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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Another Nightmare

 — Roommate Emma comforts Jane after a bad dream. by princessrk03/28/014.36

Another Nightmare Ch. 2

 — Jane & Emma face the morning after. by princessrk04/20/014.14

Another Rebound

 — I comfort Molly the best way I know how. by JosephBarnosky02/06/124.29

Another Taste of Perfection Ch. 01

 — Elle and Lana: The first encounter. by kategreen8403/21/144.66HOT

Another Taste of Perfection Ch. 02

 — Elle and Lana go on the best date ever. by kategreen8403/26/144.68HOT

Another Taste of Perfection Ch. 03

 — Everything seems perfect. For now. by kategreen8403/29/144.62HOT

Another Toy Party

 — Fun at another lingerie party. by Bi_c6912/13/104.15

Another Toy Party Ch. 02

 — A wild ending to my toy party. by Bi_c6910/03/114.34

Another Visit to the Headmistress

 — Kim enjoys headmistress and head girl punishment. by adoration11/09/054.15

Another Visit!

 — She takes our love to another level. by RoseBrn06/15/114.15

Another Wild Night

 — Joanne is lured into a torrid threesome. by bobby(the muff man)09/12/014.11

Another World Ch. 1

 — How can this beauty be only a dream? by littletree11/28/014.00

Another World Ch. 2

 — The beauty within becomes the beauty without. by littletree11/29/014.00

Another World Ch. 3

 — The perfect end to the perfect dream. by littletree11/30/014.43

Anthea's French Lesson

 — A Frenching lesson, but who's the teacher, who's the pupil? by adoration03/05/063.71

Anthropologist in Paradise

 — I get worshipped by women on a Polynesian island. by LadyFrederika06/13/124.14

Anticipating Beltane

 — Margarete uses seduction to help Lise heal. by golden smog07/22/073.72


 — Passionate woman finds release with a seductive friend. by SilverSexKitten08/16/014.28


 — Teri finds the love of her life – Victoria. by BrettJ12/03/054.09

Anticipation Pays Off

 — Samantha and Allison. by SaraEXavier12/09/074.45


 — She's enraptured by French violin player. by MaRi-JaYnE10/11/004.25

Any Port in a Storm

 — A straight girl's experiment. by mom4gurlz06/11/074.25

Any Port in a Storm

 — Angela takes Jane's mind off of a raging storm. by tashamk8609/24/114.35

Anya Becomes a Slave

 — Successful womans drop to lesbian slave. by LADYSANGLUPA05/30/114.03

Anya Ch. 01

 — A bisexual coed seduces her roommate. by hunterwren06/01/044.66HOT

Anya Ch. 02

 — Karen and Anya prepare for Sandy's visit. by hunterwren08/05/044.51HOT

Anya Ch. 03

 — Sandy finally visits Karen and Anya. by hunterwren09/20/044.74HOT

Anya Ch. 04

 — A new girl comes between Karen and Anya. by hunterwren10/01/133.97

Anya's Newly Found Lover

 — It all started with a question. by SexiiAriel02/24/144.07

Anything to Help Pam

 — Wife broadens lonely widow neighbor's sexual rebirth. by dennyboy207/14/073.74

Apartment 407

 — Nancy loves 19-year-old Alicia. by Alicia10/11/004.04

Apartment for Rent

 — Women find each other across an apartment. by Alex the Cat09/09/044.72HOT

Apartment Sitting Ch. 01

 — Three women get to know each other better. by babe1908/29/034.53HOT

Apartment Sitting Ch. 02

 — The storm continues, outside & inside. by babe1909/26/034.36

Apology Accepted

 — Jane must apologize to her wife. by Charmer122104/01/144.62HOT

Appreciating Amanda Ch. 01

 — Young woman seduced by a charmingly perverse neighbour. by SweetOblivion04/18/094.38

Appreciating Amanda Ch. 02

 — Amanda's seduction continues; we meet the Kincaids. by SweetOblivion04/24/094.44

Appreciating Amanda Ch. 03

 — Continuing the cunning, lingual education of Amanda. by SweetOblivion05/08/093.95

