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Indian Wife Blossoms

 — Seduction of newlywed at beach resort. by rupanita06/10/024.23

Indian Wife Blossoms Again

 — Visit to a nudist resort makes her shed inhibitions. by rupanita08/06/024.27

Indian Wife Finds A Catalyst

 — She finds a man to enliven their relationship. by rupanita05/24/064.23

Indian Wife Gets Caught in Rain

 — They spend night with friends. by rupanita10/08/034.18

Indian Wife Gets Even with Neighbour

 — She sexually harasses neighbour. by rupanita07/19/033.92

Indian Wife Gets Pregnant

 — Friends help her out. by rupanita07/25/084.25

Indian Wife Gets Seeing a New Cock

 — Hot Indian wife gets with another man. by indianSHY03/26/093.62

Indian Wife Gone Bad Ch. 01

 — Husband catches wife with dirty old neighbor. by aurelius198208/02/093.78

Indian Wife Gone Bad Ch. 02

 — Cheating wife's confession changes, and gets hotter! by aurelius198208/03/094.21

Indian Wife Gone Bad Ch. 03

 — Husband learns wife's past confessions were false. by aurelius198208/04/094.23

Indian Wife Gone Bad Ch. 04

 — Wife begins another version of the confession. by aurelius198208/05/094.17

Indian Wife Gone Bad Ch. 05

 — Wife's confession continues, and more debauchery is revealed. by aurelius198208/06/094.28

Indian Wife Gone Bad Ch. 06

 — Visit to detective agency leads to more shocking revelations. by aurelius198208/07/094.19

Indian Wife Has Fun in Train

 — Khalid instructs sexy wife in public. by indianSHY04/20/093.86

Indian Wife Has Fun With The Doctor

 — Khalid allows doctor to have fun with his wife. by indianSHY05/10/093.08

Indian Wife Helps Husband's Friend Ch. 02

 — The friend comes back to relive the experience. by rupanita02/18/084.20

Indian Wife is a Diwali Night Treat

 — Yashodhara's Diwali night adventure. by aurelius198211/02/114.10

Indian Wife Is a Diwali Night Treat

 — Wife's retelling of Aurelius1982's story. by shiprat08/11/133.81

Indian Wife Knowingly Submits

 — Indian wife knows husband's friend lying, yet submits. by rupanita07/28/074.29

Indian Wife Revisited By Hubby Pal

 — She is paid a second visit. by rupanita09/13/044.09

Indian Wife Seduction Decision

 — She makes a decision to help husband. by rupanita01/17/053.94

Indian Wife Succumbs To Curiosity

 — Indian wife wants to try it once. by rupanita11/14/054.31

Indian Wife Taken

 — Seduction of a Indian Wife. by aravinda_chn10/11/094.23

Indian Wife Teases Husband's Friend

 — Indian wife teases husband's friend until he begs. by lovepriya09/19/044.16

Indian Wife Teases, Has Fun

 — She teases husband's friend and loses control. by rupanita10/27/044.08

Indian Wife's Anniversary gift

 — Pretty wife decides to give variety to her husband. by rupanita09/09/024.13

Indian Wife's Bonanza

 — Erotic auction leads to something more. by rupanita06/24/024.16

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 01

 — Yashodhara gets attracted to a fellow student. by aurelius198210/04/094.33

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 02

 — Yashodhara goes all the way with Ramon. by aurelius198210/05/094.14

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 03

 — Yashodhara's night out with Ramon... and others! by aurelius198210/06/094.28

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 04

 — She has an innocent girls night out...or not! by aurelius198210/07/094.25

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 05

 — Yashodhara gets a taste of BDSM. by aurelius198210/08/094.05

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 06

 — Yashodhara's night as Eric's slave. by aurelius198210/09/094.15

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 07

 — Series ends with all three men fucking her at once. by aurelius198210/10/094.21

Indian Wife's Holiday Ch. 01

 — Her lust is satisfied by a stranger. by cbe10007/10/034.07

Indian Wife's Holiday Ch. 02

 — More men touch her body. by cbe10007/28/034.12

Indian Wife's Love with her Driver

 — She starts a new business and falls in an affair. by lak_nov2406/03/094.14

Indian Wife's Sister

 — She shares erotic moments with the servant. by rupanita03/30/034.19

Indian Wife's Tennis Match Ch. 02

 — Indian wife laid by older men. by funduman4all03/17/153.93

Indian Wife's Transformation Ch. 01

 — Priya joins an evening school; her transformation begins. by desi_indian09/17/103.70

Indian Wife's Transformation Ch. 02

 — Priya gets permission to start her affair. by desi_indian01/04/133.84

Indian Wife's Transformation Ch. 03

 — Priya goes out on her first date. by desi_indian01/05/134.13

Indian Wife's Transformation Ch. 04

 — Priya has sex with Mark. by desi_indian01/06/134.15

Indian Wife: Fate’s Payback Ch. 01

 — Cheated and discarded Indian wife ends up with a Stud. by Mastiksh10/15/084.28

Indian Wife: Piercing Excuse

 — Husband sets up pretty wife with piercing hung stud. by Mastiksh06/29/084.35


 — Was it adultery or rape? You decide. by wife2hotblk09/25/093.43

Indoor Beach Party

 — Pushing boundaries between friends at a girls get together. by sagethorns01/15/124.17

