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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Cocktails & Strangers

 — Two old friends are watched by a stranger. by CharlieBrown99904/26/044.03

Coed Lovers on a Picnic

 — Everything tastes better when you eat it out of doors. by Boxlicker10104/10/094.32

Coffee and Lovers

 — Kat and Marie discover new love over a cup of coffee. by Kylock1205/23/114.46

Coffee Date

 — A meeting of friends. by 64 Arts10/10/064.11

Coffee Mornings (Marion & Astrid)

 — Marion visits Astrid. by geronimo_appleby01/09/064.18

Coffeehouse Comfort

 — She finally gets the girl of her dreams. by dorkybutcute11/07/064.73HOT

Cold Reception

 — Annika finds love in hellish cold of war time Poland. by Colleen Thomas10/27/034.81HOT


 — You and Tanya play a game of control. by tashi13708/10/084.00

Colleen Ch. 02

 — Colleen is prepared for our evening out. by MastrStoryTeller12/04/084.61HOT

College Camping Experience Ch. 03

 — Molly, Ally and Beth have fun out in nature. by storytyme04/08/144.62HOT

College Day 01

 — Ashton meets an angel, which sets things in motion with Vi. by DannyRae08/05/134.60HOT

College Day 02

 — A fight breaks, an ex appears. What will happen to Ash? by DannyRae08/06/134.26

College Days

 — How I learned a little about penetration. by lolacherrycola02/11/094.14

College Days and Nights Ch. 01

 — Amelia gets a surprise at the library. by common_starling08/31/104.43

College Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Lizzie is a virgin, who is horny as hell, what comes next? by LizzieSux11/26/133.96

College Fun!

 — My best friend shows me the pleasures of another woman! by juci_luci09/08/114.37

College Girls

 — A little rebound lesbian sex. by TheMorg10/28/043.97

College Girls Ch. 1

 — Life for Angel & Mary changes. by lilangel20000104/22/023.94

College Girls Experiment Together!!

 — A camping trip turns teenage girls wild. by plumbum9311/02/112.63

College Girls Getting WeT & WiLd

 — Cindy lusts for her hot and sexy roomie. by lil^pearl09/09/014.52HOT

College Girls Getting WeT & WiLd Ch. 02

 — Cindy takes up where she left off. by lil^pearl01/11/044.44

College Girls Learning To Love

 — Roomies learn how to deal with being horny. by Pelios12/22/044.77HOT

College Girls Shower Time

 — A girl on girl exploration. by DesCretely05/22/113.43

College Intern

 — "Gloria you realize what I’m asking you?" by GloriaWill02/05/114.46

College Lovers

 — Coeds enjoy their empty dorm together. by Mahala12/25/043.89

College Roomies

 — Colleen meets Gwen - all of Gwen. by JoJoBabe11/12/013.97

College Roommates

 — Innocent Elizabeth turns the tables on bitchy Veronica. by Regardless0102/28/014.32

College Roommates

 — Three roomies discover how to please each other. by bicurmifemfantasy10/26/014.42

College Roommates

 — Fun Female College Roommate by zipper694u02/10/094.20

College Roommates

 — Two coeds find common ground. by mydsm243109/10/103.73

College Sapphic Release

 — She wanted to know what women were like. by collegelez08/29/074.62HOT

Collette's Caught Cybering

 — I am punished and seduced by a work colleague. by Collette2306/01/094.00

Collision of Fantasy & Reality Ch. 02

 — He watches her first lesbian encounter. by browneyedgrrl09/10/064.71HOT

Colors of the Rainbow - Regrets

 — Lily meets Safara for the first time by TheBriarRose02/11/083.30

Colour of Change - Regrets

 — A kiss will be her undoing, and tear her family apart. by Chewtoi01/10/093.90

Colour of Change - Warmth

 — Lily and Safara have a day to themselves. by Chewtoi01/10/094.15


 — Nurse takes advantage of comatose ex-girlfriend. by DepthsOfDuality01/04/134.18

Come On Over

 — Kelly's girlfriend arrives unannounced at her apartment. by delicate_yielding08/10/084.27

Come On Over

 — A horny housewife has a few dirty thoughts of her neighbor. by Mistress_Laila05/13/133.79

Come Straight Home

 — Girl friend and her fantasy lover. by kh056102/20/034.22

Come Together

 — How long until Ms. Wilson gives into Emily's flirting? by singthebodyelectric09/17/104.32

Come Together

 — Mistress Sasha trains her new pet to feel her pleasure. by JukeboxEMCSA07/04/114.37


