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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Wendy Ch. 01

 — Mormon girl is sold into a life of prostitution. by boredandneglected08/20/043.99

Wendy Ch. 02

 — Wendy has shocks waiting at her new home. by boredandneglected08/20/044.31

Wendy Ch. 03

 — James explains the rules to Wendy. by boredandneglected08/25/044.38

Wendy Found Herself

 — But it was Derek who showed her the way. by qualitywheat05/28/134.13

Wendy Gets Fucked

 — Wendy is taken by three men. by Amsterdick03/18/054.23

Wendy's Audition

 — Struggling actress finds herself in odd audition. by darkbeast10/03/013.89

Were They Only Dreams?

 — Dark dreams or darker reality? by Riyven04/10/064.11

West Side Games

 — Black man teaches white coed the rules of the game. by blackzilla9907/27/014.11


 — Good girl/bad girl: which will win? by TxRad05/01/064.49

Wet & Wild

 — rough sex in the shower by Sion Sierra06/13/014.11

Wet Cement

 — Petty vandalism carries a penalty. by Ashson11/30/144.25

Wet Margaret

 — Bath fun goes submersible. by Naxos04/10/072.61

What a Day

 — A husband teaches his wife her role in life. by TimidSunflower02/08/134.04

What a Deal! Ch. 04

 — I lose a bet and become weekend slave. by deadeye_7604/22/114.56HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 05

 — I complete my bet and win one against Cindy. by deadeye_7604/29/114.52HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 06

 — I continue my fun as Master after winning the bet. by deadeye_7605/09/114.53HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 07

 — My week as Master continues. by deadeye_7606/08/114.64HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 08

 — I have fun with Jackie and a new sub. by deadeye_7606/29/114.59HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 09

 — Cindy and I blackmail a neighbor woman. by deadeye_7607/11/114.60HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 10

 — New Year's Eve Party becomes interesting. by deadeye_7607/30/114.56HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 11

 — We play with Suzanne her and cuckold. by deadeye_7608/06/114.67HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 12

 — Suzanne invites some new friends over. by deadeye_7608/16/114.58HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 13

 — Dennis gets a reward; Cindy's first anal. by deadeye_7609/04/114.54HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 14

 — My wife asks me to do a CFNM party for her birthday. by deadeye_7609/25/114.49

What a Deal! Ch. 15

 — The CFNM party gets interesting... for the women! by deadeye_7609/29/114.46

What a Deal! Ch. 16

 — Home invasion fantasy fulfilled. by deadeye_7610/05/114.50HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 17

 — My birthday gets interesting. by deadeye_7610/23/114.52HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 18

 — My birthday present is a real bang! by deadeye_7611/06/114.69HOT

What a Deal! Ch. 19

 — Bill gets a nice birthday present. by deadeye_7610/18/134.48

What a Deal! Ch. 20

 — Suzanne opens Bill's 'Princess' service. by deadeye_7611/02/134.38

What a Woman Wants After All

 — Natalya is forced to see things from a different perspective. by SinfulPriestess12/20/133.52

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Huffman and Harold: A Tender Love Story/ NOT. by ILienBagby04/18/104.58HOT

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 04

 — Harold Fucks and Fucks Up Mrs. Huffman. by ILienBagby05/02/104.58HOT

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 05

 — Mrs. Huffman goes black (cock). by ILienBagby05/09/104.40

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 06

 — Mrs. Huffman fucks and learns about sluthood. by ILienBagby05/23/104.59HOT

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 08

 — Mrs. Huffman asks, Harold tells. That's all. by ILienBagby06/06/104.40

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 09

 — Mrs. Huffman and Harold: The Plot Thickens. by ILienBagby06/19/104.49

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 10

 — Harold makes plans......So does Mrs. Huffman. by ILienBagby07/04/104.24

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 15

 — Mrs. Huffman submissive? It can't be....But.... by ILienBagby03/01/124.18

What Am I Going To Do To You?

 — Mistress tells you what she has done to you. by Candour09/08/103.81

What Are Friends For

 — Waking to cold air on bare skin. by sweetdarkness12/05/043.93

What Are You Saying?

 — A woman recounts her forced-sex encounter to a friend... by zagrebzagreb10/01/134.11

What Can Brown Do For You?

 — Sexy UPS girl delivers packages & more. by Hornyman69WithU11/12/053.12

What Cums Around Goes Around

 — You learn something new every day. by HardSalami01/15/153.97

What Cums Around Goes Around, Again

 — Many people are shocked by honesty but few by deceit. by HardSalami03/14/154.30

What Cums Around, Goes Around

 — Son seeks father's revenge on boss's family. by MagicWand06/22/044.46

What Did You Have In Mind?

