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be rather nice to see a continuation of this story

Constructive Anonymous:

I've thought of doing that before, however I find it extremely difficult to do so. The amount of American media that I watch, read and listen to has actually affected my very speech. I shit you not when I say that people have wondered whether or not I am actually British. In truth I have a better understand of how American's speak than how the British speak.

Hopefully constructive?

The only thing that bothers me, is that you seem to be English, but you're attempting to write American characters. Couldn't you simply write English characters instead? I've noticed that in a couple of your fics that I've read. Other than that, not bad :)

Great to see another hairy-woman admirer here!

We may be outnumbered, but we write the best stories! ;) Please check mine out as well if you haven't already - I think you'll like them!

Cheating or not.

If you're worrying about what's constitutes cheating and that effects your enjoyment of the story, don't read it. I'm sure most people don't concern themselves with the morality of stories, like me they just enjoy a decent, horny story which this is. If you think I'm wrong, look at how many incest/ taboo stories their are on here!

Great story

I really enjoy your style of writing in this story. The sentences flowed well and the story made sense. Continue writing. Sequel?

Great stuff!

Thank you lots -- please write more. Five stars.

very good

Great set up, fantastical, but not beyond belief, two believable protagonists and some highly erotic action.

More of the same please.

Coming to a Mall near you.

Toys aren't usually my thing but God am I glad I read this. This is without a doubt one of the hottest stories I've read in a long, long time.

Thank you very much

what an excellent start

please continue as the girls explore the delights on offer at this fantastic sounding shop

You are my kind of girl

I love sniffing girls panties, it started at school , seeing up a girl skirt, and seeing white cotton panties over the shape of her little lips, usually with the stain of pee, love juice , and sweat. I used to sneak into the girls changing rooms during PE, and steal the girls panties that I knew were smelly, take them home and sniff and wank, hard and fast . Then when my first wife , started working , she used to come home, have a bath , but leave her dirty panties on the bathroom floor, I used to go in lock the door and put them up to my face , and wank hard and face again . My current wife is asian , and is the wettest girl I have ever known , she soaks her panties so easy , just say something dirty to her and you can see her Squirm , as she soaked them . Again I wank with them . So I know how you feel .


Even better than the first story.Honestly can't wait for the next xx

what a teasingly perfect tale

She is certainly naughty. Glad that she got what she worked so hard for... great detail. Really enjoyed it...

I came 3 times

Just... wow!

I've read entire stories on this website that did less for me than the kiss on page 1. Congratulations sir or madam!

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