Inexperienced Husband

 — Husband learns sex is better in many ways. by lioness1303/25/023.96


 — Wife finds infatuation is hard to resist. by brain_damage08/31/083.82


 — A loving wife's words push a suffering husband to his limit. by JimBob4407/23/124.47


 — Mr. Kay has a lot more fires to burn. by JimBob4407/29/124.54HOT


 — Loving wife gets help becoming pregnant. by slick0006/27/014.08


 — A young couple's struggle with infertility. by CuckoldGuy11/10/133.46


 — Husband & wife confess their infidelities. by paulphenomenon03/24/024.22


 — Husband cheats, wife gets even. by ainu212/20/093.86


 — One Fella's solution to the problem of a straying wife. by chiangku12/08/132.66


 — Wife makes her husband a cuckold. by Sexysarah702/20/14

Infidelity and Retribution

 — Malcolm is bent on revenge against his wife's lover. by The Big Bopper01/03/104.10

Infidelity and Tragedy

 — We should've known better, but... by Bazzza11/27/054.41

Infidelity Exposed

 — Husband catches his wife being unfaithful. by Hardmember09/19/033.17

Infidelity Gets Out of Hand Ch. 04

 — Secretary gives more than he bargained for. by johncockenfurs04/01/103.96

Infidelity Starts in Virtual World

 — Indian married woman has cyber sex with Dubai based man. by indianwife11/19/103.96

Infidelity Test

 — We all took the test on Halloween Eve. Did we all survive? by DG Hear10/04/104.08

Informed Consent

 — One last chance to save her husband. . . maybe. by robindavisfiction04/28/143.99

Ingrams & Assoc 1: Double Bluff Ch. 01

 — April begins her training with Ingrams & Associates. by jezzaz12/15/134.29

Ingrams & Assoc 1: Double Bluff Ch. 02

 — April prepares for her first operation. by jezzaz12/16/134.45

Ingrams & Assoc 1: Double Bluff Ch. 03

 — April gets deeper involved with Paul and Jenny Silverano. by jezzaz12/17/134.42

Ingrams & Assoc 1: Double Bluff Ch. 04

 — April attempts to resolve the situation and discovers much. by jezzaz12/18/134.45

Ingrams & Assoc 2: Retreat Ch. 01

 — A new case for April. South seas and tans! by jezzaz11/12/144.10

Ingrams & Assoc 2: Retreat Ch. 02

 — April gets to the island and starts assessing the clients. by jezzaz11/13/143.99

Ingrams & Assoc 2: Retreat Ch. 03

 — The most obvious target is tackled, with unexpected results. by jezzaz11/14/144.09

Ingrams & Assoc 2: Retreat Ch. 04

 — With time drawing to a close, April has the pressure on. by jezzaz11/15/144.13

Ingrams & Assoc 2: Retreat Ch. 05

 — The conclusion, where April goes for just desserts. by jezzaz11/16/144.03

Ingrams & Assoc Prequel: Broken

 — The prequel to the Ingrams & Assoc series. by jezzaz09/26/134.44

Inital Public Offerings Ch. 01

 — Corporate Drama. by FD4510/06/114.50HOT

Inital Public Offerings Ch. 02

 — Share and Share alike by FD4510/09/114.53HOT

Inital Public Offerings Ch. 03

 — Lock Out. by FD4510/10/114.52HOT

Inital Public Offerings Ch. 04

 — Finally! by FD4510/13/114.49


 — You and your husband get totally wild. by SlipperyPenquin01/25/013.70

Inner Security

 — A wife expands her horizons. by arghjac05/03/054.10

Inner Slut Unleashed

 — Adult oriented first person story. by newhotwife08/08/114.32

Inner Slut Unleashed

 — My wife finds her inner slut at a house party. by Words201408/14/143.92

Innocence Lost

 — Married nurse is seduced by sexy, arrogant doctor. by Jake Lost11/20/004.26

Innocence Lost Ch. 11

 — Joan talked Drake into seducing Jen & including Ben. by ShaneFull07/16/054.45

Innocence Lost Ch. 13

 — Joan's threesome with husband and Harry. by ShaneFull06/09/064.42

Innocence Lost Ch. 14

 — Drake watched Joan's foursome with Harry & friends. by ShaneFull07/16/064.38

Innocence Watches

 — Married couple rekindles the flame while the maid watches. by Christian Black08/12/084.32

