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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Rebel Princess

 — A bold runaway saved from bloody battle; who will tame her? by LokiRenard09/13/09HOT

Rebel Princess Ch. 02

 — In which the plot thickens and Rael is nigh overrun. by LokiRenard09/16/09HOT

Rebel Princess Ch. 03

 — A rebellion, a visitor and a Preistess... by LokiRenard09/19/09HOT

Rebel Princess Ch. 04

 — The Priestess of Iskendar creates a ruckus. by LokiRenard09/22/09


 — Can Sarah save Chris from her self imposed exile? by Colleen Thomas11/24/054.78HOT


 — Kayley's new friend Sarah helps her rediscover her true self. by pointless05/26/084.57HOT


 — A holiday party leads to a steamy conclusion. by RedHairedandFriendly11/10/124.33


 — She can be bi, too... by Spastic Man12/16/024.35

Rectal Retrieval

 — Felicity's impacted rectum is emptied - and much more. by Scatella200802/15/084.51HOT


 — Based off a dream, written for someone special. by thatbluecat01/07/114.42

Red & Blonde

 — Hannah seduces boyfriend's sister when he's away. by grantvigor04/09/084.01

Red Bag Delight

 — What's in that beautiful red bag? Susan soon finds out. by Petrarose07/30/074.38

Red Eye

 — When dreaming about a hot woman, do it next to them. by ShionAsha10/21/094.11

Red Hair, Hot Pussy

 — Tough biker lesbian eats out girl in diner. by al_Ussa12/19/103.47

Red Satin Sheets Ch. 1

 — Buxom ebony babe seduces sexy redhead. by shayla_star03/01/024.54HOT

Red Silk Ch. 01-02

 — What will happen after that first encounter? by vassal12/13/033.91

Red-Eye Surprise

 — It's hard to catch sleep on a redeye flight. by librarylady05/02/024.58HOT

Redefining Punishment... Again

 — Mommy gives me a surprise, which brings sparkles to my eyes. by Smokey12511/01/14


 — Make-up sex is always fun. by LiteraryStud04/26/094.55HOT

Redemption Ch. 01

 — The history of Kara and Jen. by FiveWolves10/11/134.48

Redemption Falls

 — Amber comes home to find a mess and maybe love. by Myhands31609/06/104.69HOT

Redemption Falls: Stillwater Rises

 — The saga of Amber and her friends continues. by Myhands31612/19/104.78HOT

Redhead Vixen

 — Sexy redhead takes meek brunette on a wild ride. by 0oXanao004/06/123.93

Rediscovering Kay

 — A long-awaited lesbian encounter in a bathroom at a wedding. by dwarfstarzero10/17/084.09

Rediscovering Myself

 — 60-year-old married woman has a chance to enjoy lesbian sex. by APGilmore03/28/084.44

Reesa Gets All Tied Up

 — Shanda and Reesa try something new. by ladylove716903/15/074.03


 — She reminisces on her first lesbian experience. by Friendly Dragon01/16/074.55HOT

Regina's Appointment

 — Regina makes special appointment with Linda. by perfectlygray09/05/034.57HOT


 — There is a surprise backstage. by merelyme05/09/094.34

Reinventing Emma

 — Girl falls for college roommate while reinventing herself by JoeDreamer02/02/154.83HOT


 — Resolving our differences. by CamillaHumby06/03/123.98


 — You deserve a good way to relax at the end of the day. by ladyjewell08/17/134.11

Relaxation Method

 — A mature woman is always a good teacher. by Vickymp11/08/054.26

Relaxing Ride Ch. 02

 — Classy older woman befriend a younger woman while on a road. by dudetodude04/05/094.24

Relaxing Ride Ch. 1

 — Vacationing young girl meets a refined middle-aged lady. by Rose Brooks08/11/014.44

Relaxing Ride Ch. 2

 — Who was going to make the first move? by Rose Brooks08/13/014.40


 — Miriam's too far gone to hide her need. by subtleperfume06/03/144.69HOT

Relieving the Pressure

 — Miss Betty helps a lady in distress. by Bronco Billy04/28/084.59HOT

Reluctant Maid

 — She becomes a maid for dominant but not unkind Mistress. by AndyS_uk02/04/074.62HOT

Reluctant Maid Ch. 02

 — A further chapter as Andrea starts work for Ms Hammond. by AndyS_uk06/22/104.61HOT

Reluctant Players

 — Two straight actresses workshop their sex scene. by Rainbow Skin09/17/024.41

Remebering First Threesome

 — Middle-aged friends are reunited. by augustshadow07/20/014.28

Remember When Ch. 04

 — Katy and Mel's first time together. by PaulStevens08/12/104.24

Remembering Ava

 — An unlikely romance in 1950's Manhattan. by subtleperfume06/12/114.83HOT

Remembering Karen

 — Karen wasn't technically my "first," but... by amber_now2604/06/054.68HOT

Remembering Linda

 — The sex was great, but... by amber_now2608/08/054.40

Remembering My First Love

 — An old women tells about her first love. by lildeb528107/12/103.83


 — Remembering a first kiss. by AmandaFairlight02/20/043.62


 — Torrid lesbian memories of the past. by Selbryth03/06/06

Remembrance Ch. 02

 — Amanda wakes Tara. by AmandaFairlight03/04/044.11


 — Thinking back to my youthful lesbian engagements. by DeeFisher06/21/114.46


 — Alice reminisces in bed as roommate gets fucked. by evil evil man06/22/073.80


 — Abstract story of a lesbian tryst by subwryter04/26/133.92


 — It's just sex. With a strap-on. by hunterwren08/17/094.27

Remote Control

 — Jessica's friend convinces her to spice up her life. by china-doll10/19/054.76HOT


