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Interracial Love Stories

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Online Foreign Pleasures

 — Online relationship turns real for lucky threesome. by asianadorer08/12/043.94

Online Interracial Love

 — Christine sends an email describing their first time. by poetichustler821903/22/124.24

Online to KaSandra Ch. 01

 — Internet flirting leads to more than just fun. by bluefox0710/28/064.44

Online to KaSandra Ch. 02

 — An evening at the movies with KaSandra. by bluefox0710/29/064.60HOT

Online Trouble

 — Her online escapades turns into bad but so good. by VanillaXtasy205/24/044.43

Only For My Husband

 — Husband and wife flirt with the idea of teasing other men. by Karenkay05/11/054.30

Only For One Night Ch. 01

 — For one night, they throw caution to the wind. by avrgblkgrl10/11/114.71HOT

Only For One Night Ch. 02

 — Do they want more. by avrgblkgrl01/13/144.79HOT

Only On Monday

 — Cheating wife becomes addicted to black cock. by randyslocum06/07/093.65

Only One Night

 — An angry wife picks up a black man at a bar. by Karenkay01/31/104.01

Only You Ch. 01

 — Daft Punk sets the mood... by nerd4music06/03/084.66HOT

Only You Ch. 02

 — Happy Birthday indeed... by nerd4music06/09/084.78HOT

Only You Ch. 03

 — One hell of a first date... by nerd4music06/22/084.82HOT

Only You Ch. 04

 — Taking a leap. by nerd4music07/13/084.82HOT

Only You Ch. 05

 — Sunshine, business buyouts, movie stars... by nerd4music07/24/084.77HOT

Only You Ch. 06

 — Drama, party of three... by nerd4music08/10/084.82HOT

Only You Ch. 07

 — All she needed was the love he gave... by nerd4music09/09/084.84HOT

Onyx Silk: Pharaoh's Harem

 — A Pharaoh delights in Nubian pleasures. by Purple_Raven10/06/134.10


 — A white wife cockholds her unsuspecting husband. by TYouth103911/20/133.67

Open Marriage Ch. 01

 — Couple decide to spice up their marriage. by Karenkay03/22/074.35

Open Marriage Ch. 02

 — Faith and Mark meet Hank. by Karenkay04/04/074.44

Open Marriage Ch. 03

 — Mark meets a woman; Faith spends time with Hank. by Karenkay04/15/074.29

Open Marriage Ch. 04

 — Their marriage is changing; Faith spends more time with Hank. by Karenkay04/25/074.35

Open Marriage Ch. 05

 — Faith continues seeing Hank. by Karenkay05/22/074.37

Open Marriage Ch. 06

 — Faith begins taking birth control without Hank knowing. by Karenkay05/23/074.38

Open Marriage Ch. 07

 — Hank has a surprise for Rita. by Karenkay06/09/074.32

Open Marriage Ch. 08

 — Hank catches Faith while drunk and on vacation with Mark. by Karenkay06/20/074.23

Open Marriage Ch. 09

 — Mark finds Rita several months pregnant. by Karenkay08/09/073.92

Open Marriage Ch. 10

 — Hank corners Faith at his party. by Karenkay08/10/074.19

Open Marriage Ch. 11

 — Faith and Hank put on a show for a cuckold. by Karenkay08/12/074.22

Open Marriage Ch. 12

 — Tracy makes love to Faith's black lover. by Karenkay03/09/084.40

Open Marriage Ch. 13

 — Husband allows his wife to date a black man. by Karenkay03/10/084.34

Open Marriage Ch. 14

 — Wife is allowed to date a black man. by Karenkay10/12/084.17

Open Marriage Ch. 15

 — Hank is trying to knock up Faith. by Karenkay10/13/083.99

Open Marriage Ch. 16

 — Faith leaves her husband for Hank. by Karenkay12/07/083.75

Open Marriage Ch. 17

 — Faith is now living with Hank. by Karenkay08/11/093.62

Open Window

 — Damien and Nikki finally figure out they should be together. by AlmostTabby02/07/124.74HOT

Open Your Heart

 — Shy young black intellectual meets Canadian beauty. by Samuelx01/15/123.23

Open Your Heart Ch. 02

 — Black intellectual and white girl are happy together. by Samuelx01/16/121.71

Ophelia & Tyrone 4ever: Tyrone

 — Black house husband causes trouble. by GirlMidnite01/23/054.22

Opportunity Seized

 — Drunk hot white wife is taken advantage of. by Iceland_RJ07/06/044.27

Opposites Attract

 — He finds her in a cafe & opens her eyes to the exotic. by kyrie159508/02/074.67HOT

