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Lesbian Sex Stories

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I'm Straight! I Know I Am Ch. 03

 — The stage is set. by maratsade05/07/033.91

I'm Straight, I Know I Am Ch. 02

 — Beginning to cross over. by maratsade05/02/034.23

I'm Straight, I Know I Am!

 — Girl and friend are introduced to the flip side. by maratsade04/28/033.81

I've Seen The Way You Look At Me

 — Teasing and tense seduction between married women. by bi_cathy06/01/114.64HOT

I. The Bitchin Banana

 — A woman wonders. by Iduna09/18/052.72

IC3 Female

 — A policewoman is introduced to a whole new beat! by Pussrider08/01/114.43


 — Two horny girls, ice, & champagne. by Vampyrical07/12/024.42

Ice Cream

 — Seduction at an ice cream shop. by alex_hart08/06/074.36

Ice Mistress

 — She's not made of ice, but she can use it. by latenightkiss10/24/124.29

Ice Mistress Ch. 02

 — Things get a little steamier for the Ice Mistress & Her sub. by latenightkiss11/01/124.26

Icy Hot

 — Bi woman seduces you on a hot day. by rcdawn12/08/044.02

If He Only Knew

 — Two friends discover lesbian lust at a Halloween party. by VanessaVixxen10/24/104.16

If Only In My Dreams

 — Could it be, that our night together was only a dream? by Squeak8101/18/144.22

If Only They Knew

 — Lesbian fun right under the guys' noses by Luvbug4012/04/064.49

If Someone Should See

 — Her best friend leads the way. by Ms Black04/02/044.40

If You Give a Girl a Golden Shower

 — Sexy satire, spoof on the Laura Numeroff series. by Abraxis12/16/114.16

If You Miss Once, Try, Try Again

 — For love must always triumph. by BlueMoonWriter11/14/054.59HOT

If You Wish Upon a Star Pt. 04

 — Alexis and Kayla become best friends. by MyNameMayBeLucas07/18/144.10

If You're Reading This...

 — A soldier comes home. by JCdeSeingalt04/16/144.60HOT

Ill Met by Moonlight

 — Aela and Serana chance upon each other during a storm. by AnyaWVossand11/06/134.67HOT


 — She's picky about her sex, until she meets Angela. by tragedi05/20/024.48


 — Is that trouble in the air? by TMAJO01/08/064.79HOT


 — Her awakening to pleasure - & the accompanying shame. by Littlemissblair08/07/074.58HOT


 — Just lie back and imagine me with you. by Starr6969696902/08/134.23

Imagine Me as You

 — A quick story written from first person point of view. by S_Steamer12/21/084.13

Immortal Ryne

 — Vampire finds more than a midnight snack. by SilentVoices01/09/074.37

Imogen's Touch

 — A lesbian is teased and seduced by a married woman. by kinkybiitchx06/14/114.34


 — Your night ends in a lesbian powerplay. by strayingthoughts02/13/053.73

Impulsive Diversion Ch. 01

 — While Daddy's away, the girls play. by lilredheaddevil08/14/033.75

In A Bar

 — She's secretly being checked out for something. by DireLilith07/19/07

In A Pregnant State of Mind Ch. 1

 — Horny pregnant woman seeks comfort in her girlfriend. by shayla_star10/09/01

In A Pregnant State of Mind Ch. 2

 — Shayla & Carol get into 'tit-play' fantasies. by shayla_star10/15/014.45

In A Pregnant State of Mind Ch. 3

 — Carol and Shalya continue their tit-play. by shayla_star06/08/024.49

In Another Life

 — Blast From the Past with a twist - what if two peope met again? by PassionateBeing12/29/124.04

In Class Exercise

 — Bestfriends Emma and Kensy play well together. by fradgially04/12/124.28

In For A Penny

 — Two friends explore each other intimately. by Sam Cornell05/19/084.38

In My Head

 — So close but so far away. by savismith08/25/144.14

In My World You're Married

 — Taken P.A. seduces successful woman lawyer. by SilentVoices01/11/074.45

In My World You're Married Ch. 02

 — Amy surprises Lisa at work on her day off. by SilentVoices01/12/074.51HOT

In My World You're Married Ch. 03

 — Amy and Lisa get together outside of work. by SilentVoices01/26/074.57HOT

In My World You're Married Ch. 04

 — Amy shows Lisa the true meaning of kinky. by SilentVoices03/25/074.53HOT

In the Arms of a Friend

 — A stranger becomes more. by SophiaY02/09/064.59HOT

In the Arms of a Stranger

 — Sex as a balm for a heart. by SophiaY01/07/064.67HOT

In The Bathroom

 — Quick and dirty when you just can't wait. by rebecca_mcphearson06/25/124.27

In The Beginning

 — We kept our panties on, but not for long though! by tinaneesen12/10/134.07

In the Car

 — I can't wait until we get home, so we need to pull over. by AlleyAmy06/16/134.22

In The Closet

 — Leigh rewards step-brother with herself & her friend. by Enlightenment03/09/024.26

In the Dark

 — Sex with a stranger in a club. by McKey01/17/143.86

In the Dark

 — I dated her husband while they were still married. by xxskullsNknivesxx02/06/143.95

In the Dark...

