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great story

Rachel, John and the kids. Looks like Johns sister is on there side. The wife a cold fish I bet has been having a affair that's why she is such a bitch/
When do I get to read the follow up story.

more need more

Please more I would like to see if the mom get in on the action. Great story.

It's getting better!

I'm liking it more and more as we go along.

best feeling

best feeling i ever experienced when i was 19 was ejaculating my potent load in my 45 year old friend's mom. i will never forget it.

Black & White

I could almost see the flickering cinema images, hear the soulful wail of a lonely sax, reading this story. I thought it was a bit complicated for being so short (another 3000 words might have helped), but it was fun.
Thank you

It seems like this

Was probably not the end of the babysitters stories. Hopefully you agree and at least put out chapter 4..

Enjoyed it

Yes there were some grammar and spelling issues and the spacing of the lines did make for a difficult reading experience ... HOWEVER ... it was a good story and I did enjoy it a lot! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the hot MILF neighbour teaching Joe a lot more about sex!


I'm glad somebody noticed! Stay tuned for ch.03, which should post here within a week or so.

Ah youth

Not her fault, was it. Don't remember them saying no corporal punishment. I enjoy your writing, but your characters are such downers. Right out of the Irish Book of Sorrows. ( it's a fictitious book)



Hope you keep it going nice story

getting older

Thick ass, sagging brests, I thought you were going for Alex Baldwins saturday night live skit, lady lovely lady with sagging breast wrinkling skin and greying hair.

Good story

Very well written, enjoyed reading it

In chapter 1 her children got a brief mention. Is she not worried about them now?


The blackmail turned into pleasure...nice stroyline as wel narration of the final sequence...


Easily the most heartwarming story I have read on this site!

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