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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Email Started It

 — Two wet women connect. by DreamerKitty01/24/093.88

Email to Val

 — A girl's introduction to female love. by englander196108/14/034.16

Emailing With Amy

 — Hot email exchange between online lovers. by jessijessi3406/08/024.48

Emerald Eyes

 — Chance meeting at concert leads to a passionate night. by PorcObby03/18/044.24

Emilia Begins Her Fantasy

 — A tale of Malay lesbians. by famela03/25/063.80

Emilie Indulges

 — Wealthy French girl begins a passionate Parisian adventure. by Elodiegirlie05/01/084.04

Emilie Indulges Ch. 02

 — Emilie and Marie continue their love in the open air. by Elodiegirlie06/05/084.29

Emilie Indulges Ch. 03

 — Emilie and Marie's night continues, from taxi to flat. by Elodiegirlie12/08/094.17


 — Emily babysits for Mrs. Cunningham. by Martin Cory12/23/004.43


 — Her first experience with an older woman. by SarahtheWriter07/20/084.25

Emily & Amber

 — High school girls get wild together. by Sxxyangl10/09/004.17

Emily and Jo Ch. 01

 — College friends deal with stress with a sexual massage. by JELB_4202/07/073.88

Emily and Jo Ch. 02

 — They are caught in the act by a hot professor. by JELB_4202/08/074.09

Emily and Karen Enjoy Each Other

 — The women take a break from their busy lives. by lesliejones02/27/143.59

Emily and Nancy

 — Emily decides to try something new. by sydney638511/03/084.38

Emily Ch. 01

 — Inexperienced woman spies her neighbour masturbating. by Otazel11/02/064.60HOT

Emily Ch. 02

 — She gets shaved and plays with curtains open. by Otazel11/03/064.57HOT

Emily Ch. 04

 — Caught by Gina's husband, he gets his own back. by Otazel11/05/064.71HOT

Emily Plays

 — Business woman meets a young Asian girl. by mistress_diana05/09/064.44

Emily's Awakening

 — Young woman discovers her lesbian feelings. by Aussie_Teacher05/23/05HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 01

 — Ginger meets Lily, a fling with Nora, a date with a hottie. by AVixenLiterally01/28/134.74HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 02

 — A sleepover with Nora, A date & more with Mark, Bill & Bambi. by AVixenLiterally02/09/134.75HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 03

 — Kathy, a redheaded surprise. Nora's news. Weekend with Lily. by AVixenLiterally02/20/134.77HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 04

 — Redheaded temptation, Saturday shocker, Sunday with Lily. by AVixenLiterally03/01/134.73HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 05

 — Thursday plans go very wrong, Jenny & David, Sunday with Mo. by AVixenLiterally03/08/134.78HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 06

 — Date night, A surprising interlude, Vacation plans, Shopping. by AVixenLiterally03/15/134.67HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 07

 — A present, A shocker, Divorce - finally, Ginger's vacation. by AVixenLiterally03/22/134.77HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 08

 — Monday fun, A shock at work , A scary find, A great weekend. by AVixenLiterally04/01/134.76HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 09

 — Reenie's Revelation, An Interior Designer, Friday the 13th. by AVixenLiterally04/10/134.80HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 10

 — Reenie vists at work, Ginger's surprise, Furniture comes. by AVixenLiterally04/16/134.82HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 11

 — Fun at the crash pad, Graduation, Memorable Memorial Day by AVixenLiterally04/21/134.75HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 12

 — Deanna blows up, Reenie's family, Housewarming party, Email. by AVixenLiterally04/30/134.75HOT

Emma & Ginger

 — Emma's first time with a girl. by Christian Black06/11/024.27

Emma and Becky Training Ch. 01

 — Emma and Becky orgasm denial. by axiddragon08/09/144.27

Emma and Becky Training Ch. 02

 — Emma and Becky continue having fun. by axiddragon09/12/144.00

Emma and Kathy

 — Love where you least expect it. by Leszoccer1307/08/133.53

Emma and Kathy Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by Leszoccer1311/27/134.23

