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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Catching Stephanie Red-Handed

 — Best friend's wife caught for DUI. by JRob10/26/024.18

Catching Up

 — A man and woman catch up after a long day. by Joshua_Woods06/01/083.68


 — Old flame returns to cause new trouble. by freejack01/19/054.63HOT

Catharsis At Her Hand

 — Delivering you to your need. by temperanceless12/23/083.38


 — Not every shoulder is one to cry on. by 003704/22/103.91


 — Some bad choices were made. by Just Plain Bob12/07/104.27

Catherine's Hostile Takeover

 — Woman on a business trip is kidnapped and assaulted. by chathudson02/15/063.44

Catherine's Revenge Ch. 1

 — Wife turns the tables on suspicious husband. by alltherage12/13/013.49

Catherine's Revenge Ch. 2

 — Wife fulfills her plan. by alltherage12/15/013.58

Catherine's Seduction

 — Pretty blonde is seduced by stranger. by LoveBlondes01/24/054.41

Catherine, Kidnapped

 — Bob holds Catherine for ransom - and more. by JapleinViera07/17/134.04

Catherine, the Great

 — Ruling mother gets a little payback. by dedimm03/06/104.00

Cathy Ch. 01

 — Blackmailed into being his sex slave. by Mikro05/16/054.29

Cathy Ch. 02

 — Does she love it or hate it? by Mikro06/16/054.57HOT

Cathy Ch. 03

 — She refused him so he handed her over to a porn film maker. by Mikro04/13/064.55HOT

Cathy's Double Blowjob

 — Cathy breaks the rules and pays the price. by joejimoh01/24/074.25

Cathy's Email

 — Girl's lover forces her to confess to boyfriend. by m-o-t-o04/18/034.32

Cathy's Mistake Ch. 01

 — Stunning young teacher leaves herself wide open to blackmail. by InsatiaBull01/28/104.13

Cathy's Mistake Ch. 02

 — Her desperation to recover the disc leads her into trouble. by InsatiaBull02/07/103.80


 — Blonde secretary's submissive journey by tingling12/03/083.99


 — He screwed her sister, now it was his turn; or was it? by Seths_domain08/21/082.50


 — Caught using her body as a sexual playground, she's punished. by kimpassion02/07/113.48


 — He catches wife with another man and rage swallows him. by Jamie_in_dresses12/07/123.96


 — She is forced to become a slave to a younger man. by perv723405/23/133.53


 — A Saturday morning is interrupted by an unexpected guest. by RallyWeasel06/07/14


 — College girl gets caught masturbating by a friend. by tstar8903/11/153.93

Caught Again

 — Being sexually insatiable can have consequences. by Thissle10/24/093.94

Caught Again Ch. 02

 — She paid once, but didn't learn her lesson. by Thissle10/28/094.25

Caught Again Ch. 03

 — She continues her over sexed behavior, with fun consequences. by Thissle12/03/094.30

Caught Alone

 — Steamy hot and ready women finally gets to have her way. by Sassyb3503/22/123.70

Caught and Punished Ch. 01

 — Boyfriend finds out about cheating and punished me, hard. by MollyRedTape10/24/124.06

Caught and Punished Ch. 02

 — Boyfriend finds out about cheating and punished me, hard. by MollyRedTape01/01/133.95

Caught and Punished Ch. 03

 — My boyfriend caught me cheating and is making me pay! by MollyRedTape06/02/133.92

Caught by My Boss Ch. 10

 — She gets used. by Sabineteas02/15/104.42

Caught by My Boss Ch. 13

 — Sabine finds out other things. by Sabineteas02/25/104.48

Caught by My Boss Ch. 19

 — The end of the business trip and back home. by Sabineteas03/15/104.56HOT

Caught by the Caretaker

 — Wife takes spanking from old caretaker in front of friend. by Homer_J_Simpson01/24/094.21

