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just great

Your story is simply amazing.I hope part 13 is coming soon.Keep up the good work!


Are you sure there aren't going to be more chapters? Most of the stories I comment on, I recommend no more additions. This, however, is given an ending that is really begging for more and readers are too. Usually, adding to a story already ended would dilute a successful tale. But not in this case, if you are as careful with Nina, William, and Mrs. Danforth as you have been to this point. To suggest ideas; Nina's breasts begin to produce more as William suckles her frequently, hormonal changes brought on by the breast milk production leads to her menstrual cycle resuming. Is she able to teach him to less RAM Jack and more lover? Can Nina satisfy him to the point where he mates with his mother only by her own request? How about Nina convincing mijo to forego the other girls, ending the necessity of the STD tests. Does Father come home and partake of Nanny Nina's charms? Does she become his fulltime Nanny, or as Freddy Mercury sang it his 'Naughty Nanny' and bedmate? So many questions that could be turned into story.

This story felt very rushed and I agree it does miss details that would make it more flowing

best story

This is the best story I read.

Great second chapter..

You're teasing the reader well. Keep them coming - literally and figuratively!

Fun and erotic

The writing is enthusiastic, if not sophisticated. But the story is fun, well paced, and definitely erotic. I'll be watching for the next chapter.

Ok short read but felt like it was missing some details to make it better.

anonymous grammer nazi's

Do we need more garmmer police? Please, unless the story is completely unreadable, keep your comments to yourself. If you really want to make a difference be an editor and also have a username. Hiding behind the veil of anonymity is cowardly and counterproductive.
I liked the story regardless of the preordained outcome or lack of punctuation! Write some more and you will get better at it.

English, or something resembling it

"Whats said, & the english used doesn't mean shit. Its if they each get what they want..."

Yes, it really does mean something. Not only does it determine whether the writer is successful in conveying his intended meaning to the reader, it says a great deal about his education and intelligence, as well as whether he cares at all about his work. A great story can be wrecked completely by clumsy writing, and even by sloppy spelling and grammar.

It's not that much more difficult to do it well.

Please revisit & continue

I know it has been a while, but would you please consider resurrecting and continuing this story? I'd love to read more about these characters.

I can see it becoming the embodiment of what Mark Twain wrote about in his "My Own Grandfather". And didn't Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones do it for real? LOL

Still, it's a superb story and I'd love to see more added to it.


This was a really inspired chapter, great job with this series. I can't wait for the things you come up with next.

Love the chapter, loved Mrs. Hancock's weakening resolve, and liked the domming, since it wasn't too intense.

I definitely want his mom and aunt to get fucked. Really want! :) I have to put my vote that way. No to the GM, but I dunno how you want to do it. Might be good, especially if she's younger, like Ms. Steen.

Hot story

I have now read both stories and look forward to new, future updates.
As a dirty old man, I am very much turned on by these stories
and am typing this with a hard cock and hunger for more.

sure ???not going to happen

not going to happen , but one can always dream

Nice effort . . .

. . . until you gave up on the story and ended it abruptly.

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