Emma Finds her Mistress Again

 — Emma finally accepts her desires. by emma_sub03/13/024.68HOT

Emma Gets Cable

 — Plugged (in) by the cable installer. by Christian Black08/02/074.19

Emma Leaves The Convent

 — Emma recalls her time with Sister Judith. by geckocrown11/08/064.13

Emma Meets a New Friend Ch. 1

 — Emma continues after her graduation from college. by BiEmma2707/21/024.29

Emma's Awakening Ch. 01

 — Emma has her first fuck, awakening her wild side. by marquisdeslut03/07/124.20

Emma's Growing Pains Ch. 04

 — Two girls plan on enjoying Emma. by krazy_karen_uk07/01/044.14

Emma's House Ch. 01

 — You arrived at Emma's door right on time. by Kmackintherave05/06/133.91

Emma's Initiation

 — She loses her man, and gains a woman. by Kevan5701/13/014.02

Emma’s Bracelet

 — Emma finds a magical bracelet and change her body. by Mr_Owlow09/14/104.59HOT

Emma’s Bracelet Ch. 02

 — The continued adventures of Emma and Anna. by Mr_Owlow02/19/114.67HOT

Emma’s Bracelet Ch. 03

 — The conclusion to Emma and Anna's story. by Mr_Owlow02/02/124.53HOT

Emotional Rescue

 — One lover is great, but two lovers are divine. by Petrarose07/31/074.32

Empty Seats, New Loves

 — Empty seat, a dream, the surf, & new friends become one. by marybethf08/25/064.35


 — A wonderful night with a beautiful woman. by dark_roxy_6907/16/123.62


 — Lesbian encounter with a strap-on. by laylonnie10/18/134.22

Encounter in the Forest

 — She finds more than she was looking for. by penncd11/14/024.26

Encounter With A Woman

 — Woman plays while boyfriend is away. by zoneiwon04/02/023.63

Encountering Something New

 — A lesbian encounter. by slutL05/25/103.82

Encounters of a Female Kind

 — Shy Jill seduces her gorgeous co-worker by SouthernSeductress06/24/034.37

Enduring Lust

 — Pretty mother & sexy nanny continue their relationship. by stepjones03/18/064.74HOT

Enema Initiation

 — Six svelte sorority inductees endure cramps and more. by VeryDirtyDenise02/09/084.14

Enema Transgressions

 — An all-female enema orgy for three. by VeryDirtyDenise11/08/034.71HOT

Engaged to Deception Ch. 02: Lesbian Scene

 — Angelica returns home for a naughty surprise. by LaNiqueS08/27/143.44

Engagement Ring

 — Women's friendship turns to love. by Virginiawild01/11/124.23

Enjoying the Nature

 — How can two women enjoy nature to the fullest? by Vickymp10/24/054.53HOT

Enlightenment of Mrs. Jones

 — She loves lesbian pictures, but real woman is best. by tayla701/24/054.58HOT


 — She was and she wasn't enough. by mayapapaya11/27/022.82

Enslaved in Fairfax County Ch. 02

 — Diane is stripped naked in front of her friends. by Schlank12/06/124.49

Enslavement 01

 — She is introduced to submission by her hairstylist. by cdangers06/23/134.25

Enslavement 02

 — Hairless slave's next steps. by cdangers08/16/134.12

Enslavement 03

 — Sold to a cruel woman for training prior to sale as slave. by cdangers08/28/133.97

Enslavement 04

 — The slave is trained by Mistress and 22 by cdangers09/22/134.10

Enslavement 05

 — Gillian becomes a slave as well. by cdangers10/08/134.26

Enslavement 06

 — Cypher goes home. by cdangers11/08/133.93


 — Lesbian wakes up erotically with a friend. by VivianeGreen12/12/064.42

Entangled Ch. 02

 — Lucia makes it up to Sarah. by VivianeGreen12/24/064.18

Entangled Ch. 03

 — Sarah makes it up to John. by VivianeGreen12/25/064.25

Entangled Ch. 04

 — All three Characters are happy. by VivianeGreen12/26/064.10

Entertainment For The Bosses

 — New job exposes her to new, sexual delights. by sgt.d06907/25/044.36

Entry Way Quickie

 — A woman is taken in the entry way by her lover. by SexyNoises08/24/064.35

Ep. 04 Rolling Shadows of Night

 — A heartbroken Rachel gets comfort from an unexpected source. by Curse_Of_Undeath12/23/064.43

Epiphany Ch. 01

 — Tracking the origins of a civilization changing virus. by singula612/16/084.12

Erasing Caitlin

 — An attorney is conquered by a mysterious young woman. by JDLL91006/19/134.19

Erfurt 1982

 — A coming together of East and West during the Cold War. by generalurko01/18/134.00

Erica & Lily

 — Lily gets a surprise in bed with enigmatic stud. by PussyLickinPro11/13/044.59HOT

