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this is a perfect example of why

an author should have the courtesy to post a few words of description to warn those who really don't enjoy this genre. It would reduce the flames and low scores. Unless of course, it is the intention of the author stir up the trolls.

Not A Fan Of This Life Style !

I do enjoy a good story and thus story was well written and had some genuine feeling to it.
However I am not a fan of cuckold at all and I do read some cuck stories as I am trying to understand why husband's allow their wife's to take lovers.

Why would a husband what to push his wife on to a cock of a taller, handsome, well tone muscular, intelligent, younger, confident, bigger dick, better lover man !
And then wonder why his wife will never let him near her pussy ever again !
Why would she, when she big dick lovers to satisfy her sexual need. A loving, caring husband to support her, clothe her, nurse her when she is ill, clean up for her, pay for the home and live style. While her bull's fuck her for free. They have fun as they do not have to worry about caring, emotionally supporting, or paying for the up keep of a woman.
The wife has cake, and gets to eat another one !

I could understand if the wife only did one with her husband that she never does with her lovers, ie CIM or anal, but to deny him intimate contact is just wrong !
Though you cucks will no doubt tell him it is the zenith of being a cuck and you are now in cuck heaven !

Inadequate punishment

Sam should have suffered before dying


Predictable ending.

Not a slam dunk

Certainly the convicted could have filed appeals arguing that the evidence against them was tainted or manufactured, but the burden of proof once you've been convicted is no longer on the state. And you have to wonder how many innocent people Bud may have framed over the years because they were in between him and something he wanted. Pat's rationale for his actions was legally questionable as well as self serving.

Every case that Bud or his cronies ever touched would have, and should have been, re-investigated.

Great story

Overall, a very enjoyable story.

I did have a few comments/questions.

First, after the initial confrontation he doesn't think about carrying a recorder around with him? Granted there was nothing grossly criminal said but it would make clear that Bud intended to frame him. That would have gone a long way in his defense. People would have started to ask probing questions. They would have found out about Jeff's gambling problem and made connections back to Bud. Pat endured multiple slapdown conversations helplessly while he could have been gathering evidence. As a police officer, recording a suspect should have jumped to mind immediately.

Next, a general question. Is this really a BTB story? Besides the divorce, how was Clarissa burned? Yes, she had no respect for him and had arrogant plans against him. But all he did was not be a patsy to those plans. He broke up Bud's relationship with her but it didn't look like Bud really wanted her anyway. Clarissa wasn't hurt or turned into a crack whore or left destitute or any other nasty revenge. He simply left her. Now I think undoing her plans and better yet completely undermining Bud was worthwhile all by itself. Very satisfying. But was Clarissa "burned"? People tend to classify any story where the wife is not forgiven as a BTB story. I think there is a middle ground where the husband is not a sucker and yet the wife is simply dumped.

I also agree with too much technical details being distracting. A couple times I felt myself almost losing the thread of the story in the middle of a extensive discussion. Make in concise and most important, make it accurate. The hacking of the various systems is too glib. While it is possible to hack some systems easily, some are harder or impossible to hack, at least in the ways described, an insertion of modified data. I might, for example, be able to access and crash a system but could not access and modify the data on the same system. The more systems involved the harder and more unlikely it could be done, no matter how many tattoos the girl has or how smart the girl was. I accept this "flaw" in the story as a bit of James Bond magic, not quite believable but all in good fun.

not double standard

Wife was cheating months before he was with MIL.
After one spouse cheats the marriage contract is broken.
Once a contract is broken it is no longer binding on the other party.
When she cheated she freed him from the condition of monogamy imposed by the marriage vows.

A real double standard would be to expect him to be faithful when she is not.

Wow - really nice

I think Becky probably did learn her lesson - in spite of offering to run away with Jace at the end lol, but Jace had it right - how do you find the trust when it is broken that way. So complete, so public, so much betrayal by so many - well so long -

Ot was a good read that required though - the best part of a good sotry -

Thanks -

Double standard

He fucked hi mother-in-law; Why shouldn't his wife be allowed to fuck someone else too.
Incest and adultery is a lot worst than adultery by itself. This website is lacking credibility because of not having a story category titled "cheating husbands" to go along with "loving wives".

why he did

The reason he let them go was explained at least twice.
If he had not let Bud go all the evidence from the cases would have become suspect and inadmissible.
The verdicts would have been overturned, the convicted freed, and there would have been no evidence left against them.
He chose not to let murderers get away.
Bud would have let them get out.

Sometimes there is no perfect solution.

Maybe this story would have been easier to keep track of if it was shorter?

It was going great right up until the end

Bud's outlandish scheme against Pat can easily be accepted as the actions of a swaggering thug politician with an army of cronies he's had backing up a corrupt reign for years; he did it because he thought there was no one to stop him.

The problem with the ending is Pat, "our hero," making a "deal with the devil," letting the plotters off for his own benefit (their support in his run for sheriff and sweeping his years as Bud and Clarissa's cuckold pawn under the rug). He should have made the deal while wearing a wire, busted them all, exposed the entire scheme and run for office based on his promise to clean up whatever other corruption Bud and his co-conspirators had committed over the years. As written, all it does is have Pat turn the tables on Bud and then sell out and end up taking Bud's place at the top rung of the dirty ladder.

Your ex has cuckold you before, during, and after you married her

She is hot slut wife and like the young studs. Even teens. And you got more seconds than you can shake a stick at. lol

sad ending

why continue the marriage if there was no real love?


I put this story on par with WWWM! Outstanding story line, few, if any, spelling or grammar mistakes, and very entertaining. I liked the character development and story flow. If you haven't tried yet, I think you're ready to try writing to get published for mass market - paperbacks at the very least. If you have been published, I'd love to know what you've written so I could read it. Of course, Soldierboy50401 isn't an appropriate "author's name" for publishing - lol

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