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I just don't see it

Happening that way. She was an alcoholic and a cheater. He was a cheater and a hothead. And they suddenly changed their behavior and made nice? And not bringing up Roger and Chris didn't make them go away. What kind of therapist did they go to? One that taught Clown School? These two are now divorced. End of story.

Nice story, move along, and entertained

but your prejudice against the church/organized religion is palpable and diminishes the overall effect

what an stupid ending

you had such a good story going and then you ruin it with such a stupid ending

I dont get it

You watched, ? unsuspecting or did you know already? I dont get it

Shitty story.

30 seconds I'll never see again. least I know to cross this lame write off my list.

dont get it

Ok, I can almost see the whole conflicting emotions and unexpected reaction etc etc but regardless if the scene he witnessed was the hottest ever, the bottom line is the supposed love of his life has betrayed him and in major way. This was not a swap or some shared fantasy being brought to life..this is his wife cheating and lying and excluding him and for all he knows on her way to dumping him and destroying his family.

Oh dear!! Here we go again, yawn

Just another divorce in the making, 1* Next....

Just god awful story

Love her husband? More like shoot the prick and cut his balls off. This was disgusting.

Except Steve and Carol didn't screw up their marriage

They got exactly what they both wanted. Just because that was a divorce doesn't mean things didn't end well for them both. They fought and played a few games in getting to the divorce but if worked out well for them. Not everyone stays married forever. People grow apart. Move on.


Just another divorce of a repulsive slut and a brain dead sissy. 1* Next....

Four stars for your writing skills

Two stars for the end result of the story. Tom needed to be burned down. He wasn't just 'some guy' - best friends in a 20 year friendship? He and Peg got off easy. As for Sherry, that wasn't a one time lapse in judgment. That was an oft-repeated conspiracy of infidelity. And Sherry bought the condoms? No, our hero had her dead to rights. Destroying her wardrobe was a start. Take her keys, repossess the rings, seize her jewelry and cell phone, cut off her credit..... kick her to the curb.

WOW!!! No not this piece of pathetic drivel story, gave the story a 1*

But I am talking about the comments, great going everybody, I think that most of these comments are worth five plus stars. They are some of the best comments on Lit. for awhile now, and agree with the comment that Lit needs a separate category for cucks. That way we can avoid it like the plague. Such as Fetish, I never bother to even click on the link to read the story titles.

Worthwhile read.

Keep up the writing. Just enough to keep the reader interested but not boring.

two inches

2 inches isn't does not matter when it comes to your cock thickness matters

Too Bad

That this was this writer's last story. He wrote many good ones, but just left this one hanging and incomplete.

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