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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Nikki Needs This Job!

 — Nikki's boss makes her earn her job. by doris7156202/25/084.14

Nikki Submits

 — Stephen takes raven-haired BBW for his own. by VoluptuousLady07/27/014.08

Nikki's Initiation

 — Woman learns about her own sexuality. by PlayfulNikki12/15/064.46


 — She deserves every last bit of her treatment. by CrissySnow02/16/143.75

Nina's Game

 — Coed finds herself in the middle of a sex game. by youngvixen03/02/083.49

Ninth Street Stalker

 — What happens when the stalker becomes the stalked? by Bakeboss06/18/102.67


 — The morning after, her captor forces her to watch her rape. by slavejessie07/11/134.05

No Big Deal

 — Many small humiliations can be worse than one large one. by edrider7304/24/142.86

No Chance?

 — Loss of innocence. by urban_legend55507/02/123.95

No Choice

 — An anonymous encounter. by CumPartyHostess07/11/073.76

No Choice

 — She's found, filled, and fucked by two woodsmen. by da_scribe11/25/084.23

No Choice

 — Andy wants Hui's sister, but Hui wants them both. by FranklinSwoon11/25/103.64

No Dinner Ch. 01

 — Doll learns a lesson about keeping time. by farawaylove09/01/113.88

No Escape

 — Kelly is taken against her will. by Rayanne05/05/053.49

No Escape

 — Two young women learn obedience the hard way. by restrained06/27/023.94

No Fairy Tale

 — Car breakdown, home invasion, woman invasion. Good Times. by storyteller_no_902/03/114.46

No Fingerprints

 — Her sugar daddy planned a wild night, but she can't remember. by bienheureuse09/29/123.51

No Funny Business Pt. 01

 — Kidnapped! Along with her old high school crush... by Chicory06/17/113.62

No Good Deed

 — Li confronts a drug dealer. by Chien01/08/134.00

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

 — He loses tenants & gains a night to remember. by thickfinger02/24/03HOT

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Ch. 01

 — Jenn wants to reward her MVP, but instead pays his debt... by toomuchworktime2play02/22/154.19

No Good People

 — He wants you to fuck up. He wants to give the penalty. by Ooshnafloot09/12/144.58HOT

No Innocent Bystanders

 — Street walker falls under influence of date rape drug. by macfar08/01/014.03

No is Supposed to Mean No

 — Woman gets more than she wants by going to the circus. by andtheend01/16/103.91

No Mercy Ch. 01

 — A 'reluctance' fan dates her favourite writer. by Jaymal08/01/084.68HOT

No Mercy Ch. 01

 — He keeps his commitment and she tightens her grip. by Wordy_1s04/05/133.50

No Mercy Ch. 02

 — She wants hardcore, she gets hardcore. by Jaymal08/25/084.67HOT

No Negotiating

 — Bossy woman's tactic backfires; she reluctantly submits. by tiger101807/17/104.57HOT

No One Rides for Free

 — Blowing my supervisor saves me a long walk. by wetmedic02/11/133.91

No One Will Hear You Scream

 — Treating people badly leads them to treat you the same way. by FinalStand06/13/124.14

No Picnic in the Park!

 — Horny woman likes to live dangerously. by nterlopr05/31/073.62

No Point in Waiting

 — Heartbroken Erin blindly walks herself into trouble. by denonwithangelwings05/07/073.25

No Satisfaction

 — A disturbed guy assaults a woman and has sister incest. by TwystedTypewriter06/27/124.66HOT

No Smoking. Really!

 — Lana is punished for breaking the rules. by onlyinmydreams09/24/124.05

No Touching

 — After drunken sex, Kathleen teaches Marie a lesson. by wordmad11/12/044.21

No Trespassing

 — If you trespass, penalties may ensue. by Ashson08/15/144.33

No Way Out

 — A stranger blackmails Jocelyn...but does she fight it? by NaughtELittleGrl03/09/124.18

No Woman's Land

 — Travelling across Australia in 1955 was strictly for men. by Victoriajohn07/21/054.67HOT

No! Please! No!

 — A virgin is forced into submission. by Pornprincesst09/11/054.10

No, Ricky!

 — Family friend becomes a sex toy. by xPinkxStarsx09/11/07

No, Thank *You!*

 — Punished for playing with herself in his bathroom. by withalittlecurl12/25/144.28

Nobody's Fool

 — A Hard-Boiled Dick and a Femme Fatale. by The Mutt01/09/054.57HOT

Noises at Night

 — Courtney is attacked by a stranger...or is he? by bethanie15502/18/144.39


 — A night in the life of a slave-girl. by Svenskaflicka02/07/052.97

Non-Stop Fucking

 — A man torments a sexy passenger 40,000 feet in the air. by bigdaddysmooth06/19/144.16