Caught by the Help

 — Employee catches wife's illegal activity. by Rich5Spot10/22/133.38

Caught Ch. 01

 — The Coach catches them in the act - or nearly. by Ashson01/30/154.26

Caught Ch. 02

 — A woman is transformed in a sex slave. by perv723402/12/143.63

Caught Ch. 02

 — Sprung by her sister at the wrong moment. by Ashson01/31/154.42

Caught Ch. 03

 — Boss catches her in a compromising situation. by Ashson02/01/154.26

Caught Ch. 04

 — Cheerleader is caught doing the wrong thing. by Ashson02/02/154.41

Caught Cheating

 — How to blackmail a rich married guy. by imnsocal501/18/124.14

Caught In A Crowd

 — His boss is helpless as he's pressed into her in a crowd. by jayrandolf10/04/073.96

Caught in a Trap Ch. 01

 — Marradice is walking in the woods when she's caught. by AcaciaBlossom01/04/124.33

Caught in His Own Trap

 — Staged rape becomes real by Katthrynn08/09/044.04

Caught In The Act

 — Girlfriend's daughter & friends plot to catch mom. by GMB06/30/014.25

Caught in the Act

 — Girl caught stealing is punished. by Dar_Jisbo01/22/03

Caught in the Act

 — Sexy cat burglar is caught by hunky homeowner. by Haematoma09/12/034.46

Caught In The Act

 — She came to steal from him but he stole from her. by icey_hearted04/05/094.05

Caught in the Act

 — A thief is caught in the act and punished for her crime. by guest612/09/124.23

Caught in the Act

 — Young wife falls foul of religious fundamentalism by volescamper04/27/144.18

Caught in the Act

 — Boss catches couple in a compromising position at the office. by clarkroberts05/21/144.36

Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 01

 — Live and let live. by dresbach09/05/144.48

Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 02

 — Secrets never stay that way. by dresbach09/13/144.58HOT

Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 03

 — Just let go. by dresbach09/19/144.62HOT

Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 04

 — Blood trumps values. by dresbach09/27/144.70HOT

Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 07

 — So, you want to be a porn star. by dresbach10/17/144.82HOT

Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 10

 — The Reckoning. by dresbach11/08/144.61HOT

Caught in the Middle Ch. 01

 — College student wakes up in Middle Ages. by thedreamer39110/30/144.18

Caught in the Middle Ch. 02

 — Prince Michael wants to become friends. by thedreamer39110/31/144.48

Caught in the Web

 — A heist goes wrong and The Spider has to earn her way out. by Sean Renaud11/08/134.20

Caught Masturbating

 — She gets caught masturbating. by julieshining11/08/043.64

Caught Masturbating in Prison

 — Guard catches her and discovers her love for cocksucking. by FeelsADeepHunger01/23/124.07

Caught Misbehaving Ch. 01

 — Attractive Korean school official pays for her misbehavior. by safari9907/28/083.47

Caught Naked Playing Outside

 — A slut fantasy fulfilled. by ChucknWNC05/23/113.87

Caught Off Guard

 — Speeding ebony DUI gets a way out of jail time. by jeleane11/15/093.89

Caught Off Guard Ch. 02

 — Speeding Ebony DUI. by jeleane11/22/094.45

Caught Off Guard: The Punishment

 — Viola Jean does her chores. by jeleane11/23/094.44

Caught Off Guard: The Punishment Ch. 02

 — She finished her chores - now it's someone else's turn. by jeleane11/26/094.45

Caught On The Boardroom Table

 — A late night tryst ends badly when found by the boss's wife. by LeatherAndCassok04/26/104.33

Caught Outdoors

 — The consequences of hiking and fucking on private land. by Emilyplaying12/08/124.11

Caught Playing Badminton

 — Two college girls trapped and ravished. by likebadfun10/05/083.86

Caught Redhanded by Aurora and Lisa

 — Busted by the girl upstairs, humiliated, forced to do things. by daeron01/22/124.45

Caught Short

 — Shopping guy is surprised in the toilet. by Glenda10005/29/013.63

Caught Stealing

 — A shoplifter is taught a lesson by store security. by PixelZombie10/26/104.33

Caught Stealing Ch. 01

 — You've stolen more than her money - and you've been found out. by Cuddleh08/07/093.16

Caught the Babysitter Ch. 02

 — She agrees to play...with herself by Macrotica09/17/074.26

Caught the Babysitter Ch. 03

 — She's not the only one coming. by Macrotica11/20/074.26

Caught Unawares

 — Masturbation to an unexpected ravished end. by Magnetism09/13/113.82

Caught You!

