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My Lucky Day

 — Right place + right time = big rewards. by Rod Masters10/27/024.56HOT

My Lucky Day

 — Jenny has a lucky day with young Grant. by Moondrift06/27/114.36

My Luke

 — Younger man seduces a mature lady. by lukeslady08/22/124.20

My Lusty Liaison with Mr. Hazelwood Ch. 01

 — Horny college girl, fucks an Older, Married man. by persianbeauty1903/07/154.11

My Maid, My Self And My Wife

 — Indian man in UK mistakes his Romanian maid for his wife. by uksnowy04/15/124.20

My Mature Neighbor

 — He falls for his sexy forty-something neighbor. by openmindedmale08/27/012.38

My Mature Taboo Lover Ch. 01

 — He & his mother-in-law give in to lust. by wildmanalso08/06/044.49

My Mature Taboo Lover Ch. 02

 — More adventures with my Mother-In-Law. by wildmanalso02/27/054.55HOT

My MILF Boss

 — I couldn't help notice when my boss walked past. by xratedstoriesx03/05/123.87

My MILF's Ch. 01

 — Long road to mother in law. by woreoutdick10/23/083.58

My Minister's Wife

 — An encounter in church. by brillobob01/22/123.74

My Mistress Knows Best

 — A young manslut is taught valuable lessons by older mistress. by MtnManslut01/28/124.24

My Mom Versus My Bully

 — A sexy MILF betrays her son with his worst enemy! by blizzardy1212/31/143.64

My Mother in Law

 — When my fantasy came true. by ilikeolder10/05/134.22

My Mother In Law, Dot

 — Man is turned on by his mature mom-in-law. by tbftgwn12/07/014.11

My Mother In Law, Dot Ch. 2

 — The flirtation turns a corner. by tbftgwn12/10/014.06

My Mother's Friend

 — Mom's gal pal enjoys her first Harley ride. by whiskyman10/23/013.98

My Mother's Horny Friend

 — He goes after his mother's friend. by standingstones09/17/144.13

My Mother-in-Law

 — Unexpected tryst with mother-in-law. by Shoreguy07/13/014.49

My Mother-in-Law Ruth Ch. 1

 — How Ruth became his old slut. by Mr. Woo05/30/024.48

My Mother-in-Law Ruth Ch. 2

 — How Ruth became his slut. by Mr. Woo06/04/024.43

My Mother-in-Law Ruth Ch. 3

 — How Ruth became his slut. by Mr. Woo06/12/024.52HOT

My Mother-in-Law Ruth Ch. 4

 — How Ruth became his old slut. by Mr. Woo07/02/024.56HOT

My Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 01

 — Mature woman breaks in a young stud for her pleasure. by kingswede07/17/104.34

My Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 02

 — Sunday afternoon at the lake with Elna. by kingswede07/22/104.39

My Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 03

 — More of the ongoing story. by kingswede07/26/104.42

My Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 04

 — Elna and myself enjoy each other along with Sally. by kingswede08/02/104.35

My Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 05

 — On going stroy of the naked freinds at the cottage. by kingswede08/16/104.36

My Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 06

 — Ongoing story of a young man's training. by kingswede03/10/114.48

My Much Older Love

 — Learning about love from an older man. by JimandGarysgirl11/28/113.67

My Mum Teresa's a Dirty Stripteaser

 — His sexy Mom "cuckolds" him and sells her bum for charity! by cuckoldbob07/08/103.99

My Music Teacher's Pussy

 — He catches a glimpse. by BillBlack06/14/084.00

My Naive Little Coworker

 — A May/ Dec coworker affair finally gets down to business. by Red_Wing01/11/134.52HOT

My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 1

 — His friends upstairs show him how it's done. by christo02/21/014.41

My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 2

 — Sexy Cindy sets him up with hot older friend. by christo02/23/014.63HOT

My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 3

 — Cindy & Sylvia have a morning surprise in store. by christo02/27/014.59HOT

My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 4

 — Nick makes a surprising discovery in Cindy's apartment. by christo03/07/014.54HOT

My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 5

 — Nicky and Cindy get it on. by christo03/20/014.62HOT

My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 6

 — Nick thinks of a way to rock an older woman. by christo03/27/014.60HOT

My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 7

 — Cindy gets her sweet, slippery revenge. by christo04/08/014.66HOT

My Neighbor Doris Ch. 02

 — Luke continues affair with Doris by MitchR03/02/084.31

My Neighbor Jessica

 — Mature divorcee meets younger neighbor at new apartment. by Build_it_write01/11/094.26

