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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Introduction To A Gang Bang

 — Woman is lulled into sex with nine men. by Sash_UK04/27/023.72

Introduction to Deviancy

 — She's thrust into a very lusty situation. by Azuldrgon10/11/073.67


 — Man breaks into a house & pleasures a woman. by Dartagnan10/20/003.63


 — Young housewife turns the tables on intruder. by skywriterxxx02/22/014.40


 — Jess is forced to get nasty in her own home. by sweetnpetite05/30/053.78


 — He's been watching her for a long time. by damedangereuse08/14/083.98


 — He breaks into Kat's house. by Mr James01/16/053.71


 — Is it rape if she squirts? by MasterDave12312/12/083.99


 — Of fantasy and reality. by Scotsman6911/03/103.63


 — A quiet night in takes a nasty turn. by Ninjafish11/01/124.00


 — A wife is alone at home is comfronted by an intruder. by AyannaAmore09/29/104.17


 — The house was supposed to be empty. by Ashson10/06/134.13

Intruder Ch. 01

 — Overpowered in her own home with no protection. by StealthBreeder05/17/134.25

Intruder Ch. 02

 — He found her again at the hospital. by StealthBreeder05/29/134.49

Intruder Ch. 03

 — No escape from the rape. by StealthBreeder06/13/134.48

Intruder Ch. 04

 — Falling in love with my rapist. by StealthBreeder06/24/134.53HOT

Intruder Ch. 05

 — MILF hunting in the Golden State. by StealthBreeder07/09/134.52HOT

Intruder Ch. 06

 — Mother and daughter intruded upon in the most intimate way. by StealthBreeder07/22/134.43

Intruder Ch. 07

 — A contract rape from the worst mother in California. by StealthBreeder07/30/134.46

Intruder Ch. 08

 — Who's fucking with whom? by StealthBreeder08/06/134.51HOT

Intruder Ch. 09

 — Is the rapist falling for his victim? by StealthBreeder08/18/134.60HOT

Intruder Ch. 10

 — Leah fights with her rapist, but still has feelings for him. by StealthBreeder01/05/144.73HOT

Intruder Ch. 11

 — Leah's rapist tells her a story from his past. by StealthBreeder04/02/144.55HOT

Intruder Ch. 12

 — Leah heavily pregnant, but John's urges are hard to suppress. by StealthBreeder03/24/154.46NEW

Intruder in the Night

 — Lovely lady has a unannounced visitor. by peeking_mike742808/21/023.45

Intruder Within

 — When you least expect it... by D Ray04/19/034.30


 — Husband and wife interrupted by unwelcome intruders. by hardpuck11/24/024.42


 — Gunmen intrude into a business for sex. by Surfergirl01/02/054.22


 — Two intruders forcibly take sleeping woman. by a butterfly10/25/103.92

Intruding Neighbor

 — Using the secret desires of a neighbor to his advantage. by ice246806/07/074.16

Intruding Visitor

 — Em gets an unexpected visit. by ck389103/26/134.04


 — A tale of a mutual fantasy cross-over. by Tangodan10/27/014.23


 — Woman returns home to an unexpected visitor. by cupcakesandisex07/13/123.93

Invasion Ch. 01

 — A young woman gets an unexpected and unwanted visit. by cassiegrosen08/12/07

Inventive Wife

 — Scientist wife surprises husband with experiment. by MauiGuy208001/17/153.40

Inventive Wife Ch. 02

 — George's inventive wife continues experiment. by MauiGuy208001/30/153.57


 — He went out to kill time, but got much more. by A. Amalgam03/19/044.24

Invisible Man Ch. 02

 — Bob experiences another out of body experience. by EncryptedOne01/02/124.43

Invitation To Dinner

 — Desperate housewife is blackmailed. by FINC04/02/044.36

Invited Intruder Pt. 01

 — A request from a married lady. by gentleg33k07/03/143.00

Involuntary Pleasure

 — Doris Ballard finds herself enjoying an assault. by Dirty_Deeds07/16/053.76

Ion's Wicked Lesson

 — A superheroine gets back at her creepy stalker. by Salamando_Flames11/04/104.00