 — Alexandria plays with a stranger. by alexandria_lee07/15/123.65

What Do I Dare? Pt. 01

 — Anna is challenged to submit to fulfill her fantasies. by HandsOnMaster01/04/154.26

What Do I Dare? Pt. 02

 — Anna attempts escape and is captured by a stranger. by HandsOnMaster01/27/154.62HOT

What Do I Do?

 — Lady wants instructions regarding sex. by Ashson03/01/144.51HOT

What Dreams You Fear

 — Alyssa's darkest fantasy comes to life. by Kymberley04/13/014.46

What Else Could I Do?

 — Tender love story with spice. by Jaz12/06/014.29

What Evelyn Wanted

 — She thinks she wants him. He doesn't give her a choice. by smartissexy06/23/074.34

What Goes Around Cums Around

 — Teacher pays dearly for punishing students. by AStropirate10/10/103.90

What Goes Around Cums Around (Ladies Night)

 — Teacher pays a heavy price for her arrogance. by AStropirate04/22/123.90

What Goes Around Cums Around...

 — Teacher pays the price for exposing teacher/student affair. by AStropirate09/30/134.24

What Goes Around...Comes Around

 — He comes back to give her what he's always wanted. by Kinks8702/19/084.11

What Goes Around...Comes Around Ch. 02

 — Abi and Ava were still tied up. by Kinks8707/25/083.89

What Happened to Honour?

 — He is a mean lean fucking machine. by qualitywheat09/22/114.20

What Happened to Your Wife

 — He drugs and impregnates your wife. by Sammy Man02/22/063.83

What Happens in Congress...

 — Chubby intern lets her boss exploit her. by russeltrust12/04/054.12

What Happens in Vegas

 — Church ladies take advantage of Eric. by PAS07/31/044.39

What Happens in Vegas...

 — Couple has a wild exciting vacation in the city of sin. by LanceGoodthrust02/12/093.73

What He Wants Of Me Ch. 01

 — Her adopted brother takes what he wants. by Subcolie05/19/054.01

What He Wants Of Me Ch. 02

 — She breaks one of his rules. by Subcolie08/08/054.11

What I Want, When I Want

 — Shop owner manages to get raped. by WileyAttitude05/11/053.35

What I Would Do for Pleasure

 — Your first meeting goes wrong. Or does it? by Benitta Josephine11/10/024.16

What I Wrote

 — Classroom assignment gets out of control. by youbadboy12/30/044.68HOT

What It Means To Miss New Orleans Ch. 02

 — Things go disastrously awry for Kathy in adult book store. by truman504/06/114.47

What Lies Between Spy's Thighs

 — A tale of submission inspired by MGS. by TheDougler8010/29/114.11

What Lola Doesn't Want Lola gets!

 — FBI profiler is terrorized by an anal sex pervert. by walterio01/12/144.39

What Mask?

 — He fulfills her fantasy - or does he? by kerryjackson08/11/054.37

What Men Want Ch. 01

 — A naive woman falls prey to a handsome predator. by Jaymal06/30/084.60HOT

What Men Want Ch. 02

 — Young Mary-Jane takes an advanced course in hard sex. by Jaymal07/18/084.61HOT

What She Deserves

 — Guy takes girl sexually for revenge. by story_lein02/05/073.48

What Started As Fantasy...

 — Older man takes younger neighbour, tortures her into sex. by let_u_touch_it03/29/114.18

What the Hell Am I Doing? Ch. 04

 — Juan takes command. by satinlvr_mwf11/27/143.58

What Was Needed

 — A woman goes to a Dragon for help, but finds a price to pay. by CaractacusIV02/11/15

What We Do For Our Children

 — Mom helps son move into frat house - at a cost. by CentralJerseyGirl08/22/124.05

What Will She Do to Keep a Secret?

 — Catching my roommate's girlfriend cheating. by bronston2205/09/113.83

What Won't She Do?

 — An unsuspecting woman is taken, used, abused and degraded. by holy_horny10/21/143.80

What Would You Have Done?

