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A Friend in Need

 — Wife gives loving comfort to his closest friend. by Austin45412/10/074.20

A Friend in Need

 — Linda gets a new partner and helps his marriage. by oldfogey04/30/034.32

A Friend in Need Ch. 01

 — My wife runs into her school days sweetheart. by Belgarion1007/08/133.21

A Friend in Need Ch. 02

 — Friend finds hot panties are a heated session. by hubbylovesit08/19/054.21

A Friend in Need Ch. 03

 — Tom finally gets a taste of Amber. by hubbylovesit08/23/054.28

A Friend in Need Ch. 04

 — Tom gets Amber, in every position. by hubbylovesit08/24/054.23

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Ch. 02

 — Hubbie's wait pays off, big time. by palles11/18/044.05

A Friend in Need... of My Wife!

 — Old Fraternity Buddy comes to town for an extended. by Yeswayted6909/14/114.12

A Friend Indeed

 — A lonely pair get together. by Mordrig01/14/083.78

A Friend Lends Me Her Husband

 — He fucks me and she joins in. by Catmoore04/29/114.46

A Friend's Final Act of Revenge

 — Innocent wife pays for her husband's debt with interest. by coops18107/01/093.86

A Friend's Help

 — Wife helps a friend make a video for her husband. by pikticket06/14/084.29

A Friend's Help

 — My wife asked a friend for some help with us. by firsttimer53104/25/113.73

A Friend's Wife

 — Deployed soldier asks friend to look after his wife. by DrWho04/27/084.04

A Friendly Game of Cards Ch. 1

 — Wife hosts husband's poker game. by English Bob07/30/004.13

A Friendly Game of Cards Ch. 2

 — Wife becomes the bet in hot poker game. by English Bob08/13/004.35

A Friendly Game of Cards Ch. 3

 — Kate takes on Brian & Ian. by English Bob08/13/004.45

A Friendly Spank

 — A friendly smack on the bottom leads to other things. by Ashson11/02/134.39

A Friendly Visit

 — A sexy visit with a good friend. by dreamjourneying09/03/063.32

A Friendly Wager

 — A guy bets a woman he can give her what she can't get at hom by myiionu01/31/034.56HOT

A Friendly Wager Ch. 02

 — Angie puts up a last struggle. by myiionu02/04/034.67HOT

A Friendly Wager Ch. 03

 — Dan and Angie heat up their first day together. by myiionu02/07/034.60HOT

A Friendly Wager Ch. 04

 — Angie makes a decision about the relationship. by myiionu02/24/034.63HOT

A Friendly Wager Ch. 05

 — Dan gets the unexpected from Angie. by myiionu03/28/034.59HOT

A Friendly Wager Ch. 06

 — Dan and Angie get deeper involved by myiionu04/25/034.55HOT

A Friendly Wager Ch. 07

 — Angie gets the answer to a question. by myiionu05/13/034.53HOT

A Friendly Wager Ch. 08

 — Angie tries to deal with her husbands new lifestyle by myiionu06/17/034.66HOT

A Friendly Wager Ch. 09

 — She finds out there may be no going back. by myiionu07/29/034.60HOT

A Friendly Wager Ch. 10

 — Another wager with a little more at stake. by myiionu08/17/034.46

A Friendly Wager Ch. 11

 — The two weeks come to a close. by myiionu08/30/034.61HOT

A Frigid Wife & Her Voyeur Husband

 — He watches her change to pay the bills. by gonzi202/19/044.09

A Frustrated Wife Ch. 01

 — Young wife meets sexy female for some fun. by skadoo05/14/033.96

A Frustrated Wife Ch. 03

 — Stacy's & Serena's fun continues. by skadoo06/06/034.34

A Frustrated Wife Ch. 05

 — Phone conversation turns wicked. by skadoo06/30/034.39

A Fuck In A Truck

 — Swinging couple picks up a trucker for a threesome. by Tattletale02/20/024.26

A Fucking Investment Ch. 07

 — Investment planning: a surrogate husband for Eve. by Contrasting11/10/124.53HOT

