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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Deranged Minds

 — She chooses to drive down the wrong deserted road. by Goldeniangel03/05/063.85

Derby Ch. 01

 — A bitter young man decides to prey on the freshman girls. by wantsomefun195106/30/094.38

Derby Ch. 02

 — A bitter young man decides to prey on the freshman girls. by wantsomefun195107/01/094.43

Derby Ch. 03

 — A bitter young man decides to prey on the freshman girls. by wantsomefun195107/06/094.10

Derby Ch. 04

 — A bitter young man decides to prey on the freshman girls. by wantsomefun195107/13/094.02

Derek's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Prissy ex forced to fuck. by dbergen06/30/103.41

Desert Captive Ch. 1

 — Blowout forces man toward a bizarre adventure. by Problem Child02/26/013.57

Desert Captive Ch. 2

 — Now what would they do with him? by Problem Child02/27/014.08

Desert Captive Ch. 3

 — Pam & Kim tell a story. by Problem Child04/26/014.23

Desert Dream

 — Was it real or a reverie? by dnc_sl_ut08/11/103.33

Desert Encounter

 — Amy runs into trouble on a desert highway. by CookieMonster04/14/014.30

Desert Heat

 — Laine threatens to take a lover, he takes her. by ardenlowe12/04/054.37

Desert Nymph Domination

 — After defeating a nymph, a warrior gets his way with her. by desertnymph05/05/133.56

Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 06

 — Jen reflects further about her first meetings with Victor. by xleglover03/21/094.42


 — ...or that's what she would have done if... by Tuomas11/18/063.82


 — College girl submits, unwillingly. by bourbonslut01/19/072.93

Desperate for an A

 — Jackie is determined to get a good grade. by wetkadence12/25/044.19

Desperate Living Ch. 01

 — Reluctant friend pays debt. by deLorsagne10/12/144.22

Desperate Living Ch. 02

 — More squirting and revenge. by deLorsagne10/30/144.08

Desperate Measures: The Baller

 — A hustler gets hustled, but who pays the debt? by soflabbwlvr03/02/124.43

Desperate Times Ch. 01

 — Desperate times call for desperate measures. by Slovdave05/25/133.73

Desperate Times Ch. 02

 — Desperate times call for desperate measures. by Slovdave06/04/134.03

Desperate Times Ch. 03

 — Desperate times call for desperate measures. by Slovdave06/17/134.10

Dessert For the Devil

 — Catholic Nun capitulates to her confessor. by maggie200206/11/023.98


 — She's abducted and forced to submit. by lorraina01/30/054.06

Destiny Ch. 02

 — Her journey continues. by lorraina02/05/054.27

Destiny Ch. 03

 — He's back! by lorraina02/13/054.50HOT

Destiny Ch. 04

 — Her journey ends. by lorraina02/21/054.00

Det. Insp. Lindsey's Drunken Fuck

 — Led to a wonderful nightmare. by qualitywheat06/15/124.21

Detachable Penis

 — A first date goes according to plan--just not HIS plan. by purpleruff01/27/134.19


 — Just the details. by Nicholas shadow06/01/033.48

Detained & Defiled

 — Two blonds have a vacation nightmare. by LustyLee7712/11/054.09

Detective Alison Rossii

 — An undercover agent finds her life turned upside down. by HeyAll02/05/144.19

Detective Fuck

 — A woman on a case in Paris meets an unpleasant detective. by MrX_TSE04/15/123.61

Detective Story

 — Detectives investigate rape of mature woman. by Tuesdaygirl10/27/134.12

Detective to Slut

 — Female detective goes undercover at a masquerade ball. by HeyAll10/21/134.18


 — Things get hectic in the library after school. by tom9411708/14/044.34


 — Sarah learns the cost of breaking the dress code. by Mauron12/15/062.73


 — She pays the price for teasing her teacher. by odubhslaine09/16/143.93

Detention at Work Pt. 01

 — Mother and daughter are punished. by 0131aj03/29/104.22

Detention at Work Pt. 02

 — Daughter is spanked again, mother is fucked. by 0131aj04/06/104.56HOT

Detention at Work Pt. 03

 — Women take control. by 0131aj04/18/104.13

Detention Ch. 01

 — Strict discipline is observed. by Ashson07/10/134.19

Detention Ch. 02

 — Cindy continues her punishment at an all girls school. by rockbohunk01/03/084.23

