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now that was nice and hot to maybe for the next one maybe Becky can help Linda with another female students there at school to join her in her bed and linda and help Becky with other teachers to get them in Becky bed to at Linda

Did you get bored?

The ending felt very rushed, a shame really I had enjoyed the story.


This was awesome, it really made me hot and bothered at first, then it made me call my girlfriend to hook up later today... Good work!


This story had me feeling every kind of emotion. WELL DONE, SO GOOD, MUST KEEP READING!

Great story, loved the characters, loved the intensity.

Would that it were so!


Happy Day!

Damn this was hot. Even better you've got a large body of work I can check out.

Wow! it left me breathless.

loss of innocent il

I can't wait until you finish your story. I can only hope that you write another chapter and include the most important thing. Miss Sullivan taking Amy's virginity would be a really good ending to a dam good story. Hope that you can use it to finish the story. I am waiting and hoping that you do. As always. Betsy C

Turn on and turn off

While the description of the sex was hot, their dialogue is completely ridiculous. I've never had that kind of conversation with anyone, and I doubt any other lesbian has as well .

So gentle

Your steady but gentle approach nearly made ME vibrate. Sooo hope you will continue.

5 stars just for....

The scene where Heather is leaning back into Holly while she plays with her and they watch in the mirror! That's such a sexy image I'm going to do that to my girlfriend when I see her tomorrow night!

The story itself was a good. The premise is a little predictable, but your dialogue and the characters made it very enjoyable. You mentioned it took awhile to get to the 'big moment' and it did, but you had several sexy moments before that to more than whet the appetite. Good job and good luck in the contest.

Nice tribe

I am so glad that someone finally wrote about throbbing.It is the ultimate way to make yourself get off. I especially like doing it when I' find a girl with a bald pussy. I keep mine shaved and when I touch my pussy with another one that is shaved the friction between us gets me to cum very fast. After reading your story I am going to go out tonight and find a girl who enjoys tribbing and go home with her. Wish me luck

to fast

Good start but quite unbelievable. It all comes together way to fast. The teacher being a porn actress was to much. I didn't like her or the so called mom. Nice try but no brass ring


Very sexy... Please write more of this story!

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