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Awakening Jenny

 — She discovers her sexual potential with an older lover. by Harper204/27/074.59HOT

Awakening Pleasure

 — Her desire & passion to make her lover's cock grow. by luvs2cuddle04/29/084.10

Awakening Shawna, and Me Ch. 02

 — Lonely BBW wakes up both of us. by aden46y04/01/144.48

Away from the Home

 — Old man meets a jogger at the park. by Nemasis Enforcer09/06/054.49

Away from the Home Again

 — Harry and Sharon meet again for more. by Nemasis Enforcer09/26/054.53HOT

Away From The Home: The Holiday

 — Harry takes Sharon on a week long holiday. by Nemasis Enforcer09/20/114.56HOT

Away from the Home: Weekend

 — Harry takes Sharon for a weekend together. by Nemasis Enforcer11/04/054.48

Awesome Foursome

 — Anal and other lessons from an older couple. by CafeExtreme01/01/104.43

Ayurvedic Treatment

 — A doctor treats a barren woman not with medicine but cock. by BrianCaster04/10/103.73

B n j's

 — Married woman finds what she needs at the market. by LikeFineWine107/16/124.45

Babe Watch Ch. 01

 — 39-year-old lifeguard seduces teenage beach babe. by danwoodsversion106/07/054.23

Babs Ch. 1

 — Navy guy is reunited with his sexy teacher. by Steve950212/16/014.52HOT

Babs Ch. 2

 — He sorts out his feelings for lovely older woman. by Steve950212/17/014.54HOT

Babs Goes Doubly Black

 — Mature lady goes deeper into Black. by babswalker07/01/064.22

Baby Sitter

 — Babysitter & boyfriend succumb to older woman's desires. by joan65812/20/074.49

Baby Sitting Snooping

 — Gloria tries on lingerie while baby sitting. by GloriaWill11/04/093.77

Babysitter Makes Me Lose Control

 — My busty little babysitter is hard to resist. by babysitterstories01/12/144.40

Babysitter Makes Me Lose Control Ch. 02

 — My sitter rubs my cock with her huge tits. by babysitterstories01/18/144.43

Babysitter Revisited

 — Experimental and fun, she wanted her older man. by johnnieblue4412/31/114.66HOT

Babysitter Revisited Ch. 02

 — The calm before the storm. Oral calm, that is. by johnnieblue4401/07/124.63HOT

Babysitter's Ride Home

 — Motorcycle ride fulfills a fantasy for both. by Madam-Cecilia03/15/024.37


 — The kids are in bed and Daddy's home. by JadeMystery04/10/084.18

Babysitting Perks

 — Snowstorm leaves sitter stuck at her client's house. by lily_ann01/16/084.59HOT

Back From The Brink Ch. 01

 — If you've thrown your life away can you ever get it back? by FinalStand08/13/124.61HOT

Back From The Brink Ch. 02

 — What is the value of life without family? by FinalStand08/14/124.68HOT

Back in Black

 — Geraldine's new attitude brings welcome attention. by Tang8806/03/044.38

Back in Circulation

 — A widow seizes opportunities to resume her sex life. by egmontgrigor201201/21/124.21

Back in the Game

 — A widower finds a young girl eager for loving. by Bakeboss01/11/103.94

Back Room Lust

 — Zack get caught masturbating by his boss Mary... by Eroticmind4u09/10/144.36

Back Seat Drivin'

 — Beer, a Buick, & older woman teach novice a lesson. by pullmepushyou03/24/024.60HOT

Back to Life Ch. 01

 — The Old World meets the New World. by DawnJ02/27/134.55HOT

Back to Life Ch. 02

 — Karen and Peter get better acquainted. by DawnJ03/11/134.68HOT

Back to Life Ch. 03

 — Peter finally ups the ante. by DawnJ03/25/134.72HOT

Back to School Ch. 01

 — Ex -student advises mothers. by Shiar01/05/034.31

Back to School Special

 — Barb may have met her match with an older voyeur and his kin. by Barb36D02/09/074.43

