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Sexual Awakening - New Chapter Ch. 01

 — Kim meets someone from the past. by Nayes11/30/074.18

Sexual Awakening - New Chapter Ch. 02

 — Kim and Des go on their first date. by Nayes12/09/073.80

Sexual Awakening of Eddie

 — An older woman rings the bell of a sexually emerging guy. by Egmont Grigor03/08/094.09

Sexual Beginnings Ch. 03

 — Sabrina and Sam have new adventures. by allen196004/24/084.45

Sexual Liberation

 — A weekend in Durham with John. by angel_6911/07/104.69HOT

Sexual Satisfaction

 — Even without climax, sex can be enjoyable. by manavata10/09/044.16

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 06

 — Sex education classes by Aunty by feelsgood09/25/084.57HOT

Sexual Sleeping: The Blow Job

 — You get a blow job. by Selket11/28/053.97

Sexual Soul Mate

 — A woman meets her perfect lover later in life. by Loving5010/19/144.31

Sexual Soul Mate Pt. 02

 — Fulfilling anal sex, number one on the bucket list. by Loving5010/24/144.36

Sexual Soul Mate Pt. 03

 — Continued exploration for Melanie and Jack. by Loving5011/01/144.15

Sexual Therapy Ch. 01

 — Karen and Gwen find Dick. by JackLuis01/05/104.12

Sexual Therapy Ch. 02

 — Confusion of Gender? by JackLuis01/06/104.48

Sexual Therapy Ch. 03

 — Karen and Gwen decide. by JackLuis01/07/104.12

Sexy and Gray

 — David meets older woman of his dreams. by roswalien06/30/144.65HOT

Sexy Beach Scene

 — Couple on an isolated beach. by EroticPJ06/20/023.42

Sexy Car Wash for the Neighbor

 — I decided to wash my car while my neighbor watched. by Mysteria2712/16/143.87

Sexy Classroom Ep. 02

 — Mrs. Dawson and Eric get better acquainted by Sensa805/25/074.37

Sexy Classroom Ep. 03

 — Mrs. Dawson gets a call home. by Sensa806/02/074.50HOT

Sexy Mature Teacher

 — Naughty older teacher sees him after class. by alanc07/31/064.51HOT

Sexy Neighbor

 — Sunbathing neighbor leads to sex. by Wes9908/22/024.45

Sexy Night In

 — It's just a night, like any other night with my boyfriend. by foxytaco8705/22/133.27

Sexy Older Couple

 — Older couple teach him the art of loving. by alanc05/26/024.27

Sexy Older Secretary

 — Ryan finds hot sex and love with secretary. by bdr2302/19/084.47

Sexy Older Secretary Ch. 02

 — Ryan continues teasing and pleasing secretary Sheila. by bdr2302/29/084.52HOT

Sexy SC Ch. 01

 — MILF. by TimeLord4206/09/083.72

Sexy SC Ch. 02

 — Getting coffee was never so fun. by TimeLord4206/16/084.00

Sexy SC Ch. 03

 — He crept into the house while she waited. by TimeLord4207/22/083.75

Sexy Slave

 — A virgin gets sold to a cruel man. by getdatdickinme10/30/14


 — Work shadow with Eurasian beauty leads to intense encounter. by gapster709/26/104.67HOT

Shady Oak

 — "We're headed out into God's country...Naked!" by Stringar09/18/044.71HOT

Shakespeare in the Orchard Ch. 02

 — After school shower, tease, and someone watching. by Anitole06/17/094.53HOT

Share and Share Alike

 — Sexy senior brings sparring spouses back together. by jack_straw02/19/054.51HOT

Share My Bed

 — 65 year old widow invites friend to join her for sex. by tetherer11/24/084.26

Share My Story Ch. 01

 — A reader entices him. by mtnman200308/20/074.46


 — Continuing the education of a geek. by snapper31df06/22/074.34

Sharon in the Shower

 — Preacher's wife is an unloved milf - but not for long. by Darlantan05/28/054.35

