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Mind Control Stories

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Devkumar Ch. 02

 — The Son of God. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/08/083.53

Devkumar Ch. 03

 — The Son of God. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/13/083.79

Devkumar Ch. 04

 — The Son of God. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/13/083.74

Devkumar Ch. 05

 — The Son of God. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/14/083.52

DHS 77

 — Pam Johnson discovers she was used in an experiment. by K.K.06/02/064.54HOT

Diary of a Bloodsucker

 — Vampire on the run still has time for fun. by stevesteelepresents10/29/054.02

Diary Of An Arrogant Slut

 — College beauty loses control of her desires. by henryo10/06/114.13

Different Ch. 02

 — Shaun meets Mom's best friend. by HubbaBubba9907/18/104.47

Digital Spy Ch. 11

 — Moving house is fun. by davet104/01/064.61HOT


 — A bully hijacks his victim's mom's body! by MaddBlackCat09/09/133.54

Dinner for Two

 — Husband discovers how wife's hypnotherapist used her. by NikkiSwank06/06/144.20

Directors' Meeting

 — He teases her from afar during dull meeting. by xkk01/07/013.52

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

 — Sylvia finds out about the mind control auction site oBey. by JukeboxEMCSA04/01/124.27

Dirty Little Secret

 — She'd submit to him like the good little whore she was. by cantfightheseether07/16/12

Discharge of the Light Brigade

 — Is the Black Sea a source of renewable energy or just lust? by Mudak10/08/094.37

Disciplining Sheena's Tongue

 — An author writes a play. by 5extant11/11/032.27


 — I finally became aware of his true power. by Kaishaku12/26/113.30

Do Dreams End When We Wake?

 — Can you control your dreams - or reality? by Maldoror08/15/043.90

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress?

 — John falls for Dr. Vanessa. by jeb2204/23/094.45

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 02

 — John confronts Vanessa about his problem by jeb2204/26/094.51HOT

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 03

 — John's return visit. by jeb2204/30/094.52HOT

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 04

 — An early appointment leads to an unexpected treatment. by jeb2209/25/104.62HOT

Do You Prefer Doctor...or Mistress? Ch. 05

 — Vanessa shows she is still pulling all the strings. by jeb2210/14/104.53HOT

Doctor Cheekz

 — Hypnosis: The Doctor is in... YOUR ASS!! by mondotoken06/26/143.93

Doctor Fred

 — Doctor uses hypnotic suggestion on a family. by English Bob10/07/004.33

Doctor's Orders

 — Hayley goes to chiropractor who keeps clients coming. by oneidlehand05/12/024.65HOT

Doctor's Orders Ch. 2

 — Who's blackmailing Hayley? by oneidlehand05/18/024.70HOT

Dog Daze

 — A woman angers a powerful neighbor. Bad idea. by ChrystalWynd08/14/094.41

DOing What Comes Naturally

 — Erotic hypnosis and deliberate orgasms...oh my! by deedeelayce06/30/073.96

Doll Empire

 — His life changes after the death of his parents. by RWMASTER02/26/124.41

Doll Empire Ch. 02

 — Morning dawns on his new life. by RWMASTER03/01/124.36

Dollhouse Ch. 01

 — Why did she have that dollhouse in her room? by daughterof191711/17/114.23

Dollhouse Ch. 02

 — Marcus finds what is in the dollhouse. by daughterof191701/26/124.48

Don Juan of Hypnotic Suggestion Ch. 01

 — "Look in my eyes. You are so sleepy. Close your eyes & sleep." by SusanJillParker04/24/143.75

Don Juan of Hypnotic Suggestion Ch. 02

 — Look in my eyes. You are sleepy. Close your eyes and sleep. by SusanJillParker04/26/144.17

Don't Push The Button

 — Susan wakes up in a padded cell with just one instruction... by king_wesley11/25/103.97

Don't Speak

 — Lori gets the drop on an evil mind controller...probably. by JukeboxEMCSA12/05/104.28