 — My first experience. by PnkOcelot03/31/103.77

In The Elevator

 — A fortunate break down in an already hot situation. by HornballPiglet06/21/014.27

In The First Place

 — Their first apartment & their first time. by Southern_Princess03/28/044.43

In The First Place Ch. 02

 — Sidney plays with Kat. by Southern_Princess09/15/054.38

In The Groove

 — Beautiful straight woman falls for gorgeous lesbian. by SilkenLace11/27/084.64HOT

In the Heat of the Night

 — A power outage forces two ladies to take it all off. by AfroerotiK11/16/06HOT

In the Hot Tub with Camille

 — A brokenhearted woman has her first lesbian experience. by ChicBookFiend_2912/15/063.69

In the Jailhouse Now

 — Two cell mates pass the time. by Jabeebee07/28/044.20

In the Ladies Room

 — A woman experiences a lesbian love affair in a bathroom. by aliparks08/06/114.27

In the Line of Duty

 — A good cop, a bad day by MasterJekyll04/25/034.14

In the Meantime

 — Former friends, now enemies, find their way back by Karen Caldwell10/16/024.49

In the Moment

 — Erin's crush seduces her. by Kamashastra03/09/094.50HOT

In the Pool

 — Three girls get carried away. by suzie3w12/21/104.50HOT

In The Shower

 — Tatiana and Amy find relief. by Thira12/05/093.50

In Too Deep?

 — Something new isn't bad, even pussy. by Shy B11/17/034.16

In-flight Relaxtion

 — Joanne and Angela help relax each other during a long flight. by BurnoutX01/04/033.66

Inappropriate Dress

 — Boss calls Annie into her office. by SexyBlonde21811/16/084.16

Inappropriate Dress Ch. 02

 — It had been two months. by SexyBlonde21811/21/084.45


 — She remembers the begining of her fall from grace. by CaroleS3609/01/044.54HOT

Incarcerated Ch. 02

 — The adventure continues. by CaroleS3609/08/044.60HOT

Incarcerated Ch. 03

 — Karen's work week begins but the games continue. by CaroleS3609/09/044.43


 — Panties, a piss, wrong number, lady on the sidewalk. by marybethf09/01/064.25

Increased Security

 — Airport security inspection leads to more intimate touch. by Decayed Angel08/19/063.99

Incredibly Joyous

 — Two athletic girls share a deep part of themselves. by kurlykayaker2305/07/064.42

Indentured Servant

 — She is made to do things that are a sin to keep her job. by Bakeboss06/29/103.93

Independent Study

 — Shy college girl finally acts on her crush - her professor! by lauro11/05/124.56HOT

Indian Wife Discovers Lesbian Love

 — A wife's initiation into lesbianism. by Wellwisher10012/12/034.22

Indian Wife Discovers Lesbian Love Ch. 02

 — She enjoys a sensual date with her new lover. by Wellwisher10012/18/034.05

Indian Wife Discovers Lesbian Love Ch. 03

 — Wife consummates lesbian love. by Wellwisher10012/20/034.13


 — Three hot college roomies join very exclusive sorority by jclancy308/31/034.34


 — Coed enjoys her first girl-on-girl experience. by Azuldrgon01/19/063.42

Initiation Ch. 01

 — Two sorority sisters enjoy their time in college. by PrincessErin02/19/084.05

Initiation Ch. 02

 — Two sorority sisters enjoy their time in college. by PrincessErin02/20/084.12

Initiation Ch. 03

 — Two sorority sisters enjoy their time in college. by PrincessErin02/21/084.03

Initiation into the Sisterhood

 — The joy of seducing another woman. by Jassy05/19/034.33

Initiation Night

 — Four sorority pledges cum for their sisters. by veronicavixen08/06/063.88

Initiation of Team Spirit Ch. 01

 — Cheerleaders fail to haze daughter so they turn to mom. by Suuki12/12/143.37


 — A coed's first lesbian experience. by Zhul11/08/034.43

Innocence Gone

 — Woman realizes just how fun girls can be. by NaughtyBiFem06/01/034.36

Innocence Realized Ch. 01

 — Vita meets Cheri; they share their innocence. by Schaedelschaden07/19/083.60

Innocent Amber Ch. 02

 — College roommates take a hot shower. by missygold12307/14/114.50HOT

Innocent Amber Ch. 03

 — Roommates finally give in on a beach. by missygold12307/21/114.61HOT

Innocent Ananya Ch. 01

 — Deflowering the neighbour’s young daughter. by Babli505/28/124.27

Innocent Ananya Ch. 02

 — Corruption of my neighbour's young daughter continues. by Babli506/11/124.36

Innocent Ananya Ch. 03

 — Ananya tells Babli Didi how her night was. by Babli507/09/124.39

Innocent and Seductive

 — Patron visits her apartment. by sweet_rose21008/03/103.61

Innocent Curiosity Ch. 01

 — Laura & Amy explore each other's passions. by HoRnY24_702/12/053.76

Innocent Curiosity Ch. 02

 — Laura's got a sexy surprise for Amy. by HoRnY24_706/19/064.49

Innocent Friends

 — Best friends get to know each other better. by xXcandayXx6909/23/043.87

Innocent Friends Ch. 02

 — Chrissy & Kat finally get to enjoy each other. by xXcandayXx6909/30/044.51HOT

Innocent Fun

 — Her quirky first sexual experience with a girl. by Desert Princess03/10/074.42

Innocent Thai Abroad Ch. 01

 — A young Thai girl gets her initiaion. by InnocentThai06/01/114.16

Innocent Thai Abroad Ch. 02

 — Malee's initiation continues. by InnocentThai06/30/114.40

Innocent Young Thing

 — Jenna takes advantage of her sweet roommate. by Rag-Wed06/07/064.50HOT


 — Luci tried so hard to be good. by purrfectp03/14/084.24

Inside the Green Door

 — Coffee shop fun. by exquisitelifetime09/10/113.94

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