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Did you Wish to Watch?

 — I couldn't wait for you to come. by LadyRavn06/02/093.83

Diddle the Prison Bird

 — Inmate's needs need attention. by Sean Renaud01/18/093.84

Dig If You Will A Picture...

 — Randy woman waits to hear her lover's voice. by logophile01/22/054.24

Digging Up the Past

 — Memories in the mint patch. by Saucyminx07/23/054.51HOT

Digital Love

 — A college freshman strips, masturbates, and takes pictures. by John98807/09/142.95

Dildo In My Ass

 — He pisses in his ass using a tube & a hollowed-out dildo. by michaelhunt09/09/063.41

Dinner and Dessert

 — Great food and even better dessert. by Deadhed12/04/064.24

Dinner Out Ch. 02

 — Date night continues with a fresh surprise. by cutewht26mtoplsyou01/23/123.88

Dirty Lady Katherine Ch. 01

 — Lady Katherine is rich, bored and very horny. by AlexisShore05/20/113.80

Dirty Toilet Wanker

 — Wife teases husband with phone wank. by joshnmeg12/22/123.50

Dirty: A True Confession

 — A shower make her more dirty. by Lucy1970Harker09/05/104.32


 — He could see what she was doing in there. by magmaman02/26/094.23

Discreet Ecstasy

 — She has great pleasure while shopping. by mrsdozer08/18/034.16

Disparity of Sex Ch. 01

 — She plays near unsuspecting boyfriend until she can't resist. by wantedone02/05/104.43


 — GF's experiment to see if I could stay focused. by Bulldog6307/04/114.22

Distractions Ch. 01

 — Her boyfriend's brother catches her in the bath. by powderpinkangel06/14/034.33

Divine Devices Interactive Inc. Ch. 01

 — A new Employee learns what the company is developing... by bhoff8405/20/144.23

Divorce Behind the Orange Curtain

 — A MILF returns to her greatest lover, even over her boy toy. by Tara_Neale12/13/124.27

DIY Teens Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old girl discovers the joys of masturbation. by Mag5812/05/104.12

DIY Teens Ch. 02

 — Lindsey watches Gary masturbate. by Mag5812/24/104.52HOT

Do You Know This Feeling?

 — And then, you can't take it anymore... by se7th09/21/094.11

Do You Want To Cum With Me?

 — She's stretched by enormous vibrator. by Kay-Dee02/20/044.45

Do-it-Yourself Masturbation Ch 01

 — I invent and test my own hands free machine. by JenPB12/05/104.23

Doctor of Desire Ch. 05

 — Casey helps a retiring librarian cook her books. by LargoKitt08/01/074.56HOT

Doctor, Doctor

 — A young woman is sexually aroused by her doctor. by PaulieCelt09/30/123.84

Doing Myself (For Him)

 — She "does herself" in front of boyfriend. by JohnHandcock03/27/044.38

Doing The Doctor's Daughter Ch. 03

 — Dildoes, cams & a voyeur = good therapy. by jay.palin12/15/034.59HOT

Don't Break the Spell

 — One of her fingers, then two, slip in... by dusty_gurly11/06/044.53HOT

Don't Call ME...

 — A young woman receives some attention of an alarming manner. by Smokey12512/15/14

Don't Hang Up

 — A chance encounter for phone sex. by Imsureryou08/25/054.53HOT

Don't Move, Don't Speak

 — Lilli and her Master play a game with toys. by Sean Renaud07/27/133.35

Don't Stop On My Account

 — They're caught masturbating & forced to finish. by JackorJill10/18/044.29

Donna's Awakening

 — Donna discovers self-gratification. by elbee03/31/074.50HOT


 — His previous sperm donation was never this exhilarating. by TonyDowse06/30/074.56HOT

Dora's Double-Dong

 — She shares her toy with herself. by Boxlicker10101/30/054.00

Double Ended Dildo Day

 — Girlfriend gets both ends. by serginho06/12/104.20

Double Intruder

 — He wants to take you on a trip. by midniteblueflier04/08/043.65

Double Stroke

 — His wife takes things into her own hands. by Jay Richards11/15/054.28

Douche Kit

 — She used it for hi-jinks, not hygiene. by Bakeboss09/16/103.53

Doug's Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Mary discovers the joys of mixing food with sex. by Goldeniangel06/21/064.39

Doug's Fantasy Ch. 04

 — Doug brings home more toys to play with. by Goldeniangel07/08/064.52HOT

Down by the River

 — Lonely man finds a secluded masturbation paradise. by yrbluescure09/02/054.36

Down on You...