None of This is Real

 — A Korean-American princess pledges a sorority. by TheWorldSpins10/01/134.08

Nora Ch. 01

 — Nora wakes up in a strange place. by Malkor06/22/083.73

Nora Ch. 02

 — More of Nora's torment. by Malkor07/03/083.65

Nora Jane's Revenge

 — Nora Jane uses the studs for her purposes. by bonvivantrose01/28/093.88

Nora Jane's Tea Party

 — Spoiled young wife gets a surprise from three studs. by bonvivantrose01/23/094.11

Nora's Comeuppance

 — She has plans for a grand heist that go awry. by PAS07/23/064.32

Nora's Surprise Ch. 01

 — Nora gets a surprise for Thanksgiving. by ElysiaLyn07/22/113.87

Not a Bad Day’s Work

 — Daddy finds me a job I’m well qualified for. by Thom_N_Cheryl02/04/104.06

Not A Saint

 — Naive girl is forced to love her captor. by Powerone05/30/034.10

Not a Walk in the Park

 — A runner discovers a surprise in the park. by woeful_poetess03/13/074.26

Not Alone at All

 — Lost wallet leads to an encounter with an intruder. by whimpering_brunette11/16/064.56HOT

Not Dinner And Movie

 — A date turns into an orgy. by moonstormer04/27/064.13

Not Econ!

 — Bright student makes mistake. by winktwice09/29/073.74

Not Just Another Night

 — Her night alone, or so she thought. by Chicanita06/22/043.36

Not Just Another Tequila Sunrise

 — Surprise shows up at his door & passes out. by TheCount08/26/024.36

Not Just Cleaning Floors

 — A worker finally takes what he wants. by ImSexyNdINoIt05/13/143.90

Not My Brother! Ch. 01

 — My brother is forced to rape me. by Foreboding09/06/124.16

Not My Brother! Ch. 02

 — This time my brother isn't forced. by Foreboding09/18/124.49

Not My Brother! Ch. 03

 — Eva is so confused... by Foreboding10/24/124.43

Not My Wife

 — Your husband is not sleeping with my wife. by Ashson04/03/134.41

Not On My Car

 — Two 18-year-olds get more than bargained for. by Kattman03/31/063.48

Not Part of the Contract

 — A mercenary gets more than he signed for. by Zolgar06/15/053.98

Not Quite as Planned

 — Cockteaser gets what she was asking for. by annieAW4CH01/22/093.27

Not Really A Choice

 — She catches him in her panties and makes him pay by InfiniteCarousel05/27/144.29

Not Since Then

 — Can he help her get it back? by Darkinside10/25/123.89

Not So Nice to Meet You

 — Man & his pretty prisoner meet his darker side. by manysinnz11/04/044.14

Not So Routine Examination

 — A routine gyno exam goes wrong ...or right. by JustaSCOUNDREL06/26/12

Not Such a Bad Job

 — Circumstances conspire to make an old man's dreams come true. by bambigirl4409/30/114.63HOT

Not That Kind of Girl

 — Inexperienced student gets more man than expected. by ElspethMoans12/24/124.30

Not the End

 — The world will not end yet. by missdreamer03/29/093.14

Not Until I Get Mine First

 — Frustration and foreplay. by Bgorr00604/21/084.00

Not With My Daughter!

 — Wife's car trouble leads to blackmail & humiliation. by spunknwagnels05/31/024.10

Not Your Routine Traffic Stop

 — It is not wise to speed late at night. by greeneyedvirgin02/14/134.45

Not your Uncle Frank

 — He forces his friend's niece and her friend to put out. by TheLustWriter01/01/134.40

Not Your Valentine

 — Non-consent Twist on Boudoir Photo Session. by MichaelWest02/05/13


 — Spicing up a relationship goes badly awry. by MaaddMaaxx06/05/113.64

Notes to Live By

 — They were important instructions every woman needs to know. by Decayed Angel10/21/063.36

Nothin' You Don't Like

 — A forced cunnilingus gangbang. by mangodeliciosa02/12/114.44

Nothing Going On... Ch. 2

 — He and tenant's pal collide. by GuyJD10/10/004.23

Notice Me

 — Mary has a disgruntled admirer in Edwin. by passaggslave09/16/124.17

Notice Me Ch. 02

 — Edwin shows Mary who is in charge. by passaggslave10/11/124.40

Now What? Ch. 01

 — They met at the checkout, and then in the carpark. by ex_riter04/16/124.10

Now What? Ch. 02

 — Starrting out naked, she ended without a stitch or a bauble. by ex_riter04/20/124.40

Nude Beach Bitchboy

 — Guy gets raped by two nasty studs at a nude beach. by kimslut10/22/04

Nude Day at the Diner

 — Cathy wants to be an exhibitionist. by Ashson07/09/134.32

Nude Day Terror at the Camp Site

 — A day of naked Nude Day pleasure turns violently wrong. by SusanJillParker06/28/123.29

