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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Jessica and Anna

 — Jessica wakes her friend with a suprise by nikki_202001/13/034.11

Jessica Ann Ch. 01

 — She has first time sexual experiences with neighbor. by smj54ap03/06/064.50HOT

Jessica Gets a Surprise Package

 — They can't believe what their friend wants. by gertieok05/19/043.37

Jessica's First Time

 — She is introduced to lesbian sex in the showers. by TheScarlettWoman01/10/034.46

Jessica, Helga and Me

 — Two lovers seduce a woman on vacation. by tayla702/21/084.34


 — Always close your bedroom door. by FriskyVirgin02/10/073.35

Jessie and Julie

 — Answering a want add leads to an unexpected night. by Kat7306/26/094.49

Jessie and Julie Ch. 02

 — Surprise lovers begin their new adventure. by Kat7307/25/104.54HOT

Jessie and Lizzie's Prom

 — Lizzie has a prom night to remember by sexy_jessie05/19/034.40

Jessie Palmer Ch. 01

 — A young reporter stumbles across an explosive story. by deliciousthoughts09/04/144.55HOT

Jessie Palmer Ch. 02

 — Claire is drawn deeper into her new world. by deliciousthoughts09/05/144.70HOT

Jessie Palmer Ch. 03

 — Claire succumbs to the inevitable. by deliciousthoughts09/06/144.51HOT

Jessie Palmer Ch. 04

 — Claire broadens her horizons. by deliciousthoughts09/08/144.74HOT

Jessie the Office Slut Stage 03

 — Learning to lick pussy. by KissnTellJessie10/02/104.31

Jessie's Adventures Ch. 00

 — Introduction: she's introduced to the art of giving oral. by Seethru5707/30/094.38

Jessie's Attractions

 — A young dyke is in love with her troubled best friend. by Butch_lez07/04/094.36

Jessie's Homecoming

 — Jessie finds herself, and love - eventually, by jessicaj6410/14/104.57HOT

Jewel's First Time

 — Longtime friends become lovers when secret is revealed. by Madam_Butterfly10/04/054.24

Jewelry Store

 — An interesting place to shop on your lunch hour. by Virginiawild12/10/104.22

Jewels in a Sultan's Hareem

 — Yahminah and Jaffa become love slaves. by Maggie Red Rose08/27/064.31

Jewels in a Sultan's Hareem Ch. 02

 — Yahminah and Jaffa are taught the ways of the hareem. by Maggie Red Rose10/05/064.41

JFT Tales - Adult Store Ch. 01

 — The two of you visit an adult store & make a friend. by jenyes07/30/074.58HOT

JFT Tales - First Visit

 — First visit to an adult emporium. by jenyes03/22/084.27

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 01

 — A ponygirl for my mistress, and a friend. by jenyes01/20/084.41

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 02

 — Sarah gets fucked again by jenyes01/21/084.21

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 03

 — Dana joins in. by jenyes01/22/084.25

JFT Tales - The Wench

 — ForsakenpPresent. by jenyes07/28/073.93

Jill & Sue

 — Jill gets to know her neighbor more intimately. by SwtGoldenCunt08/17/014.16

Jill and Clara

 — In which a relationship develops from friendship to love. by dgowre06/07/134.31

Jill Ch. 06

 — Jill tries to come to her senses, but just comes again. by lckscknfck702/20/124.39

Jill Steps Out

 — Lesbian discovery & fetish exploration. by djm29810/10/034.60HOT

Jill's German Girl Toy

 — Older woman dominates young lover by Jillian7512/19/024.40

Jill's Harley Davidson

 — An office romance. by Dawns06/26/084.12

Jill's Passion

 — Older woman explores desire with sexy younger lady. by Jillian7509/23/014.26

Jill's Passion Continues

 — Older woman explores new delights with young lover. by Jillian7509/30/014.28

Jills German Girl Toy - Obeying

 — Carmens obeys her mistress´s wishes by pussylove6901/04/034.35

Jilly & Myranda: The Beginning

 — She's awaken by erotic dream - or is it? by texastornado11/06/024.07

Jim and Alicia Pt. 04

 — When the boys are away, the girls will play. by of_ones_own_volition07/17/064.61HOT

Jimi Girls

 — Lust at the movies. by kimberlee_8102/05/022.61

Jo's First Time

 — Jo & Jean learn and accept. by jodt10/14/084.31

Joan and the Helpful Assistant

 — Bi curious Joan and a helpful shop assistant. by GlenHod07/15/064.03

Joanna Wanted It Kinky

 — Lesbian tie & tease, spanking, anal, strap-on. by Victoriaslice09/02/093.75

Joanna's Cabin Ch. 1

 — Rachel becomes Joanna's lover/servant. by Jonesmeister02/06/024.18

Joanna's Cabin Ch. 3

 — Joanna regains control. by Jonesmeister02/07/023.92

Job Benefits

 — Woman is seduced by her older temporary boss. by patricia5109/26/074.45

Job Done

 — Susie finds a unique way to help her lover to sleep. by matriarch11/12/044.60HOT

Job Interview

 — Carmen lands a job with an older, dominant woman. by Lesly Sloan02/14/054.26


 — Lifeguard & swimmer shower together. by LoveLorelei12/24/064.31

John & Jill Ch. 02

 — Jill and Mary discover common interests. by JWTove08/17/114.19

Jolene's Problem

 — Jolene's son brings home the future daughter-in-law. by wonderer405/20/144.55HOT


