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Imaginary Lover

 — Her imaginary lover pleasures her every night. by sharpchick04/29/064.03

Imagination Coming Through

 — Alice loses control during class due to her imagination. by Tonights_Amadeus12/28/124.34

Imagination Is A Wonderful Thing

 — Imagination takes over as she pleasures herself. by strangerwithcandy07/18/044.29


 — She masterbates with your permission. by Belle_in_south02/17/043.29


 — She's on her bed, thinking of you. by katlin696910/02/054.48

Imagining You

 — I pleasure myself, imagining its you. by kelkel7909/28/104.50

In Control

 — Teasing and Pleasing by Remote Control. by shaft5008/01/123.70

In Her Room, Afterwards Ch. 01

 — The new flatmate has had a busy day. by LiterScotican09/12/104.09

In Hot Water

 — Masturbation in the shower. by blueeyes896012/23/064.17

In My Bedroom

 — An empty wine bottle makes for good company. by Lilone06/24/034.01

In Need

 — Woman waking up with desires. by Sweetness00112/27/11

In The Heat of The Day

 — She is home alone with her toys in sun drenched Sicily. by battleaxe_babe10/11/114.16

In the Life of a Student Nympho

 — She finds herself masturbating in class. by caitscherry02/05/073.90

In The Navy

 — Masturbation, bisexual situations with a dominate female. by JackorJill10/11/044.16

In the Shower

 — Alone in a shower, she wants you. by ALittleDevious02/02/074.00

In The Shower

 — She thinks of you in the shower. by AK_Cutie03/17/103.67

Indian Summer

 — Country girl who finds satisfaction in her classic car. by ripeandproper09/12/124.00

Indulgence Sprints

 — When time management becomes a sensual game. by rocker_wife01/25/094.20


 — Woman discovers her unusual capacity for pleasure. by mftalbot01/07/013.03

Inmate Activity

 — A criminal fantasy. by blondbombshelluk03/13/074.33

Innocent Amber Ch. 01

 — College freshman masturbates for first time. by missygold12307/09/114.15

Inserting Them Deep

 — Secretary becomes the owner's sex toy. by NiteWriter09/05/014.31

Inside the Grotto

 — A young woman pleasures herself behind a waterfall by elelar02/23/144.35


 — Husband helps wife overcome writer's block. by Bad Mischa Bad10/21/054.59HOT


 — A fantasy inspired by a story sent me by a friend. by melbclayman10/07/074.05

Inspired By...

 — Picture provides motivation for self exploration. by Azuldrgon12/06/074.33


 — Two women play with toys. by pamper107/07/043.96


 — An instruction received and followed through. by VioletKisses01/25/134.13


 — Master tells her exactly what to do while He's away. by bbkradwell08/26/014.34

Instructions... Ch. 02

 — Master introduces new sub to new experiences. by bbkradwell07/18/034.41

Intercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 01

 — Peggy steals a sex toy. by Amigovio10/05/084.15

Intercepted E-Mail

 — She never meant for everyone to read it... by sindypink07/11/143.75

International Relations Ch. 01

 — A Drink in the countryside. by Ninjafish03/18/124.14

International Relations Ch. 03

 — Invitation to a function. by Ninjafish03/20/124.57


 — A job interview goes seriously wrong. by MungoParkIII10/27/072.89

Intimate Details

 — To know thyself... by GrnEyedLucky05/30/044.45

Intoxicating Mirrors

 — An afternoon of self-love in Hawaii. by nielt031312/08/054.36

Introduction To Nipple Play

 — Nipple clips and suction for the first time. by Bluegray04/16/084.18


 — A girl's first time with herself. by enanareina07/29/034.33


 — Mechanically-minded man has a new toy for his wife. by Goldeniangel08/08/054.43

Is It Natural?

