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Looking After The House

 — Lad is seduced by much older plump woman. by r_andy03/15/024.02

Looking Out

 — The new marketing director is the boss's lover. by TheIceGoddess08/19/073.94

Lori's Awakening

 — Lonely wife finds comfort with much older man. by Dinsmore05/17/054.62HOT

Lorraine, A Classic

 — A woman finds comfort in her spouse's employee. by HarryOrwell05/30/114.29

Losing It

 — Young guy loses his virginity to an older woman. by ElWapo03/03/013.34

Losing My Religion

 — He gives his virginity to his older neighbor. by abbeynormal12/15/054.67HOT

Lost and Found

 — The developing of a relationship. by Ike1694801/02/074.36

Louis & Caroline

 — Single father lusts after baby-sitter & the feeling's mutual. by AliceInWonderland7911/24/064.07

Louise and Her Friend's Father

 — Sex with an older man. by vastiesmith09/16/064.37

Louise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 02

 — She gave herself to him. by vastiesmith09/18/064.51HOT

Louise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 03

 — Louise meets older lover at hotel. by vastiesmith09/18/064.40

Louise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 04

 — They took turns waking each other up. by vastiesmith09/26/064.35

Love and Revenge in an Elevator

 — Recent divorcee find a new (and younger) lover. by janus698804/02/074.74HOT

Love and Sex and Everything Else

 — She loves a much older man. by 19yroldvirgin8509/07/043.97

Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 10

 — A different point of view of someone's self-discovery. by FinalStand06/19/124.62HOT

Love for a Teacher

 — An 18-year old student loses virginity to his teacher by billwindows01/09/033.98

Love in the Lakes

 — Online meeting leads to passionate weekend. by jamuck03/19/044.03

Love in the Lights

 — A tragic Christmas brings love to two people in need of it. by MSTarot11/20/144.80HOT

Love in the Twilight

 — Young orderly learns about love from older woman. by Seanathon11/27/134.74HOT

Love is Like Wine, Better with Age

 — Nymphs decide to 'do' an older man as a prank. by JamesLacy12/08/014.62HOTContest Winner

Love is Where You Find It Ch. 01

 — Lonely women make beautiful lovers. by eye8her10/22/134.24

Love Knows No Season

 — Ray thought he was too old to be Heather's lover. She didn't by TE99901/06/154.60HOT

Love Letter

 — Reverie the morning after phone sex. by Mr_Natural10/01/093.25

Love Me... Love My Dogs

 — Young neighbour walks dogs, heals heart, and opens legs. by ilikeithot630802/17/154.74HOT

Love Mother, Love Daughter

 — A daughter takes revenge on her mom. by HiddenDevil_06/19/094.57HOT

Love My Neighbour Ch. 01

 — I really need to come. by AaronAardvark10/14/124.21

Love My Neighbour Ch. 02

 — I really need to come. by AaronAardvark10/23/123.92

Love My Neighbour Ch. 03

 — I really need to come. by AaronAardvark11/12/124.55HOT

Love of an Older Women

 — Older neighbor and I at kitchen sink. by D1Joe05/01/104.16

Love of Music

 — Young guitarist plays with older musician. by Silverback505001/21/094.28

Love Older Ladies

 — Young stud finds joy in older ladies. by KEaster4611/26/034.54HOT

Love Restored to Life

 — Mother-in-law comforts son-in-law. by Moondrift07/24/094.51HOT

Love sweet T.

