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the best

Every time I go on Literotica, the first thing I do is to check out the new incest stories. The second thing I do is to check out your story list in hopes that you've added to your MILF Tails series. Whenever I see a new one has been added, I know even before I read it that my day has been made and I'm in for a fun time.

This story was awesome! Just as good as the other ones in the series. Five plus stars!!! You had just a couple of miscues but they didn't distract at all from the story. I only wish I could preview these stories as I could point these out before you publish them but I'm sure you already have a good editor. Looking forward to the next installment!!

Great Story

You seem to have got the perfect balance of build-up to sex here. As others have said, lovely consensual sex with no strings - makes it both a little more plausible and a lot less uncomfortable than other writers.
I nearly stopped reading due to the poor punctuation on the first page but it either improved or the story was so good that the odd inappropriate apostrophe just slipped on by...

Much better!

A much better read than your previous story, (but then I think you know that already), loved the set up of the whole scenario. Nothing quite like a dirty old perv' who's been lusting after the same unobtainable piece of skirt for a long time, knowing there is no way on earth he could ever be so lucky.....but then somehow it happens.....love the thought of all those years of pent up frustration being unleashed :-)

Keep up the good work.

this is how a house made of cards

comes tumbling down.
or is it all a house of mirrors that implodes when the participants see themselves for who they are?

I love the interplay

and the exploration.
He is damaged. She has been hurt. He has experience. She has only been with one person,
and that time was less than satisfying. It is time to put the two histories together and create a happy moment for both of them.

I never tire of your MilF Tails series!

Love it! Absolutely love it! You have a gift for MilF's that I'm grateful for.

Do you have any plans for sequels or is this an entire series of one shots (no pun)? ;3

It has characters that are fairly well written, but I came away without an idea about just what the point was. You have two stories, featuring two separate characters, running parallel that never really link up totally together.

You do show some talent with character development, I think you need to work on plot development.

Absolutely Wonderful

I loved it. I love a woman who can take control. You see so many women want the man to be aggressive in the bedroom or during sex, but when a woman can do that it is so fucking hot! Really did love it please keep writing.


I liked this a lot. Only wish you had drawn it out a bit more. How about part two?

Loved it!

Almost felt a little slow to get going but certainly worth it in the end! That's a damned good bj scene, I'm taking notes!


Good luck in the pool with your Nikon D3200. It's not waterproof.

Liked it

I liked it but I would have loved it to be longer and more detailed.

Safe Sex

What's the point of safe sex when you suck cock and swallow and then eat pussy and swallow, it's the bodily fluids the transmit STD s and you've already shared them, Wy not go bareback and enjoy real fucking9542

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