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Good Read****

What a entertaining story. Thanks for sharing.

write more please

Please it is time to further this story write more

You didn't 'sleep with her'.

You fucked her. You didn't stay the night.

I have to admit that I find 'polite' US euphemisms rather trying. 'Sleep with' for fuck, 'restroom' or 'bathroom' for toilet, 'pussy' for cunt.

A spade is a spade where I come from.

lost me

charlie couldn't be a driver if he'd got little feeling below the knee,the old half cabs had 3 pedals,i skipped over the were instead of we're but this blew it for me

the story line is all about one experience after another that starts

only to be interrupted.

Kind of like this series, it starts, there is an interruption, and then nothing.

Mrs. Young and Matthew, They have their brief moments as Jenny and Matt only to be interrupted before completion. Ch. 04 and 05

Seem to recognise that vicar!

Rev. Geraldine! Brilliant! (If your not in the UK she's a character in a British sitcom.)


A nice change from the usual plots on here and damn funny too!

Fine start

A fine debut story which promises much. Interracial or mature? Well, Caryn was certainly mature and handled the BBC with aplomb. Surely there are more adventures to come from this mischievous and adventurous divorcee.


I enjoyed this story even if it was a little slow to start.You worked the characters substance and appeal nicely into an entertaining read. Keep up the fine effort.

Rare love

"I love my mother in law." Now there's a rare sentence! Nice story of two parts but I do feel that in the latter half mom should have been given a name. Even if it was Mrs Robinson...

go get them Dave

I know that I always wanted to be a mailman Now I se why my sister waits for hers and mom too


too bad you decided to make it so short. hardly even a flash.

a disappointing tease

the title tells of a week stay and alludes to two previous stories.
Only one story is listed, and this story describes only the first evening, and even that is too brief, and not related to the story line.

Is there a story I should have read first?

This one begins telling us that something had happened before, but we have no idea what it was.

Excellently written

Very well done first person. Lots of detail, and enough backstory/filler to make the whole thing believable and interesting. Let's see more from you!

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