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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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 — Lady Penelope held for ransom in remote cottage. by rosewing04/19/032.87


 — Wrongly kidnapped and….. by its_bethtime07/26/063.92


 — She's snatched and forced to serve. by hisemerald03/05/044.08


 — Stolen and used by her online friend. by sinera04/16/093.60

Kidnapped... or Rescued?

 — An involuntary male slave. by JustALittleCrazy05/28/144.50HOT


 — She wakes to find that a fantasy has gone horribly wrong. by bellaforte07/14/084.17

Kiki Makes a Wish

 — Don't ask for something you don't want. by Ashson02/21/133.83

Kiki, the Town Slut Ch. 04

 — Kiki seals the deal. by eatoure01/29/113.56

Kim in the Kitchen

 — A young man humiliates a friend's mother. by plumedserpent07/31/113.94

Kim Pt. 03

 — Kim tests the waters of my darker predilections. by Industrial_Bondage02/12/104.59HOT

Kim's Boss

 — I urge my wife's boss to enjoy her body. by tony09090903/19/124.41

Kim's Cyn

 — Kim's payment for help rendered. by TwistedDave06/20/113.83

Kim's Cyn Ch. 02

 — Cyn gives but doesn't get. by TwistedDave06/29/114.35

Kim's Friday Night

 — Happy hour? No, gang bang. by blondefungirl06/20/033.93

Kim's Friday Night

 — Happy hour? by blondefungirl211/05/043.93

Kim's Lesson

 — Mom pays for son's mistakes. by freefall3207/18/114.33

Kim's Marriage

 — Kim falls prey to her Father in Law. by FluteMaster03/27/124.15

Kim's Nightmare

 — Kim's kidnappers were happy her husband did not pay off. by StoryCrafter05/31/114.15

Kim's Nightmare Ch. 01

 — Never talk to strangers. by StoryCrafter06/06/113.99

Kim's Nightmare Ch. 02

 — Kim's nightmare continues. by StoryCrafter06/08/114.25

Kim's Nightmare Ch. 03

 — Kim finally returns home. by StoryCrafter06/09/113.95

Kim's Walk

 — She clearly heard someone chasing her. by jthserra08/08/043.31

Kimberly's Nightmare

 — She is taken and twisted into a slut. by kimmy8110/27/104.10

Kimmy's Killer Instinct

 — He's forced to pleasure her. by be0wulf11/09/034.30

Kinky Fairy Tales: Red Riding Hood

 — Afra runs into the big bad wolf. by graceanne06/08/083.84

Kinky Kringles

 — Kris has a new 'helper'. by graceanne01/23/084.25

Kinky Love

 — Beauty and the beast give new meaning to a love relationship. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/30/073.89

Kiowa Ch. 1

 — Young Native American finds his trail again. by shireman09/01/024.28

Kira's Massage Therapy

 — Kira Loses control, and likes it. by Canbe4fun04/13/114.02


 — She bends to her boss's will. by kmakemepurr07/05/094.23

Kirsty Torments Tina

 — Policewoman take flatmate to her personal hell. by TheDarkCloud04/07/123.55

Kiss Meets Her Master

 — He hunts down a chat room slut. by Kiledar08/03/053.64

Kiss The Floor

 — He gets what he wants. by feliciasexopants07/06/144.13

Kissin' Cousin's Ch. 01

 — Backwoods man takes his cousin's wife by Big-n-Hard01/21/083.97

Kissin' Cousin's Ch. 02

 — She's fun for the whole family. by Big-n-Hard09/08/093.99

Kit's Night

 — Tonight was his chance. by slowhaands07/13/034.07

Kitchen Love

 — Andy and Marissa make love for the first time in the kitchen. by oznep8706/03/114.22


 — He changes her mind. by DefiantlySubmissive08/19/144.03

Kitty Cat Capture Ch. 01

 — Cat gets the surprise of a life time from her schoolmates. by seeacheyouarebee02/15/093.57

Kitty in Peril Ch. 01

 — Abducted by a powerful man. by Lordsmythe09/23/134.07

Kitty Tales: Blair Pt. 04 Ch. 01

 — Girl is taken by strangers at a strip bar. by kitty4bi09/01/063.76

Kitty Tales: Yvette Pt. 1

 — She's taken at strip bar. by kitty4bi09/05/063.83

Kitty Tales: Yvette Pt. 2

 — She takes another girl for her first lesbian experience. by kitty4bi09/06/064.11

