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I have searched far and wide for the perfect mind-control story. This is a great one, one that blew their minds for sure. Hope I live long enough to read all your stories, Many Feathers. Keep up the good writing. MF


Eugene Levy? I wasn't aware that members of the Second City Comedy Troupe were inclined toward writing dirty books. Must've been the influence of all those raunchy teen comedies he did.

I just got off to this

Awesome story. Super hot. You just made me cum. (I'm female)

This is so sexy. It reminds me of when I jacked off in the library bathroom in college.

This is a beautiful description of your gorgeous little pussy. I love the part about your small little lips and the thing you do to your clit right before you come. I'm going to have to go jack off to this now.

Spell check

Sorry for my faith with spell check. I make mistakes and my writing & editing are works in progress. I will make a point to work on thoroughly editing in the future, Lesson learned. Thank you. Bella

I love this. It's exactly how I feel when I jack off during the day.

Too much faith in spell check

"could not believe the intensity of my organism"
"After the 4th organism,"

totally broke what was, to that point, a pretty good story.

the taste of a woman

My wife was reluctant to taste her juices on my cock st first too. But now she has come to love it as much as I do. Sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, always creamy.


we have read several sex stories from this site, this one is one of the best, and still remains the only story that we have enjoyed reading several times, as it always gets us so turned on, several times we have copied,

The Best!

This story is off the chart! Thank you for the orgasms!

I like to jack off while watching in a mirror

I thought I was the only one who enjoys watching my reflactions as a shoot a big load of jizz onto the mirror !!!!!!

You got my nuts hot again thank you

That was extraordinarily well written. Even as a man, I could feel what she was thinking. Glad she got some relief in the end. Nice job, A.


really enjoyed this series , i sooooo wish there was more .
looked @ your profile , all posted over 5 weeks in 2008 .
i guess we are all going to be disapointed that the story does not continue.

here's hoping lots of pple send u feedback & you still have the email active.
thats proly the only way we will ever see more of steve & cindy .plus the stunning inventiveness & beauty contained within.

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