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 — He watches you shower. by 2sweetforu03/04/03

Voyeur Girl

 — She smiled shyly and showed off. by boydream10/26/043.10

Voyeur Luv

 — Indian man likes to watch the ladies. by boydream10/13/042.31

Voyeuring a MILF: The Sequel

 — He was no longer content with watching. by Irish Moss07/16/074.61HOT

Waa, Wa, Wa, Wa

 — Indian dance of the willing woman. by Softly09/29/034.34

Wagons Ho

 — Care-worn journalist & Quaker widow in the old west. by Silverstag09/13/054.69HOT

Wagons Ho Ch. 02

 — Continuing explorations along the Oregon Trail. by Silverstag10/02/054.64HOT


 — A man and a runaway help each other out of the cold. by dreamweaver70511/17/084.53HOT


 — While waiting on a friend, I play with her Dad. by Bettybod1003/04/014.09

Waiting for Faith

 — Never too late for sex. by alexcarr06/03/113.87

Waiting for the Bus Ch. 03

 — I follow my bouncing granny home. by BiffBurns03/26/084.19

Waiting for the Bus Ch. 04

 — Granny and I clean up before getting dirty. by BiffBurns03/27/084.37

Waking Sally

 — Two older women share a timid young man. by vulvalvotary08/04/024.63HOT

Waking Up

 — She's your alarm clock. by 2sweetforu10/07/03

Waking Up Next to You...

 — About a girl and morning love. by Avondrood05/14/123.92

Waking Up The Neighborhood

 — He meets neighbors while wife away. by curious5001/23/054.29

Waking Up The Neighborhood Ch. 02

 — Teaching an old dog new tricks. by curious5002/06/054.16

Walk of Shame Ch. 01

 — Search for a puppy leads lonely MILF to something else. by Stardog Champion10/06/104.44

Walk on the Beach

 — To Dance in the Sky... love turns back the clock. by MSTarot06/20/144.66HOT

Walking Jean's Dog

 — Friendship grows between an elderly lady & a middle aged man by Paulsom10/18/124.38

Walking the Dog

 — Dog-walkers of differring ages hit it off. by pullmepushyou09/17/024.59HOT

Walking the Dog

 — The neighbor’s daughter isn't supposed to be home. by MassMan10509/21/074.46

Walking the Dog

 — 66 year-old widower meets a wild younger woman. by Dear_Dora04/09/094.68HOT

Walking with a Limp

 — Anonymous anal sex with an older man. by elly bee03/15/043.92

Walt and Erma

 — Retirement Villa sex. by ainu209/11/114.57HOT

Wanna Go to Tallahassee?

 — The long awaited sequel to Wanna Order a Pizza. by Laurie06/07/134.80HOT

Wanna Order a Pizza?

 — Married man yields to the teasing of his sexy teen neighbor. by Laurie06/13/124.63HOT

Wanna Order a Pizza?

 — An updated version of Laurie's story. by CHICA_and_the_MAN04/01/134.69HOT

Wanna Take A Shower With Me?

 — Young Ben enjoys incredible night with Sandie. by CollegeGuy4OlderF06/29/023.88

Wanted: Dog Walker

 — He advertises for a dog walker but gets a lot more. by Dr Kink01/20/044.54HOT

War over the Roses

 — Debs and I get new neighbors. by magmaman05/03/134.29

War Whore Pt. 01

 — Widow forced to sell herself in wartime Italy. by girdleman204/19/143.97

War Whore Pt. 02

 — Widow forced to sell herself in wartime Italy. by girdleman204/23/144.02

Warm Spring Rain

 — A spring hike, middle aged woman, young man. by spiritlover07/31/024.34

Was it a Dream?

 — She is attracted to a much older man. by DaddysGirl42010/03/043.99

Was it a Dream?

 — Wife submits to a younger neighbor. by Woodworker4u202/09/074.20

Was it Really Her?

 — Sleeping with my mother in law before I met her daughter. by Wbeach201207/31/144.48

Was it Really Her? Ch. 02

 — Having surprise sex with my mother in law. by Wbeach201208/12/144.52HOT

Was She Coming On To Me?

 — Ex girlfriend's mother Elizabeth flirts. by kooky12309/01/104.29

Washed Up

 — You start a shower scene with your room mate. by azurejade06/08/053.84

Watching Over

 — Grieving woman is consumed by her lust by VincentC03/16/144.28

Watching With Wendy

 — Mr. Barnes and young Wendy watch a movie together. by Uncle South Loop05/12/034.36

Watching, Fantasizing, Getting...

