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Blackmail 101 Ch. 02

 — Is my body giving into a sign of weakness or not? by frost122605/13/094.15

Blackmail 101 Ch. 03

 — Not what a teacher and her student should get up to. by frost122605/22/094.17

Blackmail 101 Ch. 04

 — Life's great when you give in. by frost122612/17/09

Blackmail and Humiliation

 — Stu is blackmailed by Amy at the office. by stu19107/17/104.31

Blackmail Baby

 — She is blackmailed into carrying her father-in-law's baby. by SweetPregnantTits05/18/104.36

Blackmail Birthday Present

 — Guy is blackmailed into enjoying his birthday present. by LOAnnie208/22/134.63HOT

Blackmail Can Hurt You!

 — It didn't work out for Jason the way he hoped it would. by qualitywheat08/15/124.39

Blackmail Ch. 01

 — Small town girl walks into a trap by Andi2304/17/124.22

Blackmail Ch. 02

 — Emily is forced to marry her captor. by Andi2304/18/124.21

Blackmail Ch. 03

 — Emily is forced to give up everything. by Andi2304/19/123.91

Blackmail Ch. 04

 — Emily teaches her captor what it feels like. by Andi2304/20/124.21

Blackmail Ch. 1

 — Her neighbor drops by with a shocking announcement. by Gelflet03/24/024.47

Blackmail Ch. 2

 — Matt demands that she come to him. by Gelflet03/30/024.38

Blackmail Ch. 3

 — He makes an error. by Gelflet04/19/024.40

Blackmail Confessional Ch. 01

 — Father Michaels trains a whore. by JeffLeigh07/30/104.19

Blackmail Diary Ch. 01

 — Student logs his blackmail of a teacher. by Jokx6006/19/134.53HOT

Blackmail Diary Ch. 02

 — More entries from the blackmailers journal. by Jokx6007/04/134.46

Blackmail Diary Ch. 03

 — Further entries from the diary. by Jokx6007/26/144.45

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 01

 — A dream internship turns out to be true "hands-on". by Stillathisrequest03/19/144.38

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 02

 — Sara tries to turn the tables on Lucas... by Stillathisrequest03/25/144.40

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 03

 — Time to start paying off that debt. by Stillathisrequest03/28/144.54HOT

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 04

 — Lucas starts to get down to business. by Stillathisrequest04/02/144.51HOT

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 05

 — Sara gets a check up. by Stillathisrequest04/07/144.54HOT

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 06

 — The punishment to fit the crime. by Stillathisrequest04/12/144.57HOT

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 07

 — Lucas finally gives Sara some relief. by Stillathisrequest05/17/144.60HOT

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 08

 — Lucas tells Sara who she really is. by Stillathisrequest05/31/144.53HOT

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 09

 — Lucas forces a start to his newest project. by Stillathisrequest08/01/144.57HOT

Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. 10

 — A doctor, a business man and a girl walk into a party. by Stillathisrequest11/02/144.52HOT

Blackmail of a Pristine Wife

 — Married petite blonde blackmailed into an affair. by Latin_Knight_n_KC09/27/064.24

Blackmail of a Pristine Wife Ch. 02

 — More adventures of a petite blonde wife. by Latin_Knight_n_KC09/28/064.19

Blackmail of a Pristine Wife Ch. 03

 — She goes to her first bachelor party. by Latin_Knight_n_KC10/05/064.30

Blackmail of a Raver Girl

 — Blackmail and control of a hot raver girl. by Draxon156205/04/104.20

Blackmail Rape

 — He punishes his drunk-driving step-daughter. by Ivan_Emetovich07/28/013.98

Blackmail Saga

 — She is blackmailed and forced to be a sex slave. by joan65805/03/094.49

Blackmail Turned Good

 — A beautiful wife coerced into doing something naughty. by qualitywheat08/28/144.36

Blackmail with a Twist

 — A wife is blackmailed into becoming a slut. by sweetcakes07/27/014.41

Blackmail: Fucking on Film

 — Donna & Jeremy are made to perform for a classmate's camera. by Jeremy101/28/064.01


 — Catherine is forced to masturbate. by Ingenue_7902/04/074.57HOT


 — Can you be blackmailed into something you want? by Embracetheshame12/29/084.40


 — A blackmailer is found. by Ashson05/01/144.28

Blackmailed and Blueballed Ch. 01

 — Searching for a new position, but not this one. by Mrfriskay07/28/143.27

Blackmailed Bi My Ex Ch. 02

 — She has me right where she wants me. by bearit07/14/044.61HOT

Blackmailed Bride

 — An old man teaches a young bride the meaning of pleasure. by Sam Jason03/10/154.61HOT

