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Lesbian Sex Stories

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D is for Dyke

 — Cat recieves help from an unexpected source. by Many Feathers05/22/053.93

DA II: Hawke's Lesbian Adventures

 — Merrill + my female character in Dragon Age 2. by Cartman9403/19/134.44

Daddy's Evil Lil Girl

 — A submissive turns the tables on her Daddy. by SwitchWitch04/30/10

Daddy's Girl Ch. 02

 — Madeline and Charlie in the shower. by enchanted_mystic02/27/134.08

Daddy's Home

 — Lesbian erotica. by APPOLLOVE09/03/144.01

Daffy & Daisy

 — Fist time lesbians fall in love. by Perfideous04/29/134.33

Dahlia Ch. 1

 — Jilted girl seeks solace in sexy gal pal. by Angel10/12/004.27

Daisy Chain

 — Five women learn the addictive power of sapphic sex. by YKN494902/17/134.66HOT

Daisy Dreams

 — Fame and fortune are no substitute for love. by Moonlight_3308/02/024.38

Daisy Price Ch. 04

 — Daisy and Susan, the receptionist, form a unique bond. by sjmhmttep07/02/124.22

Dana & Holly Ch. 01

 — Sub gets punished for cumming too many times. by Frank_McFilthy02/03/144.28

Dana & Holly Ch. 02

 — The Beginning: Dana and Holly first meet. by Frank_McFilthy02/08/144.50HOT

Dana & Holly Ch. 03

 — Dana and Holly play a game of principal and bad student by Frank_McFilthy02/16/144.08

Dana & Holly Ch. 04

 — Holly gets a gangbang for her birthday. by Frank_McFilthy03/04/143.88

Dana & Holly Ch. 05

 — Dana and Holly play a game with their voyeuristic neighbor. by Frank_McFilthy03/15/143.82

Dana Answers an Ad

 — Lesbian submission to a controlling younger woman. by Naughty_McGee07/22/114.20

Dance Fan

 — Ashley's dance attracts special attention. by birachelg01/22/054.41

Dance for the Broken

 — When the lights go down & the music goes off. by SilenceTeitho07/11/064.29

Dance Partner

 — You enjoy chance encounter with gorgeous woman. by Bluesmanii10/07/003.65

Dance With Me

 — Dancing Leads to Sex. by ElleEmm01/14/143.78

Dancer's Pleasure

 — Woman who loves to dance finds more than a dance. by BoneyMoreOny07/12/07

Dances with Strippers

 — When she found herself between 2 lesbian strippers. by Lil_kitty12/02/094.12

Dancing Angel

 — Dance leads to night of unforgettable memories. by Katerina Val-Kyrie03/10/044.63HOT

Dancing Girls

 — Dancing with another girl on vacation can be very arousing. by pussylove6905/02/044.33

Dancing In The Dark

 — A cruise ship is perfect for sensuous explorations. by cafealamabel05/23/074.34

Dancing In The Dark Ch. 02

 — Naomi and Rose add unexpected fun. by cafealamabel04/27/084.14

Dancing on the Edge of Night

 — Tour of an evening in a strip club. by Kinky Rachel10/17/043.74

Dancing with a Vampire

 — An encounter on the dance floor leads to heated passion. by RavingRachelWritesStories03/16/134.41

Dancing with Shannon

 — We were slow dancing when lust overwhelmed us. by kala2506/04/034.68HOT

Dani's Dilema

 — Dani discovers a deep desire for her brothers girlfriend. by Curious_Anomaly04/22/124.15

Danica & Trish Ch. 2

 — The party continues. by Danica2707/10/022.95

Daniel and Carrie's Adventures Ch. 03

 — Carrie gets a Brazilian Waxing. by shakenmartini5505/23/074.26


 — She takes out hot new coworker for a wild night. by artemis1974200007/11/013.76


 — Best friends find something more. by TMorgan11/12/054.29


 — She finds the love of her life. by smj54ap01/15/074.80HOT

Danielle and Georgia Ch. 01

 — A college student learns from her roommate. by EugeneBrandon05/28/093.81

Danielle's Awakening

 — Danielle finds pleasure unexpectedly from a friend. by Morbid_Saint11/14/083.71

