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Interracial Love Stories

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Introduction to a Black Dom

 — She met her fantasy in a bar. by bobo8988012/19/044.50HOT

Introduction to a Black Dom Ch.02

 — She's "initiated" to black cock. by bobo8988001/15/054.43

Introductions: The Setup

 — Waiting for new Mistress, you get a pleasant surprise. by Loomis09/16/064.14

Invasion of the Ghetto Sluts

 — Two voluptuous black sluts move in next door. by TheTalkMan03/02/124.26

Investigation & Law

 — Lydia's girlfriend got help when the going got tough. by obcy11/04/053.77

Iranian Enigma Ch. 01

 — "Our Kind of Traitor" Zahra the Iranian handler. by Scheherazade8801/01/143.92

Iranian Enigma Ch. 02

 — Dirty Wars: The Devil We Know? by Scheherazade8806/03/144.50

Iranian Woman Into Haitian Men

 — Iranian Muslim woman is seduced by a black man. by Samuelx06/24/142.67

Irma's Young Black Stud

 — Gary invites 18 year old black boy home to meet his wife. by fantasyboy12/20/094.16

Island Encounter

 — She gets it from a black man from the tattoo parlor. by badtitties07/10/034.42

Island Encounter

 — Couple's first-time interracial swing experince. by txbiker07/27/034.34

Island of Love

 — A resort Island play ground for rich black clients. by Karenkay10/13/133.94

Island Passion

 — Interracial love on a private South Sea Island. by purplewaterlily09/03/133.90

Island Pleasure

 — First interracial encounter. by Hosieryboy06/09/034.10

Island Romance Ch. 01

 — A black girl and a white professor admit lust. by rocketgirl201103/05/074.47

Island Romance Ch. 02

 — Ara tells Griff her secret. by rocketgirl201103/10/074.46

Isolated Love

 — A bw/wm love to be discovered. by GiveMeLove06/07/144.33

Isolated Love Ch. 02

 — Love hurts, so does falling off a toilet. by GiveMeLove06/10/144.51HOT

Isolated Love Ch. 03

 — It's always the little things... by GiveMeLove06/12/144.65HOT

Isolated Love Ch. 04 Pt. 1

 — I do what I want and no one can tell me otherwise... by GiveMeLove06/15/144.17

Isolated Love Ch. 04 Pt. 2

 — Just throw caution to the wind... by GiveMeLove06/18/144.58HOT

Israeli Femdom 4 Muslim Slaves

 — Israeli dominatrix handles Somali guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/04/133.22

Israeli Woman for Black Muslim Man

 — Israeli female submissive meets Black Muslim Master. by Samuelx01/17/122.95

Israeli Woman Soldier/Black Man

 — Black Canadian Muslim seduces Israeli female captain. by Samuelx04/12/122.75

Israeli Women into Black Men

 — Israeli Jewish woman meets Ethiopian stud in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/27/143.00

It All Adds Up Now!

 — Hindu coed unwraps her hairy secret. by footshrimper07/09/024.31

It All Comes Out In Therapy

 — Mel's confession. by c8er2u07/05/104.36

It All Comes Out In Therapy Ch. 02

 — Love don't live here anymore. by c8er2u08/08/104.46

It Became Reality Ch. 1

 — White male falls for Ebony B.B.W. by sonnet_lyric06/19/013.09

It Became Reality Ch. 2

 — He settles into his new apartment. by sonnet_lyric06/20/014.00

It Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 01

 — He & ebony female friend became lovers. by DavidJ01/03/054.51HOT

It Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 02

 — Sometimes the truth isn't what it seems. by DavidJ01/04/054.64HOT

It Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 03

 — The longest yet shortest ride home of his life. by DavidJ01/08/054.72HOT

It Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 04

 — Sean hits the lottery after all. by DavidJ01/12/054.71HOT

It Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 05

 — Crystal was still on her knees. by DavidJ01/22/054.79HOT

It Couldn't Be Helped Ch. 06

 — Dreams do come true. by DavidJ03/14/054.88HOT

It Depends Upon The Lie

 — A black caddy has sex with a married white woman. by mitchawa01/26/123.92

It Ends Tonight Ch. 01

 — Tonight her fantasy becomes reality! by FatalCharm06/20/104.65HOT

It Happened One Summer Ch. 01

 — Love in the arms of an older white biker? by DragonSlayer_OK04/15/094.70HOT

It Happened One Summer Ch. 02

 — The older white bilker does indeed capture her heart. by DragonSlayer_OK05/14/094.66HOT