 — She seeks solace in the arms of her lover. by Lady_Fiona02/03/103.86

Comfort Amid An Inevitable Divorce

 — Tara finds unexpected comfort. by sweetexpression06/30/034.58HOT

Comforting Mary

 — A friend initates her into girl on girl sex. by ladyhawk10005/10/064.43

Comforting Paula

 — Mandy comforts her heartbroken friend Paula. by Svenskaflicka11/26/033.56

Coming Around

 — She discovers hatesex. by V.Dentata06/10/023.00

Coming Clean Ch. 02

 — Melodie, Kat and Kitten ride into trouble. by TE99908/14/074.59HOT

Coming Clean Ch. 03

 — Tiffany's Ride: Tiffany and Jo become lovers. by TE99901/20/084.69HOT

Coming Clean Ch. 04

 — The sorority party: Kat finds happiness. by TE99902/18/084.74HOT

Coming Clean Ch. 05

 — Friends in Need: Kat, Kitten and Jo are arrested. by TE99903/20/084.67HOT

Coming Clean Ch. 06

 — A town under siege: defending Wisteria. by TE99904/27/084.58HOT

Coming Home

 — A new life with family on the Islands. by happyday03/07/074.49

Coming Home

 — A woman returns home to confront the demons of her past. by ijay04/29/114.67HOT

Coming Home Early--Nicole's Story

 — Wife seduced by husband's female boss. by quietmischief10/27/114.20

Coming Of Age

 — Ashely finds herself seduced by her older neighbor Laura. by Eroticmind4u11/17/144.26

Coming of Age and Coming Out

 — Cathy and Tammy tell their parents they are lesbians. by JSMILWI08/26/134.04

Coming Out by Diving In

 — Drunken roommate offers opportunity for growth. by YKN494902/24/124.21

Coming Out to Christy

 — Young woman discovers other women. by 882801/16/094.27

Coming Out's Easy Ch. 01

 — A nervous bisexual comes out and finds it was well worth it. by PAhorny09/30/103.92

Coming to Grips Ch. 01

 — Young woman faces a choice in accepting herself. by -Ripley-06/11/144.71HOT

Commando Rules!

 — First time lesbian started with a missing pair of knickers. by Brookell02/15/094.39

Commuting on the 7.45

 — She is picked up & seduced by lady train traveller. by iraussieguy10/13/034.66HOT

Commuting on the 7.45 Ch. 02

 — The initiation of Laura by a group of Sad Souls. by Celeste99911/28/074.59HOT

Company Ladder - Tuesday

 — Kat's activities are discovered. by HippieDyke07/07/094.00

Complex Relationship Ch. 01.3

 — Mel reflects on her day and a lesbian encounter. by PaulStevens06/21/094.50HOT

Complex Relationship Ch. 02.1

 — Katy & Mel's wedding and honeymoon. by PaulStevens05/20/104.46


 — A young girl's fantasies of being controlled come true. by deliciousthoughts06/26/114.53HOT

Compulsion Ch. 02

 — Ella is drawn deeply and willingly into her new world. by deliciousthoughts07/15/114.55HOT

Concealed Passion

 — Rachel's story. by ColdCat07/08/104.64HOT


 — Three young women's story of discovery. by LaJan02/01/023.80


 — Another glimpse of Jordan and Rachael's ongoing affair. by herslave42011/10/094.60HOT


 — She confesses to her friend a weekend gone astray. by Annika3806/24/064.49


 — She confesses to priest about encounter with the boss's wife. by sweethomealabama07/09/074.61HOT


 — Erotic truth spices oral sex. by womanworshipper11/27/114.25

Confession 01

 — Her secret lesbian desire by bi_blk_slut08/28/08

Confessions of a Gynecologist

 — Jenna breaks my will power. by CarolinaPeach06/20/134.46

Confessions of a Nurse Ch. 02

 — Teenage nurse gets to know Sister Tanner much better. by Pussyrider07/22/074.48

Confessions of a Nurse Ch. 03

 — Sally helps a pregnant patient ease her frustration. by Pussyrider08/09/074.39

Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 01

 — I kissed a girl and I liked it! by Wildchick197703/18/104.62HOT

Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 02

 — Older dyke seduces college coed. by Wildchick197704/01/104.65HOT

Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 03

 — Jennifer instructs Samantha how to be a submissive lesbian by Wildchick197704/06/104.65HOT

Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 04

 — Teri takes Sam's ass before she gives her first blowjob. by Wildchick197704/10/104.47

