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Nicely written.

It's a bit short, but a good set up for the son to get in on the action... and if ol' mom doesn't want to go for it, hey, he can always show her a copy of the tapes as... incentive.


This seemed like Ben was retarded. This story would have had a different feel if Ben had been a Jock or solidly built.

Holy Crap Man!

More Wendy!! You have a great series going!

The ending felt tacked on to me. If Nikki is still very much in love with Brad, even after all this time, why would she ever get engaged to this nameless non-character in the first place? It feels like a detail that was added after the fact, just to have a mandatory sad ending. Not that sad endings can't be done well, of course, but they have to be built up to organically, so that they feel like a natural conclusion of the story. This one did not.

Very Naughty Yet Respectful

Great teasing and hot sex. Took on older man with younger woman fantasy in a tasteful way. One of the most well-written stories that I've seen on this site, good job!


Well done obviously you enjoyed it i gather

Very good story

After divorce, quite a few women realize they can appeal to younger men. Some overhear son's friends refer to them as a MILF and it changes their attitude. They start teasing and enjoy the attention.

True love and romance. Thank you.

Starting to Lose Interest... Lack of Updates

I'm starting to lose interest due to lack of updates. You spewed out update after update in rapid succession last time and then shifted tempo to typical Literotica pace. I get it, writing takes a while. I'm for sure not a 'creator' so my criticism isn't truly fair - apologies to you.

End the story or speed up the updates, my good friend.

Eye surgery as foreplay?

The fact that you made it work is noteworthy in itself but I can see how it would put off those with short attention spans (you know who you are). Patience is a virtue and if you bailed on this story before the yoga you missed some of the best male/female interaction on this site. The honesty and lack of bullshit was refreshing. The age difference was nice too. I found myself liking both of them despite her abysmal taste in beer. And tea as well for that matter (can you say Darjeeling?) Very good story.

thank you for sharing

it is refreshing to find an open retelling of what sounds to me to have been a wonderful period in your life. We all have memories to fall back on, yours seem fabulous.

Well done.

Not a farmer, so the dusk, or nighttime color comment must have eluded me.

But you as an artist drew a beautiful portrait of the two people who sailed into pleasure.

I am not sure what demons you are currently fighting, but I do wish you well.

Thanks Don

Great Story

Wow - that ending caught me off guard. Thanks for submitting a great story.

Great Story.

Your story really hit home with me. I remember a time back in 92 when my girlfriend and I spent the day in Coral Bay. We walked around the bend and down the beach for a while until we found a secluded spot. We took off our suits, went swimming and made fantastic love on the beach that afternoon. We both had sunburns later on but it was worth it. The sex was great. Keep up the great work.

Great first story

Lovely now sexually aware woman. What about some of your own experiences with some white guys. Love a story about you and me in the south of France xx

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