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As much as I want you to post the finale up here...

I would rather that you let us know when it is available for sale on your Literotica profile. You have created an awesome story and you deserve to profit off of it.

Slave Day

Can't wait for the next installment. How many holes will get filled at once?


The story has to continue! Karen needs to teach Mandy everything she knows and her lust for young innocent flesh should mean an inevitable hot threesome with Mandy and the blonde bombshell Kelly. Karen could have both young teens eating out of her hand (or something else!) as she takes them into her bed. There are just so many possibilities with this amazingly hot story. You are a very gifted writer.

You have perfectly, beautifully weaved romance and kink.

I loved Taylor submitting to Amy- giving herself to her wife that way. I'm enjoying getting to know these characters, this family. Even the outside characters, like Sarah, who I wasn't that interested in in chapter 1 are compelling.

like it

plz continue the story

Thank you!

Please write more: I'm a sucker for BBW lesbian stories. Please write about their beautiful bellies and how tasty they are.

Fine finale

Assuming that this is the final chapter, you've rounded the story off very nicely. You mixed up the names a couple of times---eg "...[Erin] leaned over and lightly kissed Erin..." which could be down to typing quickly. Apart from that minor quibble, this was very well written. Personally, I don't much care for the Dom/Sub scene, considering it to be demeaning to both parties, but we're all different. At least Erin and Kim's Dom/Sub was of a generally gentle nature and so more acceptable than the cruelty scene. All in all, Ripley, 'Going down a Slippery Slope' was a damned good read.

Great story

A very original idea and well told. I hope you choose to continue this as there is so much the girls could get up to!



This just so sad and depressing to know that you're not going to post the finale here on Literotica.. I'm such a huge fan of this series so please don't leave us hanging here Harmony I'm begging you to please post it here :'(

A masterpiece!

Can't read without dropping a line to say this is a wonderful story. Had me laughing so hard and poignantly real too.
Sounds like the end, but one more chapter..........please?

a switch

A total switch from the first part. Still good anyway . The writer was in a rush with the sex parts in the second chapter all the sex scenes were rushed and easily concluded. The anal part should have lasted more to depict a real climax , anyone notice it? All be it, a good merge

So very sweet! And wow, so fast on the next chapter!!!

The date error at the beginning threw me at first until I realized it was just that, an error.

However, I really love this, the wedding, the sweet moments, I love how it's all power exchange but within the context of a sweet romance! Please please, continue!

I'm really enjoying this story- it has good rhythm. It doesn't feel rushed and I like how you're developing the characters. I'm looking forward to more. :)


This is as good as the best writing I've ever had the pleasure of reading-you really are the most wonderful author,the story is deliciously sexy,without being crude.I simply love your work!
Regards and thank you for posting,

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