Kitty Tales: Yvette Pt. 3

 — Two girls are gangbanged. by kitty4bi09/07/063.85

Klepto Bitch

 — A kleptomaniac gets punished for shoplifting. by Mary_Antoine03/21/154.19NEW

Knicker Elastic

 — A shy wife's attempt at seduction goes wrong. by tony09090901/06/103.92

Knife Play

 — A circus act inspires a night of horrid pleasures. by Brutalhawk11/30/084.49


 — He came from the darkness and put a knife at her throat. by SexyGeek01/26/123.99

Knight Flyer

 — Dark fantasy. by Annabelllee200303/03/033.85

Knock Out Sex Ch. 01

 — It was so good, she passed out. by woodacre12/21/063.90

Knocking Up Susan

 — Bratty coed gets raped. by History_Prof08/18/044.05

Know Thyself

 — Her virtue is tested by her stalker. by MeredithEighty811/26/143.95

Knowing Her Ch. 01

 — I find my friend hancuffed to the bed after a party. by DrawLine07/20/083.86

Knowing Her Ch. 02

 — I make the most of things while she's helpless. by DrawLine07/21/084.13

Knowing Her Ch. 03

 — Everything is not as it seems. by DrawLine11/08/084.13

Knowing Her Ch. 04

 — I'm made to abuse another friend in her sleep. by DrawLine11/12/084.02

Knowing Her Ch. 05

 — Three weeks later... by DrawLine11/14/084.08

Knowing Her Ch. 06

 — I need to get her outside, alone. by DrawLine11/23/084.09

Knowing Her Ch. 07

 — Finally... by DrawLine01/16/094.38

Knowing Her Ch. 08

 — We agree to meet in secret. by DrawLine01/17/094.38

Knowing Her Ch. 09

 — The final night. by DrawLine04/30/094.23

Knowing Her Ch. 10

 — An unexpected climax. by DrawLine08/21/094.08

Knowing Them Well

 — Two internet buddies meet, but one is in for a big surprise. by necrochick12/06/043.86

Knowledge is Power Ch. 1

 — A computer geek discovers his dominant nature. by Ridinghoodswolf05/27/014.19

Knowledge is Power Ch. 2

 — He discovers the power of Andy's computer. by Ridinghoodswolf05/28/014.39

Koji Nakamura

 — A two for one deal. by frog708/14/143.52

Konrad's Memoirs Ch. 01

 — Seduction of a shy servant girl. by nikkie01/29/043.96

Konrad's Memoirs Ch. 02

 — Seduction of a shy servant girl. by nikkie01/30/044.59HOT

Konrad's Memoirs Ch. 03

 — The seduction of a shy servant girl. by nikkie02/07/044.50HOT

Konrad's Memoirs Ch. 04

 — The seduction of a shy servant girl. by nikkie02/13/044.24

Kool Pussi

 — Cool girl finds herself in hot water on a lonely road. by RedRooster4507/18/093.78

Kristen Saves Her Career

 — Kristen Stalwart's desperate move to save her career! by nextcenturyromeo10/05/133.86


 — Kristi gets trapped in a washroom and betrayed by her body. by fieroluvr200110/10/124.03

Kristin's Nightmare

 — Charlie lucks out into a way to get even with co-worker by PAS01/31/034.11

Kristin's Nightmare Ch. 02

 — Kristin thought it was over... by PAS02/01/034.27

Kristin's Nightmare Ch. 03

 — She must satisfy Charlie and his friends. by PAS02/02/034.44

Kristina Has A Secret Ch. 01

 — A brief introduction into my first series. by cutepinkcupcake07/19/114.06

Kristina's Punishment

 — Slutty Kristina gets punished by the Dean. by MadamLeMorte04/05/124.25

Kristina: Home Invasion

 — Sexy 23 year old Kristina has no idea what is coming for her. by crxbxtl05/23/122.96

Kristy - A Sissy Slave

 — A sissy slave on her first night out. by kristy8111/11/144.48

Kristy Ch. 2

 — Girl goes from innocence to depravity. by TN_Vixen12/11/013.22

Krow: The Game

 — Krow and Lez return in a dark game with even darker stakes.. by Nicadaemus10/30/014.22


 — Shrew wife is tamed by buddy with a big cock. by Harddaysknight04/21/044.42

Krysta's Graduation Surprise

 — Night of celebration turns for new graduate. by bhambabygirl06/17/023.50


 — College student takes the object of his obsession by MaggieEvans10/28/094.06

Kyle & Alice

 — Young couple's summer evening turns to disaster. by TheMoody106/12/044.13

Kyle's Solo Adventure

 — Getting over gang-attack isn't that easy. by TheMoody106/11/044.17

Kylee's Story

 — Kylee is sold into servitude to the queen. by MickeyPink01/23/114.38

Kylee's Story Ch. 02

 — Kylee stirs jealousy between the Prince and the King . by MickeyPink01/29/114.50HOT