 — Cyber Cheating. by TheChameleon09/29/113.48

What You Became

 — The story of how you became mine. by roftlheory02/03/15

What You Wish For

 — A fantasy becomes all too real. by TrinityQuiet08/06/074.00

What's That Noise

 — She is startled by a masked stranger at the winter cabin. by Master_Supercock09/08/073.86

Whatever It Takes

 — Middle-aged beauty is taken in a dark ally. by Ellisyn01/26/023.70

Whatever It Takes

 — Grad student bumps into handsome stranger. by NikkiD26812/17/134.34

Whatever It Takes Ch. 02

 — Nicole gradually warms up to Phillip. by NikkiD26812/22/134.34

Whatever It Takes Ch. 03

 — Phillip makes his intentions known. by NikkiD26801/11/144.15

Whatever It Takes Ch. 04

 — Phillip takes their relationship to the next level. by NikkiD26808/03/144.38

Wheel of Misfortune

 — She's taken on stage. by SexyLi03/08/064.43

Wheelchair Schoolgirl

 — Wheelchair bound woman is blackmailed. by Wulfwinter04/24/074.24

When a Man is a Man

 — Husband asserts control with angry sex. by Pgalore2207/27/114.26

When a Rape Goes Wrong

 — He tried to bite off more than he could chew. by skitzogemini11/19/073.23

When Daddy Forced Me

 — Her new-found "daddy" shows her what she really wants. by lilchickie10/11/09

When Denzil Met Tanya

 — Gorgeous cheerleader torments a hapless geek. by hobrigef10/22/092.95

When Exs (XXXs) Cross Paths

 — She had an ass worth chasing -- or Not. by ex_riter04/04/123.71

When Friendships Change Ch. 01

 — An older, heavy friend forces a friendship further. by iwatchedhimuseher04/15/133.49

When Good Ideas Go Bad

 — Our best-laid plans turn to shit... literally. by trixiej10/12/053.82

When It's Raining

 — College girl is walked home and entered. by Nuravegirl05/07/074.26

When Lyssa met Joanna Ch. 02

 — Lyssa is taken to be a sex toy. by RavenSSS01/25/103.85

When Lyssa met Joanna Ch. 03

 — Lyssa must decide to submit or be impaled. She tastes Joanna. by RavenSSS01/28/104.01

When Lyssa met Joanna Ch. 04

 — Lyssa asks Joanna to punish her. by RavenSSS01/31/104.05

When My Roommate Caught Me...

 — At roommate's mercy, it's one surprise after another. by MidnightDream12/31/054.48

When The Landlord Comes Knocking

 — Out of work father and his daughter are about to be evicted by MisterNatural11/23/144.00

When The Wind Was Up

 — ... it's time to draw close to the hearth and tell tales. by SweetOblivion11/23/094.31

When the Worms Turn Ch. 1

 — Joseph's introduction. by BadForm07/04/023.58

When We Meet

 — A long distance relationship gets close. by horny_and_alone03/13/113.11

When Wife Is Away Ch. 01

 — Seducing a wiliing housemaid into sexual slavery. by indianmaster200503/25/103.48

When Wife Is Away Ch. 02

 — Father rapes daughter and sells both wife and daughter. by indianmaster200503/26/102.83

When Wife Is Away Ch. 03

 — Both woman serve the master and mother punishes daughter by indianmaster200503/27/103.65

Whenever He Wants

 — Lena wakes tied to her bed with a rough night ahead of her. by natzilla01/31/104.27

Where Am I?

 — His wet tongue moved towards... by Afterdark197405/22/043.41

Where Have All The Bad Men Gone?

 — The fantasy that dare not speak its name. by adam applebiter10/05/084.49

Where Princes Kneel

 — Married into a matriarcic nation in the throes of rebellion. by PulpWyatt09/01/144.09

Where the Sun Don't Shine

 — She learns to be careful what she says. by LansaraStar05/18/013.81

Where There's a Will...

 — Secrets expose ebony mother & daughter to gangbang. by hitemrealhard10/21/064.42

Where To Do It?

 — This seemed a perfect solution. by jacqui_hills_uk05/25/073.63

While Eric's Away

 — New possibility presents himself while lover is away. by Crimson06/29/023.82

While I Slept

 — Woman has to sleep overnight at friend's place. by Ashson03/08/134.23

While I Was Sleeping

 — I was dreaming, he wasn't: a playful recollection. by song_bird09/06/083.95

While She Slept

 — She wakes up to find out that he's been busy. by MikeyLoves26902/07/123.69

While She Was Drunk

 — He enjoys his wife's best friend's body. by amethyst wind03/09/043.88

While the Whole Town Slept

 — A dark Texas night, a woman alone, and three young men. by Barbara_Em09/25/144.39

While You Were Sleeping

 — Short story of somnophilia. by Liberavivas03/21/114.10

While You Were Sleeping

 — Andrea's roommate helps her get to sleep. by eileenvictoria02/03/124.34

While You Were Sleeping

 — If she doesn't wake up, did it really happen? by themanblueeyes04/19/143.88

While You Were Sleeping Ch. 02

 — Andrea's roommate comes back for more. by eileenvictoria03/29/124.32


 — A journey through the mind and body, by eroticdeath0008/01/023.93

Whipped into Shape

 — Personal trainer uses strap to get results. by Homer_J_Simpson03/16/094.34

Whisper Fathomed Deep Inside My Own

 — Role reversal on attack gone bad & good. by apathykiss07/20/044.42

Whispered Rites of Sacrifice Ch. 02

 — Isana fullfills her duty and faces Eulos' anger and jealosy. by Nimue_Sage06/21/104.38

