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Toys & Masturbation Stories

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Pleasure of Giving

 — Wife finds Valentine's present early and tests it out. by Jack_Samuel01/20/094.39

Pleasure Parallel

 — I was so desperate, I realized I'd have to get creative. by puits_d_amour07/19/144.35

Pleasures of Masturbation

 — She has a hot night. by shybadgirl09/21/033.81

Pleasures of Masturbation Ch. 02

 — She gets herself off in the tub. by shybadgirl10/07/034.23

Pleasures of Masturbation Ch. 03

 — She couldn't believe how horny she was. by shybadgirl10/30/034.24

Pleasures of Masturbation Ch. 04

 — Fun in a dressing room. by shybadgirl11/09/034.31

Pleasures of Masturbation Ch. 05

 — Phone call leads to masturbation. by shybadgirl07/25/084.11

Pleasuring Myself In The Tube

 — Masturbation is great. by pussylove6906/22/033.87

Pledging Phi Sigma Nu Ch. 01

 — Rena gets invited to join the hottest sorority on campus. by blakenight09/11/134.42

Pocket Tits

 — Can pocket tits and portable vaginas replace women? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/12/072.86

Pools of Wetness (An Angel Story)

 — Angel confronts her lust as it attempts to take over. by Cherish_Desire02/07/144.00


 — She's thinking about you, mmm. by Fantasy Writer06/25/033.96

Post-Game Swim Party Confession

 — New girl leaves her mark. by goodrobert808/28/084.23

Practice Makes Perfect

 — Practicing for you, then for her. by justachicky03/28/063.54

Practicing For Him Ch. 02

 — Her lessons heighten with pleasures. by VixenLaFlamme03/03/034.44

Practicing For Him Ch. 03

 — Her evening of self pleasure just for him. by VixenLaFlamme03/12/033.84

Practicing with Buddy

 — A man's bisexual fantasy. by Safefunguy09/24/064.33

Pre-Party Fun

 — Man uses time before a party well. by Viper9206/24/044.22


 — How I masturbate. by yuna198103/17/114.57HOT

Prelude To A Game Of Cards

 — Willow pleasures herself in the shower. by Sexysmith7610/15/033.09

Pressure Relief

 — A hot email necessitates pressure relief. by pedicur8her04/08/064.20

Pretending: A Short Story

 — Thinking about him makes her hot. by Svenskaflicka08/30/034.04

Pretty Clitty

 — Clit sucking porn has her obsessed with fucking her own twat. by supersucker03/21/084.26


 — College co-ed gets into a sticky situation at a party. by masterfeedlarry12/31/084.39

Prim & Proper Wife

 — Sexual awakening of a frustrated monogamous wife. by afrodisiacmwf12/08/043.84

Prime Real Estate

 — A real estate agent and her client explore a new home. by Lazarus06/10/074.26


 — When Jeremy decides to take an afternoon break... by Bringmesomewater08/18/063.39

Privacy Room

 — I've never been completely naked at work before... by CanisMajor04/07/103.95

Private Cam

 — Long-distance lovers share quality cam time. by SpankMeDaddy09/01/044.33

Private Viewing

 — She watches herself on a web cam. by kinky shy girl10/05/054.50HOT


 — Avoiding work means she'll make her wet pussy last longer. by designergirl07/27/074.21

Produce Urges

 — Grocery shopping becomes a lot sexier! by Nifferotica11/19/123.78

Prof Nelson

 — His cock drives her crazy, and tempts her until... by 68niou107/31/074.11

Promises, Promises

 — A boy and his toys. by AfroerotiK05/12/084.04

Proper Fuck

 — She's thinking of her werewolf lover. by Nuitloupe04/08/123.70


 — Tracy's first presentation is a success. by shug12/07/014.45


 — Nol & Gerar come up with something big. by zephrbabe02/25/024.09


 — Phatt ass white girl gives herself some loving. by JimBob4401/22/133.75

Pulsing Shower Head

 — Quick relief from her daydreams. by MrsCanyon05/15/073.27


 — This is pretty much an Apology for making my Mistress angry. by Shiranui102/22/10

Pure Pleasure

 — She finds out that the fuck of a lifetime is herself. by bigbeautifulbreast02/21/074.35

Pussy in Boots?

 — ...or Boots in Pussy? by PnkOcelot05/21/083.47

Pussy Willow

 — Vic enjoys nature with Sylvia. by SpecialK04/02/044.45

Putting the Buzz Back into Marriage

 — Her first toy ensures a sensational birthday fuck. by nancygibson01/02/064.43

Quentin's Quality Questionables

 — Victoria goes shopping. by November Echo01/19/034.20


 — Everyone was rubbing, squeezing, & grabbing themselves. by Middleagepoet12/03/093.43

Quick Cummings

 — He relieves her as quickly as possible. by Long_Time_Cumiing02/21/134.20

Quick Toy Time

 — Two people, one toy. by emersons6207/14/073.92

Quickies: The Phone Call

 — She receives an erotic phone call from and admirer. by Paul4401/21/093.95

Quite Contrary

 — Her obsession with the lady at the end of her pew. by SeattleRain05/12/044.41

R and D

 — A Scientist has a subject try his new creation. by Humpdee8412/29/143.60


 — It's starts at work and then moves home. by ishouldbeworking10/09/064.36

Rachel and Stephen Ch. 01

 — Rachel's reluctant to deal with her sexual needs alone. by laurelcoronet01/20/133.91

