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The story using a mail carrier is an interesting idea. After that I can say nothing good about this awful writing. Hopefully English is at least a third language because this is bad for even someone using a second language.

The right category....

This is a very good story in the right category: LOVING WIVES!!!! So in the category that even the story was written by both husband and wife, as one person...That's what means a marriage based in true love: Two people becoming only one!!! 4*

A story about...

A woman being a woman, likely more truth here than not. When a man has a good woman, it is best to treat them right and take care of them, because like all promates, they will eventually find another.


What really bothers me is that some people find this a just punishment.


Bad grammar, incorrect word usage, coupled to a foolishly unrealistic revenge plan. Impossible events, medications, actions, you name it, this was just a silly exercise.

It is always amazing that

what seems so obvious to the reader is the same exact thing that the character remains oblivious to. It is like she isn't listening to her husband at all! And she expects this work out with no problems????

(ala Ace Ventura:)


Ah yes, the old "say one thing and do another", yet be SHOCKED, I say, SHOCKED when things like trust and mutual respect fall apart at the seems.......

So yes the pain is coming. The only questions that remain are:
1) will the author leave it in the middle of the crisis, with no real ending or resolution?
2) will the characters learn some sort of lesson?
3) will the consequences be portrayed as realistic and/or life altering?
4) will the characters settle for weakness or stagnant depression, or instead emerge stronger, better, wiser?
5) will this story cycle be more of the same old same old, or will this author provide something truly new and different?

I guess we'll see..............

Very appealing..

...I really enjoyed your solution. What is more to say: 5* (actually 10).
Thanks for writing it.

and you dear annony you turd you always rise to the story you say you hate

and yet you read it. I think and the rest of lit thinks you are a brain dead piece if shit! So to help offset your craziness I gave this a 5


And I hated the ending. How can he stand the fact that his love is fucking another man - her husband?

Other than that, I really enjoyed the read.

Thanks a bunch.

flc, are you creaming yourself?

This is your favorite, right? WACC gives you a stiffie, right?


These overly involved revenge fantasies are dumb. "101 ridiculous steps to getting back at your wife." Stupid and completely non-erotic.

Also, your statement that "I'm not an advocate of violence towards anyone, especially women" is bull. It's clear from your writing that you have a phobia about women.

a 5

just for the all out revenge



Please keep doing nice work..

I liked your story so much. I gave you 5 star. Thanks for such a nice story. The bitch got what she deserved. Now she is having a happy time spreading her legs for everybody. I don't understand what is their problem, I mean she had everything that a girl can dream off but still she had to FUCK it. Now keep spreading.......it.

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