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Good build up for the next chapter. Can't wait to read more about Melodi.

happy birthday!!

It is so cool that WE get the present!!! :-) you work rocks!!

I love the story. Im a cuckold only Im black. My wife loves fucking both black and white bulls. To me it doesnt matter. I love cuckold stories.

and we have amongst the living

a willingly cuck auto-bio
1 star for the worthless living being

I need more

Will you ever comeback and finish this story?

So good!

I love stories that have Asian Male/Black woman in them!

I liked it a great deal.

Would like to hear more about this couple's journey into depravity.


This story was a little too short but it was still really good. Vincent definitely needs to stop using the condoms and ride Amy bareback from now on, hopefully giving her a good pounding starting 3 days before she ovulates then make sure he fucks her long and hard on the day she is ovulating. Then Vincent needs to keep giving Amy what she needs for the 3 days following ovulation to make sure he has has a chance to inseminate and impregnate her. Amy definitely needs to be bred black.

Perfect Vacation Story

I'm on my first vacation in two years and I've decided to spend it at home. I'm so happy to have found your story! It's well written, unpredictable, and panty wetting with a great twist. I've never been so happy being alone in bed. ;) Please keep writing!

I Am Still Completely At Sea About WHAT is Happening, WHY it is Happening, And

TO WhOM It is Happening. Yet, and, despite that, I cannot stop reading and wanting more to read. A great story, a special read....Please. more....

First time commenting

Hi. I never comment on stories, but I had to be a first time commenter on this one to say how much your story has made a lasting impression on me. I actually read this story a few days ago and ever since then, I still find images from it playing over and over in my mind. You have a gift for writing some very strong and powerfully arousing images that stay in the mind of this reader like nothing else I have read on this site. I was surprised that Chinese men were behaving like this as you depict to a White woman. Not your usual interracial, which is refreshing for a change. Your story created a wide range of emotions within me as I read it and thought about it long after I got done reading. I really hated the Chinese guys for what they were doing to the White guy's wife, but the more I read and the more filthier it went, I was incredibly aroused and this sick story became hotter and hotter to me. I don't know what kind of person you are to come up with this stuff, but it will stay with me for a long time. I've read this story several times now and still find it very addicting. Consider me a fan. I can't get your words and images your created out of my head!


Only a few authors really put out a truly good story. Your approach was quite refreshing. Since this was to be Erika's first time with a black man, it was good to see that her desired partner was a gentleman and not some rude, crude street punk. Keep writing.

A very good story

A very well written story and I too liked the fun the author had with the name Tyrone... I do however have one complaint or more accurately a disagreement. The author seems to be saying that LT's approach works often enough that he feels no need to change it. I have a lot of trouble believing his Juvenile approach/attitude would work with anyone.

Not that good...

It's really quite a boring thing to read.
I rarely give one star but this one should have the option to remove some.


I love how you are taking it slow with this really good story. I also love how you have handled the "sex scenes," leaving out all the "ohs and ahs." This story is getting to be so erotic. Keep writing.

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