Innocent Comment

 — It started with a slip of her tongue. by daggett09/05/053.75

Innocent Husband

 — John fucks the office slut while his wife stays home by ZotDragon02/16/034.31

Innocent Indian Wife

 — Young Indian wife taken by strangers in hotel room. by Mastiksh06/03/083.91

Innocent No More

 — He loses opportunity to stretch out wife's virgin hole. by krace6904/25/083.17

Innocent Swap

 — A reluctant woman agrees to swap husbands for one night. by rm818109/03/133.64

Innocent Text Messages Pt. 01

 — Husband finds disturbing texts on wife's phone. by javmor7903/19/144.28

Innocent Text Messages Pt. 02

 — Wife gives background and tells her side. by javmor7903/20/144.33

Innocent Text Messages Pt. 03

 — Husband talks to wife and learns more about her mindset. by javmor7903/21/144.19

Innocent Wife Fucks Hotel Stranger

 — Wife hopes to be seduced at the hotel bar. by Steeleboys01/20/124.44

Innocent Wife Fucks My Friend

 — First time MFM threesome. by leftout653705/29/114.44

Innocent Wife Fucks My Friend Ch. 02

 — A reluctant wife loses her inhibitions. by leftout653706/06/114.35

Innocent Wife Fucks My Friend Ch. 03

 — Innocence lost in a game. by leftout653706/07/114.19

Innocent Wife Fucks My Friend Ch. 04

 — Revenge for the innocent wife. by leftout653706/19/114.07


 — A soccer mom hasn't had any in a while. by Mistress Arya 312/15/05


 — A steamy liaison between forbidden lovers. by HannahRosie2306/07/133.47


 — Unexpected Wedding Day. by angela4006/01/143.38

Insatiable Ch. 01

 — The Beginning: the first time we crossed the line. by HannahRosie2308/02/133.56

Insatiable Ch. 02

 — An Unusual Wedding Day. by angela4006/10/143.74

Insatiable Ch. 03

 — Honeymoon flight. by angela4006/21/143.88

Insatiable Ch. 04

 — First honeymoon day in Barbados. by angela4007/03/143.54

Insatiable Ch. 05

 — Unexpected surprises on honeymoon. by angela4007/16/142.69

Insatiable Wife Gets More

 — A sexy wife has fun with a delivery guy at her job. by calgarybabe3910/12/094.07

Inseminating Judy

 — Infertile couple finds a willing donor. by Magna1203/17/114.18

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 01

 — 'Grass is greener on other side of fence. by jay_kumar12/18/054.17

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 02

 — Dreams proposed - desires. by jay_kumar12/20/054.20

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 03

 — Dreams can be accepted. by jay_kumar12/28/054.28

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 04

 — Chasing honey in other's gardens. by jay_kumar12/29/054.22

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 05

 — Anything for honey. by jay_kumar12/30/054.21

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 06

 — Pursuits in the gardens. by jay_kumar01/14/064.16

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 07

 — Morning temperatures. by jay_kumar03/17/064.15

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 08

 — Sunday blues! by jay_kumar06/03/064.20

Inside Information Ch. 01

 — Husband find package on doorstep with DVDs of wife. by MrRobbur11/21/09

Inside Information Ch. 02

 — Bad luck follows. by MrRobbur12/26/09

Insistent Silence

 — Recovery from an injury leads to excitement. by owengreybeard02/06/134.08


 — Wife needs extra credit to pass inspection at work. by exmarine8512/16/023.98

Inspriation from the Swim Coach

 — Coach uses her talents to urge her swimmers on. by Bakeboss01/05/094.14

Instructions from Anne

 — A married man discovers a female led marriage by accident. by sunjimmy981004/24/114.18

Instructions from Anne Ch. 03

 — A married man discovers a female led marriage by accident. by sunjimmy981008/26/114.26

Insurance Premium Q

 — Indian stock broker's wife was rich, but hungry. by c3k07/27/013.67


 — Hot foreplay leads to further more for a cheating wife. by dsoul09/21/103.16


 — A white wife explains her night out with her black lover. by Slut4bbc6907/17/084.08

Intense Too

 — White wife deepens her relationship with her black lover. by Slut4bbc6901/17/093.85

Interlude Ch. 01

 — Sequel to the "Todd & Melina" series. by WifeWatchman07/05/114.39

Interlude Ch. 05

 — More character development, and more hot steamy sex! by WifeWatchman08/26/114.48

Intern Turns Up The Heat Ch. 02

 — Jay goes home for a nice surprise from his wife. by jaysandman4411/29/113.95

Internet Downfall

 — How I met my online lover. by midgalbj09/05/133.16

Internet Options Ch. 01

 — Jill checks out her internet options. by BigDave134004/26/034.07

Interracial Surprise

 — I returned home early to find my wife in bed with black guy. by HerLittlePiggy03/09/103.24


 — A loving couple interrupted by a stranger. by blue_all11/25/122.75

Interstate 5

 — My wife confesses. by Jambalaya04/25/103.55

Interstate Sex

 — She seduces her husband's friend in back seat. by ldlarry5207/20/014.20

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