Danielle's Depravity Ch. 01

 — Dani falls into a life of high glam, decadent lust. by andrea_adores07/16/074.66HOT

Danielle's Depravity Ch. 02

 — Dani and Beth's relationship develops - and expands. by andrea_adores09/06/074.64HOT

Danielle's Depravity Ch. 03

 — The girls prep for their redhead, and witness a new couple. by andrea_adores05/03/084.58HOT

Danielle's Depravity Ch. 04

 — Sex with Simone. by andrea_adores09/22/094.71HOT

Danielle's Depravity Ch. 05

 — Dani & Beth return to the well desperate to wet their lips. by andrea_adores09/26/114.54HOT

Danielle's Holiday Ch. 01

 — Erotic journey into lesbian dominance and submission. by spivver01/02/104.12

Danielle's Seduction

 — Danielle's birthday present is her first lesbian experience. by BrettJ01/23/073.17

Danni & Kenzie's Story

 — Two friends are reunited in the face of danger. by jsragmanus04/16/124.79HOT

Danni & Lorna Ch. 01

 — Two friends have fun in the sun!! by Loveslut08/23/134.36

Danni & Lorna Ch. 02

 — Two friends meet their new neighbour! by Loveslut09/07/134.38

Danni & Lorna Ch. 03

 — Two friends have fun with the neighbour & a new girl!! by Loveslut09/23/134.44

Danni & Lorna Ch. 04

 — Two friends visit a Ladies Club with a difference! by Loveslut10/04/134.25

Danni & Lorna Ch. 05

 — The girls have fun planning their weekend in the City. by Loveslut01/18/143.92

Danni Goes to College

 — Danni seduces her college roommate. by SuchAFuckinLady12/12/054.46

Danni's Birthday

 — Two college friends find love. by WilBeLes02/03/154.40


 — Male persona of m.y ex-gf and I have a romp. by KansasTrouble12/18/093.27


 — You've never been with another woman either? by Penny_Tralia08/12/033.84

Dark Car

 — Sexy scene outside a nightclub draw her in. by playful Kitten2602/15/01

Dark Pleasures

 — Milene hooks up and pleasures a beautiful black girl. by Milene08/08/054.61HOT

Dark Secrets

 — A tale of modern vampires. by writeradonia02/20/143.96

Dark Side of the Force Ch. 02

 — Cindy finds true love; Cpt. Harold Malone strikes. by WifeWatchman07/14/144.67HOT

Dark Sleep

 — Her relationship breaks up after 7 years. by ANewYorkLesbian05/01/013.52

Dark White

 — Kay makes her lose her inhibitions. by So drained07/22/074.48

Darker Pleasures: The Big Night

 — Anita introduces Milene to her sorority sisters. by Milene06/02/094.74HOT

Darkness Becomes You

 — You're beautiful in the dark. by Tulips_for_Izzy04/13/044.04

Darla & Sarah

 — Stopping for gas changes Sarah's plans for the day. by darkangel00109/01/114.27

Darla's Games Day 04

 — The bulk of this story is a first lesbian experience. by Panthergirl12/28/074.79HOT

Darla's Games Day 07

 — Friday Carrie recovers and goes to a party. by Panthergirl01/05/084.70HOT

Darla's Games Day 08

 — Love beyond measure rewarded by cruelty beyond extreme. by Panthergirl01/09/084.60HOT

Darla's Games Day 09

 — Carrie forced to service strangers. by Panthergirl02/01/084.62HOT

Darla's Games Day 10

 — Another day in the gimp suit. by Panthergirl05/05/094.67HOT

Darla's Games Day 11

 — An evening with Courtney. by Panthergirl08/24/124.80HOT

Darleen's Love!

