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One Old Man and a Barmaid Ch. 03

 — Every single day is a gift/Kathy's story. by magmaman12/22/084.75HOT

One Shot Deals: The Female Jock

 — Middle-aged guy cuts deal with sexy jockette. by Rabbleais04/22/054.59HOT

One Spontaneous Night

 — Girl meets bartender and his roommate. by YourEroticGoddess10/23/104.12

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 01

 — My mom's friend asked for my assistance at her house. by Halfman1109/23/124.33

One to Die For

 — Bit of a risk. by magmaman06/27/084.48

One to Die For Ch. 02

 — No fool like an old fool. by magmaman07/21/084.53HOT

One Week with Mr. Hansen Ch. 01

 — Her father's friend stays with her while parents are away. by lily_ann08/20/084.52HOT

One Week with Mr. Hansen Ch. 02

 — Her best friend wants to meet Mr. Hansen the next day. by lily_ann08/21/084.62HOT

One Week with Mr. Hansen Ch. 03

 — Claire & Jenny share Mr. H before going on a double-date. by lily_ann08/22/084.58HOT

One Week with Mr. Hansen Ch. 04

 — Mr. Hansen deals with Claire's naughty behaviour. by lily_ann10/03/084.74HOT

One White Rose Ch. 01

 — An odd story about learning to care for another. by FinalStand02/06/134.70HOT

One White Rose Ch. 02

 — The game moves to Roxanne’s home. by FinalStand07/21/134.57HOT

One Wild & Sexy Date

 — Almost 50, Mr J shares fantasies with young Rebecca. by pinkdasie02/11/054.57HOT

One Winters Night

 — She came to me on a winters night. by mick60a09/17/093.96

One Would Think

 — A recruit's Mom. by USMC0304/08/083.90

One-Night Stand Ch. 02

 — Bree, Gabby and Susan and a quest for cock. by LL7204/22/144.51HOT

Online - Alice and her Professor

 — Strangers online realise they are more than strangers. by badschoolgirlx12/31/104.03

Only Go Around Once

 — Jason has a request for his fiancee's mom. by pollystrachan03/22/094.45

Only in Private Ch. 02

 — Housewife Mrs Bramwell needs to experience a gangbang. by MrRusty200011/11/134.15

Only in Private Ch. 03

 — Mrs Bramwell decide to find out what dogging is about. by MrRusty200011/26/134.32

Only Memories Last Forever

 — Older woman finds new love. by parkk8401/25/024.39


 — Young reporter lusts for Atlanta news anchor. by Stardog Champion10/09/004.28Editor's Pick

Opportunity Knocked One Night

 — A lost dog, a little wine and ...... by maildude09/23/104.03

Opting Out, Opting In

 — Making choices on a Saturday night. by mayapapaya08/20/052.45

Oral Exam Ch. 16

 — Jessica and the Professor spend a night w/ Swingers. by gradprof05/20/074.71HOT

Oral Satisfaction

 — Mature man serves girl's oral needs. by ainu208/22/104.32

Orgasm Therapy Ch. 01

 — Young therapist lends hand to sexy older woman. by milfleglover04/18/144.45

Orgasm Therapy Ch. 02

 — Young therapist continues his sexy work on older woman. by milfleglover04/18/144.49

Orgasm Therapy Ch. 03

 — Sexy young therapist takes his client to more sexual heights. by milfleglover01/21/154.54HOT

Orgasm Therapy Ch. 04

 — Last day for GILF's therapy is a very special one. by milfleglover03/20/154.39NEW

Orgasmic Awakening

 — Vacationing recent divorcée beds young stud. by stud_hunter11/16/054.29

Orgasmic Indulgence

 — Woman beds talented younger neighbor. by stud_hunter05/19/064.28

Other Men

 — How I started having sex with men other than my husband. by twomalelovers04/26/123.50

Our Agreement

 — Brother's sis-in-law needed a fix, & so did I. by conz03/16/024.23

Our Anniversary

 — A little spanking makes it hot. by maggie200212/08/024.39

Our College Student Learns

 — Chad gets a sex orientation course from wife. by dennyboy212/14/064.38

Our College Student Learns More

 — Chad gets a mouth full from another man's wife. by dennyboy201/02/074.31

Our College Student's Finale

 — Wife (and I) enjoy Chad's farewell. by dennyboy201/29/074.45

Our Date

 — Sparks fly when an older woman & a younger man meet. by SexySuzy02/20/014.41

Our First Encounter

 — Young female meets with an older married man. by DolceBella05/12/063.80

Our First Nite

 — Young man indulges crush on older woman. by SubRosa08/26/034.33

Our Friend Sam Ch. 02

 — Sam visits neighbor & her husband. by Jaywesal10/30/044.58HOT

Our Horny Housekeeper

 — Peter drives Rita home twice. by gamma3306/16/014.24

Our Love Continues!

