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Loving Wives Stories

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My Wife's Secret Lover

 — He comes home to find his wife cheating on him. by Darrel1012/14/08

My Wife's Secret Past

 — Wife gives hubby a glimpse of her college days. by ricknlynne09/13/053.96

My Wife's Sensual Massage

 — He watches his wife enjoy her first sensual massage. by Johnlogan10/14/04

My Wife's Sexual Awakening Ch. 01

 — After many dull years, her sexual appetite changes. by wishfulthinker11/12/014.36

My Wife's Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

 — How much further will her new sexual appetite take her? by wishfulthinker11/16/014.33

My Wife's Sexy Office

 — My wife calls me while her boss is spanking her. by jimhaullis09/19/094.21

My Wife's Sexy Office Ch. 02

 — Holly comes home and tells me everything while I'm in her. by jimhaullis02/20/104.30

My Wife's Shocking College Days

 — My wife's New Year's resolution leaves me appalled & horny. by kristensguy02/07/103.82

My Wife's Sister

 — Man finds his wife's sister draws them apart. by curious2c07/03/084.09

My Wife's Story Ch. 01

 — Wife reveals a secret to husband. by underdrive05/03/053.61

My Wife's Surprise

 — My wife puts on a show for me. by jon22701/07/133.06

My Wife's Switch

 — He finds what turns on the switch in his lovely wife. by shane_orion10/20/074.08

My Wife's Switch Ch. 02

 — A test using toys. by shane_orion12/22/074.01

My Wife's Switch Ch. 03

 — Holiday party turns on a new twist. by shane_orion01/11/084.18

My Wife's Switch Ch. 04

 — Watching his wife & two hoopsters after yardwork. by shane_orion06/21/084.30

My Wife's Truckstop Toilet Gangbang

 — Wife services 7 truckers in truckstop bathroom. by ALLGANGBANGS04/02/073.65

My Wife's Young Black Lover

 — She enjoys her very well-endowed lover; hubby approves. by mike_dunbar502/07/034.31

My Wife's Young Black Lover Ch. 02

 — His endowment more than satisfies. by mike_dunbar502/08/034.27

My Wife's Young Lovers

 — James encourges his wife to take lovers. by rgjohn10/16/124.57HOT

My Wife's Young Lovers Pt. 02

 — Continuing the story. by rgjohn11/03/124.40

My Wife's Younger Love

 — Wife's relationship with husband's best friend intensifies. by gerarde09/12/074.04

My Wife's Younger Love Ch. 02

 — His wife continues to enjoy his friend. by gerarde10/02/074.15

My Wife's Younger Love Ch. 03

 — Wife's voyage of sexual discovery with other men continues. by gerarde11/06/074.14

My Wife's Younger Love Ch. 04

 — My wife abandons herself to her new young lover. by gerarde12/02/073.68

My Wife, A Cum-Drenched Slut...

 — Janine is insatiable. by Mr. Cautious11/15/004.25

My Wife, a Glory Hole Slut!

 — Went to fulfill a fantasy & things got out of control. :-) by chilemanTX04/02/144.09

My Wife, Anyone's Slut...

 — Cheating wife humiliates and cuckolds hubby. by Pornpal06/21/053.38

My Wife, Carolyn & I

 — She brings home a friend to share. by biggun7609/14/044.35

My Wife, Geoff, & The Coffee Guy

 — Indian wife continues her adventure with many men. by InjunDude11/15/014.15

My Wife, Her Fantasy, and I

 — Wife lives out a fantasy of her husband, with a surprise. by gflatman5312/06/083.77

My Wife, His Slut Ch. 01

 — Laurie spends the weekend away. by Lauries Husband10/11/044.24

My Wife, His Slut Ch. 02

 — Laurie's weekend away with Lou continues. by Lauries Husband10/12/044.17

My Wife, Jeb and Me

 — My wife, me and a friend have a night to remember. by ken2863701/30/113.90

My Wife, Joy, Fucked

 — How Joy learned to love being fucked. by leglvr4408/21/073.58

My Wife, My Boss, & I

 — Jimmy is humiliated by everyone he trusts. by James Quiller06/24/043.87

My Wife, My Boss, & I Ch. 02

 — Candy takes control. by James Quiller07/14/043.69

My Wife, My Boss, & I Ch. 03

 — Saturday night get-together. by James Quiller08/13/043.18

My Wife, My Friend, and Me

 — Her longtime MMF fantasy comes true. by skywalkersam77709/30/074.08

My Wife, My Love, My Passion

 — His wife fulfills his desires. by liebe91107/31/023.63

My Wife, My Lover Ch. 01

 — His wife shows him how much she loves him. by cruelwarrior02/23/033.85

My Wife, My Lover Ch. 02

 — A wife shows her love for her husband. by cruelwarrior03/09/033.96

My Wife, My Lover, My Slut

 — Wife given permission to stray does so in big way. by fanatic28206/27/074.23

My Wife, My Mistress

 — My fantasy turned to something better. by HerCuckman11/22/113.81

My Wife, My Queen Ch. 01

 — He becomes a cuckold. She takes the lead. by Dilberts_dream02/24/104.22

My Wife, My Queen Ch. 02-03

 — My first day as a cuckold. My wife tells her story. by Dilberts_dream03/19/104.25