 — Cocksucking from a woman who misses the taste. by Leatherargento03/30/072.52

Down to the Wires

 — He uses a T.E.N.S unit to tease and please her. by xmarksthespot04/12/093.98

Dr. Who?

 — A good Doctor can do wonders. by Ed061309/08/074.22

Dragon Lady

 — Could he tell fantasy from reality? by Bluepen45102/19/144.16

Drake's Story Ch. 02

 — Fiona calls Drake for phone sex. by tk555508/21/123.62

Dream Lover

 — Sexy blond enjoys personal playtime. by Drummer7605/13/044.25


 — What she dreams about when you aren't around. by Waiting4mylover06/28/044.42

Dreaming Fantasy

 — Dreams can feel so real... by MadeForOneStory11/23/114.60HOT

Dreaming Of His Big Brow Eyes

 — What happens when I can not chat with my cyber partner. by LemonheadLover05/09/124.00

Dreaming of You

 — He's sitting at home watching TV. by theinferno11/14/074.14

Dreaming Reality

 — A thought becomes pleasure. by vreedonsett01/10/072.89

Dreams of Bondage and Love

 — He dreams about bound masturbation. by steveleenow09/12/053.59

Dreams of Her

 — A masturbation fantasy. by JCom08/22/064.41

Drenched Sounds of Glass

 — Orgasmic audio while accompanied with glass. by Drenchxoxo12/20/044.53HOT

Driver - Jim

 — The night had unleashed a ferocious storm. by TonyDowse07/06/074.40


 — Out on a road trip. by dv8tmind03/17/084.25

Drop It Like It's Hott

 — You encounter bliss with phone sex. by ViXxXNKisses07/19/074.38

Drugged Encounters Ch. 01

 — Stacey's first exposure. by guy_on_the_train06/16/054.46

Dublin Trip

 — A masturbation story. by andyxx33801/12/124.36

During Class

 — They play around under the desk during class. by Goldeniangel07/28/054.18


 — She finds that she can have fun while he's on duty. by hells_belle12/12/074.36

Duty Ch. 02

 — He makes sure she won't forget him. by hells_belle01/11/083.67

E-mail Me

 — Sometimes typing just isn't enough. by dv81too06/06/044.31

Early Morning

 — Early morning maturbation with my internet lover. by Pepperplease01/09/103.74

Early Morning Conversation

 — She and Mark have phone sex. by dreamingjeanne04/28/053.42

Earth Day Love In

 — Group uses sex to promote Earth Day. by Bakeboss03/29/103.58

Earth Day Mutual Masturbation

 — The benefits of protein in Larry vs. Chobani Greek yogurt. by SuperHeroRalph04/04/114.00

Economic Adjustment

 — They did a little turnabout. by magmaman02/05/093.91

Edmond Junior College

 — Jenn learns some of the secrets of her business school. by The_Darkness12/22/054.33

Egyptian Massage

 — Student participates in an ancient rite. by Bosq05/10/074.29

Elaines Gift

 — She thinks sex is a dirty sin til she plays with a new toy. by mick60a08/06/133.79

Electric Toothbrush

 — Discovering a homemade toy. by hblocalgrl03/17/154.18

Electro-Stim and a Webcam

 — Man sharing private time on-line with three girls & a guy. by Stephen7Redo09/28/084.49


 — Just what can happen between the 1st and 27th floor? by Middleagepoet05/12/093.68

Elizabeth's Morning

 — Elizabeth from Eyewitness Testimony spends a morning alone. by SquiresBoy08/01/084.25