My Neighbor Naina

 — Neighboring lady teaches hunk the basics. by Hunter-Indian06/13/023.97

My Neighbor's Mother

 — He enjoys the sounds of a sexy woman. by stevenincalifornia05/27/083.89

My Neighbor's Wife

 — His affair with a married woman. by paydirt12/01/024.06

My Neighbor, My Teacher

 — His first real sex is with mother's best friend. by LuvaMILF04/09/054.39

My Neighbor, My Teacher Ch. 02

 — Lessons continue with his neighbor & friend. by LuvaMILF05/16/054.60HOT

My Neighbors

 — He helps out the lady next door. by Hocky937706/24/074.20

My Neighbour

 — What was his dark secret? by patuk5409/19/024.20

My Neighbour 'Er Name is Alice.

 — Terry took her smalls off the line. by Jack Gates03/15/054.47

My Neighbour 'Er Name is Alice. Ch. 04

 — Alice invites Terry for a plate of broth. by Jack Gates02/24/064.38

My Neighbour's Son

 — She notices her younger neighbor. by SweetcheeksSt09/30/044.02

My Neighbour, Reciprocity Ch. 01

 — He really needs to come. by AaronAardvark11/23/124.08

My Neighbour, Reciprocity Ch. 02

 — He really needs to come. by AaronAardvark12/01/124.31

My Neighbours Wife

 — A man is attracted to the lady next door. by tantricjim12/18/114.44

My New Client

 — First meeting with new client has an unexpected ending. by SimonSays104/14/074.60HOT

My New Employee Ch. 01

 — A thoughtful boss receives the best in Christmas presents. by Bigguyyyyy02/08/124.60HOT

My New Employee Ch. 02

 — It's the Christmas present that keeps on giving. by Bigguyyyyy02/15/124.56HOT

My New Found Lover

 — He met her in a retirement drama society. by alexcarr12/06/114.02

My New Mother-in-Law Ch. 02

 — Edith and I encounter Freda. by Nettles706901/09/104.58HOT

My New Mother-in-Law Ch. 03

 — We enjoy a couples club. by Nettles706908/15/114.05

My New Neighbor

 — Older woman moves in & things heat up. by crackerjack00701/24/043.77

My New Neighbor

 — White divorcée enjoys her first Black encounter. by Dai Raku05/13/054.34

My New Neighbor

 — She was a welcoming committee of one sexy lady. by tlc14303/07/124.10

My New Neighbour

 — He gets friendly with the older lady across the street. by o123oleary04/05/084.11

My New Neighbour

 — A good man at last. by AaronAardvark09/30/124.00

My New Neighbour, At Home

 — He takes me to new heights. by AaronAardvark10/05/124.12

My New Place Ch. 07

 — The "other" neighbor sees more than she intended. by p_c35200605/28/094.51HOT

My Next Door Neighbour

 — If she hadn't bent forward in that t-shirt... by quinn rogan06/21/024.56HOT

My Next Door Neighbour's Daughter

 — Alyson calls on a wet afternoon, but Mum's out. by quinn rogan07/08/024.47

My Nextdoor Neighbor

 — A leather loving teen gets a nice introduction to sex. by johncockenfurs04/29/094.28

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 06

 — More adventures of my niece Jennifer, with older man. by JRob11/23/124.36

My Night to Remember

 — Fantasy fullifiled during a birthday party. by TeaseU197210/30/104.23

My Night with Kari

 — Keeping my supervisor company for the night. by James23200306/03/104.21

My Old Guy

 — Nice girl meets nasty old guy in the Mall. by anonentity09/03/104.50HOT

My Old Guy Ch. 02

 — Tasty Tasha tells all. by anonentity09/08/104.50HOT

My Old Guy Ch. 03

 — Hyper-sexed Tasty Tasha. by anonentity09/09/104.55HOT

My Old Guy Ch. 04

 — Your lusty, loving, little Tasty Tasha. by anonentity09/11/104.58HOT

My Older Neighbor

 — Over my back fence lives the sexiest woman I know. by MacSwain61212/30/094.55HOT

My Older Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Jake and Irene get closer. by MacSwain61201/17/104.51HOT

My Older Secretary

 — Fucking my older secretary leads to amazing threeway by carlf191801/26/104.44

My One and Only Penthouse Letter

 — I was 46 when it finally happened..but it was worth the wait! by MAWriter5004/25/134.01