Backwards Doesn't Have To Mean Anal

 — Big mom teaches daughter's boyfriend a lesson. by billspeak09/10/023.68

Bad Little Boy Ch. 01

 — A high-school senior looks for someone online... by DeadSuperHero11/19/114.29

Bad Lover, Good Lover

 — Contractor takes woman from tenant from poker table to bed by LaPatitMort08/09/094.62HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 01

 — Blackmailing my best friend's mother. by hetup09/11/124.55HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 02

 — Ryan takes it to the next level. by hetup09/16/124.61HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 03

 — Ryan talks Carmen into continuing their affair. by hetup11/13/124.62HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 04

 — Carmen got game. by hetup11/20/124.64HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 05

 — The energizer bunny has nothing on Ryan. by hetup11/27/124.62HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 06

 — Ryan teaches Carmen how to shave. by hetup12/06/124.62HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 07

 — Carmen and Ryan goes shopping. by hetup12/14/124.54HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 08

 — Fun in the kitchen. by hetup12/22/124.60HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 09

 — Almost a sealed deal. by hetup01/01/134.42

Bad Teacher Ch. 10

 — Alone at last. by hetup01/03/134.59HOT

Bad Teacher Ch. 11

 — Carmen and Ryan becomes a couple. by hetup01/10/134.58HOT

Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 01

 — Coming out to the family. by hetup11/16/134.39

Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 02

 — Rubbing it in. by hetup11/23/134.52HOT

Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 03

 — Jealousy, not always a bad thing. by hetup03/28/144.68HOT

Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 04

 — Having fun with two mature ladies. by hetup04/09/144.67HOT

Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 05

 — Two mature women at your beck and call. by hetup04/30/144.79HOT

Bad Wife Ch. 01

 — A horny little housewife teaches her husband a lesson. by HameruChan02/24/113.72

Bad Wife Ch. 02

 — The journey continues with a bit of humiliation. by HameruChan02/25/113.60

Bad-Girl Daughter Gets Mom Laid

 — Live-in trouble daughter shares boy-toy with mom. by discoflutterby09/07/134.24


 — Her body is lost and found. by Albatross06/04/034.36

Baggage and Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Senior faces life, reality and playfullness with his equal. by LaPatitMort08/09/094.49

Bakery Girl

 — Who knew? by kimberlee_8112/02/073.93

Baking with a Twist

 — She only asked for the flour bag... by BlueHeart5505/23/093.69

Band Parents Ch. 08

 — "I know you're fucking my mom," Abby tries blackmail. by BillyBobJoeEd07/19/124.32

Bangin' My Neighbor

 — Husbands' older friend has the hots for his young wife. by fieryrain2207/29/133.86

Bangin' The 'Sitter

 — The sitter seduces Mr. Smith while Mrs. Smith sleeps upstairs. by xoxspankmexox10/16/074.22

Banging into Sarah

 — Banging a happy 90-year old. You don't like it? Tough. by atkins11/07/064.42

Banging My Boss

 — Employee gets to experience older Boss. by bignfirm10/16/074.26

Banished to Purgatory?

 — Young man sent to a village of randy matrons. by dass445006/22/064.47

Banished to Purgatory? Ch. 02

 — How Derek got his letch for older big breasted tarts. by dass445010/21/064.49

Banished to Purgatory? Ch. 03

 — Maude ensures her friend, bounteous Betty, gets hers. by dass445010/22/064.58HOT

Banished to Purgatory? Ch. 04

 — Rae's enormous mother shows her gratitude. by dass445011/04/064.53HOT

Banished to Purgatory? Ch. 05

 — Maude amazes with a party of randy old tarts. by dass445003/25/074.60HOT

Bar 52

 — James gets to enjoy a young plaything after a stressful day. by PrincessErin01/02/124.23

