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could not finish it

And that was a first for one of your stories.

You have done a lot better than this in the past.


four-score and 1 he brought forth liars in court, Nuff said. TK U MLJ LV NV

Same Old

Same old LW stuff. about as erotic as watching grass grow.


Thanks for sharing.

Well that works for revenge

I guess she didn't know him as well as she thought. He warned her, she ignored him and she paid the price. I wonder what Steve said to his wife to convince her not to divorce him, given the evidence she had? THAT would have been an interesting conversation to listen to. Good story Bob.

Nice Story!

This had a nice 1950´s feel to the story because of the music and dance lessons. However, it was a thoroughly modern hot wife tale. Good job!

The way the dance instructor set this up by calling the husband instead of the wife was quite unique. Weaving the song in throughout the story was imaginative. Also, having the husband consent by singing a refrain from the song when they entered the car was erotic and artful.

This story wasn´t about hot, sweaty fucking and grinding like so many. It was more of a slow seduction and final conversion of the wife into a good whore. We will await further installments. Dance instructors never permanently go back to Puerto Rico!

On a personal note both my wife and I loved this story, because she has slept with three of her dance instructors over the years. I usually sign her up for the classes!

Reviving old arguments. Yeah, me!

It is a pity that this author has not (to date) posted any new stories to this site. Hopefully he is writing for publication.

This storyline, all four chapters, is a superior example of the Loving Wife's genre.

Much more believable then most of the repetitious tripe posted to feed the addiction of the BTB lynchmob for destroying "Evil Women".

I noticed very few reverse anachronisms in the writing.

As for the revenge against the ex-wife storyarc, I think itmgr did a superb job of balancing fading love, blazing hatred and consideration for the needs of a young child and the elderly parents.

The Donna character was fortunate that her drug bust occurred before the War on Drugs devastated millions of lives. Those nvolved and peripheral and all the unintended collateral damage.

Before the Internet, that she could get a job again paying enough to support herself and her obligations, using her training.

Perhaps there is a chance for Donna to build a new life, If she can keep out of the clutches of Connie.

By moderating Ken's temperament,the author has balanced out his character enabling him the peace of mind to create a happier future for himself and his daughter.

For all the spelunking trolls who infest this site with their spewing hatred of females, this is an old quotation, I have not found the original author.

"Hate is a poison.
When you inflict it on others,
you take an equal dose of the venom
into your own soul."

Interesting Story

I do not know how Stang is able to conjure up these unique psychotic first wives. I did not see this one coming although should have been cued by the story's title. Strange but fascinating story; strange characters - they were all quite wierd in this story.

His scheming is understandable

while hers isn't. Well, OK, he wanted assured possession of Samantha in a system weighted toward the mother, so he blackened her altogether for slutting around on him. Even so, the justice system isn't enhanced by his framing her for drug use and solicitation when her real crime is infidelity and the deceit and resulting ego-injury etc. He fancies himself generous to her for Samantha's sake, but BTB husbands are nevertheless crazed arsonists and deserve the full penalties thereunto appertaining. Even Connie, the satanic temptress in this, got off way easier than the woman tempted, to whom HE had pledged love, honor, etc, for better or for worse. She's worse, yes, inexplicably crappy, but he's a self-justifying, self-pitying asshole. So, well-conceived and written, but the moral structure allows at best only a four!

Three years between stories

If we're lucky it will be longer next time.

Just 3*...

Just 3* because the lover would never got to Mexico...At least alive...


this was an o k story. a little on the long side{9 pages} and should have been here last month, but a decent read. should have been in sci-fi though

Nice story but two flaws

Stang, as always, I enjoyed your story. You consistently write very good, entertaining stories.

That said - two quick criticisms.

First - obvious proof reading error. One paragraph identified Glory as Grace.

Second - I didn't at all like them naming the baby after Beth. I thought that was a less than good ending. She was a cheater who also committed two murders. Who would saddle their child with a name in her honor? Just didn't like it at all.

Other than those two points - nice job - it was a fun read! I'm looking forward to your next one!


still staying with the story. I am still finding it interesting and somehow compelling. Really? Well yes, for some reason I like well written, well described stories. Is it really polished? No. It's kind of rough, but definitely a good read. I like gritty. So here we go for the last of the story.

Thank you for your efforts.

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