My Wife, My Queen Ch. 04

 — He watches his wife cuckold him. Too late for doubts. by Dilberts_dream05/28/103.83

My Wife, My Slut

 — He sees Cari go from wife to whore. by Sabian31606/05/044.09

My Wife, My Slut

 — Husband's revenge comes in many shapes and sizes. by jack_straw09/14/043.90

My Wife, the Cum Slut

 — Wife loves the feeling of fresh cum. by Tony King06/15/014.34

My Wife, the Happy Whore

 — Wife accidentally sells what she used to give away. by sealawyer09/16/014.11

My Wife, The Hooker

 — Wife decides to act out fantasy with me watching. by okayjack09/25/123.79

My Wife, The Hot Nurse

 — Wife shares herself with other men to please husband. by SLICKHEAD06/09/104.15

My Wife, The Hot Nurse Ch. 02

 — Wife please's other men for husbands enjoyment! by SLICKHEAD06/28/104.03

My Wife, the Party Treat

 — My virgin bride acquired a taste for variety. by Borero12/30/113.71

My Wife, The Receptionist

 — Doctor's receptionist accepts sex from him. by ARGEE06/06/014.12

My Wife, The Slut Ch. 01

 — Wife decides to live as a slut. by Capelmawr10/08/093.70

My Wife, The Slut Ch. 02

 — Wife starts her journey to be a slut. by Capelmawr10/12/093.99

My Wife, The Slut Ch. 03

 — The ending of the story. by Capelmawr10/16/093.75

My Wife, The Therapist

 — I break my leg and Pam becomes a hot wife. by PamR5508/03/123.41

My Wife, The Writer Ch. 01

 — Could their marriage last with her as a writer? by DG Hear12/30/054.37

My Wife, The Writer Ch. 02

 — Will they stay together or part as friends? by DG Hear12/31/054.48

My Wife, Wendy Ch. 01

 — The early days of our sexual relationship. by Jam X02/03/044.14

My Wife... Prelude

 — The beginning of one couple's story. by TripleG06/02/022.59

My Wife...Your Whore

 — She was created to please cocks. by DrMick08/22/074.13

My Wife: A Must Read Ch. 01

 — Exhibitionism leads to sex. by amboz12/09/044.02

My Wife: Down to Business

 — She gets taken by two businessmen in front of him. by Atilla04/17/034.00

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 01

 — His wife's tales of past experiences. by Kaptain Kaos01/10/064.32

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 01

 — Wife describes past fucks to her husband. by Ronin809/26/064.41

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 02

 — Wife gets husband off by telling her college stories. by Kaptain Kaos01/19/064.40

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 02

 — One last hoorah before the transfer. by Ronin810/07/064.40

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 03

 — Tales of past fucks. by Kaptain Kaos05/22/064.24

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 03

 — Wife tells husband about her first male roommate. by Ronin810/08/064.37

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 04

 — Wife graphically describes past men to husband. by Kaptain Kaos05/27/064.21

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 04

 — Wife makes husband cum by telling him about her past. by Ronin810/09/064.45

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 05

 — Wife tells husband about her first experience with pussy. by Ronin810/10/064.31

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 06

 — Wife explains how she got scheduled for the best shift. by Ronin810/21/064.27

My Wife: The Slut

 — Unsatisfied wife gets permission to find something new. by JohnWH62511/09/114.02

My Wife: Waitress Service

 — Wife seduces the young waitress. by Atilla04/29/034.22

My Wifes First MFM Experience

 — He set his wife up with an Asian stud for fun. by subFLmale11/14/044.38

My Wives

 — Unplanned polygamy. by Orcaman4706/10/034.45

My Wives Ch. 02

 — Breaking the new is never easy. by Orcaman4706/24/034.51HOT

My Wives Ch. 03

 — Jason and the girls stay together. by Orcaman4707/22/034.57HOT

My Woman's First Three-Way

 — Husband's fantasy becomes a reality. by DkGy06/14/024.24

Myron Starts It

 — JPB's very first story. by Just Plain Bob02/11/063.38

Myrtle Beach

 — Naive couple have a first swinger encounter. by gr8fluke04/06/014.27

Mysteries of the Male Multi-Orgasm

 — Achieving this effect is like an out-of-body experience. by velvet hammer04/13/123.64

Mysterious Hands

 — Who is groping her body? by sinistersam8801/22/083.68

Mystery Girl

 — Whose wife was she? by Britease07/02/144.09

Mystery Meat Marriage

 — He suddenly realised he didn't like what was on his plate. by MattblackUK12/30/124.11

Mystery Pie

 — Wife makes creampie while hubby is away. by mufdvr508/13/024.30

Mystery Pie Ch. 02

 — Wife cums clean about her hot afternoon. by mufdvr501/01/034.21

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