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Golden Oldie Ch. 02

 — He returns to Annie. by snapper31df03/01/084.23

Golf Club Wives Ch. 06

 — The police commissioner's wife is full of surprises. by mangrove jack02/09/064.63HOT

Golf Widower

 — He knows nothing about golf. Does she want a partner? by oggbashan02/05/064.13


 — Easy as riding a bike. by boogerdude03/06/084.50HOT

Golliwog's Cakewalk

 — Cougar mom teaches an old frat tradition. by Nigel Debonnaire06/04/10

Good Boy

 — Should she ask for help with a different problem? by 3x2302/06/154.32

Good Deed Gets Blowjob In Return

 — I give away and get blowjob in return. by wildp06/02/133.51

Good Deed Rewarded

 — Giving a ride to a plain older woman leads to a surprise. by Timberwulf07/15/014.17

Good Deeds for a Neighbor

 — A young lady helps Jim out. by AnAmericanDarling04/24/074.22

Good Friends Ch. 1

 — He fulfills his fantasy about wife's best friend. by SpankerSam06/24/014.32

Good Girls Don't Cheat

 — Schoolgirl must be punished for cheating. by SubmissiveVirginSlut10/17/044.19

Good Help is Hard to Find

 — Mature woman has an encounter with a young acquaintance. by Air_of_Mystery08/20/064.29

Good Housekeeping Ch. 01

 — Hotel attendant surprises young man. by Jakey10/01/034.37

Good Morning

 — She allows herself to be seduced by an older man. by kirinda11/09/064.28

Good Neighbor Policy

 — He helps Nancy out. by dermantel04/12/104.22

Good Neighbor Policy

 — Lucky guy gets intimately acquainted with his sexy neighbor by darkkrayvn05/12/144.22

Good Neighbor Sam

 — Sam gets better acquainted with neighbor's daughter. by Miltone06/16/024.60HOT

Good Things in Large Packages

 — A walk in the park, a romp in the bed. by Silverstag07/06/054.45

Good Things Would Happen

 — Jimmy's drunk mom won't say no. by Softly08/27/024.24

Good Will

 — Her young neighbor has 'good will' in more than his heart. by RejectReality01/12/124.68HOT

Goodness Gracious Pt. 01

 — Busty nurse gives incapacitated patient the best of care. by ilikeithot630811/26/144.75HOT

Goodness Gracious Pt. 02

 — Sexy nurse falls for him hard. by ilikeithot630812/18/144.78HOT

Goodnight Mrs. Marsh

 — She is watched by her new neighbour. by Melody01/24/063.92

Goodnight Mrs. Marsh Ch. 02

 — She is still being watched. by Melody02/11/063.88

Goods for Services

 — Older mechanic makes offer she couldn't refuse. by wantmore197803/05/063.88

Goods for Services Ch. 02

 — She comes back to pick up her car. by wantmore197810/14/064.34

Gorgeous Grace

 — 20-year-old guy lusts after older Asian woman next door. by Daexe01/01/114.42

Got MILF Ch. 02

 — Pratik gets to sample some of the resident MILF. by KKross10/09/124.16


 — May/December lust, with a Gothic twist. by eternalwytch01/01/034.33

Grace My Secretary Ch. 01

 — An affair with my Dad's Secretary. by MitchR02/24/084.03

Grace My Secretary Ch. 02

 — Grace and Ron continue their affair. by MitchR06/01/094.35

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 02

 — Grace and Peter negotiate and move on. by 1nolasco04/10/144.65HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 03

 — Another day, another lesson. by 1nolasco04/15/144.63HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 04

 — Grace coaches Peter for success on his big date. by 1nolasco04/17/144.71HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 05

 — The morning after the night before - debriefing. by 1nolasco04/18/144.58HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 06

 — Saturday starts in the sack, then Judy comes to lunch. by 1nolasco04/23/144.69HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 07

 — Grace goes shopping, Peter gets a fashion show. by 1nolasco04/24/144.72HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 08

 — The nail polish, again. by 1nolasco04/25/144.58HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 09

 — Peter deals with an adult situation. It's a tough day. by 1nolasco04/26/144.60HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 10

 — Grace bounces back and looks ahead. by 1nolasco04/28/144.43

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 13

 — Grace compares Alicia's story with Peter's. by 1nolasco05/05/144.82HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 14

 — Alicia needs more data. by 1nolasco05/07/144.74HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 16

 — Peter wakes up in Grace's bed. by 1nolasco05/10/144.70HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 17

 — A busy day ends with Marcy, who wants more. by 1nolasco05/12/144.78HOT

Grace Takes a Time Out Ch. 18

 — Grace and Peter's hot date. by 1nolasco05/14/144.84HOT

Grace Under Pressure Ch. 01

 — Life is good, so why isn't she happy? by rachlou02/15/084.44

Grace Under Pressure Ch. 02

 — Life gets even more complicated. by rachlou02/16/084.72HOT

Grace Under Pressure Ch. 03

 — Decisions need to be made. by rachlou02/17/084.72HOT

Grace's New Life

 — A mature woman reenters the world of dating by Bakeboss08/28/103.85

Graduation Celebration Ch. 01

 — High school grad enjoys neighbor's wife's talents. by changer66608/08/034.57HOT

