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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Training Rebecca Ch. 02

 — IRS agent requires more than she imagined. by simplysizzling08/05/054.64HOT

Training Rebecca Ch. 03

 — Blackmail forces her to act the slut. by simplysizzling08/14/054.62HOT

Training Rebecca Ch. 06

 — Rebecca can't understand what is happening to her. by simplysizzling01/31/064.69HOT

Training Rebecca Ch. 07

 — Her maid's had enough. by simplysizzling09/27/064.46

Training Rebecca Ch. 08

 — It's just a walk in the park. by simplysizzling10/27/064.49

Training Rebecca Ch. 09

 — Kyle requires obedience Rebecca never thought possible. by simplysizzling01/28/084.65HOT

Training Rebecca Ch. 10

 — Can she cum for the camera? by simplysizzling09/20/084.59HOT

Training Rebecca Ch. 11

 — John becomes suspicious. by simplysizzling10/16/084.14

Training Rebecca Ch. 12

 — John learns all. by simplysizzling10/23/084.49

Training the Princess

 — A princess is captured by her kingdom's enemy. by lynneauden01/17/134.19

Training the Princess Ch. 02

 — Isola's training continues at the hands of the king. by lynneauden02/11/134.39

Training the Rose

 — Playing with & using your Rose in ways you never imagined! by Str8tJacket07/06/123.84

Traitor's Daughter Ch. 01

 — So it begins. by OwnedbyConway09/25/134.32

Traitor's Daughter Ch. 02

 — So it begins. by OwnedbyConway10/04/134.42

Traitor's Daughter Ch. 03

 — Vendetta Agendas. by OwnedbyConway11/01/134.65HOT

Traitor's Daughter Ch. 04

 — Animal. by OwnedbyConway01/24/144.79HOT

Traitor's Daughter Ch. 05

 — Snakes and Sharks. by OwnedbyConway11/24/144.79HOT

Tramp In the Camp

 — I find a slut asleep and to give her what she deserves by Krosis12/01/143.56


 — She wants revenge. by Ada Stuart09/06/054.61HOT

Transatlantic Delay

 — Seducing and dominating a sexy business rival. by Sam Cornell05/28/054.42

Transformed By a Demon

 — Nikolai made a deal with the devil and now it's time to pay. by fooble07/12/143.88

Transforming Daughter-in-Law Pt. 01

 — Man's lustful plan for son's new Japanese wife. by L. Cadarn07/30/044.45

Transforming Daughter-in-Law Pt. 02

 — Hiroko's transformation completes but will husband like it? by L. Cadarn08/04/044.39

Transporting Leslie A (DeletedScene)

 — A deleted scene from Transporting Leslie Adams. by HandcuffGirl07/07/074.45

Transporting Leslie Adams

 — Female deputy gets a surprise from a prisoner. by HandcuffGirl11/01/064.58HOT

Transsexual Prison Slut

 — Two inmates and a guard initiate fresh meat. by SexWriter01/02/023.86

Transwood High Pt. 03

 — Lauren's in prison, so its prison rules. by BoobVillian03/12/154.00


 — A woman's decision has unexpected repercussions. by Web_Mistress04/20/073.57


 — Paul is attacked by one of his best friends. by Funk You02/28/034.08


 — A mother is trapped into sex, and then must include her girl. by carocbriton03/28/144.05

Trapped Ch. 02

 — In the near future, a young woman is given to her stepdad. by carocbriton04/01/143.87

Trapped Ch. 1

 — He agrees to have an affair with a married woman; her way. by StryWrter708/22/024.10

Trapped Ch. 2

 — The affair is on her terms; he's shaved and vulnerable. by StryWrter708/23/024.34

Trapped Ch. 4

 — He learns his place is serving them both. by StryWrter708/25/024.28

Trapped in the Gym

 — Dan finds you should be careful what you wish for. by vagabondage09/02/013.90

Trapped, Jeff and Sandy

 — Jeff is given his stepdaughter. by carocbriton04/01/143.82

Trapped, Jeff and Sandy Ch. 02

 — A stepdaughter falls prey to her stepdad. by carocbriton04/02/143.86

Travel Nightmare

 — Couple runs into trouble boarding a cruise ship. by rivertown_rat10/28/094.32

Traveling Rapist (The Beginning)

 — How it all got started. by dickpounder7310/21/143.96

Traveling Rapist - Lilly

 — Her rape fantasy becomes real. by dickpounder7312/16/144.38

Traveling to Alaska Ch. 02

 — Sex on the plane with another stranger, continues by kadoka05/13/083.79


 — Black woman taken by a mysterious white man. by Quietmahoganystorm02/15/124.43

Treasure Ch. 01

 — He finally takes her, after waiting so long. by Torachan02/24/044.29

Treasure Ch. 02

 — He comes back for more. by Torachan02/29/044.36


 — A doctor prescribes private "one on one" treatment for her. by Middleagepoet12/28/092.88


