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Character development

I liked the way you developed the characters thus far. I thought the way you had James explaining about sex being something saved for that someone special sure hit the nail head on. I am looking forward to reading more of your works.

Only an abuser would make this comment

Only a wimp or an abuser would make the comment "someone should shoot her." As a nurse I took care of several women who were either raped or beaten by a stranger or someone they knew. One of these women was beaten at a doctor's office by her girlfriend's boyfriend.
There is one other type person who would make this sick comment, a black man that thinks all black should date or marry within their own race. This type of man is insecure and feels inferior to any true man no matter what race.

is there more?

Will this story continue? It seems there is much more to tell. I like the charactures and want to see how their stories plays I hope we will see more.

I admit you got me

I was kinda annoyed with the way she spoke but the second page had me cracking up can't wait for the second chapter *****

5 !

Anticipating chapter 2. Great cliffhanger!


This was such a beautiful story.. 😊

Some serious editing need to be done.

I got a feeling she will end up cheating. She kind of did already but she will end up in a love triangle. Things seem kind of fishy with her boyfriend. It seems like he is stepping out on her.

He want to know what happened? He got played. I saw this coming as soon as she mentioned about giving blow jobs.

Nice twist

I was getting nervous the story would keel over into something unpleasant , but this looks like something I will forward to see more chapters of


Very sexy. Plz don't wait too long. You keep us too much waiting. At least tell us if you're working on it or planning on updating it any time soon.

Nice story but...

I hate love triangles! They always have a bitterness to it, since one of the three involved always ends up getting hurt. Your writing is exquisite tough, and the storyline very inventive, though unrealistic.


Why hasn't Selena fucked Tai yet tho? I can't live off of them just kissing. And even Linda didn't get fully dicked down. Like good job but wtf.

Thanks i am so happyyyyy

It is a councidence that i just checked back yesterday to see if you had updated the series. I love it. I look forward to reading about the husband and sons reactions. They still do not know right. There is a lor of scope in their reactions - feelings emotions jealousy defeat etc.. I would love for Sharon to get her haircut again in a fashionable sidecut with cornrows, à la Flower Tucci. More tattoos are are eagerly awaited. It would be cool if she gets her pussy pubic hair shaped and styled at a mens barber shop. It would be great if the son finds porn of his slut mom and informs the dad. That is how they find out. Keep up the good work. Love your imagination. In the next series please tell us which acteess or pornstar Sharon looks like.

A surperb story

The meeting of Noopur for drinks, with Noopur inviting the guy to her room for a night of great sex. The guy inviting Noopur for a train ride to his house to pick up clean clothing and more sex was most erotic. To imagine the cum oozing out of Noopur's pussy into her panty crotch during the train ride to and from the guys house, then back to her hotel room is simply mind-blowing. I would be "UP" all night!

More of the story...please. 321E
Five stars.

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