 — Adulterous neighbor lady is caught & blackmailed. by Steelhand10/02/02HOT


 — A sub tries to turn the tables on her Dom. by hollyh05/28/034.30


 — Coed gets caught with her pants down. by richard_daily10/20/083.85


 — One person's most abrupt conversion to slut. by MrDeviant11/23/073.04

Caught: A Totally Ruined Afternoon

 — Man caught in compromising position by girl's husband. by JRob08/17/103.92


 — A wandering wife is punished. by LadyIlsa02/15/083.95


 — An almost unwilling bar encounter. by Eldro Rolod209/18/053.96

Cayce & Damien Ch. 01

 — Cayce fights a robber and pays for it. by frozen_theinbetween04/02/113.87

Cecelia Ch. 01

 — My encounter with Cecelia: how she spanked and screwed me. by SwattMichael10/05/113.92

Cecelia Ch. 02

 — My encounter with Cecelia: how she spanked and screwed me. by SwattMichael10/06/114.29

Cecelia Ch. 03

 — My encounter: she spanked and screwed me. by SwattMichael10/17/114.53HOT

Cecelia Ch. 04

 — Encounter with Cecelia, she spanked and screwed me. by SwattMichael10/24/114.45

Celebrating National Nude Day Ch. 04

 — Perverted Men's Symposium, PMS - The Bungee Jump. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/04/083.75

Celebration Leads to Regret

 — Drunk business celebration leads to sex. by bronston2205/27/114.00

Celeste Withdraws

 — Why Celeste stopped doing reviews. by vargas11107/13/044.08


 — A young woman at home gets interrupted.Celia was nearly there. Just a few more minutes and maybe another finger in her pussy. Oh yeah, she would be there soon. This would be a big one, a really good orgasm. by svanswords10/15/063.75

Celia's Homework

 — Mr. Crandall wants to allow Celia to raise her grade. by Bellana B. Fish10/27/044.35

Census Taker Taken

 — Hot blonde knocks on the wrong door. by PAS04/22/104.37

Cerisa's Dream Ch. 01

 — She finds her nightmares getting in the way of her duty. by msmilfmilk08/02/123.91

CFNM Alien Encounter

 — Man abducted by alien women for sexual research. by sexywriter77703/04/133.49

CFNM Employment Exams

 — Volunteer women delight in conducting faculty physical exams. by Bahia38404/25/134.28

CFnm Store Tongue Slave

 — Being humiliated by my Mistress while shopping. by lovelicker9901/29/134.08

Ch. 03 The Three Maidens

 — Encounter with the king and his maids. by Imaylookinnocent06/25/063.41

Ch. 03: Attack

 — After the MFM sex session, Jen is suddenly attacked. by Loves_music_loves_to_dance08/04/143.70

Ch. 04 Masque, Oddity, and Lust

 — Christine is passed around on her happy wedding night. by Imaylookinnocent06/26/064.13

Chained and Chastened

 — CIA plot to enslave women. by kurtknout09/08/093.13

Chained Ch. 01

 — Krista's secret fantasy comes to life in a dirty bathroom. by Sabrina_Sexton05/05/124.39


 — Story about mandatory sex game. by skausy12109/22/113.71

Challenge Ch. 02

 — What happens when you try not to play. by skausy12109/29/113.43

Challenge or Invitation?

 — He accepts her challenge, but was it really an invitation? by sweetestcandi01/09/094.45

Chamber Six

 — Attempting to extract information from a captive. by WFEATHER01/04/094.22

Chameleon Pt. 01

 — Rough sex is an unwelcome gift on her birthday. by Sacred Beauty07/09/053.81

Champagne and Strawberries.