Sharon in the Shower Ch. 02

 — The conclusion between Sharon and her young lover. by Darlantan10/07/064.30

Sharon Intervenes

 — Mom is her daughter's stand-in. by gentlemom03/12/084.46

Shattered Dreams

 — Some dreams die in an instant; others slowly. by slow_n_gentle09/11/093.87

Shattered Innocence

 — Ruth continues to expand her sexuality. by Clafoun09/03/144.47

Shattered Secret

 — She found the DVD by accident. by geronimo_appleby12/10/064.47


 — Ruth's date takes her back to his hotel room. by Clafoun09/13/144.40

Shaving Her

 — Things heat up during an innocent bikini line shave. by AbsolutScorpio12/13/014.24

Shaving L, The Anticipation

 — Mature man's plan for shaving his lady the first time. by BoRaFL04/14/134.18

Shaving Problems

 — Younger assistant asks her boss to be clean shaven. by Forrest_Hump04/18/104.16

She Calls The Shots

 — Cancelled plans lead to an unforgettable night for Marcus. by lovecraft6803/09/154.76HOT

She Can't Wait...

 — She can't wait to get her internet lover home. by fifty504/04/084.33

She Chose Me

 — Recently widowed friend chooses to explore her sexuality. by no_naysayer06/24/114.44

She Forgot Morning

 — Not just this morning, but every morning. by MungoParkIII12/07/073.71

She Forgot Morning Ch. 02

 — To help find what was wrong, she asks Bill to spend the night. by MungoParkIII12/13/074.16

She Forgot Morning Ch. 03

 — Bill awakens to a hot shower with Katy and then breakfast. by MungoParkIII12/14/074.15

She Forgot Morning Ch. 04

 — Bill and Sarah try to figure out the mystery of Katy. by MungoParkIII12/15/073.98

She Forgot Morning Ch. 05

 — Sarah and Bill's lunch date helps them decide what to do. by MungoParkIII12/16/074.06

She Gently Cupped My Balls

 — Sublime sex with a sexagenarian. by chrislick02/06/104.23

She Has Her Way

 — She has me smitten, and she has a pair of handcuffs too. by holden_200512/27/114.60HOT

She Helped Me Forget

 — Older woman helps a jilted guy. by flim6210/28/064.53HOT

She Knew it was Wrong

 — A wife of 20 years cheats for the first time after drinking. by bronston2210/04/123.87

She Lived Next Door

 — He assists a neighbour with her skin care. by divordownunda02/21/084.21

She Loves Magnificent Balls

 — Girlfriend's mother wants her share of his magnificent balls. by phubby04/15/144.13

She Loves to Tease

 — Teen tease just wanted to turn on friend's dad. by discoflutterby11/23/134.03

She Makes Hungry Where She Most Satisfies

 — Jason finds his satisfaction in age. by Starlight09/01/024.41

She Sits Alone

 — Mounting desire realized. by mtngal10/28/034.10

She Sucks Cock

 — She sucks a young man's cock. by asrespond02/02/114.30

She Wanted Me Ch. 01

 — Married woman likes a younger guy. by Beachinfldad02/06/043.70

She Wanted Me Ch. 02

 — Julie keeps dropping by. by Beachinfldad02/17/043.98

She Wanted Someone More Mature

 — Sasha knows what she wants. by CraigArbor02/02/144.50HOT

She Was The Most Beautiful Woman...

 — Boy is mesmerized by his teacher. by Mycke05/17/012.87

She's 45, Drunk and Horny

 — Girlfriend's mum gets drunk and horny. by just_tell_me07/22/064.23

She's 58; I'm 68

 — Fantastic lady with great sex drive surprised me. by purdie211/11/104.42

She's a Cum Queen Ch. 01

 — Coed's first hand job. by Blackhat4701/11/073.82

She's Home

 — Wife catches husband with his mistress. by Jluv10/07/094.00

Shelly Sings Willie's Blues

 — His instrument was old, but it played fine. by Decayed Angel05/26/064.73HOT

Shelving the Kama Sutra

 — Just another day at Logan Books. by trfetish11/06/094.25

Sheriff Tulley

 — Young woman goes to live with older sheriff. by jacksgirl03/25/024.28

Sherri...And Her Daughter!