Opposites Ch. 01

 — Black BBW meets White lifeguard and its love at first sight. by kandeedreames07/30/104.58HOT

Opposites Ch. 02

 — Sophia is released from the hospital; Jake follows her home. by kandeedreames08/11/104.73HOT

Opposites Ch. 03

 — Sophia & Jake get intimate; Amanda hatches a plan by kandeedreames08/26/104.67HOT


 — Their opposing lips touched in the darkness. by jthserra05/09/043.65

Oral Exam Ch. 11

 — Latina in the library. by gradprof01/02/074.73HOT

Orange Moon

 — Two couples become closer than they ever expected. by Gerard_Johnston09/09/144.52HOT


 — Man discovers a new type of society. by Steelmaster10/10/034.30

Orgasm Racing

 — Competitive sports taken to a new erotic level. by cherryontop197301/04/094.72HOT

Oriental Angel

 — Sweet little asian girl gets a big surprise. by muaddib3207/20/064.48

Oriental Beauty

 — East meets West. by No Panty Girl03/17/063.86

Orla's Adventures in Porn

 — Orla's first porn shoot. by scuik02/16/133.85

Our Afro-Arabian Romance

 — Haitian man and Syrian wife face adversity in Toronto. by Samuelx02/11/131.00

Our Black Baby

 — A white wife becomes pregnant with a black baby. by Karenkay04/17/094.23

Our Black Debut

 — My wife and I become hooked on interracial sex. by dave_jones_5009/13/044.36

Our First Affair

 — A fine line between cocky and confident. by Mr Thick02/12/084.07

Our First Affair - Redone

 — Same story as before, but from a third person point of view. by Mr Thick04/02/084.00

Our First Date

 — Her first date with a white man turns into wet messy sex. by JonB196902/14/124.29

Our First Interracial Threesome

 — A threesome at a swingers club. by gandj13006/03/034.30

Our First Meeting

 — Couple that meet online meet in real life for the first time. by sweetestsin31609/24/134.17

Our Friend, Molly

 — Jessica has an encounter with two out of town boys. by kateandjessica08/26/133.62

Our Journey into Darkness Pt. 01

 — Friend's Friends. by glanglais11/07/134.04

Our Journey into Darkness Pt. 02

 — The Commercial. by glanglais01/07/144.06

Our Massage Parlor

 — He visits the massage parlor and gets a happy ending. by MatthewVett05/23/114.67HOT

Our Massage Parlor Ch. 02

 — She learns how to give him a happy ending. by MatthewVett10/31/114.62HOT

Our New Neighbors Pt. 01

 — Dad catches daughter being double teamed by black guys. by adelelawrus12/07/143.94

Our Next Interracial Adventure

 — Slut wife goes to her Black lover. by gandj13006/07/034.41

Our Night Out

 — Couple's first night out on the Philly adult scene. by Dionades04/30/084.02

Our Swinging Days #01

 — Recollections of how we started swinging. by VirginiaS02/09/123.92

Our Swinging Days #02

 — It progressed from a one time thing to much more. by VirginiaS02/17/123.94

Our Swinging Days #03

 — Having a black lover between your legs is quite a feeling. by VirginiaS02/18/123.79

Our Treat

 — You hadn't seen her in so long. by Isthatright22811/14/023.89

Our Trip to New Orleans

 — Married couple, wife cuckolds her hubby for black men. by 2small4her03/13/134.19

Our Way

 — Author describes a session with her boyfriend. by musclecargirl08/29/084.05

Out From Behind the Screen

 — A neglected wife finds a new way of filling the void. by bbig45506/02/144.10

Out on Parole

 — Parole Officer gets a lot more than she bargained for. by Catesby12/22/09

Outside the Office

 — Beautiful Black woman seduces coworker. by X-Factor01/08/024.62HOT

Outside the Office Ch. 2

 — She convinces him to stay...just a little longer. by X-Factor01/12/024.58HOT

Outta Control Pt. 01

 — Just who is Mel's hubby screwing behind her back? by Inlovingmemory09/02/064.11

Outta Control Pt. 05

 — Mel seduces Edi in lingerie store. by Inlovingmemory09/26/064.43

Outta Control Pt. 08

 — Trish wants to fuck her sister's husband. by Inlovingmemory09/30/064.29

Outta Control Pt. 09

 — Conclusion: wrapping up loose ends & fare thee well. by Inlovingmemory10/07/064.38

Over a Barrel Ch. 01

 — Although he hadn't said anything, she was on thin ice. by sacoh5810/07/114.19

Over a Barrel Ch. 02

 — Shannon continues to pay for the free favor. by sacoh5810/10/114.42

Over Drinks

 — Japanese man and black woman hook up over drinks. by gorgeousmika04/16/034.52HOT

