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amazing story thanks ! about Voice Control Vibrators can read on ttp://

That sounded a lot like fun

Had a similar fun time while in high school. Was always good for fun to have boobs played with in study hall. Go in the back of the Art room storage and size up how far the guys would go. Always that excitement that you could get caught. Thanks for the memories

Very well done description of her journey of self discovery. Seth is turning into a bit of a manipulator, isn't he. Even more curious as to how this plays out.


You write so powerfully well, I wish I could do what you did in the story, I've always wanted to

A much different and unusual scene. Well worth reading. Extremely explicit and erotic.


Loved the style of both stories and am looking forward to many more.

P.S. Can't believe the ratings are higher...maybe it's just too small a sample

Short But Sweet

Nice story. Is there going to be any follow up to it? 12:12 perhaps? :)

very great story

firstly wow still very hot, the image of her belly and its little bump that's getting bigger is way hot. also does this item actually exist in the real word or is it just fantasy.

The Secret of Self Satisfaction

Great story! I will be searching for more of your writtings! I have a wet spot in my panties from reading your work! If only you knew how much this story made me want to have sex with my toys.

always a pleasure

If more of us, men, listen and asked women the right questions, millions more would have been happy and satisfied, instead of being frustrated and and sexually neglected.
Thank you Cat, you are among the best. In the Ocean of mediocrity, you are a gem.


thank you for the story, like It a lot



FreddyJ! You've done it again. This is such a great addition to the series. It was something so different, and still gave us the essential understanding that Katie just can't help herself. She is such a whxxx! Can we develop the spermbank story?

Your stories are pretty much the only stories I read now at literotica. Please keep them coming. It is easily the best series of stories I have ever read - and I have read so many!

More Katie adventures please! Need more!



...Burned the T-shirt!

Oh, HELL YEAH! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
But for the part when, in the waves of my gushing, multiple orgasms, my pussy muscles inevitably break all the special features in the shaft, leaving me with, basically, a plain ol' dildo for penetration and -THANKS, TOYMAKERS! - the still magical ears; I AM Rachel! ;-)
Thanks a 10^6 for describing it in words for me, as I've never been quite able to translate from the mind-boggling physical to the verbal in a way that really captures the intensity/ecstacy as you have, IMHO, masterfully achieved here.

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