Erica Ch. 01

 — Two young women get close on overnight bus trip. by WhiteWave4804/17/074.68HOT

Erica Ch. 02

 — Young women talk sex on overnight bus trip. by WhiteWave4805/23/074.73HOT

Erica Ch. 03

 — Young women make it with role play on bus trip by WhiteWave4805/24/074.78HOT

Erica Ch. 04

 — Romantic first kiss for two young women. by WhiteWave4807/20/074.77HOT

Erica Ch. 05

 — Two young women take a bath together by WhiteWave4807/21/074.76HOT

Erika Blossoms Ch. 18-21

 — Erika discovers a dirty little secret. by SmoovB09/13/134.29

Erika Ch. 01

 — It's about the sexiest woman in Houston, Texas. by babylez08/14/054.78HOT


 — Erin needs lover's help to relax from hard day's work. by tonidelasalle12/17/064.27

Erin Ch. 01

 — Erin asks her girlfriend to try something new. by TessMackenzie01/11/154.48

Erin Ch. 02: Erin's Anniversary

 — Lauren tries rimming too. by TessMackenzie01/12/154.47

Erin No Bra

 — Was she just a gorgeous tease? by wistfall105/03/124.60HOT

Erin's Experiment

 — A continuation of Erin's Punishment. by JonTorLang12/18/103.93

Erotic Dreams

 — There's no privacy, so they go to a hotel. by midnitelvrgrl09/05/024.06

Erotic for her Husband

 — A photography session gone...right? by bunnie191101/25/144.45

Erotic Garden

 — Brenda wanders off the usual path. by timewarp6902/27/063.10

Erotic Lesbian Massage Experience

 — How I pay to lose my lesbian virginity. by Catmoore10/20/114.56HOT

Erotic Massage

 — Being pampered by another woman. by penmckay9003/29/144.15

Erotic Massage Ch. 09

 — Indian Women goes naughty with her friend. by hema_willams04/01/043.73

Erotic Neighbor

 — Two ladies find pleasure while hubby is away. by biDotty03/05/014.17

Erotic Sociology

 — A female university student seduces her female teacher. by Sensuality6901/28/154.08

Erotic Sociology Pt. 02

 — A female university student seduces her female teacher. by Sensuality6902/07/154.13

Erotic Story

 — She finds perfect woman in jacuzzi. by Chicken12/11/003.78


 — Is Mavin ready to feel? by TMAJO10/08/054.81HOT

Escape to Paradise

 — She cheats on Heather with an older woman. by Cre8tiveBliss02/01/044.53HOT

Escape to Paradise Ch. 02

 — Beth continues her wonderful evening with Kim. by Cre8tiveBliss02/05/044.60HOT

Escaping the English Winter

 — Lonely woman meets holidaying student in Fuertevetura. by tetherer03/20/094.31

Escort Serviced Ch. 02

 — Pampered woman falls in love. by chatbug07/01/073.93

Estelle's Rebirth

 — Virginal girl goes off to college and gets turned out. by solahsystah2205/29/054.29

Eternal Promise

 — Spirit from an unrealized past returns to reclaim her love. by dizzylia10/02/084.71HOT

Eternity Ring

 — Was finding the ring enough to find each other? by MissLisaJones02/23/124.60HOT

Eurasia Dances

 — Eurasia and Aly reinvent fire. by ccecce07/17/023.62


 — Falling for the boss. by KillerRomance02/06/094.72HOT

Eva - Valentine's Edition

 — A Valentine's story with a twist. by KillerRomance02/06/104.69HOT

Eva and Friends Ch. 05

 — Time to meet up with her female friends. by tomlitilia03/01/154.48

Eva and the Black Amazons Pt. 01

 — White woman finds ways to rule over African tribe. by blackbel200307/18/054.48

Eva and the Black Amazons Pt. 02

 — Eva lures some more Amazons into her scheme. by blackbel200308/18/054.68HOT

Eva and the Black Amazons Pt. 03

 — Eva extends her control over the Amazons. by blackbel200308/25/054.81HOT

Eva and the Black Amazons Pt. 04

 — Things turn out unexpectedly for Eva. by blackbel200302/09/064.53HOT

Eva Ch. 02

 — Jacob returns, and things get complicated. by sobstory09/04/114.05

Eva Ch. 03

 — Julie makes some decisions. by sobstory09/20/114.29

Eva Ch. 04

 — The aftermath. by sobstory10/20/114.21

Eva Ch. 05

 — Julie gets some advice. by sobstory12/31/114.24

Eva Ch. 06

 — Eva goes to college. by sobstory06/01/123.74

Eve and Andi

 — A lesbian story of unexpected proportion. by DeltaofVenus07/22/074.38

Eve and Lilith Find Delight

 — A beautiful Sapphic scene in the Garden of Eden. by goke08/19/104.24

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