Don't You Forget About Me

 — Beth is taken to the chair again. by JukeboxEMCSA05/07/123.79

Don't You Want Me

 — The owner of a mind-control ray has lousy aim. by JukeboxEMCSA03/27/124.20

Door-to-Door Hypnosis

 — A saleswoman calls. by sussexswitch07/20/114.26

Doors in the Mind

 — It started as a party trick... by psiberzerker03/21/034.15

Dorm Room Reversal

 — Nerd gets ahold of a program that changes his life. by breasts44d10/19/083.37

Downfall of King Wilfred the Chaste

 — King Wilfred's Kingdom is under threat from outsiders. by king_wesley01/13/134.29

Dr Schmierigenfrau's Clinic Ch. 01

 — Christine moves to the city and goes to the Doctor. by sexyR203/09/124.05

Dr Strangelust

 — Student nurse comes under the control of a sex crazed medic. by mpqm196801/24/074.15

Dr Strangelust Ch. 02

 — Day in public under the medic's control for the sexy nurse. by mpqm196801/29/074.39

Dr. (FeelGood) Peters and the Art

 — Dr. cures woman of swallowing problem. by I.T.11/12/004.19

Dr. Grey

 — No inner-sense of innocence. by Citadel04/10/044.17

Dr. Grey Ch. 02

 — Dr. Grey sits down with Karen. by Citadel04/17/044.42

Dr. Grey Ch. 03

 — Karen tastes the shades of Grey. by Citadel04/22/044.53HOT

Dr. Grey Ch. 04

 — Just what the doctor ordered. by Citadel05/01/044.58HOT

Dr. Imelda's Radical Approach

 — A rapist is cured by the use of innovative sex therapy. by Subtext11/28/133.70

Dr. Imelda's Radical Approach Ch. 02

 — A rapist is cured by the use of innovative sex therapy. by Subtext04/04/143.73

Dr. Joseph's Office Ch. 01

 — Neurosurgeon Liana becomes a bimbo. by lustache6905/24/144.32

Dr. Joseph's Office Ch. 02

 — Shut-in Marsha turns into an outgoing, sexy bimbo. by lustache6906/01/144.56HOT

Dr. Joseph's Office Ch. 03

 — Trophy wife Danielle turns into a lactating bimbo. by lustache6906/02/144.43

Dr. Joseph's Office Ch. 04

 — Eric and his fiancee undergo some major changes. by lustache6906/08/144.58HOT

Dr. Joseph's Office Ch. 05

 — Tabitha is desperate for a new life, and she gets it. by lustache6906/09/144.60HOT

Dr. Mastermind

 — His device turned women into puppets. by Bakeboss05/16/103.01

Dr. Valentine, a Specialist in Love

 — Romantic man with unique ability hypnotizes people for love. by SuperHeroRalph01/25/113.85

Dream Scape

 — What if you could control dreams? by DG Hear07/21/064.71HOT


 — He has the power to enter your dreams. by Slickman03/07/054.62HOT

Dreams Become Reality

 — A mysterious stranger slips from my dreams and into my room. by isseii06/05/094.47

Dreams Ch. 01

 — Melanie's Dream. by DocCIS06/08/114.75HOT

Dreams Ch. 02

 — Tammy's dream. by DocCIS07/23/114.48

Dreams of Jeannie

 — A man hypnotizes his wife to believe she's a sex genie. by desirelit04/26/104.17

Dreams of Jeannie Ch. 02

 — A woman who thinks she's a genie is used hard. by desirelit04/30/104.49

Dreams of Jeannie Ch. 03

 — Joe decides to help his friends wife loosen up. by desirelit05/13/104.35

Dreams of Jeannie Ch. 04

 — Joe hynotizes Dave's wife and makes her a porn star. by desirelit04/06/124.39

Dreams of Sand

 — Two girls share the same dream - how can that be? by Drmaxc03/04/144.45

Dreams Really Do Come True Ch. 01

 — She used to ignore me, but now only I can make her come. by sk1112/30/094.51HOT