A Full-Fledged Woman At Last

 — Couple compensates for disparities. by Larry Taylor10/15/004.02

A Funny Story

 — My husband caught me cheating. by Sean Renaud10/28/093.20

A Game Goes Too Far

 — Role playing gets better than expected. by LWife01/03/053.98

A Game of Dominos

 — A wife slips while a trader trades. by toolkeeper03/14/103.71

A Game of Dominos Ch. 02

 — The next days after my wife fools around. by toolkeeper03/17/103.87

A Game of Dominos Ch. 03

 — The story of a currency trader and his wife continues. by toolkeeper03/21/103.72

A Game of Dominos Ch. 04

 — The game begins to change. by toolkeeper03/24/104.21

A Game of Dominos Ch. 05

 — The next chapter in the story of a currency trader. by toolkeeper05/25/114.14

A Game of Dominos Ch. 06

 — The final installment. by toolkeeper03/18/133.69

A Game of Humiliation

 — She fulfills several of husband's fantasies at once by Jam X01/28/034.26

A Game of Surrogate Wife

 — A game between childhood friends gets dangerous. by mannydcamp10/05/034.37

A Game of Surrogate Wife Ch. 02

 — A couple & their best male friend continue a game. by mannydcamp11/04/034.43

A Gentleman's Bargain

 — Plumbing the depths of her physical liberation. by ButtNastyTodd09/03/124.00

A Ghost Is Laid

 — Loss of partner doesn't mean loss of sex. by rockgoddessuk107/25/043.76

A Ghost of a Chance

 — She finds out if diamonds are forever. by elfin_odalisque01/25/054.40

A Gift for a Cuckold

 — A nude picture of his wife stirs a cuckold's memory. by cuklet03/13/033.23

A Gift for a Friend

 — An unsuspecting girlfriend is tied up and left as a present. by quale11/23/093.99

A Gift For Jimmy

 — Wife & girlfriend give husband a special gift. by MrNewHouston12/03/024.04

A Gift for Mandy

 — Jack gives his wife a fantasy, or so he thinks. by Txtbuddy06/29/063.73

A Gift for Simone

 — She's a calculating bitch. by geronimo_appleby08/30/134.02

A Gift from Another Wife

 — Kim is a gift once again. by neutrona07/01/144.20

A Gift From His Wife

 — His wife makes his fantasy come true. by neutrona06/16/144.17

A Gift from Veronica

 — Veronica gives her husband his ultimate fantasy. by DdysAngelFace09/18/024.23

A Gift Returned

 — Wife requests repayment for her night as a slave. by Arthur Brown10/09/024.12

A Girlfriend's Photo Shoot

 — My girlfriend models for my photo class. by storiemax02/06/153.89

A Giving Relationship

 — Wife becomes the sex slave of another man. by tamurlain06/11/054.19

A Glory Hole Experience

 — His wife gets a snack. by Happy-to-be-Me02/13/034.35

A Glory Hole Experience Ch. 02

 — His wife gets more than a snack! by Happy-to-be-Me02/23/034.39

A Golfer's Tail

 — Couple has interesting day at golf course. by MrsA05/16/043.81

A Good & Trusted Friend

 — Old friends are reunited, and passions are ignited. by Talespin12/07/014.14

A Good Day To Be An Ex-Wife

 — Ex-wife has a gang bang. by unrestrained03/12/123.84

A Good Exchange Between Friends

 — Two couples enjoy their first swap. by MiamiCuban02/10/034.44

A Good Exchange Between Friends Ch. 02

 — Various swap combos please all. by MiamiCuban08/02/044.29

A Good Friend, A Fun Night

 — Shy wife has fun. by naughtypussysexy05/12/094.35

A Good Friend, A Fun Night Pt. 02

 — Wife enjoys continuing fun with her husband's best mate. by naughtypussysexy09/17/143.61