It Happened One Summer Ch. 03

 — Their love...and lust grows. by DragonSlayer_OK07/23/094.60HOT

It Happened One Summer Ch. 04

 — And Shauna couldn't be happier. by DragonSlayer_OK08/03/104.71HOT

It Pays to be a Good Married Slut

 — Wife is offered an opportunity to make some cash. by claytrap04/28/114.20

It Pays To Fly Economy Class Ch. 01

 — Flight attendants help me join the Mile High Club. by heavyerotica04/14/084.18

It Pays To Fly Economy Class Ch. 02

 — Flight attendants help me join the Mile High Club. by heavyerotica04/19/084.29

It Pays To Fly Economy Class Ch. 03

 — Flight attendants help me join the Mile High Club. by heavyerotica09/08/084.39

It Takes Two

 — Wife is more than one man can handle. by hammertime02/07/124.20

It Teez Ok?

 — Normal vacation goes wrong for white couple. by mitlvsmeg07/16/133.64

It Took 4 Years: Year 01

 — Lizzy gets more than she can handle on a field trip. by sexylexi198510/05/104.40

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

 — Husband and wife try something new. by rj_mcdonnell03/08/084.39

It was Delicious

 — Two neighbors hook up. by vickivale12/04/124.19

It Was Her Idea

 — He explores new territory with Asian girlfriend. by nakedwithagirl09/01/033.78

It Was Her, Me, Him, and Colin

 — I took a lesbian lover, then it went more than full circle. by qualitywheat11/07/114.08

It Was Wrong But She Did It Ch. 01

 — Betraying a friend is never easy but she managed it. by abandon_thought12/24/083.97

It Will Never Fit

 — Girlfriend takes on her first big black cock. by snaillover6910/29/143.98

It Will Never Fit Pt. 02

 — Kim and I go to L.A, to visit John. by snaillover6911/05/144.29

It's A Slut World, After All

 — AM/WF Halloween first encounter with a touch of D/s. by OnnaDare10/09/104.24

It's a Wonderful Life I Think

 — Getting over a loss in the family. by whbonney01/16/023.62

It's Complicated

 — More than friends? by MxdGrlMusic08/10/094.32

It's Complicated Ch. 02

 — Waking up was the second hardest thing. by MxdGrlMusic08/13/094.30

It's Complicated Ch. 03

 — Pierce and Jack face off. by MxdGrlMusic08/20/094.42

It's Complicated Ch. 04

 — Lyn was openly ignoring Pierce. by MxdGrlMusic08/28/094.57HOT

It's Complicated Ch. 05

 — Lyn visits Johnny. by MxdGrlMusic09/12/094.61HOT

It's Complicated Ch. 06

 — It was one month later... by MxdGrlMusic10/14/094.52HOT

It's Complicated Ch. 07

 — Lyn didn't wake up in her dorm room. by MxdGrlMusic10/18/094.56HOT

It's Complicated Ch. 08

 — Three years later. by MxdGrlMusic11/04/094.52HOT

It's Complicated Ch. 09

 — Lyn couldn't wait to get to home. by MxdGrlMusic11/10/094.57HOT

It's Complicated Ch. 10

 — He watched her as her body thrash on the bed. by MxdGrlMusic11/17/094.70HOT

It's Complicated Ch. 11

 — Johnny was the most fun Lyn had in a long time. by MxdGrlMusic12/13/094.66HOT

Italian Delight Ch. 01

 — Chinese woman's first time with Caucasian man. by chineez_gal07/18/034.53HOT

Italian Rhapsody

 — Roxanne hires a Cherokee to take her to Sicily. by kevklein01/13/134.53HOT

Italian Rhapsody Ch. 02

 — Roxie and Daniel go to Sicily. by kevklein01/25/134.68HOT

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 01

 — Carmina interviews with best leg(s) forward. by BlkRainbow02/13/123.91

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 02

 — Carmina makes ‘too good to refuse’ offer. by BlkRainbow02/14/124.08

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 03

 — Carmina embarrassed by offer. Can I say no? by BlkRainbow02/17/124.23

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 04

 — Carmina torn between fidelity and intimacy with boss. by BlkRainbow02/23/124.28