Appreciating Amanda Ch. 04

 — Some concluding notes of interest. by SweetOblivion06/02/094.50HOT

April and Destiny's Surprise

 — April's mom pays a visit and discovers new pleasures. by JMiller6906/23/094.15

Arab Femdom in Orleans

 — Black woman seduces Arab gal in Orleans. by Samuelx09/19/112.80

Arab Lesbian Seductress

 — Arab woman seduces butch French-Canadian lesbian. by Samuelx08/25/112.95

Arab Lesbians

 — Two women from Arabia fall in love. by Samuelx07/09/112.76

Arabian Nights: The Sultana's tale

 — The Sultana has a night of ecstacy in the harem. by Ealing12/28/034.50HOT

Are We Nearly There Yet? Ch. 01

 — Lesbian domination comes to Midshire. by SweetOblivion03/11/104.31

Are You Ready For... Ch. 01

 — She finally meets her online lover. by xbatgirl1304/21/064.31

Are You Ready For... Ch. 02

 — We prepare for a night out on the town in Chicago. by xbatgirl1304/26/064.54HOT

Are You Ready For... Ch. 03

 — Two girls on the town go to a nice restaurant. by xbatgirl1304/29/064.39

Ari's Ride

 — Girl biker & girl cop savor outdoor sex. by joanne697411/02/044.17

Aria Ch. 01

 — Dharma Tramp offshoot - Freya fulfills a longtime fantasy. by MissBri03/09/064.00

Ariana's Awakening Ch. 1

 — School outcast gets a new start. by Sxxyangl10/09/004.38

Arizona Heat Pt. 01a

 — Kate's Story: lesbian encounter set in Phoenix AZ, 1980. by K_Finnegan08/05/114.78HOT

Arizona Heat Pt. 02a

 — Kate calls Jenny, and begins a passionate affair. by K_Finnegan09/04/114.65HOT

Arizona Heat Pt. 02b

 — Jenny gets a phone call and begins an illicit affair. by K_Finnegan09/09/114.47

Arizona Heat Pt. 03a

 — Kate's Story: Kate babysits for Jenny, & they play out a fantasy. by K_Finnegan10/03/114.55HOT

Arizona Heat Pt. 03b

 — Jenny seduces the "new babysitter." by K_Finnegan10/15/114.64HOT


 — Coed cheerleader is seduced by another woman. by eroslit11/26/024.67HOT

Aroused in Class

 — Two girls scratch an itch. by Lia Monde05/09/054.51HOT


 — An unexpected treat for a hungry lady. by DarkAngel200712/14/074.24

Arrows to Our Love

 — A BDSM love story. by LadyWanda05/17/084.16

Art Teacher Romance

 — An art teacher meets a woman on the train ride home. by JulieArt04/24/094.57HOT

Art Teacher Romance Ch. 02

 — Waking up lovers. by JulieArt04/28/094.60HOT

Art Teacher Romance Ch. 03

 — Anne explores her feelings for women. by JulieArt05/02/094.70HOT

Art Teacher Romance Ch. 04

 — Anne surprises Terry with her emerging sexuality. by JulieArt05/04/094.73HOT

Art Teacher Romance Ch. 05

 — Terry and Anne enjoy an afternoon at the studio. by JulieArt05/09/094.79HOT

Art Teacher Romance Ch. 06

 — Terry and Anne talk about their first experiences. by JulieArt05/17/094.62HOT

Art Teacher Romance Ch. 07

 — Terry and Anne make love for the final time. by JulieArt06/04/094.71HOT

Artist Ch. 01

 — She can almost feel her touching the back of her neck. by Charlotte35f07/26/074.69HOT

Artist Ch. 02

 — Is she going to pose nude today? by Charlotte35f07/27/074.64HOT

Artist Ch. 03

 — Electricity strikes again in the park. by Charlotte35f09/21/094.69HOT

Aruna and Rebecca Pt. 01

 — A new home, a new friend, and maybe something more? by LenaLena05/25/104.66HOT

Aruna and Rebecca Pt. 02

 — Falling for each other and coming out to friends. by LenaLena01/06/114.64HOT

Aruna and Rebecca Pt. 03

 — When crazy exes enter paradise... by LenaLena03/29/124.72HOT

Aruna and Rebecca Pt. 04

 — Going after her. by LenaLena11/12/144.73HOT

As I Want You to Be

 — Mia names a stray baby dyke and makes her first time public. by LesbianChickLit03/04/144.54HOT

As I Want You to Be Ch. 02

 — Mia shows the cute boi to her apartment and a real strapon. by LesbianChickLit08/25/144.68HOT

As I Want You to Be Ch. 03

 — Kay comes to Mia's for fun. LJ comes to Mia's for help. by LesbianChickLit10/12/144.76HOT

As She Lay Sleeping

 — Her first lesbian experience. by Nicolelabelle11/29/054.46

As the Sexual Appetites Build

 — Katie discovers what being with a woman is all about. by katwomantxstyle02/11/064.37