 — A young neophyte encounters a sensuous older siren. by AaronAardvark12/17/124.56HOT

Love Thy Neighbor

 — An older woman gave me an education by cd1408/06/044.26

Love Thy Neighbour

 — College student gets caught out photographing neighbour. by JustaNiceGuyUK05/24/114.39

Love You Forever Pt. 02

 — In the midsts of two wars, love is realized. by Storiest02/04/134.50HOT

Love Your Neighbor

 — Middle-aged woman delights in younger neighbor. by TemptressWicked11/05/044.32

Love, Ropes and Clamps

 — Faith wakes up to find herself bound and helpless. by 1991yasha03/22/113.35

Loved by Late Mom's Dear Friend

 — Brad loses virginity to late mom's friend. by Oldlover6911/06/064.57HOT

Lover Beware Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by HunterShambles02/26/144.17

Lovers Meet

 — Online lovers get together. by dakotagirl007/27/044.33

Loving and Lusting Ch. 01

 — Young and handsome Zane sparks an interest. by hothoneyx05/05/124.65HOT

Loving Hips

 — An ex-friend's ex-wife shows up. by mick60a04/22/113.73

Loving Little Julie Ch. 01

 — Sweet seduction between a young woman and an older man. by julie_hypnotic02/24/034.62HOT

Loving Ms. Case

 — Teenage motocrosser meets the mom next door. by ChaseQ09/01/054.33

Loving My Aunt

 — He seduces & impregnates his friend's mom. by hottest_indian_guy01/16/094.12

Loving My Aunt: Trip to the City

 — Joey helps with her computer problem. by ilovematurewomen10/12/024.16

Loving Rita

 — The fun of dating an older woman. by andy_r_1445608/16/034.63HOT

Loving Rita Ch. 02

 — Maria meets an eager young lover. by andy_r_1445610/24/034.72HOT

Loving Rita Ch. 03

 — Lucky Joey dates Voluptuous Lucy. by andy_r_1445611/21/034.64HOT

Loving Rita Ch. 04

 — Lucy satisfies Joey's fantasies. by andy_r_1445601/02/044.64HOT

Loving Rita Ch. 05

 — Widow Ellie likes coach Tim. by andy_r_1445603/26/044.74HOT

Luanne Ch. 01

 — It's a weird day when I meet Luanne. by maadmaax10/08/074.19

Luanne Ch. 02

 — Luanne finally explains what's going on. by maadmaax10/16/074.18

Luanne Ch. 03

 — A bit about Nicole and Luanne goes to the beach. by maadmaax10/23/074.23

Luanne Ch. 04

 — Luanne finds out he's writing about their sexual encounters. by maadmaax02/23/084.07

Luanne Ch. 10

 — Luanne decides she doesn't have enough sperm in her diet. by maadmaax08/20/084.07

Luanne Ch. 11

 — Luanne manages to get her quota of sperm in her stomach. by maadmaax08/28/084.14

Luci Meets an Erotic Writer

 — The writer of erotica was as good as his words in bed. by lucioz04/28/104.63HOT

Luci's Second Cleaning Job

 — Paul teaches young Luci to dive, what can she do for him? by lucioz03/18/114.51HOT

Lucia the Teacher

 — A Fellatrix seduces a younger man. by gimmie_your_load02/02/114.39

Luckiest Woman in the World

 — A deprived woman rekindles her husband’s love for her. by JamesLacy01/19/034.66HOT

Lucky at Last

 — Nearing his 50s, Chris finds love at last. by BrettJ11/27/134.24

Lucky Leap Day

 — Middle-aged man gets young mature-curious receptionist. by Hornyman69WithU09/09/054.60HOT

Lucky with Kate

 — He discovers the joys of a lonely submissive widow. by brango01/09/134.53HOT


 — A mature woman seduces a young acquaintance. by WolfFei07/21/134.39


 — A young woman wants a mature man. by Busa_boy6707/16/143.66

Lucy and Her Neighbour

 — Young Lucy and her older neighbour. by Lucy_boo07/21/134.23


 — Come taste the sweet nectar of a Lunar goddess. by LadyShadowcross07/15/092.64

Lunatic Princess

 — Nancy can't resist her son's best friend. by epiphany6506/15/094.56HOT

Lunch at the Theatre Ch. 02

 — She got her fantasy and she gave him his. by Wbeach201202/15/144.31

Lunch Break

 — Cab driver tastes forbidden fruit. by HarryOrwell04/10/114.40

Lunch Buddies

 — Friend's mom is good enough to eat! by HarryOrwell04/09/114.23

Lunch Date

 — He failed to mention his age during chat. by angel_in_disguise09/12/054.61HOT

Lunch with Donna

 — Older man takes younger woman on a picnic. by Theeeeee108/09/104.10

Lunchtime Deposit

 — High school grad gets lucky with older loan officer. by lady_dakaar06/22/074.06