Confessions Of An Indian Shrink Ch. 1

 — A Kerala-born psychiatrist's experiences. by indiandevil66606/08/013.22

Confessions of Virginity Ch. 01

 — Coed takes on a world of sensuality. by PhantomOfMoonlight09/19/083.81

Confused Ch. 01

 — Vivian realising her feelings for Anna. by NightHuntress10/14/094.19

Confused Ch. 02

 — Anna gets some shocking news! by NightHuntress10/21/094.43

Confused Ch. 03

 — Does Anna really leave? by NightHuntress10/28/094.40

Confused Ch. 05

 — Vivian and Anna get it on! by NightHuntress11/22/094.48

Confused Heart

 — A coed wonders if she's straight or gay. by ChazThain10/02/094.20

Confusion and Pleasure Ch. 03

 — Sophie becomes Linda's. by HectorOfTroy08/05/054.43


 — Elder sister removes younger's confusions - & her clothing. by lost_in_space11/04/054.42


 — Neighbors fall in love against the odds. by Xtinas_Girlfriend09/24/074.54HOT


 — Coed brings a friend home to meet her mother. by Bokimbol06/27/084.48

Connie & Becka: New Old Friends

 — Two women meet at a seminar and discover love. by leyna3207/25/094.47

Connie Crashed

 — Drunken roommate's lesbian friend seduces straight girl. by pressmybutton11/14/043.99

Connie's Lesbian College Adventure

 — Connie begins college and discoveres the pleasure of control. by Suebustybi3507/04/124.28


 — Hurt unleashed on unsuspecting partner. by BlueMoonWriter11/10/054.33


 — You punish her for failing You. by cornixregina08/16/123.50

Consolation Prize

 — There must be some compensations when your husband's in Iraq. by PHL101310/15/073.27

Construction Women

 — They get more pussy than the guys! by LustyLee7711/18/094.44

Consummate Conservation

 — Earth Day celebration with a twist. by lucky-E-leven04/03/044.56HOT

Contamination Ch. 01

 — Scientists at hazmat lab get contaminated in a bad way. by LukeCoolhand03/22/104.56HOT


 — I feel happy with my lover. by pttyjones08/03/114.16


 — Kate and Sara find a way to banish work day blues. by matriarch08/24/034.54HOT

Contest Ch. 07

 — Danielle has her first female experience. by Goldeniangel02/26/054.29

Contrition Ch. 04

 — A business woman is kidnapped by a younger woman for revenge. by graymangazer03/13/144.28

Controlling Cassandra Ch 02

 — "Strictly Forbidden": Cassey and Julia go shopping. by julie_julia01/18/074.58HOT

Controlling the Apartment Residents Pt. 01

 — Muscular girl wrestles & humiliates tenants by StryWrter706/06/044.09

Convent From Hell Ch. 02

 — Two nuns prepare Zoe for her meeting with the Priest. by AGreyFoxxx01/04/114.39

Convent Girls

 — Girl with a reputation seduces innocent roommate. by Goldeniangel06/04/054.33

Conversation Between Two Friends

 — Just a quick little tale. by Dotrice104/26/08


 — A college girl follows a friend to a women's ceremony. by queenhobart01/29/114.17

Converting Sara

 — Her first orgasm with another girl. by EmmisDos06/08/094.22

Convincing Me Pt. 02

 — Looking past stereotypes. by bicuriwhat05/31/144.59HOT

Convincing Me Pt. 03

 — Giving in to pleasures. by bicuriwhat06/03/144.68HOT

Convincing Me Pt. 04

 — More physical love and a verbal declaration. by bicuriwhat06/06/144.74HOT

Convincing Me Pt. 05

 — Doubts, jealousy, trust, redemption and acceptance. by bicuriwhat06/10/144.78HOT

Convincing Me Pt. 06

 — Can guilt be an Aphrodite? by bicuriwhat07/19/144.66HOT

Convincing Me Pt. 07

 — Laying foundations for a future together. by bicuriwhat08/01/144.75HOT

Convincing Me Pt. 08

 — Finally coming out to the parents. by bicuriwhat08/14/144.68HOT

Convincing Me Pt. 09

 — A small bump and the best gift ever. by bicuriwhat09/30/144.69HOT

Convincing Me Pt. 10

 — A birthday to remember. by bicuriwhat11/06/144.68HOT

Cooking the Chef

 — A sous chef seducing a hard boss. by pigscankiss03/17/124.02

Cooking Up a Storm

 — When Bree caters, what's on the menu? by Rocket01/30/01

Cooling Off at the Lake Ch. 02

 — Sheri meets her new neighbors. by Azuldrgon07/30/083.73

Cootchie Amore

 — A man's lesbian fantasy fullfilled. by Bokimbol08/08/084.06

Copper in the Snow

 — Hillbilly girl discovers women in the midst of a snowstorm by katzen04/16/014.41

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