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Adventures in Fantasy Ch. 10

 — The group meets a young couple at the toga party. by kenkx02/19/064.35

Adventures in Fantasy Ch. 11

 — Young couple gets it on while others watch. by kenkx02/27/064.37

Adventures in Fantasy Ch. 12

 — Jan and Mark play with young and mature couples. by kenkx03/05/064.34

Adventures in Friendship

 — Two couples have embarrassing time out on the town. by Easywood01/27/063.97

Adventures in Photography

 — Wife poses nude with stranger. by C_Woody08/03/084.05

Adventures in Swinging

 — Young couple decide to try a swinger's lifestyle. by the_apocalypse10/29/093.64

Adventures in Swinging Ch. 02

 — Young couple decide to try a swinger's lifestyle. by the_apocalypse11/01/093.84

Adventures in Swinging Ch. 03

 — Shaun and Mel find a match on the swinger's site by the_apocalypse11/04/093.86

Adventures Of A Bride

 — Unsolicited encounter on her wedding day. by Submissive Susan08/19/034.09

Adventures Of A Bride Ch. 02

 — Her new uncle wants her at 35,000 feet. by Submissive Susan08/20/034.46

Adventures Of A Bride Ch. 03

 — She plays voyeur with Uncle-in-law. by Submissive Susan08/26/034.38

Adventures Of A Bride Ch. 04

 — She gets more than a personal tour. by Submissive Susan08/31/034.33

Adventures Of A Bride Ch. 05

 — Her Uncle finally gets to satisfy her. by Submissive Susan09/07/034.42

Adventures of a Literotica Author Ch. 03

 — Slut wife and timid hubby are fans. by tantric_explosion05/15/083.89

Adventures of a Pakistani Wife Ch. 04

 — From father-in-law to friend's husband, then partner. by Jogi Bahadur03/09/063.90

Adventures of Becky Ch. 01

 — She comes home early to catch him pleasuring himself. by ghosttyper01/28/103.49

Adventures of Becky Ch. 02

 — Becky lets Brent catch her pleasuring herself. by ghosttyper01/29/104.09

Adventures of Becky Ch. 03

 — Becky makes Brent a surprise. by ghosttyper02/02/103.83

Adventures of Becky Ch. 04

 — Brent gets Beckys surprise at work. by ghosttyper02/03/103.07

Adventures of Becky Ch. 05

 — Becky's surprise for Brent backfires on her. by ghosttyper02/17/102.89

Adventures of Becky Ch. 06

 — Becky has to face Tom after he witnessed her "performance." by ghosttyper02/18/103.19