My Only Threesome

 — Mature man gets a treat after the bar closes. by LaPatitMort06/29/094.50HOT

My Oriental Lover

 — In my two score years and ten... by amalcolm11/23/134.24

My Own Private Lesson

 — He gives a young girl her first experience. by Liquid Silver02/27/014.20

My Passionate Young Lover

 — Young Muslim man seduces Pagan older woman. by ArgentoRose09/20/034.25

My Path to Pleasure Ch. 01

 — A divorced woman rediscovers her sexuality. by Van99903/24/034.61HOT

My Path to Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Sometimes, she watches them. by Van99903/25/034.65HOT

My Patriotic Mother-in-Law

 — She provides R&R for a lot of men. by Softly09/25/013.89

My Personal Tutor

 — He has fun on his first day. by aj_240503/14/074.32

My Perverted Life Ch. 01

 — A man takes advantage of his wife's grandmother's condition. by penasweapon12/31/094.38

My Perverted Life Ch. 02

 — Husband continues to use wife's grandmother. by penasweapon01/01/104.42

My Portuguese Holiday

 — An unexpected holiday romance. by Tory_del_Ricoh02/25/084.70HOT

My Precious Neighbor Ch. 1

 — Man yearns for older housewife. by JEdwins10/20/003.39

My Precious Neighbor Ch. 2

 — He grows closer to Nancy. by JEdwins10/20/003.86

My Precious Neighbor Ch. 3

 — He touches her for the first time. by JEdwins10/20/004.14

My Precious Neighbor Ch. 4

 — They seduce each other. by JEdwins10/20/004.35

My Precious Neighbor Ch. 5

 — He takes her. by JEdwins10/20/004.60HOT

My Pregnant Niece Ch. 01

 — Introduction to a lustful, mature man's playful life. by LaPatitMort09/16/094.51HOT

My Professor Came Through

 — College professor taught her that older men are best. by tisvickie04/17/084.42

My Professor Ch. 01

 — Guy falls for his sexy college professor. by espeteroh07/22/054.47

My Professor Ch. 02

 — Student-teacher relationship gets hotter. by espeteroh07/27/054.46

My Professor the Tiger

 — A student is nothing but a fucktoy. by WFEATHER02/23/073.77

My Pussy

 — I want to tell you all about it. by MichelleMcFarland12/02/134.03

My Real Life Mrs. Robinson

 — Story of a truly desperate and busty housewife. by Abner Devereaux01/14/064.33

My Real Life Mrs. Robinson Ch. 02

 — The next morning. by Abner Devereaux01/26/064.51HOT

My Receptionist's Mother

 — Meeting for dinner. by shyguymb02/22/133.89

My Reputation Precedes Me Ch. 01

 — He gains a new sexy neighbor. by gamma3309/30/054.53HOT

My Reputation Precedes Me Ch. 02

 — Shirley Head does do it. by gamma3310/13/054.34

My Reputation Precedes Me Ch. 03

 — Another session with Judy leads to fun. by gamma3310/26/054.46

My Secret Confession

 — The night I seduced my mother's man. by aliparks09/03/114.49

My Secret Lover Ch. 01

 — Mature housewife seduces and is seduced. by Tigermuf08/21/074.16

My Secret Lover Ch. 02

 — Mature housewife discovers more. by Tigermuf08/22/074.22

My Secret Lover Ch. 03

 — They touch for the first time and do more. by Tigermuf08/31/074.32

My Secret Lover Ch. 04

 — Mature housewife's experiences another first. by Tigermuf09/02/074.19

My Secret Lover Ch. 05

 — Mature housewife enjoys the trysts to the end. by Tigermuf09/29/074.19

My Servant, Anuradha

 — In Bombay, older servant taught him lessons of life. by Hunter-Indian06/06/024.21

My Sessions with Sammie Ch. 01

 — Curtis convinces me to spend time with his shy son. by cindyexposed09/30/144.40

My Sessions with Sammie Ch. 02

 — Sammie loses his virginity to me! by cindyexposed10/03/144.51HOT

My Sex Adventure With Two Girls Dur

 — Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months. by navratri11/18/093.31

My Sexual Awakening

 — An unexpected encounter with daughter's ex-boyfriend. by angel_6901/16/094.54HOT

My Sexy Mother-In-Law

 — He meets and beds his wife's mom. by juge102/12/014.26

My Sexy Mother-In-Law

 — Mother-in-law is seduced during long-distance trip. by floridaguy200112/19/034.57HOT

My Shameless 6B

 — A woman finds comfort in a stranger for just one night. by xxxShySaintxxx03/14/114.00

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