 — A young scientist is enlisted to create a mind altering drug. by darbreslo01/20/154.40

Dreamscape Ch. 02

 — A young scientist is enlisted to create a mind altering drug. by darbreslo01/27/154.47

Dreamscape Ch. 03

 — A young scientist is enlisted to create a mind altering drug. by darbreslo02/03/154.54HOT

Dreamscape Ch. 04

 — A young scientist is enlisted to create a mind altering drug. by darbreslo02/26/154.42

Drew's Story Ch. 02

 — Katie finds out and wants revenge. by IntoTheGreatWideOpen08/28/064.15


 — Julia nearly hits a naked woman with her car. by Vanderbilt12/19/124.63HOT

Drug of Choice

 — Chemist makes chemistry with blonde. by Joseki Ko05/18/044.03

Drugged Lust

 — His drug makes lab assistant uncontrollably horny. by Goldeniangel06/17/054.25

Dulling the Pre-Wedding Fears

 — A bride-to-be sees a tarot practitioner. by pacifist91w06/21/144.14

Dutch Treat Ch. 01

 — Two professors meet their matches in Dutch garden. by ProfessorR03/28/044.15

Dutch Treat Ch. 02

 — Sophia glows. by ProfessorR03/29/044.46

Dysfunctional: Mother & Daughter

 — Three mind schemes collide; primal values prevail. by Erogenous Zone04/25/023.97

Early Works - Mind Control Mode

 — A lucky find offers a man everything that he desires. by Ysoi10/15/123.52

Edit Me Harder!

 — Valerie's unwelcome editor is having an effect on her libido. by archibael03/07/084.04Editor's Pick

Educating John Ch. 05

 — Val's neighbour is curious. by seaspirit04/20/054.59HOT


 — Betsy gets a visit from an unusual political canvasser. by JukeboxEMCSA10/24/104.40

Electric Touch

 — With just a touch, he can take control. by e_wr1ter02/22/044.23

Eliminator: Payne & Pleasure

 — Part three: hero opposes a mistress of sadism and her minions. by obedienceispleasure11/28/124.48

Eliminator: The Big Climax

 — Part four: two awesome femdommes in the big showdown. by obedienceispleasure11/29/124.61HOT

Elixir of Power

 — Lauren finds a drug allowing her to control people. by mintblue12/08/093.94

Elixir of Power Ch. 02

 — The waitress is put under the potion's control. by mintblue12/30/094.13

Elixir of Power Ch. 03

 — Angela takes control of Katie. by mintblue06/19/104.12

Emma Ch. 01

 — Emma is converted. by Sexual_pleasure_for_fun04/02/144.22

Enchanting Rebecca

 — A hypnotist gives me power over my friend. by Rainbow Skin10/28/014.09

Encounters With A Stranger

 — A DJ's fantasy becomes a living reality. by Sienna12/13/064.47

Enjoy the Silence

 — A hypnotic induction for those wishing to experience BDSM. by JukeboxEMCSA05/08/114.24


 — At the end of a party, a woman's will is tested. by javawarrior12/20/124.29

Enough Bickering!

 — Male executive acts to end office backstabbing. by SEVERUSMAX05/24/044.13


 — Katie has a hypnotic meeting with her thesis advisor. by gwendolinetownsend02/21/144.38

Enter Sandman

 — Shakespeare's lost erotic play. by JukeboxEMCSA07/31/114.44

Erin Obeys

 — The device does its job. by mysterwriter01/08/044.20

Erotic Hypnosis Ch. 01

 — A mature woman finds new paths with hypnosis. by lpmsa05/22/104.52HOT

Erotic Portrait 02

 — Seduction of the Twins. by alan5510/30/084.26

Evening Spectacular

 — Was she hypnotized? by dirtyjoe6907/04/064.11

Evergreen Forest Ch. 01

 — A thief on the run from the law runs into sinister nymphs. by GigglingGoblin12/06/134.31