 — Coworkers have fun at a party. by firedream3506/10/084.20

Jordan and Debbie Become a Couple

 — Jordan builds a relationship with Debbie. by babylez06/14/054.78HOT

Jordan and Eliana

 — Two ebony BFF's become lovers. by JonB196904/09/144.21

Jordan Spins Out of Control

 — Jordan gets perilously close to losing it all. by babylez06/28/054.80HOT

Jordan's Brave New World

 — Jordan begins to make up for lost time. by babylez06/09/054.77HOT

Jordan's Lesbian Metamorphosis

 — Two students start a teacher on the road to discovery. by babylez05/20/054.70HOT

Jordan's Metamorphosis Continues

 — A young woman's sexual awakening continues. by babylez05/31/054.80HOT

Josie's Dream

 — Josie's dream comes true. by Isabella_Grace02/27/094.10

Journal of a Proper Young Lady Ch. 02

 — Becoming a little too close to her bosom companion. by Jen2408/23/064.49

Journey Resumed Ch. 04

 — Emma explains to Charlie that she wants to love both. by Charly09/18/014.33

Journey Resumed Ch. 1

 — After 20 years, Francesca & Emma rekindle adolescent love. by Charly08/16/014.16

Journey Resumed Ch. 2

 — Shopping leads to suggestive dinner for three. by Charly09/04/014.25

Journey Resumed Ch. 3

 — Emma and Francesca, back in each other's arms. by Charly09/09/014.42

Journey to Herself

 — Autobiographical: Discovering lesbian submission. by Avkat01/16/123.97

Journey Towards Love Ch. 01

 — The first time a woman seduced her. by Rose Faulkland05/13/024.53HOT

Journey Towards Love Ch. 02

 — She continues her discovery. by Rose Faulkland08/14/024.78HOT

Journey Towards Love Ch. 03

 — Her first relationship with another woman grows further. by Rose Faulkland04/17/034.62HOT

Journey Towards Love Ch. 04

 — The next morning. by Rose Faulkland10/02/034.77HOT


 — Her fantasy about a woman. by DirtyGrl11/02/013.75


 — Two friend share an intimate evening. by wife2hotblk02/21/093.43

Joy's Friend

 — Suburban moms having sex and lots of it. by jjsharshaw01/18/034.26


 — Simple outing leads to a fierce race. by lucky-E-leven01/23/044.79HOTContest Winner

Judie & Me

 — Her Internet friendship with kinky lady grows. by Hullo_nurse10/07/004.33


 — A young co-ed is bound and waiting. by PacoFear08/16/104.50HOT

Julia's Photo Shoot

 — Julia is surprised and satisfied at the photo studio. by julie_julia04/04/104.48

Julie & Amy Ch. 1

 — Inhibited coeds find each other. by MaxM_8001/11/013.75

Julie and Sherrie

 — She gives the gift of woman-woman love to her new friend. by JulieD6304/27/114.35

Julie Ch. 01-02

 — College roommates become fast friends. by Stoneygirl08/23/034.56HOT

Julie Ford’s First Time

 — Julie, a naive teenager, is abducted by a lesbian gang. by leighclyde11/08/023.90

Julie's Story

 — Julie and her female boss become lovers. by Lesly Sloan06/12/014.35

Julie: Ch. 2

 — She awakes morning after pool party. by Patrick12/24/003.92

Jumping Kimberly

 — Sandra has always wanted her best friend. by hiddensoullover01/17/064.13

June and Elena

 — A suburban housewife is seduced by younger woman. by osienna01/05/094.23

June and Elena Ch. 02

 — Elena sends June photos and controls the wife. by osienna01/19/094.37

Junky Chronicles

 — Natalie loses everything, is there hope? by SAbitch10/17/124.80HOT

Junky Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Things get worse before it can get any better. by SAbitch11/24/124.72HOT

Junky Chronicles Ch. 03

 — Will Natalie reach the light at the end of the tunnel? by SAbitch01/07/134.78HOT

Junky Chronicles Ch. 04

 — The final leg of their journey. by SAbitch07/27/134.82HOT

Just a Cold Spell

 — Have you ever had one of THOSE days? by hdm303lj02/17/013.24

Just a Day Away

 — Two lovers just need to get away. by ThatSexyIrishGirl10/13/064.31

Just a Dream

 — Imagine giving into the woman of your dreams. by oXTashiiiXo02/24/124.15

Just a Friday Night Ch. 01

 — Two strangers meet in a bar. by shortie6409/24/124.41

Just a Friday Night Ch. 03

 — The relationship progresses further. by shortie6411/05/124.61HOT

Just a Friday Night Ch. 04

 — First date as an official couple. by shortie6403/04/134.60HOT

Just a Friday Night Ch. 05

 — The relationship progresses. by shortie6411/25/134.73HOT

Just a Girl

 — Friend helps a professor revisit her youth. by aquaglide101/29/054.34

Just a Girly Night In

 — It turns out to be full of surprises for Pam. by Sindy07004/02/144.54HOT

Just a Job

 — Angela finds new employment at Bingham Manor. by hdm303lj05/20/014.23

Just A Knock On The Door

 — So what if she missed the party of the year? by Karen Caldwell02/19/034.35

Just A Thought

 — Two girls' first kiss. by Xhyra06/28/034.18

Just Another Day in the Office

 — Amanda's day changes when a mystery woman enters her shop. by Shady_Lady05/03/104.36

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