 — She takes it to another level! by RoseBrn10/04/114.45

Date Night

 — My girlfriend wants me to wear a cock out on our date. by myalteregoisahedonist08/15/124.48

Date Night Ch. 01

 — Date night is a very fun night. by mistressdani07/03/143.73

Date Night Ch. 02

 — It's only just begun. by mistressdani07/05/144.00

Date Nights

 — Samantha and Cheryl do some heavy duty experimenting. by sexyisabelle05/24/064.43

Date with Penny

 — A date can make hot for night with girlfriend. by pussylove6911/06/034.07

Daughter of the Bride

 — She's tempted by partner's sexy daughter. by Bud Lempke10/12/004.03

Daughter's Visit Ch. 02

 — Cassandra’s daughter arrives at her mother’s house. by f1racer2211/30/144.11

Daughter's Visit Ch. 03

 — Cassandra and Alexis go shopping and have fun with the owner. by f1racer2212/18/144.57HOT

Daughters - Amanda

 — For every yin, there is a yang, the world discovers. by Lisa Summers03/12/114.38

Daughters - Eve, Ch. 01

 — How it all began. by Lisa Summers07/24/104.76HOT

Daughters - Eve, Ch. 02

 — Lesbian fever infects more women. by Lisa Summers08/09/104.76HOT

Daughters - Eve, Ch. 03

 — Conclusion: questions are answered...but more crop up! by Lisa Summers09/03/104.67HOT

Daughters - Melissa Ch. 01

 — Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? by Lisa Summers04/23/114.50HOT

Daughters - Susan Ch. 01

 — An errant threesome changes Susan's world. by Lisa Summers04/22/104.65HOT

Daughters - Susan Ch. 02

 — Susan discovers why she loves lesbian sex so much. by Lisa Summers04/30/104.35

Daughters of the Revolution

 — The flames of war stir the fires of forbidden love. by M.A.Thompson03/01/044.63HOT

Dave's Ex

 — Dave's Ex girlfriend surprises her. by TMorgan11/22/053.87

Dawn Makes A Video

 — Wild video for husband turns into something more. by GaSouthernBelle08/22/014.46

Dawn Makes A Video Ch. 2

 — Dawn tells her husband about her video. by GaSouthernBelle08/24/014.59HOT

Dawn Of A New Day

 — Soul-mates finally get their heart's wish. by aacool05/31/044.17

Dawn's New Day

 — Dawn & Elizabeth give pool-guy a show. by KayannaRose04/29/024.32

Dawn's New Life Ch. 02

 — Dawn finds comfort in with her maid of honor. by palles10/08/064.34

Dawn's Orgy Ch. 01

 — Annual Orgy Spawns New Lovers. by SplitLicker6904/24/114.14

Dawn's Orgy Ch. 02

 — Lovers add spice and soul to orgy. by SplitLicker6904/28/113.91

Dawn's Orgy Ch. 04

 — Ebony sisters and ivory friends for life. by SplitLicker6905/04/113.80

Dawn's Orgy Ch. 05

 — Old friends join the party; Laura-Sheri finally do Candy-Cindy. by SplitLicker6905/06/113.86

Dawn's Orgy Ch. 06

 — Dawn's first cock. by SplitLicker6905/07/113.89

Day at the Gym

 — A story of first time curiosity. by Prodigy0107/19/114.07

Day Dreams at Night

 — Turning a dream into reality. by Stiletto12/29/033.30

Day Off

 — Needing a day off and getting more. by why4u06/25/073.73

Daydream Believer

 — A college student gets lost in sexy daydreams. Or does she? by JukeboxEMCSA06/25/114.09


 — Woman rediscovers her bisexuality. by DottieWom09/30/054.49


 — Sam is a 33 year old female ready for erotic adventure. by SamKirkpatrick03/22/154.09NEW


 — Birthday girl gets a great surprise from stripper. by Sunnie04/13/044.60HOT

Deadly Trick... Tasty Treat!