Ash and Abby

 — Two college friends get a little bit more friendly. by Ashbylove12/29/074.11

Ashima & Vanishree

 — Tutor-Student relationship was never so fascinating. by bangopee10/05/064.03

Ashlee and Naiya's Sleepover

 — A need to tell secrets leads to night that changes them both. by pointless03/27/094.62HOT

Ashlee's Weakness

 — Ashlee's love for Macy is tested by Carrie. by pointless05/03/104.19

Ashlee's Weakness Ch. 02

 — Ashlee tries to get over Carrie with Macy's unknowing help. by pointless10/12/104.17

Ashleigh's Carnal Friends Ch. 02

 — Ashleigh shows Danielle what John did to her. by a_diamond_geezer12/16/104.45

Ashleigh's Carnal Friends Ch. 05

 — Ashleigh gets seen to at the beauty salon. by a_diamond_geezer01/30/114.53HOT

Ashleigh's Carnal Friends Ch. 07

 — Ashleigh and Danielle compare sex notes. by a_diamond_geezer03/05/114.36

Ashleigh's Carnal Friends Ch. 14

 — Ashleigh meets Alice on her first day at university. by a_diamond_geezer01/22/144.40

Ashleigh's Dream Girl

 — She's mesmerized by lovely Latina. by Sweetcharade11/16/014.32


 — A love affair between two women. by emesangels12/09/023.88


 — She's with Ashley when her hubby catches them. by Seawolf773912/23/123.75

Ashley & I

 — My friend Ashley called to invite me out for a night. by secretb09/08/113.78

Ashley & Megan

 — Girl learns about the joys of masturbation. by inconspicuous_fem02/28/024.28

Ashley and Amanda Ch. 01

 — Ashley has a crush on Amanda. by wolftribe200907/04/114.08

Ashley and Amanda Ch. 02

 — Two lesbians have fun for the second time. by wolftribe200907/05/114.10

Ashley and Amanda Ch. 03

 — Amanda stops by for a late night visit to Ashley's house. by wolftribe200907/15/113.94

Ashley Meets Melissa

 — Ashley will judge who does a better job of eating her. by Boxlicker10108/31/043.98

Ashley's Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Ashley begins living out her deepest desires. by cfnflover02/17/153.94

Ashley's Humiliation

 — Break the rules, and get punished; or do you? by CianPerrel10/01/124.38

Ashley's Internship

 — Attractive coed goes to work for a dominant female exec! by Dumpington02/05/154.44

Ashley's Secret

 — Ashley seduces her mom's best friend. by pusylvr6904/28/094.70HOT

Ashley's Secret Ch. 02

 — Ashley continues pampering Auntie Pam by pusylvr6905/15/094.80HOT

Ashley's Secret Ch. 03

 — Ashley seduces her Auntie Pam and Uncle John at once. by pusylvr6905/23/094.77HOT

Asian Adventure

 — Lesbian adventure in Japan. by marriedpervs11/05/044.31

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

 — Sometimes it's okay to have your back against the wall. by savismith01/31/124.21

Ask Her to Join You

 — How coed seduced her stuck-up roommate. by BabyBrittney08/27/054.25

Asleep & Awake

 — Gina and Denise come together. by pinky_girl09/29/034.65HOT

Ass Woman's Wonder

 — Black butch loving strawberry blonde femme. by DeniseNoe07/15/083.90

Assigned Seating

 — Hazel is seated next to a most intriguing dinner companion. by RowanWildrose01/15/154.51HOT

Assisting Photography

 — Jenny misses her boss Hannah while she is gone on vacation. by BiJesus179407/04/123.67

Astronomy 02

 — Wife's first lesbian love. by LadySappho6906/16/084.45

At Large

 — Two bank robbers at large find a small town to settle in. by Celeste99908/16/074.27

At Last

 — Butch/femme lesbians give in to their desires at last. by kitnkittykat02/26/094.42

At Last

 — Best friends finally wake up together. by dancingonmyown01/28/144.75HOT

At Supper Last Night

 — She fantasises about another woman in the pub. by podone12/18/073.79

At The Bachelorette Party

 — My bandmates got fucked by the audience. by SilMaria09/16/143.73

At The Bar

 — Stood up by her husband, she is seduced by a woman. by RubyJ11/06/034.50HOT

At The Bar Ch. 02

 — Her bottom looked so inviting. by RubyJ03/19/054.51HOT

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