Detention Ch. 03

 — Beth and Cynthia are both held over for detention. by rockbohunk01/09/084.39

Detention for Kim Ch. 01

 — A shy young woman discovers sexuality with her teacher. by DraceDomino06/26/144.15

Detention for Kim Ch. 02

 — Kim's adventure with her teacher continues, and heats up! by DraceDomino06/27/144.49

Detention for Kim Ch. 04

 — Kim learns a lesson about keeping mouths shut. by DraceDomino07/10/144.40

Detention with the Headmaster

 — She faces a spanking. by decadent_kate01/24/114.21

Detention with the Headmaster Ch. 02

 — She is forced to strip naked and endure a spanking. by decadent_kate02/24/114.41

Detention with the Headmaster Ch. 03

 — Bree gets into more trouble. by decadent_kate03/09/114.30


 — A force conspires to change two enemies. by EmpitnessInBliss10/12/124.10

Detroit Does Diba

 — Pakistani wife is serviced while husband is abroad. by mughalpunjabi04/24/074.19

Devaro's Lessons

 — Shy wife learns what her body is for. by Blulady08/05/044.41

Devaro's Lessons Ch. 02

 — Devaro's next lesson by Blulady08/13/044.49

Devastation Pt. 01

 — Lesbian psychologist and sadist finds her ideal "victim". by drkfetyshnyghts02/10/094.51HOT

Devastation Pt. 02

 — The disturbing psycho-sexual fetish chill ride continues. by drkfetyshnyghts02/20/094.46

Devastation Pt. 03

 — The fetish chill ride concludes dramatically, unexpectedly. by drkfetyshnyghts02/27/094.42

Deviant Desires

 — Man forced to watch fiance being gang banged. by Bethyboo05/22/113.94

Devils of Wythaven

 — A patient undergoes radical new 'therapy'. by Genophan10/05/093.78

Devolution of a Slut Ch. 02

 — Naked and handcuffed outdoors, she's quite defenseless. by NCnakedadventure08/28/094.41

Devon's All-Access Public Ravishing

 — Girl gets taken advantage of in the biggest way possible. by blunderwolf08/12/143.93

DeVore Academy Ch. 01

 — What happens when a dream college becomes a nightmare? by DreamsToWords09/25/134.17

Diane Learns a Lesson

 — While Diane's husband is stationed overseas, she's blackmailed. by dawn195805/05/134.40

Diane the Sex Slave Ch. 01

 — Diane's mother in law starts to take charge. by SylviaG03/24/083.56

Diary of a Fellatrix Ch. 02

 — A Fellatrix keeps a candid diary of her long weekend antics. by gimmie_your_load11/30/124.39

Diary of a Jailbird

 — Unlucky girl writing about her unfortunately situation. by SevereRestraint12/21/093.47

Diary of a Nightclub Bartender

 — Small Town Girl moves to the city and tries to get a job by Tsgo09807/03/143.66

Diary of a Thai Girl Ch. 1

 — Girl in Thailand tells of her life in a sweatshop. by SteamyChik03/22/014.01

Diary of a Thai Girl Ch. 2

 — Little Lamai entertains at a party. by SteamyChik07/24/014.46

Diary of a Wife Ch. 01

 — Story of a virgin girl kidnapped and forced into a marriage. by NubianStar07/30/102.59

Diary of a Wife Ch. 02

 — When a girl is considered ready for marriage... by NubianStar08/16/103.71

Diary of Dark Soul Ch. 01

 — I woke her up and used her by eroslytos107/28/043.58

Dickie Gets Even Ch. 01

 — He had a long memory. by Just Plain Bob01/13/064.44

Did I Really Lead Him On?

