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Very well written

Loved this tale! It was so believable. Definitely a 5-star story. I've often told my wife that as long as I get to eat pussy, I don't need to fuck. Not that I don't want to fuck, but pleasing her is more important than me getting off. And, if we are going to fuck, it definitely needs to be preceded by bringing her to orgasm with my mouth and tongue! Just one note, the word is "prostate" and not "prostrate", which just means to lie down and is not necessarily connected in any way with sex.


love to read more

Thanks for making my evening wetter...

a fantasy fulfilled

for both of them.
or, as the saying goes,
a good time was had by all.


That's the way to write a hot sex scene.

A fantasy of mine

Excellent story. I enjoyed as the suspense led to lots of fun. Waiting for a next story.


The first line!

Everyone in this story IS over the age of 18!

Didn't get any further!!!

Ending is just fine; bet you learn to love the ballet

I'm good with the ending. Sex w Emma would have been gratuitous. The transition to fatherhood couldn't be summarized so easily in the context of this site. Ending good.

I know that you'll learn to love the ballet as Chrissy grows with it. I know the ensemble pieces get a little long, but see the great ones on video together. Learn the story of Swan Lake and what it has to do with The Little Mermaid. Watch Black Swan and the Matthew Bourne choreography on video as well as the more classical choreography's. Watch Billly Elliott. Learn the history Le Sacre de Printemps and dig in. This stuff is made for engineers. Really.

Part 4

has been submitted and is awaiting approval. Sorry for the time it took to finish it and get it turned in but I hope it is enjoyed. You all are wonderful and I thank you for the votes and emails, you make it enjoyable to write!


I was really torn between wanting our hero(?) to fuck the neglected mother or getting the daughter back on the scene. I think you handled it perfectly and left me with a cliff-hanger that I cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

Keep it up.


Loved the general theme and, like others, the use of the phone conversation. Well done

Nicely Balanced Story

Very well done and look forward to reading the next chapter(s)

MORE :) Please

I really liked this story. It may be a personal thing with me, but I like a lot of tease in a story by the individuals. It would of been perfect with a little more teasing. I'll be watching and hoping for a "Part Two". This part really sets a good stage for sequels. Thanks for your time and donation of this story. This old man found it a really great read and it actually brings back some memories of younger days. All good.

hot story keep it going

there is, so much potential with this story looking for more

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