Evergreen Forest Ch. 02

 — Captured by lusty nymphs, the thief struggles to resist. by GigglingGoblin12/23/134.50HOT

Every Breath You Take

 — A hypnotic induction involving breathing. by JukeboxEMCSA09/25/113.97

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

 — Superhero Wildrose battles sinister hypnotist Mistressmind. by JukeboxEMCSA07/17/114.56HOT

Everyone's A Winner

 — Two girls fight for their freedom on an adult quiz show. by king_wesley02/19/064.02

Everyone's A Winner Ch. 02

 — Two girls fight for their freedom on an adult quiz show. by king_wesley02/20/064.26

Everyone's A Winner Ch. 03

 — Two girls fight for their freedom on an adult quiz show. by king_wesley02/21/064.08

Everyone's A Winner Ch. 04

 — Two girls fight for their freedom on an adult quiz show. by king_wesley02/22/064.49

Everyone's A Winner Ch. 05

 — The games comes to their conclusion. by king_wesley03/09/074.47

Everyone's a Winner: Dating Game

 — Candice finds herself a contestant on a dating show. by king_wesley01/12/104.29

Evilena - Zen Ch. 01

 — Evilena teaches a dishonest mechanic a lesson. by evilenashypnoslave01/22/074.24

Evilena - Zen Ch. 02

 — Evilena teaches a dishonest auto mechanic a lesson. by evilenashypnoslave01/23/074.34

Evilena - Zen Ch. 03

 — Evilena teaches a dishonest auto mechanic a lesson. by evilenashypnoslave01/24/074.19


 — Steph can't forget Chloe, and neither can her therapist. by metis_amarant09/05/104.19

Executive Assistant Ch. 01

 — Linda and Maura begin an unusual relationship in the office. by bloodsugarsxmagic02/19/094.42

Exercise One

 — A college student is forced to recite her mantras. by JukeboxEMCSA09/05/114.12

Experiment Pays Off

 — Experiment produces more than just static. by DGR110/20/064.19

Experimental Earrings

 — Matt tries to train Jackie with some earrings. by Belakunn12/13/073.71

Experimental Ethics Ch. 01

 — Scientists race to understand power of sexual pleasure. by RisiaSkye05/03/044.03

Experimental Ethics Ch. 02

 — Bringing the team together. by RisiaSkye05/04/044.13

Experimental Ethics Ch. 03

 — After hours work--in the interests of science, of course. by RisiaSkye05/05/044.39

Experimental Ethics Ch. 04

 — Cromwell discovers the chemistry of a dream marriage. by RisiaSkye05/06/044.49

Explorations: By My Command

 — She finds that hypnotism done right can be incredible. by WitchOfSwords06/29/144.40

Exposed Ch. 04

 — Albino girl provokes a succubus as Claire is finally filled. by GigglingGoblin12/23/144.66HOT

Exposing Rose

 — Husband and friend exhibit wife through hypnosis. by ArtyGee09/01/144.23


 — College mind control experiment extends male sexuality. by hypnodrone103/23/083.85

Extra Change

 — He gets more than expected from a purchase. by optimizer88809/10/094.76HOT

Extrospection Ch. 01

 — Contact and Colour. by BackyardBottomslash10/20/104.69HOT

Eye Contact

 — Strange things happen when Kerri gets new contacts. by oneguy4fun03/31/064.41

Eye Drops Ch. 01

 — Eye drops open his eyes to what's in others' minds. by JimBob4409/19/094.46

Eye Drops Ch. 02

 — With eyes wide open...he risks losing it all. by JimBob4409/29/094.42

Eyes of the Hawk

 — Young man learns of his powers. by Diagrim03/17/013.49

Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 01

 — He takes Amber. by ThePlatinumDragon11/26/044.43

Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 02

 — They capture and convert Jade. by ThePlatinumDragon11/29/044.55HOT

Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 03

 — Ruby is converted. by ThePlatinumDragon11/30/044.50HOT

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