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re: (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7 of WHAT? I tried looking at your list of stories. 9 stories. Which ones are chapters of this story and which aren't? Of the ones that are, what's the order? Yeah, the dates would indicate the order, but that's immaterial. YOU know the order. It is NOT the readers’ job to have to figure this out, regardless of whether it’s easy or hard. It’s YOUR job to provide this information.

I can only conclude you don’t give a fuck about your own story or the readers, so I have I have to qualms giving this an automatic rating of 1.

Wifey comments

her behaviour is highly unrealistic.

My point of view: The story is fun. Realism is not the point.

Here's another plea for more chapters

Great story, great writing, great insight, need more from you...........

1 of a kind!

without a doubt you are the best of the best on this site which at times caters to writers who use words like penis (as if they r in a doctors office WTF!) and vagina ( yet another doctors office WTF!) daddy-mommy- hence-therefore- etc. etc. all of which add to total limp-ness! WTF! you write about these older-powerful men and that they are huge in the (shall i say penis department ! WTF! ) just lover lover lover all of your stories...like you should win a Pulitzer for best erotic writer....you r hard core !

Continue please!!!

Please more!!! Can't wait to see how far mom goes to get what she wants and how far her teenage lover pushes her

Get rekt by the pre-cum

Loving this story and the characters so far! Great writing, some spelling and wording messed up here and there, but you can get passed it.

nice twist to the story: very hot

Very sexy story and extremely well written & plotted.

I rarely comment here. In any case, this story--but especially its execution--is extraordinary. You have a gift. This storyline has a unique power and it will be a favorite here (and any place else you decide to post it) for years and years. My only suggestion is to give us some more information about the narrator--other than the fact that he enjoys playing football with his friends and has enough character to connect with Becca. Please give him a job of some sort--and some sort of ethos. If he were something other than a shallow "alpha-male" charmer that would go a long way toward bonding this story to the psyches of your male readers.

Still enjoying this tantalizing tale!

Here's one fan finding this story still doin' just fine...to be savored like a sweet wine!


Reading ch#1, I hoped & prayed you would continue with #2. Now I'm hoping you will have pitty on us, & write #3. This is such a HOT story, we all want more!! Such a great potential story line! Please post # 3 ASAP!!

Oh Yes!! THANK YOU for #1 & #2 !!

Good One!!!

I really enjoyed this tale. Will be back for many more. I really like your stuff.
My MOM, was a Red Head, & yes I lusted after her. God she was like Becca in a lot of ways.(thats why I have 2 half siblings giggle lol)

This story was so hot ! Loved the progression made me very very wet reading it ... Please please please write the next chapter ... I wanna get horny all over again :)


I am greatly bothered by Kerrie riding a school bus. Is she not a minor and what was done makes him a rapist?

Great Story!

Keep going. I love this story. Hot!!

He is more than a bit slow

"Her words continued to bother me over the next several weeks and I tried in vain to find out more of what she had in mind."

Did he think to ask her? or, as he was invited to do, Flirt?

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