 — Mayhem at Halloween party brings friends much closer. by babyboo10/14/014.46

Deanna and Summer Find Each Other

 — Lifelong girlfriends become lovers and agree to a triad. by SEVERUSMAX08/14/063.63

Dear Danielle

 — A Facebook message to my girlfriend in Australia. by gypsyblackthorne10/20/113.95

Dear Diary

 — A page from the diary of Kate. by candy-prairie girl10/07/043.55

Dear Diary

 — Witty 18 yr old lesbian. by shaunacraig04/18/103.97

Dear Diary

 — Working mother is seduced by a female colleague. by lennythelion06/07/094.44

Dear Diary Ch. 09

 — Kelli loses her a woman. by Kelli Bleu10/12/003.87

Dear Diary Ch. 10

 — Kelli enjoys time with her girlfriends. by Kelli Bleu10/12/004.39

Dear Diary, My First Kiss

 — The first time she kissed a woman. by Cabaret73909/30/024.09

Dear Griffin

 — A soldier and a celebrity meet but will their love survive? by SAbitch09/05/134.70HOT

Dear Jessica (Jane's First)

 — Jane finds love with her old teacher, Miss Walsh. by Liv Blake10/12/004.53HOT

Dear Santa, I Can Explain...

 — It wasn't her fault! It was those bad women. by emilyrose11/28/064.36

Dearest Forevermore Ch. 1

 — Young girls seek love in Europe. by Mark Anthony10/12/004.21

Dearest Forevermore Ch. 2

 — Emily learns more about Anna. by Mark Anthony10/12/004.59HOT

Dearest Friends Ch. 01

 — Young Victorian lady receives a shocking confession. by Dockett11/11/084.18

Death Bed

 — Lesbian death bed. by KnowledgeLove8709/19/143.96

Debbie and I Together

 — Two friends find each others real interest in one another. by d_flowered05/02/133.90

Debbie Ch. 01

 — Her best friend and her sister unlock a powerful fire in her. by DeclanWhindam06/08/104.49

Debbie Completes Seduction Of Arane

 — They start in the tub, finish in bed. by diamondjim05/31/074.45

Debby Knut's Big Fat Butt Ch. 03

 — Shopping with my soon to be Mother In-Law. by eroswizard02/24/144.28

Deciding Thoughtfully on Your Own

 — Two women discuss whether or not to shave. by Olivia_Saint_Venus03/14/154.14

Decisions in Paradise Ch. 03

 — Abbey's shopping advice leads to a new lover. by eroslit07/14/094.67HOT

Dee & The Twins Pt. 01

 — The history of Dee and her seduction of 2 girls. by JimBob4401/24/104.20

Dee & The Twins Pt. 02

 — The twins make up for their misunderstanding. by JimBob4402/26/104.34

Dee & The Twins Pt. 03

 — Dee needs love, needs something to fill her emptiness. by JimBob4406/04/113.97

DeeGee in the O.Z.

 — Wicked Bitch of the West has her way with DeeGee. by Maggie Red Rose12/13/074.24


 — Dorm friendship leads to more. by hunterwren06/09/044.48

Deena Ch. 02

 — Now it's Deena's turn for fun. by hunterwren06/15/044.47

Deep Coverage

 — They're more than colleagues. by brunorivera04/28/054.10

Deep in the Night: The Ride

 — An FBI agent consumates her love with her partner. by KimMarie01/29/09

Deep Massage

 — First-time thrills with a Black masseuse. by gentleseduction06/24/044.37

Deep Thoughts Ch. 06

 — Things heat up for Sandy. by csmsmith09/19/054.27

Deep Vibrations

 — 2 ladies at a concert. by Ironmaiden1410/24/123.76

Deepening Friendship

 — High school seniors share more than Christmas gifts. by bldg3108/29/054.25

Defusing A Bomb

 — She reluctantly does whatever it takes. by krr195702/24/084.68HOT

Degrees of Affection

 — A slip on the ice lands Beth in Emily's bed. by ClaireRose11/12/114.42

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 06

 — The dispassionate observer in journalism. by eatoure11/20/094.22

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 08

 — Janine's rough morning after. by eatoure11/22/094.38

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 12

 — In bed with Deidre. by eatoure12/14/094.49

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