Adventures of Becky Ch. 07

 — Becky gives Brent the details of her teasing Tom. by ghosttyper02/19/102.45

Adventures of James & Julia Ch. 4

 — When James is away, Julia plays. by James203/05/023.97

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 01

 — Sexy wives workout at the gym. by Tatonka12/15/093.78

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 02

 — Town bully has his way with one of the ladies. by Tatonka01/04/103.99

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 03

 — Tami lets Dave spend the night. by Tatonka01/16/104.08

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 04

 — Tim catches Tami with Brian. by Tatonka03/07/103.62

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 05

 — Tim wants an open marriage. by Tatonka04/02/103.64

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 06

 — Tami and Sally get a little wild. by Tatonka04/06/103.79

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 07

 — Tami's moring after and Tim's personal assistant. by Tatonka04/18/103.80

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 08

 — Pajama party, switching partners. by Tatonka04/26/103.68

Adventures with Di

 — Wife tries hard to please. by the talespinner10/20/023.95

Adventures with Eric Ch. 01

 — Husband is out of town and Eric grabs his chance. by Sin10/07/113.82

Adventures with Eric Ch. 02

 — Sin meets Eric when on a business trip without her husband. by Sin03/12/133.00

Adventures with Patsy

 — How we get together and start to play. by llamedos111205/19/103.98

Adventures with Penny Ch. 21

 — Fallout from the Vegas adventure sets in. by icumonyourshoes02/16/084.09

Adventures with Suzy Ch. 04

 — The adventure continues at Suzy and Bill's house. by yarnspinnerr06/03/104.28

Adventures: Jet to New Orleans

 — Mark & Jan join older couple for a weekend romp. by kenkx04/05/064.34


 — Affair at work. by Asian_Young_Couple08/19/114.10

Affair Ch. 02

 — Affair at work. by Asian_Young_Couple08/20/113.64

Affair Ch. 03

 — Affair. by Asian_Young_Couple08/21/113.74

Affairs Ch. 01

 — He gets caught with his best friend's wife. by MrsA03/30/044.27

Affairs Ch. 01

 — Horny girl can't help herself. by voyuerman02/11/133.62

Affairs Ch. 02

 — Janie causes problems. by MrsA04/06/044.04

Affairs of a Life Ch. 01

 — A lifetime of affairs remembered. by HipsRising11/27/133.60

Affairs of a Life Ch. 02

 — An unplanned affair happens again. by HipsRising12/05/133.59

Affairs of a Life Ch. 03

 — A description of events in my life. by HipsRising12/25/133.33

Affairs of a Life Ch. 04

 — Life was good. by HipsRising12/31/133.45

Affairs of a Life Ch. 05

 — Canadian lover. by HipsRising02/25/143.08

After A Long Day At Work

 — Tonight will be a night you will remember. by DixieDarlin69x06/20/024.20

After Bar

 — After a night of drinking, they continue the party at home. by voltaire_one01/15/083.84

After Children

 — Disinterested wife forces husband to have sex her way. by jack jackson09/28/043.62

After Dinner Fun

 — Couples play during a party. by exclusivegames10/21/044.00

After Dinner Treat

 — Sue & Lisa discover 4 is even better than 3. by Celtic_Heart04/09/024.32

After Dinner Treat

 — Another kind of restaurant take-out. by artiepuy03/04/103.65

After Five Sexless Years

 — Something changes everything. by Aussiemale5001/16/133.27

After Girls Night Out

 — Night of drinking leaves the wife & a friend in bed. by voltaire_one11/28/083.98

After Hamlet

 — Monica shows her appreciation after a night on the town. by Snakes_03/16/063.82

After Hours

 — A wife surprises her husband at work, but boss walks in. by Domwoolf07/25/094.17

After Hours Ch. 02

 — Carol meets the big boss. by Domwoolf07/06/114.12

After Hours Fun

 — Wife is set up by husband and best friend. by housewife0907/15/094.23

After I Caught Her Ch. 02

 — After watching her masturbate, he joins in. by IRonMan7808/15/084.09

After Our Halloween Treat

 — Married couple continues relationship with divorced friend. by Curious91710/13/024.34

After Party Rewards

 — Wives fucking leads to wife swap. by marriednotmated10/01/114.21

After Six Months

 — His wife come to him in Munich from India. by modik_hot03/12/083.36

After The Affair

 — What will he do now that he knows? by thecelt11/04/05

After the Ball Is Over

 — My darling wife's journey from warehouse to whorehouse. by Teamaster04/12/142.78

After The Conference

 — Husband & wife enjoy an erotic evening. by Exxotica02/03/014.16

After the Cruise, Day of Redemption

 — Sequel to Irishdragon's story Cruise of Deception by X_Bishop11/18/024.40

After The Dinner Party

 — Shy Jan and friends disagree about topless plans. by ByteSize03/21/093.99

After The Fact

 — A man discovers a terrible secret about his wife. by S-Des02/11/064.47

After The Fact Ch. 02

 — Will John want to find out why Jenny left? by S-Des02/12/064.51HOT

After The Fact Ch. 03

 — John makes his decision. Will it be the right one? by S-Des02/15/064.61HOT

After The First Massage

 — How would her husband react to the truth? by magichands03/17/023.94

After The First Night of Cuckolding

 — Following on from the first night you were cuckolded. by angieseroticpen03/18/123.83

After The GangBang

 — Facing the consequences of girlriend's gangbang. by Angelscuck09/14/093.52

After The Laundry

 — How hubby reacts to wife's first f/f encounter. by His Sex Kitten09/18/024.31

After the Love is Gone

 — Wife is a Madam. by Rob Conner06/24/063.95

After the Move...