 — She shares a little toy surprise. by Knot_By_Numbers11/27/024.00

Isabelle's Awakening Ch. 02

 — Isabelle views Jessica's intruiging e-mail. by StarlessNight02/10/104.39

Island Masturbation

 — Melissa goes to a secluded cove to masturbate. by texas2711/12/144.08

It Arrives

 — The new strap on arrives. by kttysbehind10/18/044.54HOT

It Began One Quiet Sunday Night

 — A passionate woman & many toys. by darkman2703/06/043.17

It Could Have Been Me

 — Colleague shows him what he should have been doing. by Colin Pearce11/19/054.28

It Has To Be Done

 — One stiff cock and a good right hand. by everoptimistic02/03/044.43

It Has To Be Done Ch. 02

 — Two people, twice the fun. by everoptimistic02/09/044.27

It Isn't Cheating, Right?

 — Alone in wife's friend's home leads to cock stroking. by Akito0109/07/063.46

It Started with a Gaze

 — My roommate's boyfriend. by eccy03/17/153.97

It was Uncomfortable at First

 — Samantha gets her turn. by secret_admirer7211603/02/134.61HOT

It's All In The Mindset

 — Masturbation encouragement. by jy5501/24/144.45

It's Been a Long Night

 — After a disappointing night, Jade needs a little release. by tigerslittleprincess12/03/134.02

It's Been Awhile

 — Girl shows off new toys for visiting boyfriend. by Coriander12/04/014.32

It's for Research Ch. 01

 — Brianna and Nathan have fun with some toys. by PrincessErin08/19/084.29

It's for Research Ch. 02

 — Brianna and Nathan have fun with some toys. by PrincessErin08/20/083.91

It's for Research Ch. 03

 — Brianna and Nathan have fun with some toys. by PrincessErin08/21/084.28

It's for Research Ch. 04

 — Brianna and Nathan have fun with some toys. by PrincessErin08/22/084.11

It's Just Business

 — Steve was gay, but Karen didn't care. She wanted his cock. by Tammy_Nguyen_7702/26/134.16

Ivy: An Introduction

 — Ivy is an intellectual, a traveler and a very sexual girl. by sihaya12/12/084.25

J is for Jerk-off

 — Paul & Penny spend anything but typical morning together. by Many Feathers06/02/054.55HOTContest Winner

J Is For Jill Off

 — Mysterious package opens up a new world. by velvetpie05/01/044.43

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 05

 — Jacey finds pleasure in the tub. by Aspire2Provide05/20/124.01

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 06

 — Taking her masturbation to a new level - and humiliated. by Aspire2Provide07/09/124.03

Jack & Jilling

 — Two lovers indulge in some mutual masturbation. by Saoirse11/22/044.08

Jacking for Sylvia

 — Alone in my room, I fantasize about my impossible love. by whoreshipper07/31/093.17

Jacks Awakening Ch. 01

 — A story of a young man's sexual awakening. by Surreallemming07/19/113.69


 — Chloe misses her Jake something fierce! by Alessia Brio03/07/124.27

James and Rachel Ch. 06

 — The tables get turned. by MunKiy05/18/124.55HOT


 — Getting caught with my pants down leads to encounter. by inneedofrelease01/27/154.22

Janette's Silken Touch

 — Her hands do the talking. by TheTropicsOfDesire01/08/143.70

Jasmine's Breasts

 — A probable coincidence opens the doors of sexual nostalgia. by FrankFriday04/01/132.94

Jeb & Nancy

 — A pastor's wife finds out what she's been missing. by karebeargirl04/06/054.58HOT

Jeff The Jerk-Off Cowboy

 — Young Jeff is a source of much entertainment to local ladies. by mef10/13/064.19

Jeffery Loves His Cock

 — The ultimate masturbation technique. by Kary_M02/27/114.53HOT

Jeffery Loves His Cock More

 — Autofellatio is more fun with a friend. by Kary_M03/05/114.50HOT

Jen Likes to Cum Ch. 03

 — Chronicles of a sexual being. by JenPB12/11/104.12

Jen Likes to Cum Ch. 04

 — Jen's magical fantasy leads to many orgasms. by JenPB12/18/104.31

Jen's Trip Ch. 01

 — Jen toys around in New York. by Lisa Denton06/29/044.55HOT

Jen's Trip Ch. 03

 — Jen toys while Lisa watches. by Lisa Denton12/17/044.59HOT

Jenn & Tom Ch. 03

 — Do either of their fantasies constitute cheating? by silverwhisper09/11/064.18

Jenna Hates Men, Loves Her Vibrator

 — After Jenna breaks up with her longtime boyfriend, now what? by SuperHeroRalph11/29/114.20