A Good Husband

 — Husband gets carried away with his generosity. by norealwriter07/17/043.79

A Good Idea

 — She is seduced as he waits at home. by STaylor17606/29/014.05

A Good Little Housewife

 — The secret life of a desperate homemaker. by sweetnpetite11/21/053.38

A Good Little Wife Goes Bad Ch. 01-02

 — An ex-pat wife in Singapore exposes herself to strangers. by Ponderer04/25/114.31

A Good Marriage Ch. 01

 — Beginnin's. by jomar09/29/094.16

A Good Marriage Ch. 02

 — Discovery. by jomar10/03/094.16

A Good Marriage Ch. 03

 — Evolution. by jomar10/06/094.21

A Good Marriage Ch. 04

 — Handjobs. by jomar10/09/094.28

A Good Marriage Ch. 05

 — Blowjobs. by jomar10/12/094.24

A Good Marriage Ch. 06

 — Eatin' Pussy. by jomar10/15/094.29

A Good Marriage Ch. 07

 — Ass Fuckin'. by jomar10/19/094.28

A Good Marriage Ch. 08

 — Revolution. by jomar10/23/093.80

A Good Marriage Ch. 09

 — Mark and Carrie share a woman. by jomar10/27/094.17

A Good Marriage Ch. 10

 — Fulfillment. by jomar11/02/094.17

A Good Morning

 — Wake up! She has something to give him. by desertslave07/08/084.10

A Good Plan

 — The sting. by acdd12307/07/072.63

A Good Plan Cums Together

 — Wife finally fulfills fantasy in fivesome. by jerro09/29/103.89

A Good Wife

 — She grants her husband's threesome fantasy w/her BFF by kenyamossdyme06/16/143.52

A Good Wife Ch. 02: Alesha and Traci

 — Alesha auditions her best friend for the threesome gig. by kenyamossdyme07/15/143.77

A Good Wife Shouldn't Cheat

 — A GOOD wife wouldn't fuck around. by FinishTheDamnStory03/02/143.95

A Good Wife Shouldn't Drink

 — Wife over drinks and screws her Husbands friend. by Sally Tart06/21/104.37

A Good Wife Tempted

 — A good time goes too far. by maxgrayson05/09/083.66

A GOR-y Halloween Party

 — Halloween Slave Auction, and the girls of GOR. by Tx Tall Tales10/08/124.76HOT

A Great Day

 — A flash story about cheating and consequences. by Just Plain Bob04/08/124.40

A Great Night

 — A session of wife sharing. by johnkendal1802/14/044.05

A Great Ride Home

 — My first time during marriage. by caroline2510/27/143.48

A Great Start

 — Two young people meet and fall in love, and lust. by Cunning_linguist2201/25/052.94

A Great Way to Get Kids

 — A married lesbian couple wants kids. by imhapless10/04/144.61HOT

A Grieving Widow

 — Maria gets a surprise inheritance. by English Bob03/21/014.04

A Grip on Reality Ch. 01

 — A banker struggles to make things add up. by FrancisMacomber12/04/144.44

A Grip on Reality Ch. 02

 — A nurse struggles to make things add up. by FrancisMacomber12/05/144.61HOT

A Guest in My Friend's House

 — Who was visiting who? by MiddleAgeCindy05/05/064.11

A Gumshoe's Lament

 — Beware the femme fatale. by CharlieB401/06/153.87

A Half Marathon Weekend

 — A married woman spends the night with her trainer. by eroscouple8911/08/113.15

A Halloween Alone

 — A sexy wife is alone for the night...or is she? by PricklyDoom11/06/143.44

A Halloween Tradition

 — Every year, he & mild-mannered wife celebrate. by Dutchboy10/12/013.84

A Hand with That Hard-on

 — Wife works it up and has a friend finish by formaze12/05/084.18

A Happy New Year

 — Couple end up having threesome at New Year Party. by accacouple03/29/083.87

A Happy Wife

 — Husband allows wife to have sex with other men. by HappyWife8507/18/074.29

A Hard Day's Work

 — Relaxing with a bottle of good wine on a summer evening. by gaigirl09/08/023.95

A Hard Day's Work

 — Their newfound fun grows into something bigger. by HornyDude212/25/114.26

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