Graduation Celebration Ch. 02

 — The fun with his sexy neighbor continues. by changer66608/19/034.54HOT

Graduation Celebration Ch. 03

 — They enjoy a special kind of dessert. by changer66608/24/034.52HOT

Graduation Celebration Ch. 04

 — They delve even deeper into Shawna's depravity. by changer66612/23/034.49

Graduation Day

 — Teacher helps student, guardian thanks teacher. by HarryOrwell07/09/114.35

Graduation Present

 — Long-awaited steamy encounter when a friend visits. by ReductioAdAbsurdium09/12/064.00

Graduation Present

 — He prepares for college. by tlc14303/22/124.44

Gran Goes Home

 — Gran goes back to the house to look after grandson. by Starlight07/18/014.28

Grandma Celine

 — Alex loves Celine, a mature lady. by Oldlover6904/30/054.62HOT

Grandma Heather

 — An old friend, now a grandmother, but still smoking hot. by Irish Moss06/17/094.31

Grandma's Heritage

 — Grandma left her something more besides some clothes. by Black Tulip03/26/054.46

Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 03

 — Hot granny trains selfish young man. by milfleglover12/30/134.32

Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 04

 — Sexy Erica relieves a boy’s blue balls by milfleglover04/21/144.32

Grandpa Helps a Neighbor

 — Grandpa helps Heather out. by ADOM11/02/023.58

Granny Comes to Town

 — Mature woman gets laid by a young stud and busty young girl. by fabfables12/02/104.37

Granny Fanny

 — Like fine wine, feminine flesh only improves with age. by Cal Y. Pygia12/01/104.07

Granny Interrupted

 — Teen interrupts GILF's Saturday ritual -- and pays the price. by milfleglover11/08/134.01

Granny Moves on

 — Widow learns to cope. by BebeEversJ10/26/094.51HOT

Granny Smith

 — He is treated to the greatest sex of his life. by timjac205/26/114.19

Granny's Calf and Ass Twink

 — Hot GILF rewards teen worship of her legs and butt! by milfleglover04/26/133.16

Granny’s Laundromat Legs

 — Leggy 75-year-old milks stud dry in her legs. by milfleglover06/04/134.08


 — Octogenarian experiences Girl's Nude Exercise Night. by Ronald Thurman05/16/014.51HOT

Grant and Mariah

 — Grant teaches Mariah to dance. by Satin and Lace08/23/063.52

Grant and Mariah Ch. 02

 — Eroticism being denied for a moment. by Satin and Lace08/28/064.00

Grapes O' Wrath Ch. 01

 — Drama builds on the faculty. by Stardog Champion12/05/104.22

Grass Widow

 — A mature older woman disturbs a neighborhood. by tantricjim10/18/134.41

Grateful For a Gentleman

 — Joy of helping a young lady from a tricky situation. by BingoLL11/27/144.36

Gray Iron

 — It will take him time but he will get the woman of his dream. by MSTarot08/21/124.77HOT

Great Grand Parents

 — What a way to go. by catchercradle12/11/074.18

Great Gratitudes

 — Older woman rewards her young helper. by footshrimper07/19/023.88

Great Way To Start The Day

 — Mornings can be fun. by crimsonrose09/19/043.74

Greg H. Goes on a Date

 — A recounting of passion, in homage to P.G. Wodehouse. by Greg_H02/15/07

Greg Seeks Medical Help

 — Scott Greg meets a sexy, older nurse. by cashcrunch01/27/084.00

Grocery Boy

 — 18-year-old gets a job. by HarryOrwell05/14/114.30

Grocery Store Encounter

 — Widower + widow-to-be meet in produce department. by julybear707/30/104.57HOT

Grocery Store Girl Ch. 01

 — Picking up more than groceries at the grocery store. by BradGarrettStories03/02/134.68HOT

Grocery Store Girl Ch. 01-A

 — Picking up more than groceries at the grocery store. (REVISED) by BradGarrettStories04/17/134.82HOT

Grown Up

 — A lustful afternoon with an older woman. by reddercolors12/14/074.29

Guardian Angel

 — 20s male meets 50s female. by HarryOrwell04/07/114.20

Guerison Sexuelle (Sexual Healing)

 — Man goes to a sex therapist. by Perja02/08/084.73HOT

Guerison Sexuelle (Sexual Healing) Partie Deux

 — Part 2: Anticipation. by Perja03/01/084.59HOT

Guest Speaker Ch. 01

 — Cassandra attends a work function and ends up in bed by f1racer2202/12/144.51HOT