Bar Head

 — Guy gets head from the bar slut. by easygoinguy07/08/064.36

Bar Head Ch. 02

 — Bartender tells what she saw and has fun herself. by easygoinguy03/04/074.38

Bar Wench

 — An older bar maid gives him a thrill. by jason2501/03/034.47


 — Young Sailor meets his first MILF. by pegasusiltf03/20/074.45


 — A wanton woman. by suziesdad02/05/144.63HOT


 — Mark finally gets to meet an internet friend. by skelly197105/05/034.24

Barbara: He Said

 — Teacher helps student with computer problem. by edward_po09/24/014.19

Barbara: She Said

 — Woman invites teacher over. by edward_po09/24/014.29

Bardstown Embrace

 — A school romance rekindled so many years gone. by BigDave187105/01/124.40

Barebacking the Babysitter

 — Father retuns home to find his babysitter masturbating. by IrishDude388109/06/114.15

Bartender Ch. 02

 — Mature wife finds pleasure with younger man. by HarryOrwell04/14/114.41

Baseball Fun

 — Older man enjoys the company of Little League moms. by techsan04/06/064.43

Basic Math

 — A woman goes four times to a new life. by hickoryfarmer02/12/104.22


 — He frolics with a busty mature lady in the back room. by steamer513910/20/053.32

Bathing Beauty

 — Her swimming suit just won't stay up. by daverh08/05/024.29

Be My Slut

 — Father seduces daughter's best friend. by Eve_xo03/17/094.19

Be My Slut Ch. 02

 — Father seduces daughter's best friend. by Eve_xo03/29/094.22

Bea - My First Mature Woman

 — Young guy sees boss take employee & follows. by lancelot4911/06/064.37

Beach Baby

 — Denise's teasing goes to far. by bobluccha01/12/084.00

Beach Blanket Grapple

 — Two lost fishermen make a catch. by richard_dark07/15/053.68

Beach Boy Cock

 — Older woman craves more cock. by standingstones07/18/124.28

Beach Stud

 — Hunk defrosts busty Swiss ice woman by dass445002/28/034.49

Beach Voyeur

 — Sun, sea, sand and sex with middle aged ladies. by istanbulnoir01/07/104.20

Bear Women - Anna

 — Young Intern meets professional woman in her office. by VictorBlum10/08/094.40

Bear Women - Judie

 — Professional woman with an intern at a trade show. by VictorBlum09/24/094.63HOT

Bear Women - Judy The Next Day

 — A continuing story. by VictorBlum11/14/094.61HOT

Bear Women - Pam

 — STD screening by company nurse. by VictorBlum10/08/094.37

Bear Women: Judie the Next Day

 — Incedible MILF and her intern at the trade show. by VictorBlum06/23/114.31

Beasts in the Rain

 — Two lovers fool around in the woods in the rain. by sweet14fun06/04/114.15

Beaten and Having no Value

 — Mature man crosses cultures to save a discarded 18 year old. by LaPatitMort07/07/104.57HOT

Beating the Disorder

 — A therapist helps a dangerously skinny patient. by pacifist91w05/10/144.59HOT

Beautiful Boy Used By Women Ch. 01

 — Virgin guy tricked by this friends' mothers. by duranman11/21/113.85

Beautiful Boy Used By Women Ch. 02

 — James was certainly not expecting this... by duranman12/16/113.85

Beautiful Boy Used By Women Ch. 03

 — Charlotte's Night Out. by duranman01/10/123.87

Beautiful Boy Used By Women Ch. 04

 — The shocking conclusion. by duranman04/04/124.36

Beautiful Leanne

 — She was my dream woman. by qualitywheat05/26/134.75HOT

Beautiful Mrs. Anderson

 — Mrs. Anderson tries out Tommy's goods. by Chevalier12/03/024.42

Beautiful Neighbourhood Aunty

 — A lovely encounter with mature Indian lady. by dreamer100003/01/144.07

Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 01

 — A former top Hong Kong whore returns to prostitution. by girdleman204/12/143.97

Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 02

 — A former top Hong Kong whore returns to prostitution. by girdleman204/13/144.28

Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 03

 — Former top class Hongkong whore returns to prostitution by girdleman204/14/144.37

Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 04

 — A former top Hongkong whore returns to prostitution by girdleman204/15/144.17

Beauty Queen Slut Pt. 05

 — Former top class Hongkong whore returns to prostitution by girdleman204/16/144.34

Because I'm Not Pretty

 — He begged to disagree. by magmaman04/25/104.58HOT

Because I'm Not Pretty Ch. 02

 — Such a delicious change. by magmaman05/03/104.42


 — Love blooms between a college lecturer & his ex-student. by Sirdar02/14/103.92


 — High school lust renewed. by mustanger7up02/01/114.34

Becky Gets Shaved and More

 — Fifty-something lady is shaved, then fucked by a stranger. by Christina Samuels06/23/064.44

Becky Robs the Cradle

 — Always had a thing for "the Beaver". by RebeccaBrowning02/28/084.62HOT

Becky's Mom

 — She was in the chess club but it was her Mom Jimmy wanted. by JustLikeEwe01/23/144.42

Becoming a Lesbian at 50

 — Movie gives her the courage to confront herself. by insatiablewhenwet10/01/014.34

Becoming a Lesbian at 50 Ch. 2

 — Older woman teaches recently divorcée lesbian love. by insatiablewhenwet10/15/024.37

Bed and Breakfast

 — Her flatmate becomes her playmate. by fantasy12303/05/074.73HOT

Bed Time is the Best Time

 — Mom's friend comes to visit. by Webplaya12/02/014.33

Beds and Breakfast Ch. 01

 — Young woman and mature man stranded by snow. by johnnieblue4401/26/104.45

Beds and Breakfast Ch. 02

 — Young Mandy learns unique snow removal techniques. by johnnieblue4405/30/104.44

Beds and Breakfast Ch. 03

 — After Manassas, will the south be able to rise again? by johnnieblue4401/19/124.43

Before the Marriage

 — Jeanne takes on a seniorcitizen and a hunk. by Softassilk02/11/074.33

Behind The Counter

 — She kept giving him a peek by magichands08/02/044.26

Beholding Dawn

 — His ex tries to poison nudist friends against him, but... by RejectReality07/10/144.64HOT

Being a Good Neighbor

 — An ex-girlfriends mom needs a helping hand. by kennylong08/09/054.56HOT

Being An Author Ch. 1

 — Eric gets physical feedback on his Literotica stories. by dutchdelight09/30/014.23

Being Promiscuous Isn’t Easy

 — Terry's efforts to enjoy regular sex brings problems. by egmontgrigor201202/16/124.39

Being Taught a Real Lesson

 — Your visit to the professor's office goes wrong. by Loving52212/24/063.88


 — Sex with a cold blooded killer. by Whitesocks08/11/084.70HOT

Bella Ch. 02

 — A female killer seduces an older man. by Whitesocks03/23/104.85HOT

Bella's Set Up

 — He finds friend's sexy mom irresistible. by Sharkey9705/03/024.18

Belle The Rebel

 — Belle shows the principal how she is a new woman. by Agony11/01/014.20


 — Girl learns about love from an older man. by tedswoman01/07/033.52

Ben Around Ch. 04

 — Ben takes an older woman while on business. by johnbaldwin111/08/134.34

Ben Around Ch. 06

 — Ben reconnects with Claire and meets her daughter, Vivienne. by johnbaldwin111/22/134.47

Beneath the Old Apricot Tree

 — Tania is loved under the old apricot tree. by Moondrift06/27/074.49

Benefit Love

 — She gets more than fundraising at a charity event. by bbw4youngercocks110/16/054.20