 — Couple cleans up after a move. by tubatitan8803/22/093.91

After The Party

 — Things get even more erotic. by nylonlover05/21/044.21

After The Party

 — The party ends early, but the fun is about to begin. by vangelsdorp02/13/093.64

After the Party

 — Her husband has a little surprise. by jeninflorida11/07/064.24

After the Party

 — She lets him watch as she seduces her friend. by monsterrdude02/28/074.36

After the Party

 — A good day ended badly. by geronimo_appleby10/11/103.98

After the Party

 — She has sex with hubby's friend, thinking it's her hubby. by cccjs0011/27/073.73

After the Party

 — Fun with Lynn and Claire. by dustybeard01/08/114.39

After the Party

 — Sex with a friend, with a twist. by mickthetrick08/18/114.08

After the Party Ch. 02

 — His threesome with the two ladies. by monsterrdude04/27/074.24

After the Renaissance Fair

 — The gentle autumn rain continued. by Reshbod11/14/093.99

After The School Run

 — What those housewives get up to all day. by deepemerald02/07/064.34

After the Store Closed...

 — Lonely young wife seduces hunky Hispanic clerks. by HotTamale05/19/014.13

After The Storm

 — Crisis tests a couple’s marriage. by jack_straw06/03/064.38

After the Storm: A Year Later

 — Couple works to regain the romantic spark. by jack_straw01/11/074.35

After the Tournament

 — Wife Bobbi has an adventure. by Rob W11/23/004.09

After the Trip

 — What happens now that she got wild in the Carribean? by MrandMrsAE12/13/044.00

After the Trip Ch. 02

 — She tells her side. by MrandMrsAE12/14/044.19

After Work

 — You come home to your hot wife. by stickylolli10/14/044.20

After Work Party Girl

 — Wife has party with husband and strangers. by watchingyou205/10/074.43

Afterall We Are In Vegas

 — A couple plays in Vegas. by Luke999004/10/123.71

Afterglow ……or Afterburner?

 — Hubby & wife do a knockdown encore performance. by incorrect196502/12/123.98


 — Couple argue, then make up sweetly. by dansemajik07/13/014.21


 — Can they survive? by DoctorWyldcard06/10/053.74


 — Husband punishes his naughty wife. by elaine200012/31/033.99


 — An auto accident leaves him with a sexual problem. by maggie200201/11/044.19


 — Tribulations and triumphs of a first time Literotica author. by Strapper6605/28/124.34

Aftermath Confessions Ch. 01

 — The morning after a threesome, husband & wife agree to tell all. by DMercator02/17/114.23

Aftermath Confessions Ch. 07

 — Husband confesses threesome with buddy and bound wife. by DMercator04/02/114.27

Aftermath: Encounter with Black Couple

 — Life since our last swinging weekend. by maturemadness203/25/114.07

Afternoon Affair

 — She is thoroughly fucked by hubby's best friend. by RaynRavyn11/14/123.42

Afternoon by the Pool

 — A get-together at a friend's house. by SueandSteve12/31/054.23

Afternoon Delight

 — A couple's afternoon of pleasure. by conor196504/22/054.36

Afternoon Delight

 — Frisky friend makes it a threesome. by SueandSteve10/27/054.21

Afternoon Delight

 — A wife skids past the point of no return. by bertt109/27/073.41

Afternoon Delight

 — My wife and I are interrupted while having sex. by christianhymen10/04/074.16

Afternoon Delights

 — Picking up women in the grocery store. by mikoli576308/12/133.99

Afternoon Fun With The Cable Guy

 — Wife enjoys d.p. husband & cable guy. by meatmywife08/29/044.22

Afternoon Surprise

 — Husband & buddy give it to needy housewife. by mcummings35706/26/043.89

Afternoon Under (and on) the Hood

 — A weekend garage mechanic and wife share Saturday lust. by Stephen7Redo06/25/093.94

Afternoon with Dot

 — Dot takes on strangers for afternoon of fun. by sharkeez04/05/034.04


 — Allison's sexiness overflows. by vargas11107/13/044.03

Again Last Night

 — They go out to eat; the waiter becomes dessert. by BACarter12/16/074.17

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