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I can tell

This was written by a man.

Very erotic

I'm a 42 year old married male, and reading your story had me as hard as a rock.

I had not option but to masturbate to get some relief.

Great story!

Great story. Brought back awesome memories of skinny dipping, camping, and jacking with friends as a kid (although nothing as dramatic or hot as your story!) I sure hope you're writing more parts to this one, and more stories as well.


great strategy and sounds like a pretty fun game

good stuff.

Hadn't checked on you in a while, please don't let this be the last lorretta, tho, shes my fave.


Why continue to write such lowly rated stories

Embrassing moments in front of neighbour

One day I was feeling lonely as my girl friend is out of town. I decided to self pleasure so picked my gstrings which is the fastest way for me to masturbate.

I sat on my couch watching tv in gstring. I started playing with my cock. Whenever it is starting I controlled. I controlled for almost 1hr without cumming.

After 1hr I thought of finishing - so, when my organism was about to come out my neighbour knocked the door and opened the door to talk to my girl friend. She noticed my acts as I was sitting on the couch with almost naked and about to cum. Her age is around 16.

I said sorry and about to run into the bed room. She herself said sorry and said that she can help. She liked me wearing a gstring and got stunned to see my in the gstring. She made herself semi nude and asked me to touch her boobs but she didn't allow me to fuck. Her boobs are very big and fresh - in the meanwhile I finished.

good stuff

looking forward to future episodes

Please add audio to this submission. Your voice is perfection and I want to hear you cum!!!

just sayin

Avoid wordiness at all cost

excellent arousal story!

great imagination. I enjoyed this story immensely.


Nice story, it really gets me going. As per your question at the end. I'm not gay but I wouldn't mind trying it with a man once just to see how it feels but I'd rather do it with a woman who knows what she's doing.

That's good !!

Man your good !!! Your stories are never too long and you could almost think they could happen. Keep it up !

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