Lurking In the Shadows

 — He waits for his daughter's friend to join him. by JustLikeEwe12/23/134.16

Lust For June

 — Slow seduction of an older lady, or is it? by hotpup08/03/044.49

Lust Knows No Age

 — Beginning of a sweet love affair. by kaiyandom10/20/104.24

Lust Like a Pirate

 — A young woman seduces her older neighbor. by randibyrnes10/22/124.49

Lust Spells Us Ch. 01

 — A young woman seducing her lover twice her age. by YoungLust512/27/124.01

Lustful Liaisons

 — She unleashes her sexuality with younger fuck buddy. by Green_Gem09/22/044.71HOT

Lusty Lady & the Lad

 — An older woman and young man. by sweetjulia12/02/033.87

Lusty Lord Millhaven

 — Tony gives mother's friend a dicking to remember. by dass445003/09/054.38

Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 02

 — Tony and housekeeper demonstrate lust to Annabelle's mother. by dass445003/10/054.56HOT

Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 03

 — Tony impregnates Lady Eliza's daughter. by dass445004/13/054.61HOT

Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 04

 — Lord Anthony pleasures the aging Duchess 'D'. by dass445004/14/054.51HOT

Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 05

 — Repressed Jessica, her enormous breasts, and tiny pussy. by dass445006/19/054.53HOT

Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 06

 — Lady M now knows that cocksucking is but a prelude. by dass445007/26/054.50HOT

Luxury Accommodation

 — The sexual education of a landlady. by Whitesocks10/07/144.78HOT

Luxury Accommodation Ch. 02

 — He revisits an older lover with dramatic consequences. by Whitesocks10/13/144.46

Luxury Accommodation Ch. 03

 — What happened next. by Whitesocks11/11/144.81HOT

Lydia's Grey Heaven

 — She meets her sexual match in an older guy. by vrosej1002/02/113.50

Lynn's Gift in Chicago

 — First time submission about two good friends. by LoveInTheRuins03/12/054.48

M's Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Love is Reality- Part 1. by EgyptsGoddess09/16/124.25

M's Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Forever New Year's- Part 2 by EgyptsGoddess09/19/124.46

M's Chronicles Ch. 03

 — Our secret valentine's evening. by EgyptsGoddess09/22/124.12

Maddy's Day

 — An Earth Day with an amazing woman and environmentalist. by Middleagepoet04/04/094.60HOT

Madison and the Senior Citizen

 — Wallflower student has an admirer in a retired gent. by Madabouthair01/08/124.42

Madrid Natives in Amazonica

 — Will three women be eaten while in the rainforest? by Softly07/21/014.21


 — How Maggie of "The Ya Ya Dildohood" became who she was. by Many Feathers07/28/054.81HOTContest Winner


 — Serving the Customer. by tlc14303/31/124.15

Maggie and Her First Film

 — A mature women is filmed with "Ten Inch Tim". by CafeExtreme03/19/104.41

Maggie May Ch. 01

 — A beautiful cougar wannabe seduces her young boss. by johnnieblue4409/27/094.51HOT

Maggie May Ch. 02

 — Cumming in the office as an appetizer. by johnnieblue4409/28/094.49

Maggie May Ch. 03

 — The hottest possible fuck session ends in a twist. by johnnieblue4410/02/094.63HOT

Maggie May Ch. 04

 — Maggie eagerly accepts her maiden anal voyage. by johnnieblue4410/05/094.61HOT

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