 — His coworker is a nympho and so is her daughter. by PoetMaster07/30/074.48

Shift Work Pt. 01

 — Distance tests passion and the heart. by T_Daulton06/12/124.33

Shift Work Pt. 02

 — Distance cracks the will and heart. by T_Daulton06/18/123.79

Shift Work Pt. 03

 — The Heart conquers the Distance. by T_Daulton06/22/124.00

Shift Work Pt. 04

 —  On his last day, he called her once more. by T_Daulton06/26/124.18

Shinagami, The Angel of Death

 — Beauty is as beauty does, even if its scary as hell. by arisamorak04/25/123.47

Ship Bound

 — A man a woman and a hot tub, on a cruise ship. by Alainn10/24/064.66HOT

Ship To Shore Adventure

 — Mature lady gets gangbanged on board. by lancelot4911/13/044.33

Shit Scared

 — Cameron is scared by his first date in years. by Cromagnonman02/15/114.69HOT

Shit! Damn! Motherfucker!

 — Three Vignettes ... with different viewpoints. by dsoul11/17/092.74

Shobha Makes A Pleasurable Mistake

 — She ends up in her nephew's bed; she takes. by misterwho11/29/064.41

Shocking September Sex

 — She picks up her first older man. by palles09/10/044.06

Shooters Hill Road

 — Broken down van puts him in her arms. by Zark10/10/014.32

Shopping for a Dirty Old Man

 — She finds her secret obsession at the market. by lovelyladyfaire03/14/134.51HOT

Shopping For Fun

 — Single guy's fantasy comes true with older shopper's help. by pullmepushyou08/20/014.66HOT

Shopping for Lust

 — Will makes it with shelf stacker twice his age. by Coop8304/16/054.65HOT

Shopping for Shoes

 — Older woman has an erotic encounter on a dare. by joan65809/25/094.64HOT

Shopping in the Big Apple Ch. 01

 — You explore you love of leather clothes. by Gentandhisbootslut06/23/084.60

Shopping With Anne

 — Boutique clerk helps Anne with shopping. by Dr. B Evil12/23/004.14


 — A former professor and a cheerleader. by WFEATHER03/27/093.50

Short Shorts Ch. 03

 — Lindsey gets sent to the principal's office & meets someone. by Selena_Kitt02/14/074.35Contest Winner

Shorty and Me, A Loving Story

 — A loveless marriage and work leads to better things. by Xesevoli11/04/114.48

Shorty: The Neighbor Boy

 — Mother becomes infatuated by boy next door. by sghoul07/19/084.44

Show Me

 — Older man wants to see it all, and does! by Ed061301/09/094.44

Show Me What You Saw Me Doing

 — Older woman forces young neighbor to confess. by Graf_Severin06/24/064.24

Show Moms Ch. 01

 — There's a National MILF Show? Count him in! by MarshAlien02/14/07

Show Moms Ch. 02

 — The National MILF Show continues. by MarshAlien02/17/07HOT

Show Moms Ch. 03

 — Kenny recruits another contestant for the National MILF Show. by MarshAlien02/22/07HOT

Show Moms Ch. 04-05

 — Robin's training hits a snag by MarshAlien03/05/074.72HOT

Show Moms Ch. 06-07

 — Love & college complicate first rounds of competition. by MarshAlien03/10/074.81HOT

Show Moms Ch. 08-09

 — Robin reaches the final round. by MarshAlien04/06/074.82HOT

Show Off

 — Young virgin undresses for her older neighbour. by lily_ann02/22/094.71HOT

Shower Before Work

 — Fun time in the shower! by luvsex1305/15/094.15

Showing it All by Lady grey

 — Ageing actress bare's it all on stage come back. by ladyellen03/02/104.38

Showroom Farce

 — Finding a suitable bed...and not just for sleeping in! by SlipLuvver01/10/144.37

Showstopper Ch. 03

 — Cathy and Justin. by Stardog Champion05/07/094.40

Shy Accountant and His Interns

 — Young female interns learn more than accounting. by henry4912/16/054.78HOT

Shy Guy

 — Older woman brings a young man out of his sexual shell. by clarkroberts01/26/134.64HOT

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