 — Hunny discovers she likes to be taken hard. by hunnyslutcatt12/23/074.49

Trespass Ch. 02

 — More pleasure, more pain. by hunnyslutcatt03/12/084.47


 — Crime might not pay, but it can still be fun. by The DM11/11/063.94

Trespassing Can Be Dangerous Ch. 01

 — Ginger gets a surprise. by GingerVye03/26/124.23

Trespassing Can Be Dangerous Ch. 02

 — Hanging and helpless. by GingerVye07/03/124.37

Trespassing Can Be Dangerous Ch. 03

 — Ginger creams for Daddy. by GingerVye10/17/124.44


 — Velodona explores an 'abandoned' semi trailor. by arachnevelodona08/26/113.63

Triage a Trois

 — Hospital trip becomes erotic torture. by Velius Ironhorn04/01/064.25

Trial in Error

 — Lawyer's mistake has unforeseen consequences. by LunarSolstice04/01/033.95

Trials & Tribulations

 — Whore's fight for justice, truth, & respect. by Sirens Bane01/24/044.59HOT


 — He married her best friend, and his ex-wife can't let it go. by edrider7305/24/142.29

Tricia's New Job

 — The secretary gets a promotion and a new responsibility. by lost4words05/20/084.10

Trick or Treat

 — Is it a trick or is it a treat for a loving wife? by Marcella_Minx10/07/103.47

Trick or Treat Tease

 — Mandy's teasing leads to an abusive trick... or treat? by Goldeniangel11/06/054.36

Tricked & Degraded Ch. 01

 — The Warburtons trap & use college couple. by Ian104/20/044.32

Tricked & Treated Ch. 01

 — Heather goes to Frat house Scavenger Hunt. by DevilOrAngel10/24/084.07

Tricked Ch. 02

 — Wife's earlier mistake gets her blackmailed into more. by baldybear208/25/094.04

Tricks and Treats

 — He tests her sexual appetite before wedding. by Xeslanadrah06/30/094.05

Tricks and Treats Ch. 02

 — Sarah and Rick arrive at the All Hallows Eve party... by Xeslanadrah07/04/094.39

Tricks and Treats Ch. 03

 — The price you gladly play for love. by Xeslanadrah07/09/094.48

Tricks and Treats Ch. 04

 — Sarah... Sarah... Cum play with me? Sarah... by Xeslanadrah07/14/094.36

Tricks for the Treats

 — A silly little stroker. by voluptuary_manque10/01/084.30

Tricky Spoons

 — Forceful girlfriend makes him lose his innocence. by FatFarley02/24/023.06

Trigger Happy Jack

 — Lonely woman makes escaped prisoner into her sex slave. by Dar_Jisbo01/14/14

Triked, Tricked, Trolloped

 — Wife is tricked by mysterious pilot. by shawalphamale11/13/004.23


 — A blond beauty is debauched from three different view points. by rufun200103/15/054.23

Trilogy: The Dawn's Early Light

 — The final confrontation between Don and Ned. by WifeWatchman07/07/144.88HOT

Triple Dog

 — Six drunk girls and a game of dare. by sycksycko11/19/134.48

Triple Dog Ch. 02

 — Higher stakes, meaner girls and dirtier dares. by sycksycko12/18/134.41

Tripod Beware

 — Comedy trio discover all fans aren't angels. by Funk You02/28/033.20

Trolling for Vengeance Ch. 03

 — Her Trolling goes bad. by satinlvr_mwf09/28/073.32

Trophy Wife Ch. 01

 — Wives are the prizes in the Great Hunt. by soflabbwlvr03/01/134.49

Trophy Wife Ch. 02

 — Hunters test the physical and sexual limits of their prizes. by soflabbwlvr03/05/134.59HOT

Trophy Wife Reboot Ch. 01

 — Rich man's wife forced at brutal ranch to become submissive by Krystal069008/18/144.03

Trophy Wife Reboot Ch. 02

 — Rich man's wife forced at brutal ranch to become submissive. by Krystal069008/19/144.12

Trophy Wife Reboot Ch. 03

 — Rich man's wife forced at brutal ranch to become submissive. by Krystal069008/20/144.24

Trophy Wife Reboot Ch. 04

 — Rich man's wife forced at brutal ranch to become submissive by Krystal069008/26/144.29

Trophy Wife Reboot Ch. 05

 — Rich man's wife forced at brutal ranch to become submissive by Krystal069008/27/144.31

Trophy Wife Reboot Ch. 06

 — Rich man's wife forced at brutal ranch to become submissive by Krystal069008/28/144.33

Tropical Forest Rape

 — She got more than she bargained for at a pee stop. by Ronnie 194607/31/044.21


 — Young girl finds trouble when she stops at bar. by FuckDoll06/01/024.08


 — She's forced into a new career to pay off debts. by jacqui_hills_uk11/03/054.25