 — (I’m Posting Naked – Want To Go Private?) by sharpchick03/04/063.95

Iraqi Prisoner

 — Will Bella submit to her captor? by sexykitten197509/13/104.10

Iris Goes To College

 — Iris finds the coach can be mean, and loves it. by IrissMaster10/19/144.09

Irish Barmaid is Soldier's Cum Slut

 — Sinead Sweeny: a sexy, desperate student. by TheDarkCloud12/28/074.24

Irish Captive Ch. 1

 — She's rebel prisoner of the Englishman she tried to kill. by Jigs and Vermillion12/09/014.43

Irish Captive Ch. 2

 — The Captive heals and experiences the Lord's household by Jigs and Vermillion03/29/024.50HOT


 — Captured, used, and abused. by Wanda_502/26/143.99

Irkutsk Ch. 02

 — I learn my future and start to experience it. by Wanda_503/01/144.43

Irkutsk Ch. 03

 — I get into the swing of my new life by Wanda_503/23/144.52HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 04

 — How much can a koala bear? by Wanda_504/20/144.53HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 05

 — The routine develops, but I'm not getting bored. by Wanda_504/24/144.57HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 07

 — Yet more wonderful women. by Wanda_505/03/144.64HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 08

 — From the sexual to the metaphysical by Wanda_505/05/144.54HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 09

 — The Goddess at last! However, pride comes before a fall. by Wanda_505/07/144.51HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 10

 — Some plans for the future, and another adventure. by Wanda_505/09/144.66HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 11

 — Lots of talking for once...oh yes, and some sex. by Wanda_505/11/144.68HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 12

 — Scientific research takes a hand. by Wanda_505/18/144.76HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 13

 — Short and unlucky: but unlucky for whom? by Wanda_505/19/144.38

Irkutsk Ch. 14

 — The flight of the survivors. by Wanda_505/20/144.77HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 15

 — Some bridges crossed, others mended. by Wanda_506/02/144.69HOT


 — She gets what she deserves - unexpectedly. by smysecret06/24/083.26


 — Female student raped. by devle09/07/034.09

IRT Deadliest Roads

 — Lisa takes a break from TV and is made into a sex slave. by Sexualobster02/10/154.27

Is It Crazy That ...

 — I want to see another man suck you. by marla_gillis03/14/123.89

Is It Rape?

 — If a woman wants it, when does it become rape? by Ashson10/07/134.11

Is It?

 — Was he stalking her? by gamma3306/14/053.40

Is That a Gun in Your Pocket or...

 — An Airsafety inspector has sex with a stranger. by Mugglegal02/08/064.24

Isaac Captured

 — Woman punishes her ex. by sexy_snake04/22/094.23

Isaac Captured Ch. 02

 — Isaac's ordeal continues. by sexy_snake05/26/094.15

Isabelle Over Her Head Ch. 02

 — Isabelle gets blackmailed into a gangbang. by NonGenericBrand10/10/104.15

Isabelle's Awakening

 — Awakened in the night by a stranger, dream or nightmare? by Jasmine3005/28/064.64HOT

Isabelle's Awakening Ch. 02

 — Her attacker returns. by Jasmine3012/29/064.71HOT

Isabelle's Awakening Ch. 03

 — He returns for more. by Jasmine3004/09/074.72HOT

Isabelle's Awakening Ch. 04

 — Isabelle's revenge. by Jasmine3011/07/074.76HOT

Isabelle's Awakening Ch. 05

 — Vengeance takes many forms. by Jasmine3006/10/084.63HOT

Isabelle's Awakening Ch. 06

 — Some bonds can't be broken. by Jasmine3011/05/134.86HOT

Island Slave Ch. 02

 — Quinn keeps Carla as a naked prisoner on the plantation. by dweaver99909/05/074.57HOT


 — A repressed student and teacher deal with theirs. by Quint09/01/034.62HOT

It All Started With A Bet....