 — Jennifer surrenders to her fantasies. by onandonand04/20/093.58

Jennifer on Adderall Ch. 01

 — Why beautiful girls should Just say no … to Adderall. by Senzuri_Sensei10/20/143.66

Jennifer's Alone Time

 — Jennifer spends quality time on her birthday. by writedoctor04/23/104.13

Jenny Loves Her Toy

 — Jenny gets a huge dildo and masturbates in the store. by tkinsc10/27/114.42

Jenny Practices Giving Up Control

 — You surprise her with a new game. by rubyredgrl10/15/054.53HOT

Jenny's Diary: Babysitting Incident

 — Jenny is startled when the neighbors arrive home. by GoodEater02/08/064.21


 — His nemesis' mom helps him forget her son's bad behavior. by RejectReality04/26/124.52HOT

Jerking Off for my Neighbour

 — She liked to watch him jerk-off. by BulgyLover01/18/054.29

Jessie's Prayer

 — A striptease for God. by PnkOcelot04/27/104.00

Jesus Saves

 — Christian girls get off on Jesus. by Deborah02/22/014.05

Jimi Ch. 01

 — Jimi and his girlfriend are addicted to masturbation duels. by valis200404/17/082.38

Jocasta: First Session

 — Psychiatrist meets her new patient. by emap09/27/103.86

Jodie's Fantasy

 — She fantasizes about mutual masturbation. by ImaginaryLover7012/06/113.76

Join Me

 — Did you feel like you were there with her? by mrsdozer03/20/044.10

Journal of a Proper Young Lady

 — A young nineteenth century lady explores her body. by Jen2404/18/064.45

Journey to the Stars

 — A late night phone call. by hisemerald01/18/064.31

Joy Ch. 02

 — He stretches Joy's slutty holes. by changer66609/15/034.45


 — An Indiana highway is a good place for a few orgasms. by eroticorgasm01/31/053.75

Judi's New Toy

 — Judi finally gets some relief. by gamma3304/06/013.72

Julia's Journey Ch. 02

 — Julia pleasures herself while watching in the mirror. by tbonestoday07/01/134.26

Julie's Freetime

 — Julie remembers, and masturbates. by Juliamoretti05/19/082.96

Julie's Night Alone

 — Girl gets hot with the candle. by Lucy A11/23/003.84

Just a Drive

 — She decided to take a drive, boy did it improve her day. by Rose Panfier02/06/053.57

Just a Quickie

 — What do Lawyers do after work? Read to find out! by Kitkat10309/05/104.20

Just Another Lazy Afternoon

 — Wishing you were here to fuck her. by shorty_drea06/05/043.80

Just Another Night

 — He uses bondage and toys to bring her to new heights. by ruralgoddess12/05/014.44

Just Another Sunday Afternoon

 — A man in mid-life boredom finds sexual awakening. by DZYankee08/17/044.24

Just Being Polite

 — How a guy thinks: maybe it makes sense. by humminbean04/06/114.57HOT

Just Business Ch. 01

 — As long as we didn't touch each other... by hurricane6410/26/064.56HOT

Just for You

 — Short story about longing and unsatisfied desire. by gattina2u10/11/094.71HOT

Just Like in the Movies Ch. 01

 — Lacy is a 22-year-old virgin coed. by keeperoflacy06/14/093.88

Just Out of Reach

 — She tries to give herself an orgasm as he watches. by LMP_Jessilin11/11/093.30

Just Touch Me

 — She asks to him to stroke her to climax. by elrod08/28/054.48

Just Watching

 — Julie's joking gets her an exhibition. by Dirty Kitten02/16/064.37

Just What The Doctor Ordered

 — Unorthodox physician helps Jayne with her frigidity. by NothernBelle04/26/024.27

Justin and Justine

 — She had a unique way of paying for the art she collected. by SamScribble07/24/144.38

K's Costume Ch. 01

 — Disturbing dream takes a kinky turn. by justtheone01/25/153.00

Kalodin's Violin Ch. 02

 — Rachel is seduced by Kalodin's crafty wife. by kalodin03/06/114.41

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