Trouble at Work Ch. 01

 — Taken by the Boss. by elphaba6902/11/133.71

Trouble in Paradise

 — A newlywed saves her husband. by GrantLee03/06/014.32

Trouble in Paradise Ch. 2

 — Newlywed submits to husband's kidnappers. by GrantLee03/10/014.45

Trouble in Paradise: Conclusion

 — Jill continues to work to save her husband. by GrantLee03/14/014.47

Truck 55

 — Dispatcher's scheme to dispose of problem driver. by LibbyG07/01/05

Truck Stop

 — A lonely road, a lonely woman, a man & a big truck. by dr_mabeuse11/05/104.70HOT

Trucker's Luck

 — Lonely trucker meets a young woman on the road. by justanotherjoe12/28/084.39

Trucking Nightmare

 — Bound in the back of a semi. by diamondcat08/07/08

Trucking Nightmare Ch. 02

 — Her capture & confinement continue. by diamondcat10/14/08

Truckstop Gangbanged

 — Guy stops on road trip and gets more than he bargained for. by n2anal7806/15/124.24

Truckstop Nuns

 — Two young nuns are taken as sex slaves. by Axelotl10/15/134.13

Trudy: The Rape

 — She's taken by gang, and comes back for more. by Richard Janice11/13/004.36

True Colors Ch. 01

 — A stranger assaults a young woman and steals her underwear. by anya2004/05/134.06

True Colors Ch. 02

 — Her tormentor reveals his identity and comes to her rescue. by anya2005/05/134.05

True Dreams of Rape Ch. 01-02

 — What I did to fulfill my rape fantasy. by bound8312/20/104.46

True Dreams of Rape Ch. 03

 — Freedom...? by bound8311/13/114.04

True Dreams of Rape Ch. 04

 — Going once, going twice... by bound8311/14/114.29

True Dreams of Rape Ch. 05

 — The Negotiation. by bound8311/15/114.08

True Dreams of Rape Ch. 06

 — Prison Finale. by bound8311/16/114.09

True Fantasy

 — An erotic fantasy comes to life. by Badweather09/16/074.08

True Love Ch. 01

 — Can you force a woman to love someone else? by LittleTom08/08/054.54HOT

True Love Ch. 03

 — Things get ugIy when I catch the Chief with his pants down. by cuckoldtony03/10/123.53

True Tale of a Lost Bet Ch. 05

 — Things get worse. by attorneylady12/25/044.44

Trust Us, We're Salesmen

 — Salesboys bully busty receptionist. by shawalphamale11/13/004.20


 — A game with unexpected results. by sCr3amer4u04/11/124.17

Truth or Dare

 — Lynn gets into trouble after taking a dare. by Sabineteas11/05/013.93

Truth or Dare Ch. 01

 — An innocent party game quickly gets out of hand. by MissArdent01/28/103.17

Truth, Reconciliation, War Crimes and Justice

 — A more somber tale. by Cinner12/31/123.22

Try Before You Buy

 — A slave is tested before purchase. by TanyaSilver02/11/153.85

Try Before You Buy Ch. 02

 — Master uses my holes. by TanyaSilver03/13/154.21

Try Outs

 — You can pick up anyone at a bar... by Lenina2404/04/093.97

Trying Out for Mark Ch. 01

 — She decides to make her ex jealous, but things go awry. by saintlymaya01/12/033.76

Tuesday Night Rape

 — Frustrated White Wife and an Angry Black Man. by SlyDog96903/12/134.28

Tulip stalks Ch. 01

 — A victim stalked. by Yours_Sincerely06/06/064.25

Tupped at the Agricultural Show

 — Sam gets wet at an agricultural show. by Drmaxc08/16/104.45

Turn About

 — If you approve for others, it applies to you, too. by Ashson03/15/134.11

Turn About: A Cautionary Tale

 — A staged abduction does not go as planned. by JMaxwell6907/29/103.36


 — The sorority takes over. by bassbelly07/27/083.61


 — fair play. by Recidiva08/21/074.47


 — A lover teaches her cheating partner a lesson. by CCj10/21/082.82


 — You get a surprise visit from someone you've teased. by RuneBlade01/21/094.05


 — A chauvinist pig gets a taste of his own medicine. by YDB9508/21/123.80

Turnabout Is Fair Play

 — He cheats and she takes control. by ladycass05/17/074.27

Turnabout is Fair Play

 — Mr. Peters and the cheerleaders return. by Charles Petersunn07/16/094.71HOT

Turning Japanese

 — Heading overseas leads to more than just culture shock. by EKHunter03/23/064.38

Turning Out Angela

 — Naive buxom teenager is turned into a ghetto whore. by Rorshak11/15/084.26

Turning Point

 — Man subdues angry girlfriend and changes everything. by D_Lynn10/14/114.49

Turning the Tables

 — He becomes the bitch as you use him for pleasure. by CuCernunnos06/26/084.35

Turning the Tables

 — She tries to dominate him, only to have the tables turned. by fried_rice?10/21/104.38

Turning the Tables on a Dominatrix

 — An over-confident dominatrix meets her match. by Shroud2103/05/124.63HOT


 — Lana learns more than just her history. by ljsubmissive03/04/143.90

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