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So very slow.


Glad they backed each other in shutting down the sister hopefully they will always have each other's back that would be nice for a change

Good story

Delicious story, Sharon needs to made pregnant by at least one black teenager & she gives birth to the baby, then Sharon goes back to getting fucked by arrogant well-hung black teenagers - all bareback of course.

Sarah Leather, London England.

Great stuff, but...

...your only weakness is misusing a semicolon frequently; the rest is masterful.

Story was good, except...

I really liked this story until I got to the end. The Lesbian thing really kills the momentum.

Elise... hilarious and it was SO fitting you had Jason be the one Nigha awoke to. I knew that dream he had would be prophetic!

I'll summarize this way:



Very glad no condoms were used - a very good story - especially the descriptive ending. Thank you for a great story.

Maybe now, Khloe's mum can have some teenage black cock shoved up her married snatch & a baby put into her married belly by a couple of hung young arrogant black teenage boys.

Sarah Leather, London England.

Care to take odds on how long he lasts once he leaves?

Hell of a story and I imagine it will be hell starting when he leaves. I kind of dread reading the next chapters.

Oh boy... brainiac required to know why she's dizzy.

Totally masterful

You take us for one hell of a ride. Masterful storytelling!

So...he feels hot?

The entire story is hot. It feels like I'm living part of it--you're that good at detailing it! Simply incredible.

some bitches never learn

Incredible work!

Easily a 5. There's so much detail about how she looks, what he feels and your dialogue from all the characters flows so naturally. It's a sweet and sour kind of torture.

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