Blackmailed Ch. 01

 — My wife is blackmailed by my boss. by deadeye_7609/26/113.92

Blackmailed Ch. 01

 — Accosted in an adult shop by two men. by kallyreys01/20/134.06

Blackmailed Ch. 01

 — Man is blackmailed by the girl next door, badness ensues by slaveheathen06/02/143.87

Blackmailed Ch. 02

 — Reminiscing about our first night. by deadeye_7609/29/114.31

Blackmailed Ch. 02

 — I was instructed to turn up the next day. by kallyreys01/21/134.17

Blackmailed Ch. 03

 — I discuss what happened with Cheryl. by deadeye_7610/04/114.37

Blackmailed Ch. 04

 — The final chapter, and it has a twist. by deadeye_7610/17/114.00

Blackmailed Couple Ch. 01-03

 — Wife is drawn into submission after an indiscretion. by rainyseason74708/12/054.32

Blackmailed Couple Ch. 04-06

 — Learning to obey – the show of enjoying. by rainyseason74708/21/05HOT

Blackmailed Fiancee

 — Beautiful, young fiancee duped and blackmailed into sex. by thecryptkeeper06/13/134.42

Blackmailed for Party

 — Married man is blackmailed into providing a party. by Brookell06/07/074.50HOT

Blackmailed for Wife's Crimes

 — Dutch shrink has to pay for paralegal wife's theft. by SEVERUSMAX07/15/064.08

Blackmailed Housewife

 — Mother will do ANYTHING to protect son. by TheDarkCloud04/03/084.02

Blackmailed in Turkey

 — Teenage tourist is blackmailed by an aging hotel manager. by Kmaf03/12/124.29

Blackmailed in Turkey Ch. 02

 — Young busty American teen gets abused even more. by Kmaf04/23/124.35

Blackmailed in Turkey Ch. 03

 — Emma's mom and sister are trapped as well. by Kmaf08/12/134.29

Blackmailed into Black Submission

 — Shy nerd becomes a submissive slut for black cock and pussy. by silkstockingslover05/29/134.56HOT

Blackmailed Into Perversion Ch. 2

 — Pam returns the next day. by Linda Jean08/25/014.42

Blackmailed into Sex and More Ch. 01

 — A young man is blackmailed into a bad situation. by slave4you9105/09/123.97

Blackmailed MILF

 — A frustrated teacher makes a mistake. by henryo12/20/144.12

Blackmailed Milf Ch. 01

 — They both had needs, would she succumb. by DBarclay04/19/094.47

Blackmailed MILF Ch. 02

 — A teen continues his control over the milf asst principal. by henryo02/21/154.22

Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 02

 — The blackmail begins. by TheDarkCloud10/11/084.16

Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 03

 — Geting their tits out. by TheDarkCloud11/16/084.24

Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 04

 — An evening of "Lesbonics". by TheDarkCloud03/24/094.47

Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 05

 — Taught a perverted lesson or two! by TheDarkCloud10/03/104.57HOT

Blackmailed, He Had To Fuck My Tits

 — Kenny just had to tit fuck me, with a surprise ending. by yourdarkmistress04/04/114.25

Blackmailed, Stripped & Abused

 — A female Detective gets more than she bargained for. by HeyAll05/14/134.31

Blackmailed: Cheerleader's Mom

 — He forces the Cheerleader's Mom to be his eager ass-slut too. by silkstockingslover07/25/124.59HOT

Blackmailed: Whore for a Day

 — A school teacher of misspent youth is blackmailed for sex. by JMaxwell6910/14/104.07

Blackmailing Alison Ch. 01

 — Student nurse 'Alison' is forced to comply or resign by nylon_master03/09/114.00

Blackmailing Becca Ch. 01

 — Old man fucks busty coed. by skinner8101/30/114.10

Blackmailing Becca Ch. 02

 — Farmer enjoys the coed again, this time with his mate. by skinner8102/21/114.28

Blackmailing Becca Ch. 03

 — Becca is enjoyed in a restaurant, Albert traps Allison. by skinner8103/06/114.49

Blackmailing Betty

 — I entrap and fuck our voluptuous cleaner. by sammbeltt03/15/144.30

Blackmailing Jessica Ch. 01

 — Her past comes back to haunt her. by Seattle Zack08/27/064.35

Blackmailing Jessica Ch. 02

 — She's punished for misbehaving. by Seattle Zack09/03/064.40

Blackmailing Jessica Ch. 03

 — A special package arrives for Jessica. by Seattle Zack07/01/074.57HOT

Blackmailing Laney

 — Sex. Blackmail. More blackmail. More sex. Happy ending. by Gary_Alexander05/19/114.24

Blackmailing Lucy

 — Lucy has a run-in with her son's best friends. by TxRad08/18/124.54HOT

Blackmailing Mother In Law

 — Son-in-law blackmails mother-in-law for sex. by Sukumar03/18/023.92

Blackmailing Ms. Bitch Tits

 — Korina gets what she deserved. by erotogal8709/04/123.55

Blackmailing Ms. Reeves

 — Young teacher pays for posing nude while in college. by kianareeves11/18/014.28