Guest Speaker Ch. 02

 — Cassandra's weekend with Joy continues. by f1racer2202/17/144.51HOT

Guilty Pleasure

 — A woman in conflict over an affair with her lover. by Lola4910/15/09

Guilty Pleasures

 — What happens when he needs her body, publically fucking her. by YoungLust512/28/124.01

Guilty Pleasures Ch. 02

 — Jennefer has to make a critical decision. by Many Feathers08/08/094.69HOT

Guilty Secret

 — Chance encounter with older man becomes addictive. by foofoo41610/23/054.72HOT


 — Parents of guitar students secretly hook up. by Irish Moss11/04/104.31

Guttersnipes Ch. 01

 — Hank was the right man for the job. by JAMESBJOHNSON07/21/133.83

Guy Does Girlfriend's Mum

 — Guy gets to do his girl's mother, & likes it. by Bi_sarah06/21/023.69

Guy Talk / Girl Talk

 — Older ladies enjoy younger men. by silverfox_granny11/28/104.11

Gwen & Robert, Old Guy, Young Gal

 — Forthyish man finds love with a twentyish diner waitress. by SusanJillParker05/06/12HOT

Gym 'Member' Ship

 — Club owner gets to train virgin teenage swimmer. by scouries03/04/074.69HOT


 — His youthful hair stylist shows him just how sexy he is. by Algonquin Twit01/01/114.22


 —  Young female stylist tries coupling with older man. by techsan02/21/054.30

Haley's Older Man

 — She finds silver stud to be daddy. by hotpup11/19/054.56HOT

Half a World Away

 — Vietnam vet falls in love with lonely woman. by JimBob4408/17/094.49

Halloween Treat

 — Flash back to sexy Mom who had it all. by tlc14311/07/114.26

Hand-Therapy Foot Job Ch. 02

 — Sexy MILF therapist continues her unique treatment. by milfleglover05/15/133.50

Handcuffs in the Woods

 — Neighbor stumbles upon Ingrid after kinky sex game. by christo08/29/014.60HOT

Handle in Complete Darkness

 — Photography teacher and student dance in the dark. by Balrog02/21/064.67HOT


 — Some things are against the law. by magmaman01/25/114.67HOT

Handsome Young Man

 — Tutor test and teases college student. by stoneypoint07/20/063.81

Handsome Young Man Ch. 02

 — Tutor and Willy dance at a club. by stoneypoint07/26/064.33

Handsome Young Man Ch. 03

 — Willy realizes chubby tutor is the best sex. by stoneypoint08/10/064.47

Handy Andy - One and Six Ch. 01

 — Andy does repair work - plus extras for some customers. by keithswest09/17/083.74

Handy Andy - One and Six Ch. 02

 — Andy does repair & service work for three more lady friends. by keithswest09/23/084.37

Handy Andy - One and Six Ch. 03

 — Andy makes a repair work & FIRST service work with Kaye. by keithswest10/18/084.19

Handy Andy - One and Six Ch. 04

 — Andy & Stephanie travel to mountain lake to fish & camp by keithswest10/27/084.13

Handy Andy - One and Six Ch. 05

 — Andy has another visit with Kaye. by keithswest11/25/084.20

Handy Andy - One and Six Ch. 06

 — Andy gets email from Pauline - a visit is planned for sex. by keithswest01/24/094.30

Handy Andy - One and Six Ch. 07

 — Andy visits Kaye, again - to work on outlets. by keithswest03/13/094.13

Handy Man

 — From a handy boy to a very handy man. by Bob_611/19/144.51HOT

Handy Man Ch. 01

 — Older neighbor becomes his lover. by techsan06/02/054.38

Handy Man Ch. 02

 — Arrangement with older neighbor expands. by techsan06/03/054.46


 — An older woman looks at the younger man for sexual pleasure. by kandie06/30/124.17

Hanmer Springs Ch. 01

 — Casual lovers get to have three days together. by DavidAngelo47403/30/124.56

Hanmer Springs Ch. 02

 — Casual lovers have two more days together. by DavidAngelo47404/04/124.27

Hanna's Surprise

 — 'Peeping-Tom' Hanna gets a big surprise. by Mr.Brock01/02/034.53HOT

Hannah Ch. 1

 — 67-year-old woman gets a little action. by 80niner03/30/024.04

Hannah Ch. 2

 — Hannah and friend get it on. by 80niner04/02/024.68HOT

Hannah Cross: First Seduction

 — Lusty single Mom seduces lover & fulfills a fantasy. by FogBard08/13/074.19

Happenstance and Opportunity

 — He'd wanted her... she was married but watching. by Xesevoli09/19/124.13

Happy Birthday

 — Who knew turning 50 would be this good. by MassMan10503/16/094.15

Happy Birthday

 — What a wonderful Birthday present. by mick60a08/11/113.60

Happy Birthday Baby

 — A special birthday gift for my FWB. by LeaRN5703/21/124.19

Happy Birthday, Kid

 — An older woman makes a younger man happy. by Humpdee8401/06/153.58

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Freemont!

 — Party gig leads to sex with friend's mom. by DankertV09/03/044.48

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