Whispered Rites of Sacrifice Ch. 03

 — Isana is handed over to enemies by jealous Actovan. by Nimue_Sage07/20/104.05

Whispered Rites of Sacrifice Ch. 04

 — Isana faces her enemy and services a new guardian. by Nimue_Sage02/11/114.33

White Horses Ch. 01

 — Maggie meets her abductor and her savior. by thewordsmith259007/04/064.43

White Horses Ch. 02

 — He offers a different kind of salvation. by thewordsmith259007/12/064.40

White Lightning Ch. 01

 — She is dominated by a former student. by IceBluePhoenix08/12/084.41

White Lightning Ch. 02

 — Greg forces her to tease/service older, fatherly trucker. by IceBluePhoenix08/15/084.30

White Mom Black Male'd

 — Suburban wife gets her wish. by Moremom12/13/064.24

White Slave Tales -- Anna

 — Anna is a guest aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean. by JB25211/09/084.05

White Squaw

 — Female pioneer is captured by Indians. by Wattyjoy03/04/023.51

White Star Versus Mr Shadow

 — Superhero Erotica. by Tara2106/23/104.47

White Whore Wife is Blackmailed

 — A guy finds out a wife is fucking around. by steve_cuck_burrows04/21/143.96

White Whore Wife is Blackmailed Ch. 02

 — Valerie finds out her tormentor's identity. by steve_cuck_burrows05/01/143.98

White Whore Wife is Blackmailed Ch. 03

 — Valerie is taken into slavery. by steve_cuck_burrows05/28/144.10

White Whore Wife is Blackmailed Ch. 04

 — Valerie finds out what black owned means. by steve_cuck_burrows06/03/143.66

White Wife Wrecker

 — Ray the Ravisher ruins them. by LustyLee7708/13/053.99

Who Ava Did Next

 — Life after Sixville 2. by temptanddestroy07/26/074.64HOT

Who Do You Belong To?

 — A fight with Joe reminds Laura who she belongs to . by AsianPersuasion11/16/134.35

Who Does This?

 — A dream that came to me with more detail than most. by xjadedonex08/07/104.10

Who Is Fucking Whom?

 — You decide that turnabout is fair play. by twogat12308/27/074.09

Who is in Control?

 — It's his way or the highway. by MidnightDream07/05/044.43

Who Needs Friends

 — Quiet evening ends in forced sex. by gaskin09/05/034.51HOT

Who Was Forcing Who?

 — Husband's boss rapes his wife, or does he? by 0131aj07/27/093.88

Who's in Charge?

 — Mother in-law gets put in her place. by Fray06/22/144.31

Who's in Control Ch. 01

 — It begins. by sexywrites2209/26/113.83

Who's in Control Ch. 02

 — She gave him what she thought he was missing. by sexywrites2211/21/114.11

Who's in Control Ch. 03

 — As I said before, I was fucked. by sexywrites2211/22/113.85

Who's Laughing Now?

 — The worst possible revenge. by choclit_tai12/04/073.93

Who's On Top

 — He controls her, then she controls him, then... by nikkis02/27/114.27

Who's On Top Ch. 02

 — Nicole and her sister connect with Jim. by nikkis12/02/114.32

Who's On Top Ch. 03

 — Nicole finally gets what she want from Jim. by nikkis12/18/113.61

Who's the Bitch Now

 — After taking my girlfriend's anal cherry, she turns the tables. by goosebbv02/07/104.06

Who's the Bitch?

 — Female prison guard taken by prisoner and his bitch. by rosemadder4708/10/094.59HOT

Who's the Boss

 — He shows her who is in charge. by MTHudson11/16/084.48

Who's the Boss?

 — Dave and Rob finally pull one over on their female boss. by Many Feathers03/30/094.43

Who's The Boss?

 — Control is reversed as an employee delivers a little payback. by Peterspleasures04/01/113.89

Who's Watching Me

 — Paranoia or a new relationship? by lilgirlsix05/09/094.44

Whoops Ch. 03

 — They do battle. by Rain_maker_girl03/20/104.00

Whore 94 Ch. 01

 — She is taken to see whores for the privileged. by fronker08/04/044.41

Whore 94 Ch. 02

 — She is taken like a whore by fronker08/11/044.60HOT

Whore 94 Ch. 03

 — She signs off her own rape. by fronker08/23/044.63HOT

Whore 94 Ch. 04

 — She dances like a whore. by fronker09/08/044.53HOT

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