Nude On The Beach

 — Young woman goes skinny dipping at the beach. by Ashson03/25/144.15


 — She wanted to sunbathe naked. by Ashson01/18/154.19

Nudity Required

 — Aspiring actress lands a job in an adult film. by Ashson02/15/133.92


 — Samantha finds out how to feel again. by scarlett_waters01/21/143.45

Number One Fan Ch. 03

 — Allie gains an appreciation for Lance on and off the court. by 8teenholes08/30/123.92

Numbers Do Matter

 — Young Indian mother is taken by retired neighbours. by Rupa03/31/024.28


 — Halloween is for making fantasies come true. by Colleen Thomas10/07/044.46

Nurse Clandestine

 — Nurse helps herself to elderly patient. by Shirley J. Taylor11/12/004.38

Nurse In Africa

 — An unexpected interruption to a journey. by Ashson10/06/134.02

Nurse Mandy

 — Mandy takes advantage of her comatose patient. by Bones Malone07/10/034.40

Nurse on the Night Shift Ch. 01

 — A nurse has a sexually compelling request for her doctor. by BeastMan6903/17/144.27

Nurse on the Night Shift Ch. 02

 — Doctor and nurse go at it. by BeastMan6903/25/144.57HOT

Nurse with a Curse Ch. 1

 — Cynthia gets abducted in her office. by PAS11/22/014.38

Nurse with a Curse Ch. 2

 — The perils of Cynthia continue. by PAS11/23/014.07

Nurse with a Curse Ch. 3

 — Cynthia's perils continue with the cleaning ladies. by PAS01/01/024.38

Nurse With a Curse Ch. 4

 — The security guard joins in. by PAS01/02/024.35

Nurse With A Curse Ch. 5

 — Cynthia's perils continue after going home. by PAS01/05/024.45

Nurse with a Curse Ch. 6

 — The Final Chapter. by PAS01/07/024.43

Nurse's Aide

 — Suddenly he was oblivious to everything. by SunrockSin12/01/083.48

Nurses are SOOO Stupid!

 — Doc shows how dumb nurses are, with her tongue. by Phoenix Arrow04/13/044.01

Nursing The Enemy Ch. 04

 — How Karen met Dave. by SylviaG11/05/083.62

Nursing The Enemy Ch. 05

 — This is what happened after the holiday. by SylviaG11/06/083.59

Nursing Visit

 — Nurse is taken against her will during home visit. by Un4givon209/08/014.03

Nuubian Saga Ch. 01

 — A story of Nuubia's early women, held as slaves by Man. by gaggedKitty2304/03/144.17

Nuubian Saga Ch. 02

 — Sharing his slave women brings an unexpected reward. by gaggedKitty2304/09/144.57HOT

Nuubian Saga Ch. 03

 — Peioka steals the alluring slave girl of a rival warchief. by gaggedKitty2304/18/144.61HOT

NWMD!: Marnie & the Company Picnic

 — Wife's blackmail and humiliation continues at volleyball. by spunknwagnels07/30/024.17

NWMD!: Marnie & Roger's 40th Party

 — Wife's torment continues at husband's 40th b-day party. by spunknwagnels09/18/024.26

NWMD!: Marnie & the Mystery Woman

 — Wife's blackmail continues by younger tormenter. by spunknwagnels07/01/024.37

NWMD!: Marnie Becomes a Shareholder

 — Wife's blackmail & humiliation continues at a special club. by spunknwagnels09/02/024.31

NWMD!: Marnie Encounters French Law

 — Wife and friend get stripsearched abroad. by spunknwagnels10/24/024.24

NWMD!: Marnie Fills Out a Tee Shirt

 — Wife is forced to enter contest. by spunknwagnels09/25/024.17

NWMD!: Marnie Gets Adorned

 — Wife's new sexy urges pushes her to the edge of her envelope. by spunknwagnels09/09/024.31

NWMD!: Marnie Homeward Bound

 — Wife & friend have sexy fun on trip home. by spunknwagnels12/18/024.34

NWMD!: Marnie in the Boardroom

 — Wife's blackmail & humiliation continues in boardroom. by spunknwagnels07/12/024.59HOT

NWMD!: Marnie in the Movies

 — Wife's blackmail & humiliation continue in film & train. by spunknwagnels06/25/024.37

NWMD!: Marnie isTaken to the Beach

 — Wife's blackmail and humiliation continue at a nude beach. by spunknwagnels08/07/024.38

NWMD!: Marnie Meets Eddie

 — Her humiliation continues with large a man. by spunknwagnels08/13/024.40

NWMD!: Marnie On Sexy Vacation

 — Wife & friend enjoy resort. by spunknwagnels11/12/024.15

NWMD!: Marnie Sees A Professional

 — Wife seeks advice on dealing with insatiable urges. by spunknwagnels07/17/024.27

NWMD!: Marnie Tries Greek Mythology

 — Wife's humiliation continues with her doctor. by spunknwagnels08/19/024.05

NWMD!: Marnie Visits Libido Falls

 — Wife's humiliation continues when she watches a video. by spunknwagnels10/05/023.98

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