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Camp Fun Ch. 1

 — Camp for two couples turns to their first threesome. by Tepin06/23/024.24

Camp Mom

 — Contractor meets mom while dropping off son at camp. by ohnudeone08/07/074.27

Camp Site Orgy

 — Husband and wife enjoy company of others. by Friskee_cpl03/08/084.20

Campfire Fantasy

 — My wife's sexuality is explored at an overnight campfire. by DarkLyricist08/19/113.12


 — She enjoys husband & two male friends, completely. by Leftwriter06/21/054.39


 — Three couples go camping. by TheStork12/05/114.07


 — When two couples go camping, a new passion ignites. by IndigoCalliope11/10/133.71


 — Camp hosts encourage solo camper to join in. by romancer03/27/153.80NEW

Camping & More On The Beach Ch. 01

 — Wife cuts loose on the beach. by DaddyO Wil06/28/044.30

Camping & More On The Beach Ch. 02

 — Couple have fucking good time. by DaddyO Wil06/29/044.30

Camping Adventure

 — A friend stays late. by Masternpet10/24/143.52

Camping at Renfest

 — Wild night camping at the Tx Renaissance Festival. by FunTxCpl12/27/143.91

Camping Can Be Great Fun

 — Husbands happily explore each other's wives. by ARGEE12/06/013.82

Camping Fun

 — Campsite frolics with a horny stranger. by kiwiwoody01/10/064.10

Camping Fun

 — Camping, swinging, food fun. by BeejayHugger06/26/114.07

Camping Fun Ch. 2

 — He watches Charly's wife undress. by mseaking10/23/024.19

Camping Fun with Terry & Becky Ch. 1

 — Terry shows all to best friend's husband. by mseaking06/16/024.10

Camping Fun with Terry & Becky Ch. 2

 — He watches two girls made love in the fire light. by mseaking06/17/024.36

Camping Out

 — Trip with neighbors leads to new revelations. by aldenbradley04/23/013.92

Camping Tragedy (Or Was It)

 — She finds help when she needs it most. by OLDER AND BETTER02/02/063.82

Camping Trip

 — Interesting evening at a campground. by vetteman200605/09/113.82

Camping Trip Ch. 2

 — With the husband away, the wife will play... by Jam X07/14/014.39

Camping Trip Ch. 3

 — Lori & Tom return home, but her infidelities follow. by Jam X09/15/014.02

Camping Weekend

 — Two men & one woman share a camping weekend. by asexyiris11/15/083.93

Camping with a Delorean

 — Man takes horny wife. by Nightwork112/14/124.24

Camping With a Size Queen

 — “I should have married a guy with a short dick!” by LynnGKS07/25/133.97

Camping with Friends

 — Wife does his friend in tent while he watches. by jkendale01/15/054.25

Camping with Jolene

 — George 'meats' Jolene for the first time. by meatmywife11/17/064.29

Camping with Jolene Ch. 02

 — Wife Jolene continues with George and more. by meatmywife02/27/084.34

Camping with My Best Friend's Mom

 — Darcy can't resist her son's friend on camping trip. by hardwillingone04/28/064.24

Camping with My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 02

 — Darcy comes to his tent. by hardwillingone05/11/064.34

Camping with My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 03

 — We finally get caught. by hardwillingone05/14/064.44

Camping with My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 04

 — The beginning of the end. by hardwillingone06/04/064.24

Camping with My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 05

 — The final chapter. by hardwillingone02/06/074.21

Camping With My Wife

 — Man finally watches wife with another man. by That Man11/05/013.55

Camping with My Wife Ch. 01

 — His hot drunk wife is taken by another. by SmithPortinoi05/17/074.32

Camping with My Wife Ch. 02

 — Is Sue really playing along? by SmithPortinoi06/05/074.30

Camping with My Wife Ch. 03

 — The plot thickens as there may be more people involved. by SmithPortinoi06/12/074.35

