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You are a star!

i just wish someone good would turn this into a movie or better yet series, Love your work

if they havent come out to her friends and she tells her she loves her in front of them wont that cause problems?

Loved it!

It didn't strike me as bad at all. I really enjoyed it. Great build up and her need at then end to be held, comforted - that is very, very real. Thanks for a great story!


The antics in this story is not the mark of a strong dignified black woman but of a bully and everything you say you detest in white women is the converse venom that propels other nationalities to continue the stereotypes and hate about black women and our race in general. Dont get me wrong, ignorance, racism, and hatred is and will probably always be...but how we grow and minimize this fear is through love. Yeah, ok you may think naive but it's true. You're either loving or living in fear. Last, the means (spitting, verbally degrading, physically assaulting) does NOT justify the end. AS A BLACK WOMAN, I DON'T SHARE THE VIEWS OF THIS STORY

Stranger things have happened. No doubt this experience will forever stay with both women. What happens next or if anything happens at all depends on HR, the author. It's not to think love can conquer all (?)

Written on command

"Write that!" . . . and Di has! Aggressive lesbian scene in a strange work environment.

Wrong category.

This is not lesbian sex.

Still da best

I've been looking forward to this and I must say i'm not disappointed at all. It's good to have you back. Expecting more chapters.

Fantastic story and I really fell for Kate.


I have only just discovered your stories and you have already firmly entrenched yourself as my new favourite. Your Writing style is so descriptive and a theme that I really enjoy. Is there going to be another series coming out which follows on from this one? I think there would be a lot of material in the further development of Sandra and Rose as subs and the dynamic of the hierarcial order of the foursome

The "Me" Generation

Weren't the 80's great! This wonderful wife and mother was not only providing alcohol to an underage lover, but also to her son through her breast milk. Gotta love it!

So good!

I read all these comments, and I love the way you think! Your humanity shows in every way, and the eroticism was the common thread. What a ducking hottie you are, chuckling....

It was nice to see,

that Kate is legal now. I've heard of growing up quickly over a summer but from 16 to 19? Wow!

Loved the story. Stayed up to finish the whole story. Very well written and it draws you into the story where you can not look away.

Simply Beautiful

Sublime & Equisite




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