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 05

 — Carmina confronts boss. by BlkRainbow03/02/124.25

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 06

 — Her desires, not her husband’s demands. by BlkRainbow03/07/124.00

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 07

 — Misery loves company. by BlkRainbow03/09/124.53HOT

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 08

 — Carmina's sexuality unleashed. by BlkRainbow03/17/124.42

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 09

 — Sweet revenge, changes looming. by BlkRainbow04/02/124.29

Ivory Recruits a Black Bull

 — Ivory Love-Blackwell, a university recruiter, works for BBC. by Shabobo08/24/124.54HOT

J & J in Vegas

 — Busty Juanita meets Mr. J. by Tabby JJ Kitty04/23/064.61HOT

Jack Comes To Visit

 — Black Melanesian seduces the narrator's wife. by John-Robert Gross06/12/023.78


 — White lawyer and black waitress fall in love. by JimBob4408/08/094.56HOT

Jackie Goes to a Nightclub

 — Jackie in nightclub mensroom leads to interracial gangbang by scuik10/20/134.08

Jackie Likes Black or Does She?

 — Rod learns Jackie had a black lover. by Willing2Do08/31/023.90

Jacob the Bull

 — He meets a woman at a hotel for a breeding session. by kamalw102/20/133.92

Jacqueline and Josh

 — Black girl and white guy, best friends are falling in love. by SspeakEeasy12/17/124.19

Jacqueline and Josh Ch. 02

 — Best Friends fall in love: J admits to herself she's in love. by SspeakEeasy12/27/124.47

Jade & Jorel

 — Young Filipina has her first black experience. by DarcManX07/27/014.28

Jade & Jorel Ch. 2

 — Young Filipina quests to be Black Cock Whore. by DarcManX08/02/014.37

Jade & Jorel Ch. 3

 — Young Filipina gets double teamed for the first time. by DarcManX03/11/024.46

Jade & Jorel Ch. 4

 — Young filipina has big fun in Harlem USA. by DarcManX03/06/034.52HOT

Jade & Jorel Ch. 5

 — Origins are discovered & secrets revealed when gal pal visits. by DarcManX04/30/034.51HOT

Jade Princess

 — A maneater, perhaps, but what a way to go. by jack_straw08/01/074.67HOTContest Winner

Jade's First Time Ch. 1

 — Cute little Chinese-American loves black cock. by Animal02/12/014.15

Jade's First Time Ch. 2

 — She enjoys her first anal experience. by Animal02/19/014.29

Jade's First Time Ch. 3

 — Asian woman is sandwiched between black & white. by Animal02/28/014.37

Jade's Trip to Thailand Ch. 1-4

 — Jade's vacation is wilder than she imagined. by Animal05/08/014.29

Jadene's Great Adventure

 — A tale of a poor southern black girl. by FyodorKaramazov9902/24/044.46

Jail Break

 — Felon escapes from jail to spend Valentine's day with lover. by clarkroberts03/04/144.40


 — Kitten and Jake have a good time. by collegegurl8312/20/024.46

Jake Ch. 02

 — When Jake's away, Kitten will play. by collegegurl8312/27/024.14

Jake the Jerk

 — White couple plays with black man & an Asian Girl. by JoeDreamer07/27/054.54HOT


 — He cheats on wife with Jamaican sisters. by Fast Jack12/26/004.49

Jamaican Awakenin'

 — Big Black Dick changes everything for white friends. by Scottyboi310/11/142.61

Jamaican Beauty

 — Jamaican grad student & prof have fun. by writer864808/12/054.21

Jamaican Experience Ch. 01

 — When it began. by desireexperienceit02/13/153.53

Jamaican Experience Ch. 02

 — The fun continues and the pleasure must go on. by desireexperienceit02/19/154.11

Jamaican Experience Ch. 03: Sunrises

 — After a long night and some extremely satisfied people. by desireexperienceit02/20/154.04

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 01

 — Vacation starts white couple's journey to being Black-owned . by jayewatcher02/01/133.98

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 02

 — White couple's journey to Black-owned sex slaves. by jayewatcher02/07/134.24

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 03

 — Vacation starts white couple's journey to Black-owned sex slaves. by jayewatcher02/08/134.31

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 04

 — My wife becomes more daring. I become more obsessed. by jayewatcher02/14/134.40

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 05

 — White couple's journey to Black sex slaves continues. by jayewatcher02/15/134.35

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 06

 — White couple's journey to Black sex slaves continues. by jayewatcher02/17/134.47

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 07

 — White couple's journey to Black sex slaves continues. by jayewatcher02/18/134.38