Rachel and Stephen Ch. 03

 — Rachel's desperation leads her to the bathtub for relief. by laurelcoronet04/08/134.11

Rachel and Stephen Ch. 05

 — The bet's still on, and Rach gets some plastic aid. by laurelcoronet07/18/134.41

Rachel and Stephen Ch. 06

 — Tension builds and Rachel loses her bet. by laurelcoronet10/31/134.26

Rachel is Ready

 — Rachel can't wait, but will she pay for it later? by shagger09/29/064.41

Rachel Loves Her Rabbit

 — Coed finally finds toy that does everything. by Boxlicker10108/29/054.47

Rachel's Slimy Good Time

 — Slime Sex and Bondage what more could a girl want. by Bookbinder06/23/144.35

Rachel's Teddy Ch. 01

 — Rachel finds a use for an oversided teddy bear. by hoodero12/10/084.04

Radio Activity

 — Better living through science. by LB_200601/19/074.61HOT

Rain Dancing

 — My friend encourages my fantasy of watching her masturbate. by sloeburn12/09/124.44

Rain, Rain

 — Renewal of the spirit in the rain. by TxRad07/25/074.32

Ramona 2

 — A short story recounting our second meeting, and the first... by Mastajim04/30/114.00

Ramona 4

 — Still seeking to push the boundaries, I play with Ramona. by Mastajim05/03/113.40

Raven's Night

 — Raven's unexpected evening with an old friend by ravensache06/30/144.33

Reach Out and Touch Someone

 — Young couple has first phone sex experience. by Lilin Penn07/23/054.32

Reaching Across Wires

 — He sat at his computer, dreaming of her ... by lustybard03/30/093.83

Rebecca's Present

 — Light bondage and mutual masturbation. by Kwing07/05/114.08

Rebecca's Road To Satisfaction Ch. 01b

 — She will turn to anyone to stem her frustration. by everythinggoes07/05/084.42


 — Amelia awakens to wonderful, yet horrifying changes. by sexgundam66609/27/144.10

Rebound Vacation Ch. 01

 — An invite to a Mexican resort begins a steamy trip. by HornyDude202/04/123.93


 — The beauty she possessed was vivid in her pale skin.. by smfc02/23/122.38


 — Meeting a sexting partner and hoping to rekindle the flame. by john_johnson06/17/123.00


 — Inspiring a faster recovery. by WFEATHER03/28/093.94

Recycled Mummy

 — They build a mummy case for their friends. by oggbashan04/03/064.35

Red Hot Lips Cyber Affair

 — A prude turns into a virtual vixen. by Foxee Browne11/15/064.33

Red Panties

 — The delivery boy really delivered by IslndNiteAngel03/05/034.15

Red Sweatshirt

 — His sweatshirt reminds her of her old boyfriend. by hobby14408/20/134.14


 — On long flight, you do what you have to do. by UTOutdoorGirl04/06/044.33

Redwood Manor: Autumn Pt. 01

 — Clayton, a 25 year-old man, falls to a suppressed desire. by Nightingale_Sigh10/24/144.17

Reese and David: Last Day of School

 — Mutual masturbation between teacher & former student. by Stephen7Redo01/24/084.35


 — Masturbating in the shower. by alias_words01/14/064.19


 — Woman finds ways to relax after a hard day. by Lillyflower7201/03/024.07


 — A story of masturbation and release. by Hisquietone01/13/074.62HOT

Released from Work

 — Liz attends to her own needs after work. by Darkw0rds07/27/134.00


 — Finding sone holiday photos brings back memories. by PrincessHoney02/09/044.38


 — I lie back against the tub and close my eyes. by Cleo7409/24/114.00


 — Memories of her lover bring out her needs. by Womaninscarlet12/13/034.75


 — She takes care of his unfinished business. by DelphiniumBlue01/23/054.08


 — Helen remembers her experiences. by Otazel03/03/064.64HOT

Remote Control

 — Surprising her with a toy, but he has the control. by Nightwolf05/09/014.40

Remote Torture

 — He continues His torture with the remote. by CornishBabe01/26/084.25

Remotely Yours

 — Development of new toys means testing them. by CND03/25/024.36

Return Of The Wand

 — Rediscovering old pleasures. by glory_first07/08/133.71

Return to My Online Friend

 — The next encounter. by veiled04/26/074.50HOT

Reunion in Hawaii Ch. 06

 — A camcorder and self love. by Master_Vassago04/07/043.88

Reward of Self Pleasuring

 — She describes her rewarding day. by LadyDonaLee03/03/103.88

Rhoda the Robot, My Living Doll.

 — Julie Newmar mannequin is up for auction. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/07/073.33

Ride A Cock Horse

 — A haughty woman tamed by an unusual horse. by severinrossetti01/16/054.38


 — Man, Woman and Machine. by Mz.A.Chevalier08/02/013.62

Riders Wanted

 — Fiancé hopes Sybian experience can rejuvenate sex life. by LanceSapikowski08/04/054.62HOT

Riding The Big One

 — Large toy brings me off while sucking hubby. by toymad101/07/134.24

Rise of the Nymph Queen Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Sue is overcome by wild desires. by Krraaazzzzyyyyy03/19/044.03

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