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A Willing Cuckold Ch. 03

 — John realizes that he truly is a cuckold. by Frozenhero12/23/084.25

A Winning Losing Vacation

 — Wife explores limits of bisexuality & swinging. by huntershesse09/08/043.90

A Winning Wager

 — A wager over a football game gets out of hand. by swingerjoe01/02/14

A Winter Night's Payment

 — Your husband uses you as payment for ride to town. by MasterOso12/12/013.77

A Winter Story

 — Did she know, or didn't she? by magichands02/27/023.76

A Woman Blossoms

 — After Years Together, a couple begin to enjoy life as it could... by Celtic Aussie02/15/113.96

A Woman Of Her Word

 — Innocent petting leads to incredible promises. by Campo11/16/014.32

A Woman of Her Word Ch. 2

 — A wife's naughty promises are realized. by Campo12/12/014.48

A Woman Who Loves Men

 — Young wife has to chose a father for her baby. by vargas11106/30/043.26

A Woman Who Loves More Men

 — She's pregnant with another man's baby. by vargas11107/01/042.80

A Woman's Wishes

 — A husband and wife fulfill their fantasy. by One Wounded Dragon06/25/133.89

A Woman's Wishes Ch. 02

 — Wife wants a black baby. by One Wounded Dragon05/29/143.49

A Woman's Wrath

 — Friend of wife tells her of husband's indescretion. by the Troubador03/30/044.39

A Woman's Wrath Ch. 02

 — Susan returns the next morning. by the Troubador04/01/044.45

A Woman's Wrath Ch. 03

 — Wife goes a little mad when hubby cheats. by the Troubador04/02/044.30

A Woman's Wrath Ch. 04

 — How they solved the problem. by the Troubador04/03/044.03

A Wonderful Exchange

 — Start of an exchange club. by OLDER AND BETTER09/18/064.29

A Wonderful Wife

 — Wife cuckolds husband after finding his stash of stories. by rockpaperscissor802/26/114.03

A Wooly Tail

 — Don't jumper to conclusions. by Britease07/03/143.43

A Word

 — Couple enjoys their first MFM threesome. by WallBanger01/29/022.77

A Word to the Wise

 — Be carefull what you ask for. by Just Plain Bob10/31/133.86

A Work-Related Injury

 — Wife takes a friendship too far. by Slirpuff08/03/094.30

A Working Holiday

 — Back-packing student has to work for his bed and board. by severinrossetti08/23/123.77

A World Turned Rightside Up - FTDS

 — Setting things right - my sequel to Bobby96600's story. by FinishTheDamnStory09/06/134.00

A World Turned Upside Down Ch. 01

 — A man learns that his wife of 10 years is cheating on him. by Bobby9660011/27/122.78

A Xmas Party Gone Bad.

 — Wife gets angry because he missed the party. by consukxxx05/15/073.49

A Yearning

 — Wife is missing something big in her life. by Mrbig03/28/013.68

A Yearning Ch. 2

 — Ally tries on a large vibrator for size. by Mrbig04/04/014.07

A Young Widow's Odyssey

 — A young widow sheds her sexual repression (part two). by DionysusReturns01/17/094.38

A Young Widow's Sexual Saga

 — The continuing adventure of Alex, a recent widow. by DionysusReturns01/19/094.26


 — An unexpected adventure at a conference by tony_tiger05/26/143.84

A.C. Trip

 — He and his wife take a romantic weekend getaway. by Rich5Spot10/13/083.62

A1 Gang Bangers

 — Movers move more than the furniture. by English Bob12/10/004.00

AA Motorsales

 — Wife gets a test drive and gets a big deposit. by backdoorboogie10/10/104.05

Aaron & Abbey's New Friend

 — They comfort a jilted girlfriend. by The Jewel11/01/034.29

Aaron's Rod

 — Young wife's adventures on her husband's birthday. by wendyw07/13/034.33

Aaron's Wife

 — A neighbor in need, is a friend in deed. by dark gable02/14/054.30

Aaron, Amy & Me

 — He gets his wish and she gets her first 3 some. by dreampilot7902/10/054.46

Abandoned New Wife

 — She's left alone shortly after the wedding. by WestPac Widow09/12/034.33

Abandoned New Wife Ch. 02

 — She's exposed in an erotic game. by WestPac Widow09/20/034.29

Abandoned New Wife Ch. 03

 — Her new husband becomes involved. by WestPac Widow10/01/034.39

Abandoned New Wife Ch. 04

 — She receives excitement from an unexpected experience. by WestPac Widow10/13/034.41

