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Hi, its SpicySynAmon, I just want to thank all those who realized this is just a story to be read for fun. Its so funny how many of us can read other categories and not complain, but then make a big deal out of a story that is fictional and the characters don't exist. I thought this site was a haven for those of us who want to express ourselves? If you don't like the story, then just move along to one that better suits your reading enjoyment. I don't make a habit of bashing anyone on the site for what they create, please be mindful of what you put out into the universe. Karma... Syn'


No real man would get turned on with his wife fucking another man
Do you think a black guy would get turned on seeing his wife fuck a white guy
These faggots who get turned on with their wives fucking other men, give real men a bad name...
Why don't these authors right about white men fucking black guys wives and the black hubbies getting turned on .....hmmmm


Big fan of the way you build up your story...The Ethan character is a cruel and sexy at the same time...Helen is sad and you want to root for her and Olivia is addicted to Ethan like I am to this story.

sick husband and rape

This is rape pure and simple in any court. The husband is sick and the wife should divorce him. The black men should be held accountable by the charge of rape. I do not believe that a woman of any color can become addicted to black cock, especially one impregnated as this one is in this story! Someone should check this author out to see if he is not guilty of doing this to a woman.

I loved it

I really loved it, but I didn't really like the last line. I think it took away from some of the beauty of their mating.

Really wish authors would finish the entire story before posting instead of leaving readers hanging for months.


5 stars, favorite story, favorite author, love it!!!!

please come back

And write more stories about this couple. I'm in love with them. Lol

Real deal

Let her have the real deal 10" hard and thick cut just whistle

Great story

Great story, I wish a third part could written.

Part 2 is Posted!

Hey everyone! Part 2 of Richard and Cecelia's story is posted! Check it out, comment and send feedback!

Very well written. Good mix of anticipation and excitement. Very erotic

Very good

Well written.


Spanish vs italian

You need to sort out a big nationality/language mess in this story. Let's start with the name. If Marcelo is Italian, his first name should be spelled Marcello and his last name shouldnt be Gonzalez (that's Spanish). It's not "Amor", it's "amore" in Italian. "Nunca" does mean "never", but again, in Spanish, not Italian. Etc


That's really a great story. I totally enjoyed reading it. I called my GF and gave her the link to the story. She called me back about 20 minutes later and told me she loved the story and that she has read it twice. She also asked if you had posted any more stories and I had to tell her that I could not find any. If you did could you advise where they might be? Once again, GREAT story!!! Thanks for posting.

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