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Interracial Love Stories

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Assassin Ch. 01

 — Lena's ultimatum, her lovers life or hers. by Selene0211/11/034.04

Assassin Ch. 02

 — Lena meets the man of her dreams and the truth is out! by Selene0201/18/044.40

Assassin Ch. 03

 — Lena had to make a choice, and she made it. by Selene0201/05/054.39

Associate Jackie

 — She falls for a big, strong, black man. by AnAmericanDarling03/08/083.77

At Last

 — Interracial couple gets a break from work. by BadKittiy07/03/013.37

At Last

 — Halim and Leah become more than friends. by penguindance08/15/024.41

At Last More Than Just Friends

 — Dina falls in love with her best friend. by eeric12/18/024.35

At Last...The Fantasy Lived

 — Ebony & Ivory seek love for the first time. by misslimelambada07/13/014.02

At Long Last

 — A student nurse gets her wish. by auntirotickle01/18/114.21

At Long Last Ch. 02

 — Helen goes further. by auntirotickle01/28/114.08

At Long Last Ch. 03

 — Helen loses Mike. by auntirotickle02/18/113.62

At Long Last Ch. 04

 — Christine comes to town. by auntirotickle05/31/113.62

At the Bookstore

 — She can't help but notice him. by rellim4410/12/023.44

Atlantic City Ch. 03

 — A friend in need. by RickTurner11/05/074.30

Attorney Client Privilege

 — Beautiful black attorney entrances her white client. by TurkShea02/23/133.97

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 01

 — An attorney becomes trapped in a client's sexual game. by Bazzz12/23/074.39

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 02

 — Lis becomes further involved as a sexual pawn. by Bazzz01/05/084.23

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 03

 — No good deed goes unpunished. by Bazzz03/12/083.99

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 04

 — Lis embraces her new lifestyle. by Bazzz05/18/084.40

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 05

 — Lis gets help from her stablemates. by Bazzz08/29/084.44

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 06

 — Lis prepares for her final showdown with X. by Bazzz06/11/094.39

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 07

 — Lis Rome's saga comes to a conclusion. by Bazzz07/14/094.46

Auctioned Wives

 — Wives are deceived. by Karenkay06/18/054.48

Auctioned Wives Ch. 02

 — Wives are selected to participate in a reality show. by Karenkay09/28/054.56HOT

Auctioned Wives Ch. 03

 — White wives participate in a game to mate with black men. by Karenkay12/08/054.49

Auctioned Wives Ch. 04

 — Wives are auctioned for a future TV show. by Karenkay02/23/064.45

Auctioned Wives Ch. 05

 — Housewives are involved in a reality show of the future. by Karenkay05/25/064.37


 — Couple visits an intriguing modeling agency. by dsoul09/24/094.00

Australian BBWs Love Black Men!

 — Australian BBW falls for Black businessman in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/21/102.94

Australian Woman and Black Man

 — White Australian lady meets kindly Black man. by Samuelx05/14/113.25

Auto Club to the Rescue

 — Car trouble and interracial lust on an old highway. by tentotex05/27/084.43

Autumn Love

 — Mid fifties black and white couple fuck on a hilltop. by Bruson02/15/103.88

Autumn's Twilight

 — The Witch, The Champion and The Pariah. by Arma09/06/054.80HOT

Autumn's Twilight Ch. 02

 — Witch bides her time; unaware Princess performs. by Arma09/11/054.86

Avoiding the Storm Ch. 01-02

 — Women and son escape from enemy grasp. by Black_Beauty90408/16/124.54HOT

Avoiding the Storm Ch. 03-04

 — What was once lost, is now found! by Black_Beauty90411/08/124.63HOT

Avoiding the Storm Ch. 05

 — Just a pawn among wolves. by Black_Beauty90410/04/134.68HOT

Avon Calling Ch. 1

 — Middle-aged cosmetics saleswoman encounters a provocative young man. by Stardog Champion06/27/013.91

Avon Calling Ch. 2

 — Ida encounters Rahim & Sterling again. by Stardog Champion07/19/014.29

Avon Calling Ch. 3

 — Ida is held captive by Rahim and others. by Stardog Champion07/21/014.42

Awakening Amy Ch. 1

 — Young White girl does everything for professional Black boss. by KingstonM04/06/014.23

Awakening Amy Ch. 2

 — Mr. Davis disciplines Amy for the first time. by KingstonM04/08/013.97

Awakening Amy Ch. 3

 — Mr. Davis continues teaching Amy to be his slut. by KingstonM06/27/014.51HOT

Aye, Papi!