Abandoned New Wife Ch. 05

 — Her husband's plot is exposed. by WestPac Widow10/26/034.25

Abbercorn Hotel

 — Couple spend vacation in wild Maltese hotel. by English Bob10/07/004.12

Abbey & The Other Woman

 — Abbey & friend make David's 40th birthday. by English Bob08/29/014.20

Abbey: Through The Window Ch. 01

 — He secretly watches wife's temptation. by HapLess Husband11/11/034.24

Abbey: Through The Window Ch. 02

 — Wife succumbs fully to a younger man. by HapLess Husband11/13/034.54HOT

Abbey: Through The Window Ch. 03

 — She continues to enjoy the younger man's advances. by HapLess Husband11/23/034.17

Abbot - Prisoner #14357 Ch. 1

 — Inmate gets an offer he can't refuse. by English Bob09/01/004.12

Abbot - Prisoner #14357 Ch. 2

 — Convict satisfies another man's wife. by English Bob09/01/004.29

Abby Ch. 01

 — He loses the love of his life and tries to get her back. by K.K.12/21/044.30

Abby Ch. 02

 — Abby moved in next door. by K.K.12/22/044.26

Abby Ch. 03

 — He spends time with Sarah. by K.K.12/23/044.36

Abby Ch. 04

 — Thr turnaround comes. by K.K.12/24/044.22

Abby Replies

 — Advice columnist replies to a cheating wife. by vargas11102/18/092.24

Abby's Plan

 — She had a plan to get her hubby to join her. by Just Plain Bob09/03/094.31

Abby's Special Valentine

 — It was the present her husband would appreciate most. by Bakeboss01/22/114.09

Abby's Trip to the Beach

 — A young couple meets a hunky traveler at a hotel. by kinkomatic05/17/123.39


 — Who will pay the ransom? by DG Hear09/21/114.50HOT

Abducted Ch. 2

 — Loving couple has a brush with the law. by English Bob07/25/003.89

Abdul's Well Used Slut

 — Story based on experiences of Horny Lene. by English Bob12/22/003.94


 — It started as wonderfully as any marriage could begin. by MungoParkIII06/27/073.03

Abed Ch. 02

 — Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. by MungoParkIII07/07/072.93

Abigail and Steve

 — Another gangbang story? Or is it? by ILienBagby09/02/112.74

About Bobbi Sue...

