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Your thinking your pen is mightier than my sword, as soon as I finish my cigarette......
I couldn't place the name thanks to your comments. Last chapter's next.

Ahhh young lust.

Was it Tyler, he's a idiot ! Skyler has jist awakend to a new world. Adult playtime try as I might to keep up with my lover alittle help keeps us both happy. Love the picture on your bio. And the pocket created by the tendons of her upper thighs ! Delightful.


What an incredible erotic story! Very sexy imagining a woman in this scenario!!!

Wow. Thank you for showing me a new way to masturbate. Love the story.

Five stars - I loved it.

And MountainBoy is right - please add the last installment

Expecting it ??

No, not expecting it, but Loving every minute of it. I once worked at a Massage parlor near a Air Force Base in California and had Many young girls from the Base that Loved my massage's :).

Great idea!

Well developed idea! Great job, please write the next chapter soon!

This story definitely deserves more chapters

Really enjoyed. You should explore more chapters ie when Ron gets home when Rose returns


Made my cock hard as a rock, will save as a fav to come back to when I'm ready to come. Cheers Richard NZ

Great writing

Of course it had to turn out that way.


If you put them all in the same category the will be a lot easier to find and keep up. Love the story so far.


Really looking forward to the next part of this story, I REALLY enjoyed it...

Wonderfully Nostalgic

Weird to say about erotica, but it really was a quick flashback to teenage sexuality and how terribly exciting sex was then. Amazingly sexy story, excellent details. Perfect!

Great Story

Since I have read this I have started ass play to masturbate.
Was reading your story and violating my anus while jerking my cock till I came all over my chest.
I would like to see the next chapter to be more graphic and involving your wife catching you with the 10 inch dildo in your asshole.

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