 — A cheerleader got him to streak. by SXY_Hot_Mamma11/09/05

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 02

 — Her sexual thrills continues in locker room. by SXY_Hot_Mamma11/09/05HOT

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 06

 — They go to a "pep rally". by SXY_Hot_Mamma12/09/05HOT

It and STOP

 — A vacation gets way out of hand. by dr. Jocelyn09/15/043.84

It Can Be Fun At Work Ch. 2

 — Boss Lady claims Lisa as her slut. by Sash_UK05/02/024.14

It Could Resemble Porn

 — Virgin asks boyfriend to take her. by Please Clothing Off!07/03/003.63

It is Dark

 — It is dark, and you are taken from behind. by RelentlessPerversion05/31/083.97

It Just Smells

 — How a husband makes his wife pay for her transgression. by Intenseone4u10/15/114.18

It Matters

 — A woman has an unexpected encounter in the change rooms. by Ashson09/11/134.40

It Pays to Study

 — Drunk, passed out college girl gets knocked up by classmate. by Patrick707/06/113.93

It Shouldn't Have Felt So Good

 — Online dating goes wrong the amazingly right... by silent_truth12/01/113.14

It Takes A Thief

 — Stranger creeps into sleeping Elizabeth's room. by Meanderingpoet05/28/024.16

It Was A Dark & Humid Night

 — Just when I thought I was alone... by kc_sweetNsour11/15/123.68

It Was a Time of War

 — And a time of rage. by magichands03/27/033.86

It was a Typical Fall Day

 — She finds new life after incident in the park. by mrhmann03/22/083.35

It Was An Accident

 — Wrecker driver blackmails for sex. by PumpinIt08/08/034.17

It was Getting Late...

 — Doctor forces nurse. by Mimi06904/29/133.95

It was Getting Late... Ch. 02

 — He attacks her in the parking lot... by Mimi06905/04/134.19

It Was My Son's Fault

 — Man breaks into woman's home to get son's drugs. by blackzilla9904/07/024.17

It Wasn't My Fault

 — Almost a first time. by RUReddy05/13/103.86

It's A Job But Someone's Got To Do It

 — From rich's to rags. by kayce 6911/27/034.50HOT

It's All In The Name

 — Wrong name lands a girl in trouble. by Keannalee01/12/073.81

It's Good to Be The Boss

 — Female boss shows coworker other uses for pumps...forcefully. by mothling08/30/113.64

It's Just Business

 — A young man gets more than he bargained for at an interview. by Smokey12501/04/14

It's Not A Job, It's An Adventure!