Blackmailing Ms. Reeves Ch. 02

 — Young teacher continues to pay for her sins. by kianareeves11/19/014.07

Blackmailing Rachel

 — Older man blackmails 20-year-old neighbor into sex. by darknsteamynights12/10/064.12

Blackmailing Sis Into Strip Poker

 — Brother blackmails sister into strip poker. by KEVGOW07/04/084.09

Blackmailing Sophie

 — A young woman is blackmailed by her father's boss's son. by NudeDreams02/16/144.22

Blackmailing Sophie Ch. 02

 — Irvin has some new plans for Sophie's uniform. by NudeDreams03/17/154.45

Blackmailing Susie

 — Young woman is blackmail into having sex. by Will Shakspeare II02/08/063.59

Blackmailing Tamar Ch. 01

 — Tables turned on a teasing minx. by Scarlet_Pen04/05/054.47

Blackmailing Tamar Ch. 02

 — This time, the college tease is bound. by Scarlet_Pen04/27/054.52HOT

Blackmailing Tamar Ch. 03

 — Is Tamar an anal virgin? by Scarlet_Pen05/10/054.46

Blackmailing Tamar Ch. 04

 — Tamar's mother tries to intervene. by Scarlet_Pen06/11/054.50HOT

Blackmailing Tamar Ch. 05

 — Tamar's Mom gets a bird's eye view. by Scarlet_Pen12/27/064.69HOT

Blackmailing Tamar Ch. 06

 — The girls are used together, though they don't know it. by Scarlet_Pen03/20/074.60HOT

Blackmailing the Babysitter

 — Anna is tricked. by lickmecrazy11/22/133.81

Blackmailing the Boss

 — A racist, homophobic, intolerant woman is blackmailed. by laffalot11/11/083.98

Blackmailing the Boss's Wife

 — Employee blackmails boss's wife and controls the couple. by BlkMailFun11/05/094.22

Blackmailing The Perfect Couple

 — Jamie and Louise become my sex slaves. by TheDarkCloud09/15/104.01


 — The night can hide many things. by Ashson01/10/144.23

Blair's Long Night

 — Revenge, or the Price of Arrogance. by Dalejr10/01/044.32

Blame it on the Mistletoe

 — Innocent holiday tradition leads to more. by WickedOne03/17/064.27

Blame it on the Potion

 — A young woman endures a humiliating experience in the lab. by deputy duffy03/06/034.22

Blaming Lacey

 — A kiss misinterpreted. Anger misdirected. A girl misused. by malid12/16/093.94

Blast From The Past

 — A man from her past forces Karen to face dormant desires. by HelenGW09/17/084.47

Blast From The Past Ch. 02

 — Karen disobeys and learns an unfortunate lesson. by HelenGW03/21/094.43

Blast From The Past Ch. 03

 — Third time's the charm? by HelenGW08/07/094.68HOT

Blast From The Past Ch. 04

 — A new introduction to this blackmail relationship. by HelenGW03/09/104.50HOT

Blast From The Past Ch. 05

 — William takes their sexual blackmail to a new low. by HelenGW08/19/114.46

Bleeding Heart Ch. 01

 — Jeremy finds a surprise while up to no good again. by QueenofHearts33307/25/103.67

Bleeding Heart Ch. 02

 — Anna escaped with help but is she really safe? by QueenofHearts33312/13/104.06

Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned

 — Man confesses homosexual desires to priest. by altar boy02/03/104.43


 — Displaying yourself to a blind man. by Ashson04/06/134.24

Blind Date

 — Where loneliness can lead by Excalibur_194908/17/044.11

Blind Date

 — A woman and her co-worker plan a special date by Julien01/31/034.33

Blind Date

 — Blind date has an unusual outcome. by Ashson09/30/144.19

Blind Date Picnic

 — A blind date with an erotic twist. by JB25211/02/05

Blind Girl Goes To Movies

 — Blind girl gets more than a movie. by Amyfriend04/19/064.35

Blind Justice

 — Tables are turned on a struggling Intruder in the dark. by BlknMild61111/28/103.44

Blind Lust

 — Five girls teach their friend a harsh lesson. by SoraRabbit12/27/124.15

Blind Violation

 — She becomes a slut to save her boyfriend's life. by damonX07/28/024.45

Blinded by Lust

 — Bad boy kidnaps his one love...but is she who she seems? by Kissmesweet07/08/124.27


