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I say continue on to Chapter 2.

With or without an adequate editor. I totally appreciate the uniqueness of this story. Please continue writing, regardless of the hateful criticism.

Sorry but I agree with the first anonymous

I am bilingual, and English can be a hard language sometimes due to the fact that they do not follow that same rules as Spanish, french, or itilian for example. You tried your best chineseswede and I saw that. Nonetheless the story was hard to follow. I could tell what you meant but became irritated and did not finish the story all though it had great potential. I also encourage you to keep trying, but do not put yourself out there unless certain because people can be cruel.

I am...

of the opinion that the "clobber verses" and the secular rebuttals to those are both inadequate in establishing a path to God.

If only you could've limted your use of the word "like"...

...to, I don't know, less than once per sentence, on average? I understand you're creating a persona, but a genuine valley girl living in the 1980s would've choked over using this word that often.

Other than that annoyance, I thought this was a very good, seriously arousing story.

Looking forward to seeing what else you're going to write.

An immovable object and an unstoppable force, if left unchecked, will eventually imploded into them self's. Some people that deal with depression/similar issues self medicate, they want a constant, no highs and no lows. This is a great series, but kinda depressing to read, knowing that, although this might be fiction, there are thousands of these happening through out the world.

I wasn't going to comment, but can't leave this

No one can be "convinced" to be sexually attracted or aroused by someone. Could you, the author, be coerced into being sexually aroused by a man (if you're straight)? I wish straight men would stop writing lesbian porn.

Great story...

...and a lot of fun. The scene where Drew sang to Sahara in the club was brilliant and erotic. This is the first story of yours I have read. Looking forward to the others and hope they are just as good.


Unbelievable is a understatement. Why would a forty some married woman allow any of this to happen. Why would a forty some married woman allow for her daughter to be humiliated by a eighteen year old girl? How gullible do you think that we are?
This is just a lot of bullshit and has no credibility or reason to be on this site.


Just... bravo

Redlion75, I don't understand what you mean.


Thank you for reading. Like Mercedes Bends, Sisters refers to the Circle and alludes to some of its rules and games. For a full look at the Circle and all its members in detail, please check out the link on my homepage.

did we miss something about the circle?feels as if we did.

if unable to write in english yourself maybe dictating with something like dragon might help.


Real characters, which is always a feat in short fiction. The transition for Charlie from bitch to nice was too abrupt, as another commentor said. But still a well-written, interesting, and hot story.

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