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Where's Your Office????

WOW short sassy and sooo sexy. can hardly wait for your next story good thoughts good writing good work luv it

Your writing is so real and comfortable, regardless of the subject

Reading this story, us readers get the ability to empathize and identify with feelings and desires. It is beautiful....


Gosh!, some of the comments posted so far can make you lose faith in human nature, there are some really sick minds out there, remind me never to visit the U.S. This is just a story a fantasy turn on, there is only one race and that is the human race, all this so called interracial antagonism speaks of ignorance, if people of different colour skin want to have some fun or form a relationship it is their business, how do these attitudes fit in with "biggest democracy in the world", many of you have a lot to learn.. As to this story, well in the first chapter he stood by and watched, he could have called his son for assistance if he felt outnumbered, in the second chapter he is upset about events so that does not make sense to me, a nicely put together story but that lets it down for me.


What a beautiful portrayal of a romance between to very deserving people. You are a superb writer, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the build up. It is refreshing to get to know the characters and what makes them tick before they are in eachothers pants. Kudos to you!

Again, well done. If you'd kept this story at a chapter, I could accept the premise and move on. But since you've continued it, now I'm invested in following it and it raises some questions.
I'd like to read more indepth thinking/feeling processes from her. This was a good pov chapter, but still doesn't go deep enough for me. Mainly because this type of woman is enough outside my own personality, I have a hard time understanding what motivates her to accept his behavior outside of sex. The sex is well written and hot, but what does one do with the other few hours left in the day lol. Hopefully momma will also be there to guide her in areas the books don't cover.
Regardless of whether or not you do answer my questions, you've got my attention for however long you continue writing the story.

Well that's a way to start the day!


I'm glad to read from Prissy's pov but I like Dylan's as well. I agree that he has some issues but I don't think he would hurt his family like his father did. Good to know his mom's head isn't buried in the sand about her son.

would like to see the rest of the story from her p.o.v.

I need a conclusion!!

PLEEEEEAS WRITE MORE!!!! (Great job so far...)

I am glad that momma realizes her child is cray cray!! Her choice to stay with his his father created that issue, Socioparhs are created by their environment not born. I truly hope that Prissy reads those books so she we can protect her unvorn child. Unlike his fzther, i don't believe that Dylan would harm his wife or child. So good.


To the previous anonymous commentator I can only say "grow up and get a life", good turn on story from engywwok it's what this site is all about, sometimes stories are dark and interesting and others a good fun read.

Hopefully their child's personality will be a bit more like Prissy and way less of aggressive Dylan.

Please cont.

This is just the beginning. Good start. I'm reading a lot chemistry between those too. Bad boy with mystery to him who is obsess with sexually frustrated talented young lady.

Another Hit!

I love all your stories so much. Great job!


really great story would love to read more stories of the white sluts club and of the mothers submission to her daughter and Samantha

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