 — Hilary's mom's boyfriend fucks her friend, then her. by Big Gunz05/13/064.35

Water Slide Party

 — Older guy hooks up with his nurse. by Don Grampa05/28/054.38

We Finally Meet Ch. 02

 — First encounter continues with email excerpts from him. by 1Kiki06/16/054.74HOT

We Meet Again

 — Long wait brings a bittersweet reward. by geronimo_appleby01/11/054.38

We Wasn't Getting Any Younger

 — They want their erotic moments on video. by patuk5410/14/023.81

We're Friends, We Can Handle This

 — A classic May/December story about friendship, love, and sex. by sweetbabyjames12/06/134.60HOT

Wedding Ch. 01

 — Sometimes those boring weddings aren't that bad. by lmnop32112/05/084.34

Wedding Ch. 02

 — The relationship started at the wedding and continues. by lmnop32112/08/084.59HOT

Wedding Cougar

 — Cougar meets young man at wedding. by universityafterdark12/08/113.96

Wedding Guests Can Also Be Horny

 — Seniors team up at a wedding. by ainu06/09/064.42

Wedding Night with No Wedding

 — Runaway bride still gets her night with good Samaritan. by RedHairedandFriendly04/08/064.73HOT

Wedding Plans

 — How to plan a wedding, the fun way. by Ed061301/03/033.71

Wedding Plans

 — Whilst Danielle and Ted are distracted... by Rogue2506/14/114.04

Wednesdays with the Lady Judge

 — The Lady Judge was caught when her two worlds collided. by JulianWinslow11/29/113.72

Week At The Lake

 — Continuing story from 'Lawn Work Rewards'. by kingswede04/11/024.42

Week of Delight

 — A week's fun with two older ladies at the cottage. by kingswede10/13/014.24

Week of Delight Ch. 2

 — Threesome return to the cabin. by kingswede10/14/014.41

Week of Delights Ch. 3

 — The women bring him back to attention. by kingswede10/22/014.38

Week of Delights Ch. 4

 — He is awakened in a brand new way. by kingswede10/23/014.36

Week of Delights Ch. 5

 — Wednesday delights await the unknowing. by kingswede11/04/014.31

Week of Delights Ch. 6

 — A Thursday that went on forever. by kingswede11/17/014.46

Week of Delights Ch. 7

 — And they thought it was over... by kingswede12/01/014.53HOT

Weekend at Betty's Ch. 1

 — He lusts for sexy older woman. by Lucky Bob11/19/004.27

Weekend at Betty's Ch. 2

 — He enjoys time with sexy older woman. by Lucky Bob11/19/004.39

Weekend at Betty's Ch. 3

 — He enjoys Betty for breakfast. by Lucky Bob11/19/004.44

Weekend at Home

 — Not who I expected. by Kevin197408/29/134.38

Weekend at Mother in Laws Pt. 01

 — John gets more than he bargained for over the weekend. by JustaNiceGuyUK09/10/113.87

Weekend at Mother in Laws Pt. 02

 — Jayne wants to know how much of good boy John can be. by JustaNiceGuyUK09/16/114.32

Weekend Coupling

 — Taking a matured mother. by kenya_tree12/10/124.30

Weekend With an Older Woman

 — Online acquaintances hook up in a tourist haven. by vampiric_demigod03/06/123.93

Weekend with George

 — College student fucks older divorced neighbor. by 24yearoldvirgin08/01/094.15

Weekend with George Ch. 02

 — Saturday: college student has more fun with older neighbor. by 24yearoldvirgin08/06/094.40

Weekend Work

 — He has an encounter with his older female boss. by drawer06/13/064.04

Weird Waldo, Mom Edna, & Sexy Susan

 — Waldo takes Susan, an immoral, younger woman, as his lover. by SusanJillParker12/30/12HOT

Welcome Home

 — A welcome home gift he will never forget. by LipstickxLullaby07/31/113.70

Welcome Home, Mr. Greenburg!

 — A young lady dates a man in his 40s. by AnAmericanDarling05/12/074.39

Welcome Home, Pet

 — She's home for the weekend. by san_hoshiko08/30/014.30

Welcome Return

 — A promised bed for the night from an old friend. by Sven the Elder03/20/034.36

Welcome to Medicare!

 — What the heck, it was paid for. by magmaman03/08/094.42

Welcome to Medicare! Ch. 02

 — Match maker? by magmaman03/12/094.58HOT

Welcome to Medicare! Ch. 03

 — And then there was Maria. by magmaman03/23/094.59HOT

Welcome to the Gym...

 — A young, 21 year old athlete signs up cougars on the prowl. by MikeD9312/20/143.98

Welcome to the Suburbs

 — City playboy learns of the joys to be had in the suburbs. by manhattanlatin01/09/154.42

Welcome to the Suburbs Ch. 02

 — The adventures of a city playboy in the suburbs continue. by manhattanlatin01/15/154.52HOT

Welcome to the Suburbs Ch. 03

 — The burbs continue to heat up. by manhattanlatin01/18/154.55HOT

Welcome to the Suburbs Ch. 04

 — Things with Julia heat up fast. by manhattanlatin02/04/154.50HOT

Well I Never! Day 06 - Jack's Evening

 — A difficult day brought to a satisfactory conclusion. by wellard9409/15/134.68HOT


 — His best friend's mom seduces him into night of passion. by biggshow1310/27/054.42

Wendy and Andrew

 — Kindly Older Neighbours. by MaryR02/13/154.35

Wendy and Thomas

 — A nature woman fucks a young man. by EighteenYearsOld04/08/094.38

Wendy Takes In Her Boarder

 — Landlady agrees to unusual request from her boarder's wife. by kalodin07/26/114.65HOT

Wet Pussied Aunty

 — Raja is seduced by his friend's Bengali mother. by linus_sunil05/24/054.33

What a Ride

 — Young man starts an interesting train journey. by wintercity10/27/073.76

What Do You Need, Mrs. Mayfield?