 — I enjoyed my new found freedom! by pttyjones04/27/114.04

Our New In-Laws Ch. 04

 — Allison has a breakthrough. by Novelista04/17/074.48

Our New In-Laws Ch. 05

 — Isaac helps Allison change her style. by Novelista04/26/074.63HOT

Our Own Little World

 — Seniors get started swinging. by silverfox_granny11/29/104.36

Our Walk

 — Weather decides their fate. by soncurious10/03/083.89

Our XXX Experiences

 — Loab fucks laam like hell. by Vernorexia06/20/133.70

Our Young Waiter

 — Two middle-aged hotties seduce a waiter. by Dinew12/17/064.35

Out In The Hay

 — "I will be yours if you want me." She told him. by magmaman09/06/114.67HOT

Out of Control

 — Aubrey catches older neighbor watching her undress. by nasty_dan10/22/054.53HOT

Out of the Blue

 — Friendship turns to lust. by richardpuffer10/23/064.27

Out on the Farm

 — A widower gentleman's observations pay off. by furryfan09/17/084.58HOT

Outside an Apartment Building

 — He meets an old, voluptuous woman. by Sexual_Thoughts07/15/13

Outta Control Pt. 07

 — Mom in law and son in law get it on. by Inlovingmemory09/29/064.49

Over Hill & Under Dale

 — Woman becomes young man's sex tutor. by Canadagander09/26/03HOT


 — Employer has more than the loyalty of his employees. by SpankerSam01/18/024.64HOT

P. I. Joe

 — Private investigator tails cheating wife. by wldpony308/11/124.10

Paddy Gets A Wake Up Call

 — Pensioner is initiated by a younger woman. by WobieTide03/19/154.67HOT

Paging Doctor Marcus: Episode 01

 — Mr. Marcus recalls his impersonation of a volleyball trainer. by HarveyMarcus06/17/064.48

Paid on Delivery

 — A young pizza delivery guy meets a sexy older woman. by Big_Mick8109/03/064.35

Pain in the Ass

 — She was always there. by magmaman01/24/114.48

Painful Visit

 — Two Hookers provide the ultimate birthday gift. by jamesmarlowe10/29/143.50

Paint Her White Ch. 01

 — Conservative widow embarks on kinky adventure. by Stardog Champion08/20/044.39

Paint Her White Ch. 02

 — Widow is coated in pleasure. by Stardog Champion08/21/044.36

Paint Me Satisfied

 — Meg distracts her young tenant from his schoolwork. by OrdinaryGirl08/07/054.43

Painting Pictures

 — Mia discovers a perk to working late at night. by __Lisa__09/01/144.62HOT

Palm Springs Business Trip

 — Cassandra takes a business trip to a new hotel by f1racer2204/22/144.46

Palm Springs Business Trip Ch. 02

 — Cassandra makes it to Palm Springs and finds another lover. by f1racer2204/23/144.50HOT

Palm Springs Business Trip Ch. 05

 — Cassandra has an enjoyable night with her newest friends by f1racer2205/18/144.77HOT


 — Yappy employee tries to ease owner's pain. by Kirk48200206/12/044.55HOT

Pam & Her Neighbours Son

 — Pam gives virgin his first taste of a lady. by Tomray1005/01/013.80

Pam and Mr. Litton

 — 18-year-old Pam skips math for a special Sex-Ed class. by jallen94407/29/064.35

Pam's Dichotomy

 — Should she lay or should she go? by johnnieblue4405/12/114.46

Pam's Here All Week

 — Plump teen has a fan in an older man. by Madabouthair12/11/144.42

Paper Girl

 — Regular as clockwork. by magmaman12/27/084.35

Paper Girl Ch. 02

 — Maybe she wasn't just an old man's fantasy? by magmaman12/28/084.41

Paper Round

 — Guy gets to do more than deliver papers. by rockhard4uc10/08/094.24


 — A forty-something mom explores the sexual being within her. by bjfriendly05/24/093.91

