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Great Start

Good beginning. But yes, proofread or have someone else do if you're cool with that. Can't wait to see this triangle moving forward.


this is so fake but a nice read of fiction while im on the toilet


i was hoping too far was meaning she got pregnant....

I didn't think much of the young man/older woman theme. All the while I was reading this, I felt it would have been better had the Thompsons brought their pretty young blonde teenage daughter along with them for TJ to seduce, which would have been more of a treat for him!

Alternatively, I agree with another commentor on this thread, that if TJ was to seduce Mrs Thompson, there should have been consequences such as a pregnancy

Didn't John sign over his parental rights? Sven needs to hit him fast: legally, financially, and then assault him physically, on the down low.

Follow Granny's advice and get out of town, fast! Red can either focus the stalker tendencies elsewhere or follow them to Sweden--hard to find her body over there.

To Anon A great but unbelievable story

Just some thoughts on storytelling from one who has been reading this type of story for fifty years and has written a couple over the last few years.

The true art of storytelling, being a fiction author, is not in telling everything, making sure that every detail is fully explained and supported. In fact the best authors include nothing that isn't required for the story. That was Edgar Allen Poe's rule in his treatise on short stories, include no detail not required to support the conclusion. The first two examples you cite about both Nick and Nicole living in a family background go to this point. All JC has told us about the family background of both Nick and Nicole is that they both came from poor and humble backgrounds, and JC has made clear that Nicole is Tejano and while not spelled out almost assuredly Roman Catholic in religion. In fact that makes it almost absolute that Nicole, at least, but probably Nick too, come from relatively large families. JC never mentions them, however, and that means they are not part of his story. He doesn't need to bore us readers with trivial details because he has a rich, interracial, cuckolding, loving wife story he is trying to tell of a couple in a family situation looking for an expanded sexuality.

As for the children, Jasmine and April, being deaf, dumb and deprived by their parents I don't read that into the stories at all. Recall that Jasmine brought up to her father her problems that she observed between Nicole, Cynthia and Collin and the intimate behavior they displayed to the children. Nick and Nicole met that test straight up and head on the way parents should. Just because JC doesn't write the details of parenting activity doesn't mean the characters do not act as parents.. Why else did Nicole quit her job with the company she and Nick both worked for except to spend more time being mother to her children?

I will repeat what I have said earlier in comments; JayCuck is a hell of a good storyteller/author and this group of stories centered around Nick, Nicole and their supporting cast of Collin, Cynthia and now David and Cassandra (?) is a top notch compelling set of stories and that includes Nicole and Cynthia's lesbian interlude with Stolen Moments.


I've missed these two!!


I don't no where this story is going, but I look forward to the ride!!!!!!!

So cute

Such a cute story! I like the cupcake material

Cory's grandmother gave her some great advice...I like her. Now she just need to keep using it and stay strong. She has no control over her family so there is no use in stressing over their behavior. I was hoping she would've told them off at least once.

There are Giants, then there are GIANTS!!!!

Don't keep us waiting too long without an update.
Brain works overtime wondering what happens next😢

Sven has been too good and is good to his family for some jerk like John to bring trouble. Sven needs to show John what he can be like. Sven may seem like a gentle giant to Cordelia, but he is a giant when it comes to protecting what is his, his family.

Thanks for the update. Don't stay away too long.

Control not protection

Dylan needs to set the family straight and let them know they will not talk to his wife any kind of way. Regardless of their opinions or what they thought, his wife was everything he wants and needs.

What Pristine is calling protection is "control." Her mother is not trying to protect Pristine but control every facet of Pristine's life to be what she wants it to be. Her mother's remarks have downgraded her daughter during the entire visit. She has said nothing positive about Dylan or her. They have no idea that their daughter is beyond being happy with Dylan. Dylan's mother treats Pristine like a daughter.

Please update soon.


Finally an update. Thanks. I have checked daily!!! This is one of my favorites.

I am glad her family is gone. The grandmother said a lot with few words. I'm gals she advised Cordelia. Sven and Cordelia needed to be by themselves as family again. There was too much tension for Cordelia.

Hopefully Sven have the money and connections that can handle John if he gets crazy.

Surely by now they are closer to solving the case of the nut that is still harassing the family.

Update soon.


Come on they deserve some happiness, peace and joy with each other.
John needs to go on with his life.

Don't tell me baby daddy wants his kid back after he abandoned them. Shame!
Love Sven and Cory! Can't wait for more

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