 — A married woman is seduced by co-worker. by thongsnotpants05/15/104.42

Did I Really Lead Him On? Ch. 02

 — A married woman is seduced by co-worker. by thongsnotpants05/23/104.40

Did I Really Lead Him On? Ch. 03

 — A married woman is seduced by a co-worker. by thongsnotpants06/20/104.47

Did I Really Lead Him On? Ch. 04

 — Sexy married woman gets coerced by work colleague. by thongsnotpants01/30/134.39

Difficult Choices

 — Will she betray her best friend to save herself? by Shroud2105/24/124.27

Digital Spy Ch. 07

 — A dinner party with Julia's friends becomes interesting. by davet109/29/054.68HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 08

 — Max needs to learn a hard lesson. by davet110/10/054.57HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 12

 — Breaking in the new pad. by davet105/20/064.66HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 13

 — Finally Libby returns, to an extreme welcome. by davet108/12/064.51HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 14

 — Finally, the end! by davet112/28/064.65HOT

Digital World Ch. 01

 — Jenny is tricked at a photo shoot which evolves into porn. by ickric10/09/064.27

Digital World Ch. 02

 — The saga continues. by ickric11/22/064.31

Digital World Ch. 03

 — The saga continues. by ickric04/10/074.19

Dinner at Jeff and Stacy's

 — Stacy was everything Robert wanted. by tristianc02/21/124.09

Dinner for Two

 — Cross Dressed and forced to fuck Black Dick by Want2BUsed07/14/144.28

Dinner in Dijon Ch. 01

 — Julia's dinner involves some uninvited guests. by femmesdaddy05/05/123.68

Dinner Interrupted

 — Quiet dinner becomes erotic nightmare. by Concerto_in_A12/09/123.99

Dinner Party Ch. 01

 — Eve agrees to be used by her lover's friends for the night. by AudreyRose07/25/123.69

Dinner Party With the Puppet Master

 — How she became his property. by Black_Lace_Vixen05/19/033.99

Dinner with an Ex

 — One last (?) fling. by dojoguy200610/05/064.20

Dinner with Fred

 — Eva gets a little surprise before dinner. by Supah_Bi05/25/074.00

Dinner, Dancing, and Rape?

 — Dinner and dancing turns into another night she won't forget. by cjhavoc05/02/124.06


 — Horny guards, a young woman in need, and a carrot. by bondagekitten06/29/084.24

Diplomatic Immunity

 — Some people abuse the privilege. by Ashson01/29/154.14

Director of Personnel

 — Shy guy gets job of authority and uses it. by Frenchman02/09/024.35

Director of Personnel Ch. 2

 — An alliance continues the abuse of authority. by Frenchman02/15/024.06

Directors' Wives

 — Wives blackmailed into sex to save husbands' jobs. by AStropirate10/15/104.22

Directors' Wives Ch. 02

 — Wives blackmailed into sex to save husbands' jobs. by AStropirate12/02/104.26

Directors' Wives Ch. 03

 — Wives continue to sexually ensure thier husband's jobs. by AStropirate05/28/114.16

Dirty Cop

 — A dirty cop gets what's coming to him. by Grendel_Grifter09/09/012.89

Dirty Cop And The School Girl Ch. 02

 — Dirty Cop and his trained School Girl train an all new slut by smutnut07/21/144.24

Dirty Detention

 — Even teacher is surprised straight-A student gets detention. by sexxygirll2305/18/124.09

Dirty Doctor Dickter

 — Doctor toys with patients and nurses by George VI09/29/134.32

Dirty Dolly's Pimp

 — I pimp out my sister and our Pops doesn't mind. by Odif10/22/073.89

Dirty Jane Ch. 02

 — Sexy cop is assfucked by her cousin and brother by Ikay10/30/093.98

Dirty Little Secrets

 — In a small town, dirty little secrets come out to play. by angelfeathers04/13/074.39