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 08

 — White couple's journey to Black sex slaves continues. by jayewatcher02/19/134.38

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 09

 — Jaye comes totally under her Black lover who turns her out. by jayewatcher02/20/134.40

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 10

 — White couple's journey to Black sex slaves continues. by jayewatcher02/21/134.35

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 11

 — White couple's journey to Black sex slaves continues. by jayewatcher02/22/134.07

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 12

 — White couple's journey to Black Cock slaves. by jayewatcher02/23/134.01

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 13

 — White couple's journey to Black sex slaves continues. by jayewatcher02/24/134.29

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 14

 — White couple's journey to Black sex slaves. by jayewatcher03/01/134.29

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 15

 — We meet our future Master. by jayewatcher03/02/134.39

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 16

 — White couple continues on their journey to Black slaves. by jayewatcher03/04/133.82

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 17

 — The deed is done by jayewatcher03/11/134.03

Jamaican Holidays

 — A wife discovers interracial. by nter03/08/104.03

Jamaican Jerk

 — Couple hits it off with other couple on cruise ship. by evensteven02/09/064.26

Jamaican Night

 — White guy gives black girl new experiences. by tetherer08/08/084.20

Jamaican Vacation Ch. 01

 — The humble newlywed beginning. by whiteboy02/27/103.81

Jamaican Vacation Ch. 02

 — Vanilla couples' adventure continues. by whiteboy03/15/104.13

Jamal and Orla Ch. 01

 — The Head Nurse: Snake gets Orla's attention, and the Head Nurse's. by BusterGonad03/02/124.19

Jamal and Orla Ch. 02

 — Orla's Accident: Jamal and Orla get to know each other. by BusterGonad03/03/124.24

Jamal and Orla Ch. 03

 — French Lessons: Jamal gets a ride home. by BusterGonad03/04/123.82

Jamal and Orla Ch. 04

 — Arlene's Box: Jamal's got another nurse. by BusterGonad03/05/124.26

Jamar's Client

 — Black trainer makes blonde patron submit. by kingjizz03/26/143.84


 — Her first time with a black man. by s_kitten_101/03/084.24

James Ch. 02

 — James and I continue where we left off. by s_kitten_103/26/084.25

James Gang Ch. 03: Alpha Bitch

 — A blonde slut finds herself spellbound by big black cock. by LordOfHell10/19/114.26

Jan the Journalist

 — Jan finds lust, then love. by LustyLee7707/28/064.41

Jane & Uelese

 — Tongan lover makes love to his white neighbour. by The Parson11/18/014.24

Jane Job Ch. 01

 — Jane shows hubby how she earned her nickname. by willyboyny01/02/064.47

Jane Job Ch. 02

 — Jane and hubby take the next step. by willyboyny01/03/064.12

Janelle & Her Friend

 — Older man teaches two women the joys of oral sex. by amybbb07/22/014.14

Janet & Debbie Go On A Picnic

 — Janet & her sexy friend get carried away. by Janet5112/02/014.29

Janet & Debbie Have a Black Gangbang

 — The girls enjoy a interracial group sex. by Janet5108/29/014.23

Janet Becomes a Black Cock Slut

 — My wife and I spice up our marriage. by 2small4her09/03/124.28

Janet Enjoys Another Black Man

 — Janet goes for a drink & winds up with a black man. by Janet5111/24/014.03

Janet Fucks Norm's Black Friend

 — She gives in & pleases one of Norm's pals. (Illustrated) by Janet5106/08/014.03

Janet Gets Blacked

 — She used her safe word at her birthday party. by maturemadness204/22/113.74

Janet Meets Oscar's Friends

 — Janet meets his friends for sex. (Illustrated) by Janet5109/07/014.12

Janet The Politician

 — Janet is against strip clubs, but not for long. by eeric08/09/024.28

Janet's Birthday Party

 — Damian ensures she gets what she wants. by maturemadness204/17/114.34

Janet's Demise

 — It all comes to an end. by maturemadness205/07/113.91

Janet's Story

 — A BBC-addict relapses. by tw_holt10/29/144.09

Janitor Cums to School

 — Janitor is caught masturbating by horny teacher. by Endowed4u03/03/014.19

Janitor in a Closet

 — Co-workers seek privacy to satisfy their hunger. by Justsexnotlove02/28/123.64

Japanese Cowgirl

 — She liked to get on top, and I loved what she did there. by Boxlicker10106/11/114.22

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