Paradise Found Ch. 01

 — Can love conquer impotence? by butter_scotch03/10/054.48

Pardonnez-moi, Père

 — Little Mya gets her first taste of ecstacy. by HexingGirl08/18/124.25

Parent Teacher Conference

 — Mrs. Kane becomes the new class milf. by LikeFineWine104/05/134.35

Parent Teacher Interviews

 — There must be something that can be done. by Wbeach201201/19/143.68

Parent-Teacher Conference

 — Miss Sanders shows off her body. by satyr_13200311/22/054.63HOT

Paris Vacation

 — A high school teacher takes former student to Paris. by Baxter7203/20/084.47

Park Maintenance Expert

 — Drill a couple holes and they will come. by satyr_13200310/10/054.61HOT

Parking Lot Encounter

 — An older woman relives her youth with a young stud. by joan65811/12/074.62HOT

Parkwood Paddlings

 — Teacher falsely accuses student of missing assignment. by abbeynormal01/09/054.48

Part Time Job with Benefits

 — He finds the perfect older woman for his fetishes. by brckline06/30/064.51HOT

Party At The Lake House

 — College age son brings group of friends to lake house. by Poppanut09/16/014.61HOT

Party Fun With Older Mum

 — Work was never better. by Myfaceusit12/03/024.04

Party Gals Ch. 03

 — Morning after night of sex with friends. by Silentman4502/14/044.60HOT

Party Night

 — Drake parties with a young crowd. by BlackSnake04/13/064.29

Party Night

 — Why couldn't they keep their hands to themselves? by tn_maggie11/16/093.94

Party Replanned

 — The urge to have fun just doesn't get old. by MSTarot08/21/134.73HOTContest Winner

Party Time

 — Cynthia's Party lead Nancy from gloom to love. by Moondrift03/18/064.47

Party Time...

 — A naughty lady gets a nice big cocktail from host's son. by long4phun07/23/124.28

Party with the Neighbor MILFs

 — A teen joins his four mature women neighbors. by George VI01/17/134.70HOT


 — Life after divorce goes on with a younger man. by renee37AAA01/04/064.54HOT

Passion & Perspective Ch. 02

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn05/01/134.33

Passion & Perspective Ch. 03

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn05/04/134.43

Passion & Perspective Ch. 04

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn05/07/134.26

Passion & Perspective Ch. 08-09

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn05/16/134.64HOT

Passion & Perspective Ch. 10-11

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn05/20/134.50HOT

Passion & Perspective Ch. 12-13

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn05/21/134.53HOT

Passion & Perspective Ch. 14-15

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn05/23/134.55HOT

Passion & Perspective Ch. 16-17

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn05/27/134.89

Passion & Perspective Ch. 18-19

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn05/30/135.00

Passion & Perspective Ch. 20-21

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn06/02/134.30

Passion & Perspective Ch. 22-23

 — Ttwo mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn06/06/134.86

Passion & Perspective Ch. 24-25

 — A novel about two mature married people, and their exploits. by adamgunn06/09/134.62HOT

Passion and Control

 — A night alone turns into a night of passion. by Vandalyzed08/27/074.10

Passion Stone

 — Husband unlocks magical pleasure in estate sale purchase. by Uncle South Loop03/24/064.28

Pastor Cole Ch. 01

 — Pastor Cole counsels an older woman. by JBowl137602/22/093.79

Pastor Thomas' Last Friday

 — Old cleric delivers the Holy Essence once more. by BANJAR08/24/054.38

Pastor Thomas' Last Friday Ch. 02

 — Friday is not over just yet. by BANJAR11/02/054.53HOT

Pastor's Lunch Break

 — Pastor Ron takes a lunch with Del. by PreachersCunt09/10/014.06

Pastoral Care

 — He's reunited with sexy teacher. by Bad-minton12/24/013.72

Pat The Barmaid Round 01

 — Young sailor meets a Tasmanian Devil. by Ronnie Wachuka02/10/054.54HOT

Pat The Barmaid Round 02

 — The Tasmanian Devil wreaks havoc. by Ronnie Wachuka02/12/054.42

Pat The Barmaid Round 03

 — The Tasmanian Devil falls from grace. by Ronnie Wachuka02/16/054.47

Pat Wants To Play

 — A hot, mature piece of ass at work. With great tits. by JackorJill12/28/064.45

Pat's Awakening

 — Fifty-odd years without an orgasm... by Tony King10/14/014.30

Pat's Toy Boy

 — It was the best thing to happen to her since her divorce. by alexcarr07/31/143.60


 — Older man becomes a young single mom's object of sexual need. by angel_grant03/13/104.70HOT

Patricia's Young Studs

 — A 50-year-old finds new life with young cock. by riverboy01/01/154.24

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