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That was a great series. thanks


i have a similar sized dildo and when i want to feel it deep inside me I start with a smaller one. It takes a bit of time but i work the smaller one in and around my ass until it will just pop out; that's when the big one comes out i can begin to play with myself. Nothing is better than the feeling of a big, thick, long dildo sliding over ones prostate except maybe a cock that size!!

I like your story, please write more.

Compared to the previous encounters I found that one a bit sinister.


that story was hot - my dream is to jerk off in front of some ladies. in the meantime i'll jerk off to my wife's tits especially when she has me lick it up.

fun fun for sure

Quick but well detailed. Thanks for the arousing dream I will be having tonight

Thanks for the review

Thanks for the review austream I really appreciate it. I'm working on another right now, but once I'm done with it I'll hopefully do more with Emily. I have a few ideas about her adventures. Also thank you for the favorite jennslife

Its a good start

I liked it. Wish it would have been longer. Keep it up.

Shows promise

I'm looking forward to part 2


I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sorry it took so long. I only work on it once in a while, and I like to review it for typos and such.

Also, I might start another series before I write the next chapter of this one, so keep an eye out for that one. The theme will either be a coed dorm, or a married couple with roommates.

Fucking great

Fucking great story.. Love stories of Mum and daughter having sex together.
More please!


You totally nailed it. Home run. Far more erotic than the Fundareguy sex ed series. Don't stop.


This scenario plays out all the time, so it's about time SOMEONE wrote it down. Thank you for doing a great job, better than most. Even though it's now a Historical Document, at least a thousand years from now they'll know how we played while driving.

Taking Care Of Your Lady

I enjoy reading about a man taking the time to please his lady first! Great story!


As A kitten in a bdsm relationship this felt like a slap in the face . The writing itself was good but the way he treated her was in a rough matter and would not be acceptable near buisness dinners. I admit this is only my opinion and that there are different kinks for different folks But it just seemed too rough.

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