Overtime Ch. 03

 — Company Holiday Bathroom fun. by jeleane07/07/134.71HOT

Overtime Ch. 05

 — A simple confession. by jeleane02/27/144.10

Overworked and Worked Over

 — Being overworked and worked over by the new attorney. by DinaDevereux10/08/114.43

Overworked and Worked Over Ch. 02

 — Lara and Malcolm work on getting closer. by DinaDevereux10/20/114.64HOT

Overworked and Worked Over Ch. 03

 — Malcolm and Lara fall in love--but it's never that easy. by DinaDevereux01/05/124.65HOT

Overworked and Worked Over Ch. 04

 — Secrets are revealed....but it's not over yet... by DinaDevereux03/20/124.58HOT

Overworked and Worked Over Ch. 05

 — Lara and Malcolm and baby make three. by DinaDevereux03/21/124.60HOT

Owning Beth

 — A young wife gives into her black boss. by Karenkay02/28/104.26

P.I. 69 Viking Lads Saga Ch. 01

 — How he became "number one" fuck in the Philippines. by Baba801/01/083.13

P.I. 69 Viking Lads Saga Ch. 02

 — Viking lad with vertigo becames PI #1 pussy eater-debunked. by Baba801/15/083.43

Paid In Full

 — A housewife takes on 3 hard black cocks. by badtitties09/01/034.37

Painting in Black and White

 — The work was done and she wanted to start on the fun. by patdown09/15/114.08

Painting Lessons

 — Shy artist is taken by her Cuban muse. by cheeryorchid06/10/044.29

Pakistan Dominatrix 4 Black Men

 — Jamaican student meets bossy Pakistani bitch. by Samuelx10/05/142.18

Pakistani Femdom For Somali Man

 — Pakistani housewife strap-ons Somali husband. by Samuelx01/19/153.71

Pakistani Girl's American Tale

 — Congressman's exotic wife. by Scheherazade8801/28/143.85

Pakistani Girls For Somali Boys

 — Pakistani college woman dates Somali guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/14/144.00

Pakistani Goddess For Zulu King

 — Black man and Pakistani woman connect in Johannesburg. by Samuelx09/07/131.80

Pakistani Tomboy And Black Man

 — African-American soldier falls for Pakistani farm woman. by Samuelx05/21/133.15


 — Wife's introduction to black cock. by No Panty Girl12/16/054.12

Pam & John

 — Shared Fantasy. by LustyLee7709/29/104.09

Pam and Her Young Black Intern

 — Married Pam just can't resist her intern's big black cock. by fantasyboy11/23/124.05

Pam Gets Some On-the-Job Training

 — White Lady get's some helpful "on-the-job" training. by gurlfromdixie04/28/094.22

Pam's Interracial Tale

 — She had two black cocks and her boyfiend's while camping. by JoeVerde07/28/114.08

Pam's New Lover

 — We find a new young BBC for her to enjoy. by hotnccple4u09/27/134.21

Pamela Has a Thing for Black Cock

 — Wife takes out vengeance on husband. by Dirt Man12/26/034.41

Pandora's Box

 — First time interracial. by mytasteislikecandy08/03/034.20


 — It's not always bad things in the wrong part of town. by barbarian queen 201/04/054.19


 — Naughty librarian doesn't like to wear undies. by Cassie20101909/09/103.67

Paradise Found Ch. 01

 — Her first black experience. by Collectable08/12/094.19

Paradise Found Ch. 02

 — Their affair reaches new heights. by Collectable10/02/094.28

Paradise Gained

 — Disappointment and transference in Indonesia. by younghungblack10/16/124.15

Paradise Lost

 — Their plane crashes on a deserted isle. by No Panty Girl07/16/064.06

Paradiso Ch. 03

 — We meet a beautiful black goddess and take her home. by SlyKink07/09/144.61HOT

Parasol Ch. 01

 — He loves her... She loves him not!!! by MabelCinnamon05/06/114.35

Parent Teacher Conference

 — Voluptuous black teacher ass fucked by student's dad. by Bruson02/11/104.14

Paris and the Drug Dealer

 — Why it always pays to be polite. by Bazzza09/16/064.44

Party Favor

 — Party goes terribly wrong. by usaftnt02/20/044.34

Party Time

 — Twins are the main attraction at the party. by whbonney01/22/024.16

Party Time Hot Wife

 — Hot wife entertains friends party. by Twotooto22211/09/144.27

Pass The Dark Meat

 — 19-year-old blond is taken by the basketball team. by Roy_Eldorado10/23/013.77

Passing Notes

 — Wife stalks a neighbor, and wins. by dateingagain11/06/113.91

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