 — Exhib/Voyeur, Fun and PUBLIC play! by Hisself08/08/114.06

About Bobbi Sue... Ch. 02

 — A "good time gurl" going GREAT! by Hisself08/11/113.81

About Julia

 — A story of temptation and opportunity. by Bazzza07/16/054.49

About Last Night

 — What was so exciting about last night? by Zeb_Carter02/15/14

About Me

 — The hardships of a religious woman. by djole_i_mira09/16/143.84

About Me Ch. 02

 — Sex and butt-plugs. by djole_i_mira09/17/144.00

About Me Ch. 03

 — The long awaited revelation. by djole_i_mira09/19/143.57

About Me Ch. 04

 — Church and new underwear. by djole_i_mira09/20/143.91

About Me Ch. 05

 — Teasing the house guest. by djole_i_mira09/23/143.92

About Me Ch. 08

 — When a religious woman finds sex. by djole_i_mira10/06/143.91

About the Town Ch. 1

 — Samantha is set up for extraodinary experiences. by aldenbradley05/04/014.23

About the Town Ch. 2

 — Sam & Larry rescue a stranded young couple. by aldenbradley05/05/014.22

About Us

 — Your guy watches you take a monster dick. by busterk04/11/073.83

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

 — A month of being apart makes for steamy reunion. by Blueboyrobert03/23/133.95

Absence Makes the Sex Great

 — The weeks apart result in a wild card game. by thespankster02/20/034.11

Absent Friend

 — Wife plays with a toy boy. by Winterfrog07/31/043.74

Absolute Whore

 — Husband and wife place personal ad. by English Bob12/17/004.07

Absolutely Fuckulous

 — Rob and I are identical twins, we share most everything. by alexcarr08/16/123.20

Abuse of Power

 — Is somebody watching? by FrancisMacomber05/09/144.67HOT

Abusing My Wife

 — Horny wife seeks domination. by English Bob11/15/004.28

Acapulco Anniversary

 — I lost my wife on our anniversary vacation. by murphy62105/03/113.95

Accepting Cuckold

 — My cheating wife makes me her accepting cuckold. by CuckoldGuy01/27/153.52

Accepting Cuckold Ch. 02

 — A response to the comments of chapter 1. by CuckoldGuy02/11/153.53

Accepting Cuckold Ch. 03

 — I just wanted to have a threesome. by CuckoldGuy03/13/152.89

Accessorizing Karin

 — A young, married co-worker and I go shopping. by johnnieblue4402/27/134.61HOT


 — Car mishap leads to wife's adultery, or does it? by English Bob11/15/003.05

Accidental Cockold

 — Wife "accidentally" sleeps with another man. by beatoffboy10/13/053.15

Accidental Confession

 — A confession means consequences. by Winterfrog03/23/123.94

Accidental Cuckold

 — Conceiving a baby in an unusual way. by gonzi209/24/033.96

Accidental Cuckold Ch. 01

 — A serious breakdown in communication. by Turned03/23/103.49

Accidental Cuckold Ch. 02

 — The wanna-be actress instigates femme dom role playing. by Turned03/30/103.83

Accidental Cuckold Ch. 03

 — The role playing takes another twist. by Turned06/29/103.34

Accidental Encounter Ch. 01

 — Young businessman is suduced by a put out mom.. by CharmOriginal11/18/034.34

Accidental Fantasy

 — A summer vacation with friends turns unexpected. by MsSeminoleWind06/25/034.53HOT

Accidental Fantasy: The Day After

 — The day after the accidental spouse swap. by MsSeminoleWind09/06/034.32

Accidental Fantasy: The Next Day

 — Becky asks Claire for lessons. by MsSeminoleWind03/12/054.47

Accidental Orgy!

 — Wife curious about a party. by anonyplay07/16/123.95

Accidental Stockings Show

 — Evening out leads to car sex. by romantichica11/23/084.20

Accidental Threesome

 — He accidentally falls in with them. by sxt99905/10/093.63

Accidental Wet T-Shirt Ch. 02

 — The boys line up. by goduke0604/29/074.31

Accidents Will Happen

 — Soccer mom & friend in a tough situation. by Irishdragon07/21/024.22

Accidents, Can They Be Prevented?

 — Caught cheating by big brass balls. by Incoming09/15/064.17

Accommodating My Wife

 — Hubby watches Cathy with two Jamaican deck hands. by English Bob04/11/014.33

Acrobatics 04

 — The girls watch Jack with his wife. by Strawberry_205101/24/064.44

Acrobatics 08

 — What will Jack's wife do? by Strawberry_205101/28/064.43

Across the Street

 — He pursues a housewife. by Balaak04/23/054.34

Act 1 Scene 1: Fucking Ashley

 — Wife in stockings & thong gives him an after-work surprise. by 1mirage4u04/28/014.22

Act Naturally

 — Man switches families in reality TV show. by Harddaysknight10/08/114.66HOT

Acting Job

 — Young wife becomes addicted to sex with other men. by Linda Jean07/09/034.46

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