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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Dreams of Paula Ch. 2

 — Carole meets Asian girl at seminar. by Original Playgirl12/05/004.20

Dreams of Paula Ch. 3

 — Carole meets up with Lim and Paula. by Original Playgirl12/06/004.26

Dreams of Paula Ch. 4

 — Carole and Paula, after the conference. by Original Playgirl12/09/004.26


 — A dream leads to late-night passion and new love. by Miss_Falcon08/17/084.43

Dress Rehearsal

 — Two actresses find the best cure for stage fright. by Serendipity03/25/024.13

Dress Rehearsal

 — Erin continues to rehearse with Veronica. by lesbianic02/08/054.21

Dress You Up

 — Sarah models outfits for a horny fashion designer. by JukeboxEMCSA05/14/114.43

Dressing Daddy Ch. 03

 — Becky and girlfriends seduce her Mommy. by slitlicker6903/03/044.75HOTContest Winner

Dressing Room

 — Women have intense sex in a public fitting room. by 1Carly_Bloom08/14/134.60HOT

Dressing Room Affair

 — Cumming undone in a dressing room with Claudette. by passion76girl12/19/054.41

Dressing Room Encounter

 — Lesbian corners her crush inside a dressing room. by jill_gates03/13/144.47

Dressing Room Secrets

 — Her first lesbain experience by babydolltrucker07/07/064.19

Dressing Room Surprise

 — I get a surprise while self-pleasuring in the dressing room. by hblocalgrl09/27/094.53HOT

Dressing Room Turnaround

 — A lesbian encounter reversed. by babydolltrucker07/07/064.24

Drew's Awakening

 — Roommates heat up the dorm by Dangela Carr03/24/034.22

Drew's First Time

 — Drew's first sexual encounter with a girl. by Pelios09/05/074.70HOT

Drew's Wild Weekend

 — Drew goes to her friend's house to have sex with Katey. by Pelios09/22/074.72HOT


 — A butch/femme romance. by Katherine-T10/03/034.57HOT

Driving in England Ch. 01

 — Making a wrong turn can be so, SO right. by Lisa Summers10/14/064.52HOT

Driving in England Ch. 02

 — Making a wrong turn can be so, SO right. by Lisa Summers11/09/064.67HOT

Drowning in the Sea of Love

 — Sara and Mel get closer till reaching intimacy and devotion. by Smokey12504/26/14HOT

Drunk Ex-Girlfriend

 — Horny ex shows up at Raven's door. by Roxy the Goth08/17/013.53

Drunk Night with My Girlfriend

 — Two friends getting off while our husband's watch. by LizzyLeah01/12/144.05


 — Crossbow-erotica lesbian threesome. by LesbianMuses01/25/143.71

Dry Cleaning

 — Finding the dry cleaners closed, he peeked into the back. by Middleagepoet01/01/103.02


 — Cass and Jenny taking care of business. by why4u06/24/073.76

Dunn In Ch. 03

 — Intern shows her boss a new way to have fun. by niemand199401/04/134.68HOT

Dunn In Ch. 10

 — Sammie's tale of discovery. by niemand199402/14/134.70HOT

Dutch Treat

 — A tour guide and her Dutch tourist get together. by benatoa12/28/064.20

Dying to Come Out

 — Samantha's happiness could end with her death. by les_sammy_021109/04/114.58HOT

Dying to Come Out Ch. 02

 — Samantha and Victoria settle some things, but not together. by les_sammy_021109/23/114.68HOT

Dying to Come Out Ch. 03

 — Samantha and Victoria finally come to a conclusion. by les_sammy_021112/16/114.67HOT

Dyke Bar Heaven

 — Lesbian gardener goes out on the town. by Crew Cut08/17/003.94

Dyke Dominatrix

 — This lesbian wants her lover to submit. by Kalynn Osburn06/24/044.11

Dyke or Queen Choice for Halloween

 — Audrey used the cover of Halloween to step out of the closet. by andtheend10/12/104.06