Camping with My Wife Ch. 04

 — The boat trip goes on. by SmithPortinoi06/20/074.19

Camping with My Wife Ch. 05

 — The vendetta is afoot. by SmithPortinoi07/14/074.26

Camping with My Wife Ch. 06

 — Another drawback followed by a settled score. by SmithPortinoi08/02/074.26

Camping with My Wife Ch. 07

 — Things just get out of control. by SmithPortinoi08/28/074.27

Camping with My Wife Ch. 08

 — Fighting the inner demons. by SmithPortinoi10/19/074.05

Camping with the Boys

 — Mary teaches her husband a lesson camping with the boys by TryAnything01/18/034.34

Camryn's Baby

 — Desperation without thought. by Just Plain Bob02/06/052.90

Camryn's Baby

 — An alternative ending to JPB's story Camryn's Baby. by Mandy0106/30/104.31

Can I Believe Her?

 — Is she serious? by seniorperv03/17/113.38

Can I Tolerate Her Superstitions?

 — A clash between superstition and fidelity? by imhapless12/09/143.99

Can I Watch?

 — Swinger gets to watch and satisfy his revenge, too. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/09/07HOT

Can Their Marriage Survive?

 — He finds wife with two men & a video camera. by zeke8103/03/073.50

Can We Enjoy It?

 — The first swinger party. by BlBones10/16/073.99

Can You Handle Me?

 — Nature Boy finds out if he can handle Chanel. by HarlemKnight03/12/112.97

Can You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 01

 — The beginning. by vastiesmith05/15/073.63

Can You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 02

 — Her girlfriend moves in. by vastiesmith05/28/073.70

Can You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 03

 — The plot thickens; the girls plan to make him a cuck. by vastiesmith06/06/073.46

Can You Love Someone Too Much? Ch. 04

 — They take good care of him. by vastiesmith06/27/072.80

Can You Remember My Name

 — A marriage goes south. by RichardGerald09/05/144.36

Can't Abide Cheating

 — A bad experience makes Jennifer hate cheaters. by amyyum11/21/144.12

Can't Buy Me Love

 — Is a good job worth becoming a cuckold? by Harddaysknight10/25/044.61HOT

Can't Get Used To Losing Her...

 — November 1963 by shuttlepilot01/12/143.95

Can't Handle Me

 — Busty wife is frustrated by hubby's inability to fully satisfy. by PaladinInBlack04/25/144.07

Canadian Beef Jerky

 — Husband likes wife to tell him stories at night. by champ wilson06/01/083.84


 — My wife's illness killed our marriage. by StangStar0603/31/114.52HOT


 — A bride's awakening. by No Panty Girl10/31/054.37

Cancun Vacation: A Hat Trick

 — Stud fucks mother, grandmother and 19-year-old daughter. by The Style Guy12/29/054.41

Candace Ch. 01

 — How a 34-year-old man became swept away. by Seducemeplease8112/12/093.21

Candace's Anniversary

 — He learned a lesson the other day. by Just Plain Bob03/29/074.02

Candy and Marlene

 — Adultery? You make the call. by Just Plain Bob01/07/064.37

Candy at the Fertility Clinic

 — Sterile man's wife is inseminated by hunky donors. by Wet_dream_maker05/15/044.12

Candy's Treats

 — Delightful treat for both men - & two for her. by Boxlicker10109/29/074.11

Canned Heat

 — She dared to explore her repressed wicked side. by BradCarson04/18/073.77

Cape Ann Caper

 — A cheating wife breaks a habit. by c1992w01/11/143.65

Cape Town Threesome - Finally

 — "If I ever do this, it will be only a hand job" ??? by ToxTox77706/10/134.37

Cape Town Threesome - Finally Ch. 02

 — Letting another man fuck me is no small sacrifice. by ToxTox77708/02/134.29

Car - and Body - Sharing

 — A car sharing service gives Jerry more than he bargained for. by amischiefmaker11/23/124.23

Car Park Fun

 — Wife is taken by strangers in car park. by Tony King07/04/024.39

Car Trouble

 — Hunky neighbor helps lonely wife with motor problems. by Jimilinden07/30/003.87