 — Her latin lover does not disappoint. by isthisdesire06/26/054.15

Ayesha's Adventure

 — Indian Muslim woman's breaks religious taboo. by DevilsAngel36911/19/064.41

Aylesbury Wives Club

 — A gay black man wants to join an all womens club. by Karenkay11/18/044.55HOT

Aylesbury Wives Club Ch. 02

 — A Black man poses as gay in order to join. by Karenkay11/24/044.47

Aylesbury Wives Club Ch. 03

 — Nina arranges to fuck Peter so her husband can watch. by Karenkay12/13/044.50HOT

Babs Meets Brian

 — He brings a coworker home for dinner. by Just Plain Bob12/14/043.91

Baby Blues

 — Horny pregnant woman craves MMF threesome. by Traci Spencer03/12/023.11

Baby Girl Ch. 01

 — A romance told in Black and White. by NaomiRose12/18/054.43

Baby Girl Ch. 02

 — Wanting to run away and hide. by NaomiRose02/25/084.28

Bach and Chocolate

 — An interracial romance with music. by mattwatt4308/12/114.52HOT

Bachelorette Party

 — Her friends treat her to what she really wants. by theWIFEWatcher05/26/103.90

Bachelorette Party

 — Strippers made me horny. by cindy_4u11/23/114.00

Bachelorette Party Ch. 02

 — Her friends treat her to what she really wants. by theWIFEWatcher06/17/104.11

Back at the Swinger's Club

 — His wife surprises him when they return to the club. by dr13bone05/23/113.93

Back to 1956 Ch. 01

 — Time travel challenges modern-day interracial couple's marriage. by ValerieRyan11/09/113.99

Back to 1956 Ch. 02

 — And the story continues... by ValerieRyan11/12/114.13

Back to 1956 Ch. 03

 — Things aren't what they seem. by ValerieRyan11/13/114.29

Back to 1956 Ch. 04

 — Evelyn learns the hard way.... by ValerieRyan03/11/124.07

Back To Black

 — Interracial hotwife sex fantasy comes true. by Innocent203/12/094.19

Back to Black Two, Make That Three

 — Wife finds fun with a bang. by Innocent203/07/094.10

Back to College

 — White wife makes 'study friends' at night classes. by Fudgsickle02/05/034.32

Back To School

 — Raj nails red-haired beauty by InjunDude03/02/033.99

Back to School

 — She discovers a treat when she returns to college. by devil_in_white_dress03/30/034.45

Backdoor Bukakke Bride Ch. 01

 — Lonely wife sends husband a shocking video diary. by David Phillips06/26/054.34

Backdoor Bukakke Bride Ch. 02

 — Candy crashes Kimi's video diary party. by David Phillips06/27/054.29

Backyard Gangbang

 — Girls find excitement near home. by sunshine593009/29/084.39

Backyard Gangbang Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend has new experiences. by sunshine593010/04/084.47


 — He falls for island girl during business trip. by KawGuy04/27/084.42

Ballet Club Ch. 01

 — White girls dance with the devils. by notbillyb07/08/024.13

Ballet Club Ch. 02

 — Devils made her do it? by notbillyb07/09/024.47

Ballet Club Ch. 03

 — Daughter misses the dance, but... by notbillyb07/10/024.38

Ballet Club Ch. 04

 — It's Mom's turn. by notbillyb07/18/024.51HOT

Ballet Club Ch. 05

 — Devils come to party. by notbillyb07/19/024.65HOT

Ballet Club Ch. 06

 — Dress rehearsal. by notbillyb09/14/024.60HOT

Ballet Club Ch. 07

 — Devils pave the way to heaven. by notbillyb10/28/024.61HOT

Ballet Club Ch. 08

 — The 'big' day arrives. by notbillyb12/10/024.57HOT

Ballet Club Ch. 09

 — Putting on a show. by notbillyb05/09/034.69HOT

Band Slut

 — Melinda the Band slut finds out she likes big black dick! by Talynnda04/29/074.52HOT

Banging the Boss

 — Banging the boss. by PrettyAss112/02/143.93

Bangkok at its Best

 — Asian girls love an Englishman. by Rosko Busby 200512/17/044.27

Bangkok Encounter

 — Western man experiences Thailand. by Vlad Caba06/06/033.95

Bangladesh Lady For Black Stud

 — Bangladeshi woman and Black Texan connect in Calgary. by Samuelx09/07/132.67

BAP Becomes Black Female Slave

 — Black American Princess is taken by White BBW. by Samuelx07/19/093.03

Bar Girl

 — They did not even speak the same language. by dogilguy08/05/093.79

Barb's Bet Payoff

 — Her team lost, now she has to pay. by wtchswife04/01/124.03

Barb's Bet Payoff Ch. 02

 — More of Barb's adventures. by wtchswife04/20/124.15

Barb's Black Vacation

 — Wife does two Caribbean hunks. by spanishwine04/13/054.35

Barb's First Time

 — His wife's first extramartial event. by wtchswife11/30/083.75

Barb's Seduction Ch. 01

 — Wife is seduced via e-mail by Black man & friend. by suewatcher10/10/034.70HOT

Barb's Seduction Ch. 02

 — Friend and lover's treachery continues. by suewatcher11/23/034.70HOT

Barb's Seduction Ch. 03

 — Wife's seduction by black lover continues. by suewatcher02/08/044.38

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 01

 — Barbara's first black cock is not her last. by HOTMOM_BARB01/23/074.16

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 02

 — Does she really want to be a slut to BBC? by HOTMOM_BARB01/29/074.35

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