Dykescapes I

 — An older lesbian settles for what she has. by Katherine-T10/08/034.29

Dykescapes II

 — A married woman finds herself. by Katherine-T10/09/034.29

Dykescapes III

 — Two women hire another woman for the evening. by Katherine-T10/11/034.38

Dykescapes IV

 — A young American woman finds her destiny in Italy. by Katherine-T10/12/034.21

Dykescapes IX

 — An encounter with a tennis star. by Katherine-T10/22/034.32

Dykescapes V

 — Her name is Tulip. by Katherine-T10/16/034.14

Dykescapes VI

 — About a Texas lady. by Katherine-T10/17/033.96

Dykescapes VII

 — A position discovered. by Katherine-T10/18/033.59

Dykescapes VIII

 — Outdoors with a dream lover. by Katherine-T10/19/033.80

Dykescapes X

 — End of an affair. by Katherine-T10/20/033.83


 — She's a bdsm lesbian switch; a Jedi mind trick of sorts. by Shadowsucks03/09/154.19

E & J

 — Evelyn meets Jerusalem. by destinie2105/14/064.45Editor's Pick

E & J Ch. 02

 — Confusion abounds. by destinie2105/19/064.62HOT

E & J Ch. 03

 — The eye of the storm. by destinie2108/07/064.53HOT

E & J Ch. 04

 — Homecoming, old habits and new developments. by destinie2110/01/064.55HOT

Early Delivery

 — A wife and her delivery driver explore hidden desires. by Kylie2407/04/144.26

Early Morning

 — Me and my Patner, Early Morning. No plot just sex by EuropeJenn03/30/144.00

Early Morning Delight

 — Widow and divorcee lost in love. by DanseParc10/31/033.77

Early Morning Muffins Ch. 01

 — Lifelong friends discover intamacy. by Georgette Glass01/19/034.26

Early Morning Taste

 — Belinda & Tabitha enjoy morning fun. by mayeliza01/17/024.02

Earning Her Place in the Coven

 — Sarah is trained for power. by Tari02/09/054.49

Earning Her Place in the Coven Ch. 02

 — Sara is shown how the power works. by Tari02/18/054.62HOT

Earning Her Place in the Coven Ch. 03

 — An interlude before chapter three in Sara's life. by Tari04/16/064.44

Earth, Wind & Fire

 — An accident causes a young woman to have special abilities. by Twinkely10/08/144.29

Earthed - Australian Style

 — Aussie women camp out in Sydney. by WhiteWave4803/29/074.41Contest Winner


 — A celebration of Life and Love by estragon03/30/113.67

Easter Present for Hubby: A Letter

 — She designs a sexy costume to wear for hubby. by englander196103/08/044.21

Eating Out in New York City

 — Two friends enjoy Manhattan in sapphic joy. by Darlene210/05/034.22

Eating Out in Oslo

 — Two strangers excite each other over dinner. by Prudo12/02/083.62

Eating Peaches, Peeling Bananas

 — Anna learns the pleasues of a fruit diet. by Sapphos Sister11/24/054.22

Ebony & Ivory

 — A night at a friend's house was not what it seemed. by smallncute02/16/044.52HOT

Ebony & Ivory

 — Two long-time friends come together in perfect harmony. by BrettJ11/30/103.94

Ecstasy Of A Kiss

 — Will these women unravel themselves? by Maureen L Reardon01/16/043.67

Eden, My Fair Queen

 — Her love for her impregnated queen. by Pandoras Desire06/15/084.01

Edge of Reason Ch. 01

 — Humanity on trial. by LaRascasse02/25/144.82HOT

Edge of Reason Ch. 02

 — The pursuit of justice. by LaRascasse04/16/144.83HOTContest Winner

Edith Learns to Pleasure Herself

 — Lover shows her the joys of masturbation. by stacey_lynne03/21/013.36

Edna's Basement

 — Young woman learns about pleasure - and pain. by millieteases11/04/044.49

Educating Emma

 — A computer course leads to a lot of input. by adoration05/04/064.16

Educating Emma Ch. 01

 — In which we meet Miss Muriel and smile at her sapphic streak. by SweetOblivion10/15/094.18