 — A walk to the pub takes an unexpected turn. by chris 4411/02/054.45

Chance Encounter Ch. 06

 — Bridge To Darkness. by AutumnWriter08/10/064.60HOT

Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 1

 — Two girls are blackmailed into sex. by PAS05/19/024.32

Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 2

 — He takes further advantage of the girls. by PAS05/20/024.36

Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 3

 — He finally takes them all the way. by PAS05/21/024.43

Change in Management Ch. 01

 — A focused business women reunites with love of her life. by SensuallyHis05/02/123.98

Change in Management Ch. 02

 — Going to the cabin. by SensuallyHis05/06/124.13

Change in Management Ch. 03

 — He claims his Lil Bit. by SensuallyHis05/11/124.00

Change of Heart

 — Preacher finds his true calling in life. by fawaka05/29/064.31

Change of Life

 — Couple learns of love and submission. by jagaj08/13/123.46

Change of Plans

 — Just like it says. by Vayene05/29/043.93


 — He couldn’t do what he used to, so she enjoyed degrading him by edrider7302/23/142.81

Changes are Made

 — A self-centered hubby gets an attitude adjustment. by lsa312/24/124.29

Changes Ch. 01

 — She entraps an unwilling man. by Ameaner12/30/104.42

Changes Ch. 02

 — David gets an idea and soon regrets it. by Ameaner12/31/104.53HOT

Changes Ch. 03

 — Abducted family subjected to medical transformations. by lil_jane3411/18/084.10

Changes Ch. 03

 — Dagmar continues to afflict David with herself. by Ameaner01/01/114.52HOT

Changes Ch. 04

 — Dagmar acquires another pet. by Ameaner01/02/114.72HOT

Changes Ch. 05

 — David's life gets complicated with Heather. by Ameaner01/03/114.68HOT

Changes Ch. 06

 — David and Heather become closer. by Ameaner01/04/114.57HOT

Changes Ch. 07

 — A night out with Dagmar gets wild. by Ameaner01/05/114.65HOT

Changes Ch. 08

 — Dagmar gets a big surprise. by Ameaner01/06/114.81HOT

Changing Claire Ch. 01

 — Claire's night is changed when she meets Alicia. by lolaluvv139609/19/144.08

Changing Claire Ch. 02

 — Claire's relationship with Russell grows. by lolaluvv139609/20/144.52HOT

Changing Claire Ch. 03

 — Claire is blackmailed. by lolaluvv139609/23/144.31

Changing Her

 — First lesson, stripping. by Ludiana09/22/143.26

Changing of the Guard

 — I fought her, but she was stronger. by Coxswain04/25/09HOT


 — A lovely debutante + 2 abductors + a giant hero. by blondevixen4073508/19/134.34

Chantal Rose Ch. 02

 — Never enough time to eat. by Coeur de Dragon06/27/044.25

Chantay's Surprise

 — Chantay pays for her flirtation. by punisher202006/11/082.70

Chapel In The Forest

 — A woman is raped in the forest by a evil man. by blackzilla9911/22/024.25

Charity & The Man

 — Charity's hot day gets hotter. by sorry_4_trouble07/14/044.00

Charity Girls

 — Two women are kidnapped by a masked man, or are they? by M_P05/21/114.32


 — My neighbors daughter who would get what she deserved. by bigdonhabs11/17/113.57

Charley's Fall

 — Betrayed by the Sisterhood. by tiggerlilly08/05/103.71

Charlie Ch. 1

 — Charlie fucks his daughter-in-law against her wishes. by Tony King06/16/024.26

Charlie Ch. 2

 — Charlie uses daughter-in-law every which way. by Tony King06/17/024.48

Charlie's Humiliation by the Girls

 — Sarah hatches a plan to humilate Charlie. by Slayer12/29/083.88


 — Charlotte's journey. by SplendidSpunk03/07/114.18

Charlotte at the Border

 — A suspected smuggler is searched. by morethananeyeful11/03/054.34

Charlotte’s Got Game Ch. 01

 — Model gets gangbanged by football team during photo shoot by Grandflasher C.04/20/144.42

