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An addiction...

Dan is addicted to sex. It is on his brain; it doesn't matter who. He was willing to compromise Deb's attempts to regain her husband's trust just to selfishly experience the euphoria of sex. Deb is looking to fill a void in her life. Good ending. I am glad Deb and Scott are seeking reconciliation. Lots to talk about and many feelings to go through in order to experience healing. It will take time.

I write like this story is real which I know it is not. However, it does portray many peoples lives who are dabbling in sex outside of marriage and their need for attention or fulfillment.

Another good story by Loving50. Keep writing!

Silly comments

First, if a starter is dead, the alternator makes a few clicking noises before nothing.

The error i notices was lights going out on the girls when they went out on him earlier and he turned off main breakers leaving one or two open in case electric returned.

This is amateur erotica not Shakespeare douchebags.

Nice story just needed a little tightening up

Degenerate garbage !

Inept and talentless ! 1* !!

Great story!

Perhaps a bit rushed, but you do have several options to move forward on. Not sure how you'll pull it off, but hope to see mom realize the value of sex -- maybe she gets seduced by Ava while her men watch from a distance. Group sex cumming with Ava and her three neighbors!!!

Mindless blubber !

This writer is obviously getting senile, scraping the barrel ! And there I thought, good riddance to a bad rubbish, But lo and behold, back like a bad smell ! Of course 1* !!

One of a Kind

You took a seemingly traditional story about a bully and his prey and turned it into one of the most sophisticated, intellectual, exciting, and erotic story imaginable. Everything seemed so real and possible. I FULLY agree that this needs more chapters. With your talent you will keep finding new avenues of adventure and not tread on what is already here.

Thank you...

I love reading the feedback and can't thank you enough for reading the story! I have submitted part 2, awaiting approval now. Would love to keep writing this story, once I have more input on where you lovely people would like to see it go. There is no incest yet... however, it has been left open to go in many more wonderful directions. Thank you!


this could turn into an incest story he could end up doing mom


Nice story make her to wear sexy saree and fuck her

Mother Unwines

very erotic. I'm sure later that his mother and father will come to some understanding.(lol)

Uptight mothers.

I hope that the scenario you've begun will let Joey's uptight mother cave in to her sexual desires. Listening to her son masturbating? Obsessing over his sexual activities? And Joe Senior deserves to get what he wants as well: Maybe mom will confront the hussy flaunting herself to her son and husband and end up submitting to a horny bisexual woman. If her husband had something like that to use as leverage, who knows what kind of sexual depravity might ensue?


Sweet and evocative. A story well told.

Excellent story

Perfectly weighted with tension and sex

He is going for the double

Wine and beer and fucking two girls he hit the daily double lucky prick

Mindless and illiterate garbage !

Is English your second language ? 1* for now.

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