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Definately the best on here in a long time


This story demands a series to follow


Please write chapter 5 you had me reading non stop as Mrs Youngis my wifes title and i could imagine you being with my wife and her relaying your story to me in private carry on writing you have a true knack Billy

great work

wonderful story!

got me hard as a rock very quickly and kept me there! 5 STARS

Where can I build your next shed?

Fast moving story. Great characters. Liked the sexy talk. Surely she has a girlfriend in need. No, I don't mean another shed.

Thanks Don

Hubby is a lucky man, and you are an excellent writer. I look forward to reading al of your posts.

Wonderful but....

The only complaint I have is interchanging passed and past. Other than that I really liked the story!! Keep it up.

Enjoyed it

You are right, most of the A-Holes that don't write are very willing to condemn. I have read most of you stories and have enjoyed them all. Please continue

Spelling errors.

So many spelling mistakes it really broke up the flow of reading.

Can't get enough

The story intrigued me right from the beginning, young woman consumed by "life"'s turbulence, harboring inner desires that have long been neglected. I admired her courage to ask for what she so long desired and thus the adventures begin.

By the time I finished chapter 6, I was over the edge and now re-reading again, to enjoy my travels along with her in this adventure.

I Agree Keep Going****

This is one hot story!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Great Story !

This is a great story and I enjoyed the trip . I this is your first you hit a home run with it .
Take the naysayers with a grain of salt you did well . I hope you follow up with more the quality is excellent .

Thanks for the read

Tx Cracker

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