Car Trouble

 — Young wife experiences car problems. by Reshbod07/25/093.83

Car Wash

 — She washes more than his car. by The Scrumptious One06/29/044.06

Car Wash

 — He dared her, and no way was she going to back down. by Baudie01/05/124.09

Cara Learns The Trade

 — Missing episode from Softly's "Brand New Whores". by the Troubador11/07/034.18

Cara's Mother

 — Cara was pretty, but her mother was extraordinary. by Just Plain Bob07/24/054.35

Cara's Unerring Downfall

 — She had no idea of who she was. by qualitywheat09/23/122.99

Caravan Holiday

 — My wife's sexual bargaining. by joebanks03/07/084.05

Card Game Trophy

 — Sharon is the prize in a challenging card game. by shazzall06/12/054.04

Card Shark

 — Neglected wife gets ironic revenge on poker playing husband. by Turned10/18/093.20

Carefree Highway

 — He got over the past and moved on down the road. by StangStar0612/02/104.68HOT

Careful Dana

 — Dana needs variety, in secret. by grgor08/31/083.11

Careful Diana.

 — She just needed a smaller dick. by grgor10/30/083.57

Careful What You Bet On

 — Ashley makes bet with online rival. by babydollmiranda03/28/053.92

Careful What You Bet On Ch. 02

 — The rules are set for the match. by babydollmiranda04/07/054.16

Careful What You Bet On Ch. 03

 — Humiliation begins as match is about to start. by babydollmiranda05/07/054.10

Careful What You Bet On Ch. 04

 — Enemies begin strip-wrestling match. by babydollmiranda05/10/054.27

Careful What You Wish For

 — A warning. by Britease04/26/103.90

Caribbean Awakening

 — A couple's vacation leads to discovery. by I.M. Writer09/13/054.49

Caribbean Cruise

 — Some times being trapped on a ship is the best thing. by Slirpuff10/28/094.07

Caribbean Cruise

 — Young wife alone on a cruise meets two men. by CarlDeen05/11/133.58

Caribbean Encounter

 — The adventure continues. by I.M. Writer09/30/054.34

Caribbean Fantasy Cruise

 — Wife's fantasy cruise for husband has surprise excursions. by erosmantic02/03/124.53HOT

Caribbean Sensual Massage

 — A wife receives a special massage. by SweetVibes03/14/094.39

Caribbean Surprise

 — Harmless flirtation leads to a brand new world. by bobhoward195212/04/124.11

Caribbean Vacation Fantasy

 — He tells wife about his fantasy for her. by NCmale01/29/084.00

Caribbean Vacation Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Two couples get a lot closer on vacation. by caribberos06/17/104.39

Caribbean Vacation Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Two couples swap mates for the day’s activities. by caribberos07/03/104.35

Caribbean Vacation Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Mary’s exhibition shocks hubby and their friends. by caribberos07/10/104.35


 — New games at work. by Imaslut03/22/094.14

Carla Ch. 02

 — Carla comes to reclaim her panties. by Imaslut04/08/094.18

Carla Goes to Dallas

 — The pain draws her to Dallas. by budd10002/20/053.80

Carla's Revenge

 — She wasn't at all happy with her husband. by Just Plain Bob10/03/124.39

Carlos Ch. 01

 — The Beginning: Devoted wife stops being good & starts giving in. by Your Girl Daisy11/14/124.06

Carlos Ch. 02

 — Cheating cougar closes the deal. by Your Girl Daisy11/26/123.43

Carly's New Job Ch. 01

 — Hard times force a new job. by Harryandsally06/06/104.34

Carly's New Job Ch. 02

 — Carly's massage parlour experience continues. by Harryandsally06/07/104.33

Carly's New Job Ch. 03

 — Steve has a night he won't forget. by Harryandsally06/08/104.21

Carmalita's Stallions

 — A tale of Her Stallion, Her Husband and Her stud. by My Erotic Tail09/14/043.14

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 01

 — Couple discuss her taking a lover. by bonnietaylor11/10/08

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