 — Bess makes a decision. by jerseyblue07/10/124.14

Bess Ch. 02

 — Bess learns more. by jerseyblue07/12/124.16

Bess Ch. 03

 — Bess poses for her album. by jerseyblue07/13/124.39

Bess Ch. 04

 — Bess has her first client. by jerseyblue07/15/124.39

Bess Ch. 05

 — Bess meets the plumber. by jerseyblue07/18/124.17

Bess Ch. 06

 — Bess gets big money but at what price? by jerseyblue07/20/124.46

Bess Ch. 07

 — Bess widens her circle of friends. by jerseyblue07/25/124.59HOT

Bess Ch. 09

 — Bess finds a real circle of friends. by jerseyblue07/31/124.15

Bess Ch. 10

 — The story goes full circle. by jerseyblue08/03/124.46

Bess Ch. 12

 — Deidre takes a needed break. by jerseyblue11/28/124.55HOT

Bess Ch. 13

 — Bess tells Scott a secret. by jerseyblue12/05/124.18

Bess Ch. 15

 — Deidre comes to her senses. by jerseyblue01/03/134.47

Bess Ch. 16

 — The tenth anniversary. by jerseyblue01/22/134.41

Best Friend Joey's Horny Mom

 — Best friend's mom gives sucks (literally) by tonysnow12/01/013.59

Best Friend's Mom (Valerie)

 — Seeing Valerie having sex in her garden was just the start. by JudeWrites11/09/114.51HOT

Best Friend's Mom Ch. 01

 — Getting caught out leads Tom into unknown territories. by WanderingWillie01/06/124.21

Best Friends Ch. 01

 — A girl develops an interest in her father's friend. by Kimtacular10/12/103.13

Best Friends Ch. 02

 — A girl develops an interest in her father's friend. by Kimtacular10/13/103.93

Best Friends Ch. 03

 — Mary is seduced by Amanda's college son. by Peter Duncan03/20/074.57HOT

Best Friends Ch. 03

 — A girl develops an interest in her father's friend. by Kimtacular10/15/104.43

Best Friends Ch. 04

 — A girl develops an interest in her father's friend. by Kimtacular10/16/104.42

Best Friends Ch. 05

 — A girl develops an interest in her father's friend. by Kimtacular10/17/104.12

Best Friends MILF

 — Brandon has incredible sex with his best friend's mom. by Eroticmind4u03/27/144.41

Best Friends Mother

 — Jason couldn't believe his luck. by qualitywheat08/11/144.54HOT

Best of Friends

 — A mothers shock turns to pleasure. by Priapus II07/10/034.04

Best Served Cold? I Think Not.

 — Revenge may be sweeter when it's hotter by Anna_Malia7502/20/084.68HOT

Best Sleep I've Ever Had

 — A young couple enjoys a sexy night with an older friend. by GirlChris09/06/124.02

Best. Job. Ever!

 — A new employee takes things into his own hands. by DDDDave04/17/134.51HOT


 — An older man decides it time to move on. by Franco Pauli10/02/124.70HOT

Beth & Ann Teach Thugs A Lesson

 — They run into wannabe thugs. by lilguy07/09/033.70

Beth and Her History Teacher

 — Beth's first time with an older man. by lolaenglish11/15/114.33

Beth and Mr. Newark's Arrangement

 — Beth visits her History teacher at home. by lolaenglish11/16/114.33

Beth and Sam

 — A match made in heaven. by Jena12101/26/104.43

Beth Vacation Ch. 02

 — Beth takes him out. by lilguy05/07/042.90

Beth's Shin, Socks, Feet Domination

 — Hot GILF dominates young stud in bar with socked feet! by milfleglover05/22/114.45

Better Late Than Never

 — Jim and Tina, online lovers meet for the first time. by fallen_101/15/09

Better Late than Never

 — A sexual awakening. by Markdown7206/26/123.86

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