 — Her fantasy becomes all too real. by SEX_VAMPYRE07/05/044.12

Blindfold Bondage

 — She awakens blindfold & bound in a stranger's bed. by Fles12/13/053.59


 — A tale of arousal. by barbarianqueen01/13/044.31

Blindfolded & Naked

 — Brian is exposed in an all female dorm. by sluttylittleboytoy01/21/103.28

Blindfolds and Black Lace

 — Reluctance by MMichele08/04/072.96

Blindsided Ch. 01

 — Three women tie up and humiliate their male friend. by oraldave3902/18/064.51HOT

Blindsided Ch. 02

 — His humiliation continues at the hands of three women. by oraldave3902/19/064.34

Blissful Ignorance

 — Woman awakens from sleep to find herself 'lost'. by Makaiton10/02/024.33

Blissful Torture

 — Stranger has some peculiar plans for Yara. by the_quest02/12/114.12

Blonde Bait

 — She uses her body as a bait. by cckuay08/24/134.09

Blonde Bait Ch. 02

 — She returns from retirement by cckuay05/18/143.96

Blonde Number Two

 — Professor forces himself on blonde coed. by gushogan06/07/023.34

Blood Brothers

 — My best friend attcks my wife with my blessing. by Wifetheif07/27/133.98

Blood is Thicker than Semen

 — Abusive sexual behavior. by sddcfreak03/14/082.44

Blood Lust

 — The strong willed submits to a monster. by CadoSanctus12/17/084.59HOT

Blood Lust Ch. 02

 — Her inner demons are unleashed. by CadoSanctus12/18/084.56HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 01

 — A town is conquered. Valerie is not amused. by LadyMira08/11/134.69HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 02

 — The tables are turned, and turned again. by LadyMira09/05/134.77HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 03

 — Yet another escape attempt. by LadyMira09/21/134.76HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 04

 — Victory, betrayal and loss. by LadyMira09/22/134.78HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 05

 — Crosswords, a memorial and a cold room. by LadyMira10/14/134.73HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 06

 — Valerie loses in unpleasant ways. by LadyMira11/12/134.80HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 07

 — The aftermath and some other things. by LadyMira12/22/134.81HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 08

 — Angry yelling leads to rash decisions. And more yelling. by LadyMira03/12/144.77HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 09

 — Things go on not being easy for anyone. by LadyMira05/03/144.82HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 10

 — In which Valerie finally gets to fulfill some basic needs. by LadyMira09/12/144.81HOT

Bloody Victory

 — Superheroine Victory faces off with an evil vampire! by ladyjane209910/29/134.48

Blow Job Lessons Ch. 06

 — Hope's career takes a detour as the past haunts her. by primetime7311/28/094.56HOT

Blow Out

 — Car touble gets me in trouble. by curvygirl2102/08/103.72


 — Kelly just can't help obeying her friend. by jessferry03/26/04

Blowjob Queen Gets an "A"

 — Brandy is blackmailed and degraded just so she can graduate. by iggyspear09/16/143.74

Blowjob Training Ch. 01

 — He is too shy to give a blowjob, so he gets lessons. by FlufferBoy01/14/103.69

Blue Light Special

 — Blue lights interrupt an uneventful drive home. by xstory_writer05/28/093.89

Blue Moon

 — She thinks she safe living alone in the countryside... by glesca_kitty6906/01/133.87

Blurred Ch. 02

 — Tied to the table and used against her will at 'The Cottage'. by sCr3amer4u07/02/123.74

Blurred Lines

 — Lines are Blurred- or are they? by PseudonymDePlume04/29/143.86


 — The landlady gets a surprise. by Ashson09/02/144.35

Boarding School

 — She lets him in - and he lets her have it. by stolenbunny257204/08/07

Boat Ho Ch. 07

 — With nothing to lose Butler takes advantage of Alex. by rckplsky05/26/103.32

Boat Ho Ch. 14

 — Alex has a strange encounter with Lois' husband. by rckplsky08/02/103.92

Boat Ho Ch. 17

 — A Master At Arms has his was with a nightstick. by rckplsky08/16/104.12

Boating Accident

 — She hired a boat and found it sinking under her. by Ashson11/19/143.97

Boating Fun

 — Let's go scuba diving. by Ashson05/15/134.27

Bob-a-Job, Sir?

 — MIddle-aged school teachers duped into an orgy. by dummers09/03/094.26

Bobby Is Denied - Or Is He?

 — Bobby leaves Liz wanting. by The Mystic02/07/044.28

Bobby Learns His Lesson

 — Bobby gets caught chatting with a woman by his girlfriend. by Desperado177504/10/144.25

Body Donation

 — Rachel does her bit to stop animal experiments by Sarakingdom02/17/034.06

Body Donation Ch. 02

 — Rachel finds herself displayed to potential customers. by Sarakingdom03/09/034.21

Body Donation: Scientific Research

 — Executive donates body for science. by Chytah07/03/083.97

Body Swap

 — A girl and a boy swap bodies for a day. by Woody_the_Cowboy06/01/144.31

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