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 003

 — Daksha’s stars shine bright. by bangopee08/03/074.26

La Petite Mort

 — Rebecca is forced to betray her husband and to enjoy it... by EvelynEvelyn01/29/114.08

Lab Applications

 — Med student finds a better use for lab after hours. by Karyn Gardenia12/28/054.06

Lab Partners

 — A fellatrix is blackmailed into doing what she loves. by gimmie_your_load04/30/114.52HOT

Lacey Unwilling

 — A night intruder takes and leaves what he wants. by fairiekitty12/18/074.05

Lacey's Gift

 — They enjoy Lacey's drugged rommate against her will. by Rifraff12306/25/123.94

Lactation in the Rain

 — Older man takes advantage of new, young mother. by FLACKMAN03/24/12

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 01

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories. by Wants2benaughty10/31/144.31

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 02

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories. by Wants2benaughty11/03/144.45

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 02.1

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories. by Wants2benaughty11/05/144.43

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 03

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories. by Wants2benaughty11/28/144.25

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 03.1

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories. by Wants2benaughty11/12/144.13

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 03.2

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories. by Wants2benaughty12/04/144.29

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 03.3

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories. by Wants2benaughty12/07/144.61HOT

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 04

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories. by Wants2benaughty12/12/144.35

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 05

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories by Wants2benaughty01/08/154.39

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 06

 — An erotica author is forced to live out her stories. by Wants2benaughty01/10/154.32

Lacy's Ironic Twist Ch. 07: Final

 — Erotica author forced to live one of her stories. by Wants2benaughty01/17/154.24

Laden Desire

 — Strange happenings in a FEMA POD line. by SunrockSin09/24/082.62

Ladies Of The Night

 — You are turned into a wicked naughty lady. by guybrush80609/16/044.04

Lady Bildoe Torments the Barbarian Chieftain

 — For the court's amusement, she teases the huge black cock. by ClodiaP09/26/123.92

Lady Boss and his way with women

 — Rape of victims. by fox-for-fun04/01/034.02

Lady Catherine's Fall Ch. 01

 — The Earl's daughter stripped whipped and utterly humilliated. by abroadsword12/15/104.39

Lady Charlotte's Submission

 — The Lady of the Manor gets dirty with the gardener. by Intercontinental07/09/083.73

Lady Clarissa Pendleton

 — If you're a lady, act like a lady. by Ashson12/22/134.17

Lady Fatima Buys a Slave Boy

 — Wife of a rich and powerful pasha visits the slave market by justforfun444411/09/133.96

Lady Goodnight's Evil Sluts Pt. 02

 — Hayley corrupts a nice family for her 18th birthday. by seducedHylas07/29/114.40

Lady Goodnight's Evil Sluts Pt. 03

 — Honey von Trapp has fun with a happily married superhero. by seducedHylas09/17/114.31

Lady Marianne

 — The King shows the court exactly what he thinks of her. by MyGreatFluke01/09/113.82

Lady Mentor's Lesson

 — Sue learns to be humble. by rbob11/05/024.20

Lady Saraha Elizabeth

 — A chaste Lady's Maid is debauched. by Limeyracer10/11/123.98

Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers

 — Kidnapped MILFs are taken for a ride. by patty_parker6003/27/044.07

Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 02

 — Lorna deals with her lesbian lust. by patty_parker6004/09/044.43

Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 03

 — Kidnappers expand captive's anal horizons. by patty_parker6004/30/044.43

Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 04

 — Lorna's anal horizons expanded. by patty_parker6009/01/044.38

Laelia Ch. 01

 — Being a slave girl in ancient rome is...perilous. by digital_bath05/17/134.35

Laelia Ch. 02

 — Being a slave girl in ancient rome is... demanding. by digital_bath05/30/134.41

Laelia Ch. 03

 — Being a slave girl in ancient rome is... tense. by digital_bath06/28/134.67HOT

Laelia Ch. 04

 — Being a slave girl in ancient rome is... brutal. by digital_bath07/31/134.53HOT

Laid Aloft

 — Respectable lady is waylaid at work by two hardhats. by shawalphamale05/14/054.27

Laid off and Laid

 — She is fair game. by beltman7004/25/094.05

Lake Dreams

 — Charles meets Carol, then abducts her. by usm1carbine08/28/014.28

Lakeside Ch. 01

 — Husband arranged for me to take his conspiring wife. by lovingfingers12/30/114.06

Lamas Night

 — 16th century outlaws turn Lise's Lamas into a nightmare. by golden smog02/28/074.00


 — She's kidnapped & taken by women. by Orion Quest05/09/033.89

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