 — Friend's mom is set up. by Thecsm11/04/124.39

It's Not Always What It Seems

 — Pickup in a bar seems too good to be true. by BenLong02/18/083.85

It's Not Bad If You Like It

 — She should've left when she saw no one there. by KinkyKar1802/05/074.29

It's Not Rape

 — Passerby nearly interrupts rape play. by Ashson03/28/154.21NEW

It's Okay

 — My wife kept saying it was okay, but it wasn't. by Cyanlot03/28/112.94

It's Only a Little Prick

 — She can't help enjoying his unwanted penetration. by AverageBear12/26/083.73

It's Time

 — How long can you hold out hope? by deputy duffy10/18/054.34

It's Tough to be the Youngest

 — Soccer field fantasy becomes reality. by JOCA02/11/024.06

Italian Rhapsody Ch. 03

 — Roxie gives in and than some. by kevklein02/03/133.69

Its All Coming Back to Me

 — She had thought she was over him. by babes6607/09/034.45

Ivana Seeks Revenge

 — Ivana is trapped into prostitution by her past. by hrshie4007/29/094.38

Ivy League Ch. 01

 — A hot mom disapproves of her son's new friends. by sa222204/30/094.35

Ivy League Ch. 02

 — Becca would do anything to help her son. by sa222205/05/094.62HOT

Ivy's Rapist Ch. 01

 — I lay in wait then take her. by PrevertedMe01/21/094.38

Ivy's Rapist Ch. 02

 — I continue to use her. by PrevertedMe01/22/094.34

Ivy's Rapist Ch. 03

 — And we reach the end. by PrevertedMe01/23/094.27

Izabella's Story

 — Young woman taken as a hostage soon learns to love it. by Bakeboss01/12/103.60

J Comes To Visit

 — J gets more than she expected. by lovetodoit104/16/054.00

J Is for Jerk

 — She told him "fuck you" and he held her to it. by mernie9912/14/064.08

J vs J

 — A bartender gets a lesson in lust. by sugartank9602/27/113.81

J.W & Stephanie Ch. 01

 — J.W walked into my office. by masterskitty01/10/113.45

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 02

 — Innocent girl's reluctant sexual awakening. by Aspire2Provide03/30/124.22

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 03

 — Young gymnast / cheerleader reluctant sexual encounters. by Aspire2Provide04/15/124.37

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 04

 — Young gymnast / cheerleaders reluctant sexual awakening. by Aspire2Provide05/19/124.61HOT

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 07

 — Jacey's step-brother demands to see her naked. by Aspire2Provide09/25/124.50HOT


 — A lapse in security leads to something more. by DiggMe04/04/054.22

Jack Grierson Chronicles Ch. 01: Leyla

 — Impregnating his daughter-in-law leads to memories. by rxm7609/24/144.36

Jack Grierson Chronicles Ch. 02: Casey

 — Bisexual women want Jack's sperm; but he sets the terms. by rxm7612/29/144.53HOT

Jack's Graduation Ch. 01

 — Jack first day on his own is full of excitement. by rovijack4311/14/064.22

Jack's Needs

 — Sophie is forced to pleasure Jack against her will. by seansmom1307/02/103.97

Jack's Needs Ch. 02

 — Jack ambushes Sophie in a bathroom. by seansmom1307/12/104.30

Jack's Wife

 — What a slut! by NeneDee05/25/134.21

Jacki's Story Ch. 02

 — Jacki's daughters submit reluctantly. by dan5708/06/094.00

Jacki's Story Ch. 03

 — Jacki is enjoyed by camel drivers during her training. by dan5708/10/094.36

Jackie & Rod Move

 — Jackie is taken. by Willing2Do08/27/023.55

Jackie at Work

 — Teasing Jackie in the office. by billywooldridge04/15/143.21

Jackie Gets Undesireable Attention

 — Jackie's opportunity for attention backfires. by CreativeCouple301/31/124.19

Jackie's Final Punishment

 — She learns it's no punishment at all. by funinthesun5606/17/084.34

Jackie's New Job

 — Never screw your boss. by Jackiegirl12/29/054.56HOT

Jackie's Punishment

 — She gets caught surfing porn sites and pays the price. by funinthesun5606/09/084.18

Jackie's Punishment Ch. 02

 — She continues to pay for being bad. by funinthesun5606/11/084.31

Jacob and Kaci

 — A husband takes what he wants. by KCMary09/22/114.17


 — It's almost rape, almost. by demon_fire01/29/043.96


 — A girl away from home runs out of options. by tentigo06/20/103.95

Jade's New Art

 — Young martial artist creates a new form to humiliate men. by switchboy25705/21/132.51

Jade's Night Ch. 01

 — Straight man gets anally raped by a crossdresser. by pauldockers08/23/094.19

Jade's Weekend Away Ch. 01

 — Girlfriend Jade pushed to the limit by best friends. by Lukenjade10/01/124.10

Jade's Weekend Away Ch. 02

 — Day 2 is a stretch for Jade, and more. by Lukenjade10/04/124.24

Jade's Weekend Away Ch. 03

 — A sordid Sunday at the hands of Paul and Adele. by Lukenjade10/23/124.69HOT

Jaded Ch. 01

 — Jayne tries to spice up her nonexistant sex life. by abroadsword05/18/124.21

Jaded Ch. 02

 — Jayne gets pulled ever further into the scene. by abroadsword05/19/124.28

Jail Bait

 — A weekend getaway goes wrong. by Cyanlot07/28/144.13

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