. 07

 — The Black Master's making babies. by dsoul08/13/104.23

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