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Just another low life nigger fucking slut . Too bad the nigger didn't kill her like all blacks do white women

Red hot story to warm up a cold night

Or Trey's black girlfriend could teach Katie how to clean a cum filled pussy which would be the ultimate in attitude changing.

Much nicer than reality

I read here mostly for stories like this because I was just like this girl many many many years ago, innocent and gullible. A black guy that worked with my father had come by when he wasn't home and he was such a sweet talker he had me thinking that I was really sexy which was crazy because I was way younger than the girl in the story and looked like a boy except for the equipment. Anyway, he had sex with me on a cot in my basement and it hurt like hell. The girl in the story had a lot better time than I did.

not thats a hot story! i wouldnt mind having either one of those men on my team!!

Fun way to spend an afternoon

Well written with few misspellings or grammatical errors. The characters seemed real and believable. An interesting story well told.

your story was a good story until started with the husband bull shit know your story is so munch bull shit.

Good story, well written, but...

I guess it depends upon the type of ending the reader goes for, although from what I've seen here, most cuckold stories, no matter what, are trashed anyway, no matter how they turn out, simply for being the stories they are. Personally I dislike ones that have a tragic ending like this. Granted, to say that in most stories like this the boyfriend or husband ends up staying with the girlfriend/wife and cuckolding agent yet in a subservial role of cunt licker/cleaner or maybe sissy maid, the fact that he is at least allowed to have that role and is willing to accept that role and thus becomes happy to have it because it keeps him in his girlfriend's/wife's good stead, in that manner tells a story that ends somewhat less tragically than this one, a story which is somewhat upbeat, though still a tale of humiliation and desertion. This story is basically about a guy who loses his girl and can't accept it and remains scarred for life. I can almost see this guy committing suicide some time down the line. But still it's a credit to the author that he brings these feelings to the fore. I just wish it had a more common ending because then "I" would have been a happier reader. :-) Again, nice bit of writing, though.

great story!

A chapter with all three girls pregnant with potent black sperm!

Nice move on Stud part

Making cuckold lick and eat her to get her wet for the hunk of meat that she is about to enjoy. Cuckold willing to do his job. Hope the Stud has more jobs for cuckold to do.

I have a black slut to she has big lips a big bubble as and 36DD and just found out all black women lips are call DSL Dick sucking lips wow i like that but more white women want to fuck black women its the new thing


enjoyed the age difference , the way she felt through the whole ordeal.. why anal sex took place , I have no idea , eventhough she did admit to an unexpected great orgasm during

gave it a five

loved the scene you described and im soo glad she said no to anal sex.. he doesn't deserve her special sweet pussy if he is already needing her shit chute

Im a let you finish, but...

*sigh* I like where you going with the story,and I'm going to continue reading but. *sigh* Brandon just does not seem realistic too me, specifically when it comes to his feelings for what's her face. It's just sooo sudden. One minute she's this hot annoying little brat and then all of a sudden he has her heart and soul and he cant stop thinking about her and he loves her and yada-yada-yada. I just think there should be more scenes leading up to that point, the only explanation of his newfound feelings is that she was the only person that ever tell him I love you. & that paragraph alone is why I'm going to continue to give this story a shot.

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