Ellen and Aisha Shop Together

 — Coeds visit the toy store together. by gymguy07/21/144.24

Elvie's Secret

 — Elvie fantasies about Robert. by DirtyTigress08/02/134.43

Ember, One Sleepless Night

 — A young lady takes matters into her own hands literally. by ElfElrond04/26/104.33

Emerald's Morning

 — Emerald has a job interview. by IntenseQuiet04/11/103.93


 — Black Book Diary Entry. by PositiveThinker12/16/094.26

Emma Cums to London Ch. 02

 — Emma and Adam have to wait to fulfil their desires. by catchercradle07/25/073.95

Emma Goes Shopping Ch. 02

 — On the bus. by sexnovella10/24/133.88

Emma's Friend and Her Toy Collection

 — Emma discovers that big girls also play with toys. by BiEmma2707/26/024.15

Emma's Mystery Man...

 — A night out leads to a powerful masturbation session. by BettyBigTits03/14/143.76

Emma's New Beginning Ch. 01

 — Emma indulges in fantasies about a neighbour. by Mz_minx01/06/094.46

Emma's Sin Ch. 01

 — Jonathan was vexed, torn over what to do about his daughter. by Decayed Angel11/22/063.90

Emma's Sin Ch. 02

 — Jonathan discusses Emma's sin with their preacher. by Decayed Angel11/23/064.03

Emma's Sin Ch. 03

 — Following preacher's instructions Jonathan watches Emma sin. by Decayed Angel11/24/064.05

Emma's Sin Ch. 04

 — Finally the surgeon comes to remove the sin from Emma. by Decayed Angel11/25/063.68

Emma's Sin Ch. 05

 — Emma recovers from surgery and gets a new sister. by Decayed Angel11/26/064.07

Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 03

 — Emmy's sister hands down some panties and a toy. by cactusaur12/01/134.52HOT

Enduring a Hen Party

 — What was I thinking inviting a total stranger to my room? by musicalchick04/27/143.94

Enjoying the Perfect Story

 — How one story and author inspired me to submit my own. by shackieman01/29/103.40

Enjoying the Ride

 — Making the most of a long commute. by sho_me_urs_red02/25/094.48


 — It reached a point where a cock could be too enormous. by MungoParkIII11/30/072.96

Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 11

 — On the run. by darkknight030712/04/104.60HOT

Entering Orbit

 — A rookie astronaut discovers the joys of riding a rocket. by Vostok08/22/064.35

Entertaine? Or entertaining

 — Playing tricks can back-fire. by DaftBrit01/19/094.18

Epiphany and Exploration

 — Sole woman finds fun with a cucumber. by radiatingeyes10/20/084.23

Ergonomic Chairs

 — This furniture has special features by rdodger02/09/024.17

Eric Has a Lucky Day

 — Mutual masturbation with the girl of his dreams. by BigBadBill12303/23/123.93

Erin & Landon's Hot Night

 — Landon brings home a new toy for Erin. by Robert Buckley01/07/064.65HOT

Eros Spa Ch. 01

 — Art student is given trip to unusual spa. by spyro112304/17/044.59HOT

Eros Spa Ch. 02

 — Anna returns to the spa. by spyro112302/23/054.64HOT

Erotic Reflections

 — Of me, my body, a mirror and masturbation. by Catmoore07/31/124.31


 — It was a cold dawn. by mau_mau6903/11/083.50


 — Wife runs some errands, stuffed with toys, plays at home. by brklyn_romp02/22/134.24


 — Flirting turns to more... by BigMouse12/19/114.27

ESTIM Experiences

 — My discovery and experiences. by jy5510/06/134.62HOT

Eve's Dildo

 — She sneaks home early for a little solo action. by Sean Renaud01/21/093.46

Evening Absolution

 — A tub full of bubbles, a glass of wine... by maggie200205/11/043.79

Evening at Home

 — Woman unwinds by herself after a long day at work. by Cyyber_Chick03/14/083.86

Ever the Caterpillar

 — She goes to a porno shop. by mayapapaya09/05/022.67

Every Girl Should Have a Friend Named Betty

 — Well, they should. by Penelope Street08/11/044.60HOT

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