 — First meeting of two lovers. by Katherine-T11/04/034.42


 — Lovers meet for secret affair. by PussyLickinPro03/31/054.24

Rendezvous in Chicago

 — Lesly finally meets online lover in Chicago. by Lesly Sloan06/11/073.97

Renee Adds to Our Marriage

 — Wife attempts to improve our marriage. by bowhunter567010/17/124.07

Repairing the Past

 — Lust between a young executive and her mature assistant. by All Red05/23/064.59HOT


 — An artist's past comes knocking afterhours, Will she answer? by TheAbsurd_student08/19/134.58HOT

Requiem Ch. 02

 — The story continues as paths cross. Will Veronica listen? by TheAbsurd_student09/05/134.69HOT

Requiem Ch. 03

 — Actions speak louder than words, or so Sherron thinks. by TheAbsurd_student10/09/134.86HOT


 — A rescue worker finds love. by MercuryLove3108/26/144.74HOT

Rescuing Jeannie

 — Julie helps a damsel in distress, and is rewarded. by HenryDelta01/13/064.49

Research Assistant

 — Professor lusts after her new research assistant. by All_Shook_Up06/26/104.32


 — Hunted Freedom Fighter finds an unexpected ally. by Colleen Thomas05/08/024.58HOT

Resolution Loophole

 — Josie swears off men and enjoys a night out wth the girls. by Jemma_Jane11/18/114.40

Resort Reunion

 — High School reunion gets hot. by flamingmushroom04/10/074.72HOT

Rest of the Night

 — First time lesbian encounter continues. by kaiyandom09/01/104.39

Rest Stop

 — Young artist goes on the road trip of a lifetime. by Evil Alpaca06/24/064.59HOTContest Winner

Restless Nights Ch. 01

 — A girl realizes why she has problems sleeping. by Mushrom06/04/014.04

Restless Nights Ch. 02

 — She discovers how exciting cyber can really be. by Mushrom06/05/014.63HOT


 — All you can do is watch...until the blindfold comes out. by ArcherDarke04/08/114.25

Restroom Rendezvous

 — Dea & Karen play with toys. by Desamy12/11/044.40

Retreat and Surrender

 — It was August when Amber got on the bus to her woman's retreat. by tristianc01/12/124.41

Return to Dallas Pt. 04

 — The gang enjoys more lesbian fun. by PAUL C03/31/014.26

Returning Home Ch. 02

 — Emily doesn't only like boys. by Master_Vassago01/05/043.70

Returning Home: Jodie Ch. 1

 — Jodie leaves her husband, and meets a co-ed on her way home. by eroticorgasm10/07/024.64HOT


 — Married woman gets call from past girlfriend. by Chopper10/13/004.34


 — Claudia goes to a Reunion and finds a lover. by Lesly Sloan09/02/024.37


 — Lovers reunite after two months apart by Belle_in_south07/27/033.81


 — First time lesbian meets fantasy woman nude in the woods. by Charlotte35f01/08/064.64HOT


 — Woman encounters high school crush at reunion. by mspeach03/20/094.32


 — She didn't plan to go, but once she got there... by xeriscapartist06/20/064.57HOT


 — High school friends find each other after 25 years. by Dawns07/15/083.89


 — Surrendering to Their Attraction. by free2bebiFL04/28/144.36

Reunion at Whispering Trails

 — Two successful businesswomen get it on at a resort. by PrincessErin12/28/094.25

Reunion Ch. 01

 — Old friends become lovers at 10 year reunion. by destinie2108/16/034.36

Reunion Ch. 01

 — Two old friends meet at their ten year high school reunion. by BigBadWolfyBoy101305/07/124.52HOT

Reunion Ch. 02

 — The story of Sherri, Sam and Jen continues. by xeriscapartist09/22/064.44

Reunion Ch. 02

 — Kalli decides to confront her past. by BigBadWolfyBoy101305/12/124.35

Reunion in San Fransisco

 — Claudia meets an old friend & learns about f/f sex. by Lesly Sloan06/03/064.37

Reunited and It Feels So Good

 — Jamie and Andrea meet up for a 2nd lesbian rendezvous. by Cindee0208/01/124.15

Reunited Ch. 01

 — Woman's plan for revenge goes awry. by destinie2109/13/034.30

Reuniting the Forbidden

 — Separated budding lesbians revive their lust 10 years later. by velvetslit10/03/044.50HOT


 — 1600's Margarete and Lise discover the depths of their bond. by golden smog07/24/064.40

Revelation Ch. 01

 — Fumbling in the dark is how we all get our start. by darkgoddess247812/31/053.48

Revelations 1

 — Barb & Terry's friendship turns into passion. by Fritz05/05/014.01


 — What happens when the girl gets back at her cheating husband? by HeroticaRiter05/20/013.54


 — A grieving fiancee seeks revenge for injustice. by stickivicki06/20/113.84

Revenge Rendezvous

 — Two beautiful women indulge their desires. by Lola4909/20/103.75

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