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"If I had known where your husband worked and what he does there, I'd never even considered it"

Oh, so if he was a nobody working for a nothing company he'd have had no problem with it?

I'm glad I kept reading....

You write well. In one way its not about the actions its about how you feel.
Its partly about the acceptance of your nature. Can genuinely say would like to read more if you keep going and I for one think you should.

Good one...

Keep writing...you have got something in how you write...

Well,the plot was a surprise, and a good one

The writing was very good, IMO. Presuming both couples marriages that were empty shells, what happened seems plausible. You did give the husband and wife some attraction in the past. The shock of nearly being killed yourself, then seeing your husband dead, you stripped naked...that would unhinge anyone. The conversation about tits and ass amounts to gallows humor to cover a really awkward moment. So back at the camp, who was there to comfort her? He was. People do feel the need to have an intimate connection, sex to celebrate life, to convince themselves that death that came so close is now a ways off. Death is so often a matter of chance what if, what if. The living comfort the living, because the dead are gone.


Shallow relationships?

Am I the only one who thinks this whole situation is so inappropriate for the woman who should be emotionally distraught over her husband's loss ? Don't Americans dont have any control on their baser instincts at all ? With all the in-your-face sexual focus in everyday life, they have lost touch in deciding what is right and what is wrong behavior ?

Or is it a limitation with this writer not able to delve into the emotional hangups of people ?

These are just stories

However, it never ceases to amaze me how the BTB crowd never considers the children. If there are children, you fix it, and then when they're older, you leave unless it's so bad that you can't possibly stand it. That's being a man, not skulking away because you pride has been hurt. You fathered them, support them both financially and psychologically. Love, what's that? Pride? I don't think so. If she reforms or attempts to, try for the children to make it work. If she doesn't, then do what you must do, because then, if she can't, it's probably in the best interests of the children after all for you to leave.


Having read just two chapters, I am starting to detect a conspiracy. I think Leon screwed Marsha in college. They either kept in touch or "ran" into one another in Boston. They conspired to meet in Vegas (her sudden change of vacation plans) and start the seduction of drawing Marsha's husband into the swinging thing to enable them to screw around without the shadow of adultery. I'm net yet sure if Chilly is in on the scheme, but don't think so. Cheers!

Over-the-top humiliation of the ex-wife

I was perfectly OK with the financial ruination of Miguel, and Gerald's ex-wife suffered ruin as well. The personal humiliation of her at the very end, in front of people that she had known for years, was completely unnecessary. In fact, it made Gerald a thoroughly unsympathetic lead character. Way too much for me to stomach.

Anon this might answer your question

" Hank, uh Henry, Williams, her boss: black, six-three, two-fifty, certified asshole."

Sperm donor? No.

Why Not Stop It!

With extreme prejudice!

No worry about charges with the web cam evidence.

Nature V. Nurture

An interesting thing that has been bumping around in my head since I finished this story some hours ago. The whole raising another guy's kids - no genetic legacy - and apples not falling far from the tree thing! These may have been his "kids" but they were not his progeny. If his wife was the mentally ill dope that she was portrayed to be and the biological father was the near idiot, degenerate criminal, alcoholic, wife beater that he was portrayed to be - then how'd the kids escape their genetic destiny? A step dad can be a great guy, but unless he is a genetic engineer the apples usually do not fall far from the tree! This is bothering me because the older I get the more "breeding" is apparent to me as I watch the generations come and go. Still like the story.


You have joined the list of authors that I wish would expand their work into full length books. Seriously, look into self publishing if you don't want to try a regular publisher. The world could use a bit of your talent.


Yawn. Very bland

fuckin shit

Melissa is a immature whore, any phsychologist will tell you love and hate r so close and real men would never put up with this shit, only a woman mind makes out husband only love her, that is utter shit like the story it's women's fantasy in real life there would be nasty divorce cause no man will stay with a selfish bitch, for real life watch I'd Chanel and city channel there r thousands of people in jail from love triangle not this crap

Just a little big point....

Just a little big point...This is a dangerous game....If she looses the respect for her husband, then the marriage ends....

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