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Enjoying black

I can see the wife trying and enjoying black cock so much that she wants to be bred.

Love overcomes

Thank You so much for sharing your story it's so beautiful & rich. Shows how truly true love is. Your story is a true testament of love & how it never fails but endures & flourishes.

So what?

I wasn't going to say anything but guys please stop with the editors and stuff... Its notlike you don't know wat she wants to say..

Enough is Enough

Rough sex, for those who enjoy it, is NOT negative and I don't know why people keep saying that. If anything, this story ATTEMPTS to destroy the myth that black women are prudes in the bedroom. Some people write ROMANCE...I write KINK...
What people need to realize is that this storyline is NOT over, and these women are in character ...IF YOU ALL GIVE IT TIME TO UNRAVEL.

I've read this story 4 times and I just realized that Jackson and his family are from Damn Dress lol, I feel so stupid for not noticing that before. I love when authors connect all their stories, keep writing soular you have a gift!

GREAT, GREAT Story Scorching Hot

Could NOT ask for more, EVERYTHING a story should have and not 15 pages long of build up


Glad to see another chapter out so soon. Keep the momentum up! Lets see how long it is until Chelsea makes her fertile fantasies into a reality. After all, a girl has to take the pill every day in order for it to be effective, and there's a whole weekend left to go...

Well, now he can move Kelly in with his mom and deadbeat dad. Dana should keep stepping. I really hope he realizes the baby is not his, mom gets back with dad and learns a lesson, Dana moves on and even has a child, when they meet yrs later.


I'm personally all for the sexual expression of any author, but it's so annoying to constantly read erotic literature or even watch porn that always depicts black females in the worst light possible. There's nothing wrong with showing some sort of affection toward black women, and if YOU as an author are completely incapable of doing this, then as a suggestion, maybe you should explore writing about your lovely white female counterparts out here, I'm quite sure that if you penned a story about a white female, that story would be more compassionate and easier for readers to digest.

Quick seduction

Ignore Mr. Anonymous commenter. Your work fits in exactly with what could happen in a work environment. I haven't had sex with women at work but I have fingered quite a few. Most of them sexually frustrated at home. I think she should go home feeling guilty but certainly wanting more from her co-worker. Perhaps a part two would explore the possibilities.

Dropping hints

Story not bad so far. Now you hinted that sisters found their naked contact felt good. You really need to follow up on that.

This is about my fourth time reading this story because it's soooo good!!!

so jealous

Your turns of phrase are phenomenal! My favorite throwaway from this one was "Dylan stood in a rush of Armani suit," but I continue to be amazed and entertained by them.
I also love the dynamic you introduce with Prissy's POV. She's not quite as naive and country as Dylan fantasizes her to be! But his necesary roughness gets me high. So hot!

Good Followup

I like the first two chapters so far. It would be nice to see the mom get more involved in this also, if you intend to do another chapter. And maybe a little bit of action between the sisters like you hinted at earlier in the story. Overall pretty good.

good riddence

I love your story but f
David is too much of a jackass and his head is in his ass and constantly puts his foot in his mouth buuut he does deserve a chance with her please make him a good guy he has potential and please finish it your doing a great job :)

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