Charlotte’s Got Game Ch. 02

 — Model gets gangbanged by football team during photo shoot by Grandflasher C.05/05/144.49

Charming Neighborhood

 — Blonde teen caught in the act by a neighbor. by DoctorS01/18/144.35

Charming Neighborhood 02

 — Melinda acts on a plan to humiliate Eve. by DoctorS06/30/144.54HOT

Chasing Addison Ch. 01

 — Addy goes to a fashion show. by ivy_Girl05/16/133.77

Chasing Addison Ch. 02

 — Addy's night out continues. by ivy_Girl07/16/134.39

Chasing Destruction Ch. 01

 — Good girl Chase is broken and turned into a cockwhore. by PSZer0Dark3003/25/153.95NEW

Chastity and Ice

 — Forced chastity of male. Key inaccessible to all. by sublocked02/10/124.28

Chastity in the Dark

 — Chastity gets her 'scene' by Xoltol02/03/093.91

Chatilla Ch. 01-02

 — The making of a slut. by Spartan66606/23/064.26

Chatilla Ch. 03

 — The Transformation begins. by Spartan66606/24/064.37

Chatilla Ch. 04

 — Maria becomes Chatilla. by Spartan66609/29/064.52HOT


 — He has no rights. He is someone else's legal property. by bunyip8510/25/144.19

Chattel Ch. 02

 — He has no right to his own body. by bunyip8511/02/143.91


 — Talking in class earns a punishment. by Ashson09/13/144.11

Chav Ch. 01

 — Becky has to get £300 for a loan shark anyway she can. by nickamano04/24/134.27

Chav Ch. 02

 — Becky is forced to steal, Emma and Carol are the distraction. by nickamano06/08/134.57HOT

Chav Ch. 03

 — Becky and Emma, wrong place, wrong time. Trying to get home. by nickamano07/26/134.68HOT

Chav Ch. 04 Pt. 01

 — The Beginning of the End for Becky Taylor. by nickamano01/21/144.55HOT

Chav Ch. 04 Pt. 02

 — Getting out. Or Becky Taylor's ending. by nickamano03/14/144.20

Chav Ch. 04.5

 — An extra stand alone story - Gym Freak gets out of Oakfield by nickamano06/29/144.00


 — Cheating has a price. by Ashson07/11/134.17

Cheaters Ch. 05

 — Lori exerts her newfound power over Susan. by TwistedPlayr06/06/054.67HOT

Cheating Wife Payback

 — Don gets revenge on his cheating wife. by robertpenn08/09/064.23

Checkmate Ch. 01

 — Bev corners her ex and gets him to make it up to her. by 2be2sexy4u01/07/133.91

Checkup Ch. 01

 — There is nothing routine about this checkup. by makemem0an02/27/144.10

Cheerleader Betrayed

 — Ella is tasked to perform more of her cheerleading duties. by Bane07/17/064.37

Cheerleader Crushed

 — Ella finishes her cheerleading training. by Bane08/06/064.49

Cheerleader Initiation

 — A cheerleader gets in over her head (don't they always?). by Bane06/28/064.32

Cheerleader Retreat

 — Three cheerleaders don't have the vacation they planned. by init4u4001/25/143.97

Cheerleader Retreat Ch. 02

 — A new cheerleader joins Bree, Sami, and Lindi at the cabin. by init4u4001/31/144.10

Cheerleader Whore Gets Fucked

 — Principal promises to get barely legal teen into college. by SexWriter09/15/013.79

Cheerleader's Audition

 — If she wants the part in the movie, she will have to earn it. by Boxlicker10104/24/114.42

Cheerleader's Exam

 — Things keep getting worse for Ella; it's the docs turn. by Bane07/06/064.42

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