Dirty Old Man & Alice

 — Alice meets the dirty old man next door. by guidosgal11/12/074.43

Dirty Old Man & Alice Ch. 02

 — Mr. Burns has Alice again and shares her with friends. by guidosgal01/17/084.45

Dirty Old Men

 — Papa brings his friends over. by cirene07/22/024.58HOT

Dirty Pics Lead to Dirty Tricks Ch. 01

 — A mistake put embarrassing pictures in the wrong hands. by urban_legend55508/13/134.53HOT

Dirty Pics Lead to Dirty Tricks Ch. 02

 — A coworker's blackmail could ruin Madison's life. by urban_legend55509/23/134.10

Dirty Pics Lead to Dirty Tricks Ch. 03

 — Madison enlists a powerful ally to help fight the blackmail. by urban_legend55509/24/134.32

Dirty Pics Lead to Dirty Tricks Ch. 04

 — Madison is betrayed when she trusts the wrong person. by urban_legend55510/22/134.41

Dirty Pics Lead to Dirty Tricks Ch. 05

 — Madison's error could ruin her marriage and the Corporation by urban_legend55511/21/134.42

Dirty Secrets in the Rain

 — Being kidnapped isn't always bad. by cupatea08/27/082.42

Dirty Tuesday

 — Sub good girl feels slutty - meets dom stranger for fun. by Tiny0nTop06/29/124.30

Dirty War

 — Emma’s life is turned into a nightmare by BigDave134004/26/034.14


 — Do the crime, do the time - or whatever punishment is chosen. by Ashson12/20/134.21

Disciplining Young Gentlemen

 — Miss Harding provides a demonstration. by Charles Petersunn08/24/084.60HOT

Disciplining Young Ladies

 — Mr. Peters provides a demonstration. by Charles Petersunn08/20/084.69HOT

Discovery & Addiction

 — She succumbs to his experience. by Tink_A_Bella10/01/084.37

Discovery & Addiction Ch. 02

 — He needs more from her. by Tink_A_Bella11/28/084.47

Discovery & Addiction Ch. 03

 — She steps deeper into his desires. by Tink_A_Bella03/10/094.54HOT

Discovery & Addiction Ch. 04

 — He knows what she needs. by Tink_A_Bella05/20/094.49

Discovery & Addiction Ch. 05

 — He gets help to teach her more about herself. by Tink_A_Bella10/04/094.56HOT

Discovery in Cyprus

 — Boyfriend allows the seduction of his hot girlfriend. by secretsessions03/13/134.40

Dish Best Served Cold

 — She cheated him out of a job. by murphysd200412/06/063.48


 — She was scared, but loved that he took control. by Mahala09/27/084.47

Dishonoured Beauty Ch. 01

 — The young mistress of a spy has to whore. by girdleman204/30/144.47

Dishonoured Beauty Ch. 02

 — The young mistress of a spy has to whore by girdleman205/01/144.47

Dishonoured Beauty Ch. 03

 — Young mistress of a spy has to whore by girdleman205/02/144.41


 — A problem is contained and moved on. by Andromeda706/03/113.37

Display for Sale

 — She was used by paying customers. by SubLady8910/10/094.16


 — She is being held against her will, will she be tempted? by TerribleTim06/13/094.08


 — Woman wakes up bound and gagged and on display. by Paris Waterman05/31/133.95

Diva Destroyed

 — Two rivals compete. One will lose and be humiliated. by CamScorp06/01/103.72

Diverted From Their Honeymoon

 — Brad and Angelica are diverted by slavers. by Wifetheif11/10/133.68

Divine Intervention Ch. 02

 — Divine intervention becomes divine retribution. by mpqm196807/29/064.38

Divine Intervention Ch. 03

 — As evening closes in, no more Mr Nice Guy. by mpqm196807/31/064.61HOT

Divine Reality

 — Nun makes him promise to be charitable, but at a price. by JDecker02/26/143.13


 — He loses his wife, but what does he gain? by Jeremiah Erratica02/19/052.75

Dizzy Goes To College Ch. 4

 — Things are getting out of control. by HandsumStranger03/09/054.71HOT

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