 — Petite woman of leisure seduces well-hung lifeguard. by SomeOneNew11/01/054.68HOTContest Winner

What Dreams May Come

 — Widowed man finds love with younger girl. by SPEN STERLING02/27/154.69HOTNEW

What Friends Are For!

 — True story about how I met and slept with an older woman by MasterBate10/24/014.45

What Friends Are For! Ch. 2

 — The continuing tale of friendships as they change. by MasterBate12/24/014.50HOT

What Goes Around, Comes Around

 — Naive woman goes bare with man claiming to have a vasectomy. by IrishDude388109/03/113.96

What Happens at the Beach

 — Vacationing young man meets woman in a bar. by jakebarnes3305/03/074.44

What Happens at the Beach Ch. 02

 — Man continues relationship with his aunt. by jakebarnes3305/14/074.46

What Happens Here...

 — Mom leaves her man; daughter finds him. by princesscb04/19/084.02

What Happens In Burlington

 — Mature co-workers go to a overnight training session. by Madabouthair10/29/124.50HOT

What Happens with Husbands

 — A married man is seduced at a party in a Vegas mansion. by miss_claremont10/29/094.35

What I Had Been Missing

 — Young man broadens horizons with a mature lady. by saqmandu07/15/054.44

What If

 — Retirement cures all. by TxRad02/28/104.57HOT

What If?

 — Young man learns the dangers of going home with a stranger. by MsErotica195007/27/033.60

What If?

 — He yearns for her when they are apart. by teachmetonight01/29/054.46

What Just Happened? Ep. 02

 — Debra reflects on the beginning of her string of errors. by glenlover06/21/104.43

What Just Happened? Ep. 03

 — This time, Jackie confesses a bad, bad deed. by glenlover08/05/104.26

What Money Can't Buy

 — He finds romance with younger woman. by charles703/31/044.55HOT

What Money Can't Buy Ch. 02

 — They get to know each other. by charles704/10/044.69HOT

What My Brother Left Me Ch. 01

 — A man discovers that his brother wasn’t who thought he was. by FinalStand08/22/134.61HOT

What My Brother Left Me Ch. 02

 — For some women, divorce is not the only option. by FinalStand08/22/134.63HOT

What Now, Sir? Ch. 01

 — Mature woman seduces her younger date. by brahmin06/24/113.96

What Now, Sir? Ch. 02

 — Young man on a date with older voluptuous woman. by brahmin12/21/143.70

What Older Women Want

 — Younger man is enticed by older woman. by Pervetta03/22/044.24

What She Needs

 — Laura moves to the summer house and meets David. by kajira_girl09/27/114.10

What She Needs Ch. 02

 — Laura learns more about David, and he enjoys the view. by kajira_girl09/28/114.48

What She Needs Ch. 03

 — Laura spends the day at the beach with David. by kajira_girl10/12/114.56HOT

What She Needs Ch. 04

 — Laura goes out on a date, and David gets to see the show. by kajira_girl10/13/114.59HOT

What She Needs Ch. 05

 — David gets closer to Laura and the friends arrive. by kajira_girl11/05/114.72HOT

What She Needs Ch. 06

 — Pool party...Jesse stays the night with Laura. by kajira_girl11/13/114.56HOT

What She Needs Ch. 07

 — The girls leave and Laura has alone time with David. by kajira_girl12/14/114.52HOT

What She Needs Ch. 08

 — David and Laura spend the day...and night on the boat. by kajira_girl01/07/124.81HOT

What She Needs Ch. 09

 — The morning after... by kajira_girl02/04/124.73HOT

What She Needs Ch. 10

 — Laura meets David's son and finally spends time with Jesse. by kajira_girl06/20/124.24

What She Needs Ch. 11

 — Laura and David talk. by kajira_girl08/23/124.28

What She Needs Ch. 12

 — Laura does some thinking and her dad comes to visit. by kajira_girl08/26/124.47

What She Needs Ch. 13

 — Jason questions David's motives. by kajira_girl01/14/134.75HOT

What She Taught Him

 — He discovers the truth behind the rumors. by StrongMaster709/19/114.44

What Should I Do?

 — Wife doesn't want sex anymore, but he loves her. by DG Hear06/18/064.49

What Would Queen Victoria Say?

 — Wealthy Victorian widow falls for son's friend. by Richard Donnehy02/03/124.42

What Would You Have Done?

 — Mature woman seduced. by Neverjudge10/29/134.25

What's in a Dry Old Fuck?

 — Aging businessman meets & fucks a young sales executive. by TheTallMan12/14/074.53HOT

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