Educating Emma Ch. 02

 — In which we observe Miss Muriel's methods in more detail. by SweetOblivion10/21/094.33

Educating Emma Ch. 03

 — In which Miss Muriel arouses Annabelle Archet and her papa. by SweetOblivion10/21/104.03

Educating Liz

 — Older woman teaches coed about sex. by trainman10/14/044.14

Educating The Boss' Wife Ch. 01

 — Jessica experiences her first orgasm. by Nyissa02/05/124.11

Egg Sandwiches & Fucking

 — A conversation about sex leads to a sex. by Polite New Yorker02/03/053.78

Eighteen Years and 5 Months Old

 — Making love is about giving. by girt06/03/034.56HOT

Eleanor and I

 — Fantasy gets serious. by JuicyLemons07/09/073.96

Electric Train

 — Forget the washing machine. by Realorg02/18/024.19

Electrical Attraction

 — Two women share lust and love. by blued31105/09/134.45

Electrical Attraction Ch. 02

 — The story continues... by blued31105/14/134.38

Electrical Attraction Ch. 03

 — Will Kayla give in to the lust she feels for Jess? by blued31105/26/134.65HOT

Electrified Heaven

 — Annie & Bella stargaze (& more) in a Nebraska cornfield. by MissBri03/28/064.14


 — Black butch is attracted to an older white femme. by patricia5103/29/064.54HOT

Elevator Action

 — Fun with toys and unusual places. by hotnspicey12/30/024.07

Elevator Music

 — Two women, a glass elevator and a moonlit city. by patricia5109/11/054.12

Elevator Music

 — She finds a new love. by silverace103/28/064.52HOT

Elevator Problems

 — Fantasy in the elevator. by KKILOEPPS08/25/063.26


 — A story of sexual discovery and family acceptance. by PantyhoseFan09/09/094.20

Elisabeth and the Infanta

 — The French Queen seduces a Spanish Princess. by HeyNonnyNonny07/08/064.22

Elise, My Best Friend

 — Two friends discover their feelings for each other. by mbella06/12/134.48Editor's Pick

Eliza at the Shrink

 — Lesbian woman seduces her psychiatrist. by helena252501/06/074.17


 — She knew everything. by foreignbacon06/07/104.17

Ella and Wendy G.

 — She meets Wendy. by foreignbacon06/08/104.18

Elle & Laura

 — Two cousins discover pleasure between each others' legs. by SierraMyst09/02/014.40

Ellen's Elf Ch. 01

 — A corporate VP is seduced by an uninhibited woman. by SomeOneNew11/03/044.57HOT

Ellena and Missy

 — The neighbours came over to check her out. by DireLilith07/19/07

Elli's First Time

 — A girl lost in NY has her lesbian cherry taken. by callmQ6706/18/074.31

Elli's First Time Ch. 02

 — Cousin catches her eating blonde houseguest. by callmQ6706/30/074.53HOT

Ellie and Kiki

 — Their first time as lovers. by MissPimp02/24/094.14

Ellie and Lucy Ch. 01

 — The first day: old friends from uni share a room, a bed & more. by catwilliams12/04/094.48

Elves' Tale: A Christmas Romance

 — Two of Santa’s elves find romance and magic together. by jsragmanus12/01/144.81HOTContest Winner

Elvira's Earth Angels

 — Earth Day events turn erotic. by LustyLee7703/26/064.19

Email from a Friend Ch. 02

 — I visit my friend and submit to her. by Fran2609/27/104.21

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