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Lets see...

Mike rapes Tim's wife and Tim is wimp enough to let it go and want to be friends?

Huh uh.

If this was meant as irony...

...it sadly failed. What a let-down, just as I nominated her as a favourite writer on the strength of two other stories.


well written , deep look at some very dificult emotions.

i took the time to read the other comments here & i can see these are extremely painful topics for the majority of people to discuss ,

i wish someone could explain to me why they read these storys if they hate them so much & they find them so deeply painful & torturous to read .


godbless & be well

the lover ?

The "lovers" wife got some pictures in the email, or at least someone @ that company email did while he was at the motel.

I always love your story

Please send the rest of the story to meee to


good story

she works for a drug company??? the nerd vomited apon waking, and isn't telling his wife anything, she doesn't remember a thing, she may or may not have had sex, but believes she did...set-up maybe, or date rape drug,,?

Great read

I liked the darkness and everything about it. I would have done the exact same thing if this happened to me.



Excellent story!!!

He is an ass..she should leave him.

He is an ass, She would be better off without the abusing AH.... Too bad he already fathered 3 kids... (sigh).

testing , testing , 123 , testing ..
of course the author is not testing her protaganists in the story ..
the cruel, manipulative wench is testing her readers .... I LOVE IT .

oooooo lynn is a very,very,very,naughty girl ...
(lynnGKS the author , not lynn in the story btw)



To the author and all readers who see themselves in your story and associate with your bio statement: The old mapmakers put it very aptly. "Beyond this point be monsters." These stories are great fun to read AND to write--so long as you remember they are FICTION. (For you anons, who claim to hate them and yet keep reading them, fiction means they aren't true. You may get pissed at me for saying that, but you are the ones who comment as if they were an account of someone you know.) As a man who has been married to the same woman for over fifty years, and we still enjoy sex as much as ever, just less often, I can tell you there are ways to spice up life and to get through the slow times. Rubbing genitals with another is one of the ways,but it will always lead to hurt and almost always to divorce.

Reading and yes writing stories such as these is a good way for both spouses to recharge the old batteries, there are many more, but unless you are single, keep the actual contact just between you and the one you promised to honor.

Why did I take time to go through all this? I guess this story touched me as I was reading it. If any of you don't recognize it, a story that can make the reader care is damn good writing! Keep writing Curious and readers, keep reading, but remember this is grown up make-believe.

Just another wimp faggot husband and a CUNT wife who doesn't want him.

just what he can provide. No loving wife here! The only way to make this a good story is if the husband killed himself or even better, the worthless CUNT who wrote this shit.



Excellent story!!!

Interesting story so far....

I'm liking it so far. The City X and suburb Y thing is a bit distractive though.

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